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  2. Zero interest on either guy.
  3. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    I think my college tutor once said, that if you are a billionaire you can look however you want
  4. CFL Combine

    Considering the context - the 'no' is somewhat appropriate.
  5. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    oh right. So I guess if we advance we would get home ice advantage since we had more points than San Jose and Vegas
  6. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    I think Dyakowski would be worth considering. Lots of bodies on OL, but as many if not more question marks?? The question of how well they will perform with Bond missing from what was a lockdown left side remains to seen. But all things considered, they really couldn't afford to start an American at guard again.
  7. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Because they finished with more regular season points.
  8. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    so how come Nashville gets home advantage in this round first?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Random News Items

    True face of heroism. Has trumped acknowledged this unarmed black man who stopped a white shooter with an assault rifle yet?
  11. US Politics

    truly horrifying what Trump and the Republican party have unleashed.
  12. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Like a dead raccoon matures on the roadside.
  13. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    https://www.cfl.ca/2018/04/24/dyakowski-hecht-among-4-riders-cuts/ Riders cut 4 players including Hecht and Dyakowski. At the right price I could see both players providing benefit to Winnipeg. Since we lost out on Muamba and Westerman we need all the depth we can get at our Canadian starting positions. Nuefeld is not somebody you can pencil in for 18 games without getting injured. So assuming that Chung and Goosen will be healthy we are likely still looking at starting Couture for a period of time with completely unproven depth behind him. Would love to see Dyakowski brought in to compete against Nuefeld. He played 18 games last season and has been pretty durable. Would also be interested in have Hecht backup Taylor Loffler at safety. Thoughts?
  14. Upcoming Movies

  15. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Friday. Sunday.
  16. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    yay https://www.nhl.com/jets/news/wheeler-named-finalist-for-messier-award/c-298233532
  17. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Just something there tomorrow then its free till next Friday.
  18. US Politics

    ...Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Donald Trump January 2018
  19. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    I thought Nashville had an issue where their arena was booked Friday night. Maybe I misheard. Everyone assumed Thursday and Sat. So Im wondering is it still Saturday even if they play Friday? Cant have game 2 be afternoon and less than 24 hours after game 1, can they? Either way, I guess its the same for both teams but still.
  20. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Tampa Bay is Canada’s team
  21. Upcoming Movies

    I dont see how you do it with Spiderman. Even if he makes a cameo, why not make Venom a Spiderman character and then spin him off. Especially with the Avengers going into space, you could easily have the alien symbiont. Seems like Sony wanting to take advantage of Marvel stepping in and saving one of their characters. Let Marvel produce ALL Sony's marvel character films and be happy they're good.
  22. CFL Combine

    Comments are GOLD! Rick Why would a team like the Rider’s draft Knivel when they no he is going to the NFL That is some level of English achieved only after completing three years of Grade 5 in the Saskatchewan school system.
  23. Don't worry, Carter will keep everyone level-headed. He's matured with all his legal troubles.
  24. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Weird. They're desperate to get the Leafs to play, if they win game 7, on Saturday but leave three games on Friday? Why on Earth does the NHL have overlapping games when it's completely unnecessary? 2 & 2. They did it with afternoon games in round 1.
  25. Upcoming Movies

    Yeah, I should have said it looked meh. I was trying to be hopeful, but I doubt it will be any good. Sony is just trying too hard with their movies. Amy Pascal is just a terrible producer.
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