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  2. I take it the guy isn't a scorer based on his stats? So another Lowry type player?
  3. Not going to critize...if they like this kid then there must be a good reason. Rated anywhere from top 10 to second round but we have had great success with our off the cuff picks.
  4. Kid has serious skill and a good skater.
  5. Absolutely love this pick. He shredded the U18. Great size. Stud!
  6. Lol well no d for us....must be something makes this guy stand out besides the Laine in his name😃😃
  7. Yep, great call busta. Hope he likes Playstation.
  8. he kind of looks like Laine but with darker hair but it's probably just me
  9. Good call!
  10. And the Jets pick...
  11. Well you got your wish... let's see if Chevy goes with Hague.
  12. Jets getting closer to picking first goalie in draft.
  13. Yea well one playoff in 7 years what's the rush😀
  14. Yep Suzuki , Foote , Brannstrom (sp) lilgren (sp) lots of potential star d there.If Hague still sticks when we draft maybe not all is lost.. 😑
  15. TV people are there to create hype. Controversy is golden to them. They say things to get reactions. See? He got one.
  16. Today
  17. If he falls picking the Big Finn VesaLAINEn will make someone very happy
  18. I'm concerned about you, buddy. Stay well.
  19. *in theory* - we should be worrying about playoffs in 17/18 not 2 or 3 yrs from now when Foote's ready. (Avs fan when Jets were gonzo, big Adam Foote fan)
  20. We gave up Cal Foote to keep Enstrom. I don't get it.
  21. Bass!!
  22. I don't want to hear anything at all. I want to hear about how other teams passed on Scheifele, Trouba, Ehlers and Morrisey...
  23. This will be the thing we have to listen to for the next 5 years. How jets shouldn't have traded down. Blah
  24. ha speedflex, not sure why..... feel ok right now...
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