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    You;re looking for another steelbook?
  3. Little things

    F*** I can't tell you how badly I want to be able to sign up for that.....
  4. The fact that Ekakatie isn't ready yet is just fine by me. The days of needing first year players to step in right away are gone. Let him cook on the PR for awhile along with Couture and Spooner, and be ready in a couple years...
  5. Little things

    Well I'm going to have to do that.
  6. 2017 NHL Off Season

    I dont think it has been that way at all. I agree they need to make quicker decisions on coaching tho as i feel that is probably holding them back the most right now. They did make the playoffs one year... Got swept.. Realized the current group couldnt get it done and have gradually turned the team over to the youngsters... I mean.. Is 6 years enough tho? Scheif didnt establish himself until maybe a year and half ago.. He was our first ever pick... Ehlers going in to his 3rd year.. Laine his second... Connor his 2nd pro year... Morrissey spent a couple years with the moose.. Trouba came in to his own last season... I mean its not like we have a McDavid or Crosby who can instantly turn a team around.. It takes time... But .. The biggest thing it takes is Coaching. Coaching is huge in hockey... Huge. Ours hasnt been so good.
  7. Little things

    The only game I noticed it not working at was last game. I've noticed that it temporarily glitches some other times too, but for the most part, it seems pretty bang on. Last game was a mess, though.
  8. 2017 NHL Off Season

    I think you'd have to be a pretty dumb organization to abandon the build thru the draft philosophy - but no one's suggesting that. What they need to do be more aggressive in rounding out the roster, making quicker decisions on struggling players and/or coaches and systems. Essentially, act like a team that expects to make the playoffs every year. The 2017/18 season for us shouldn't just be "yaaay we're in the NHL!!" - like it has since 2011. 6 years is enough time to build your core young group, establish you're draft and roster building strategies. It's everything besides that they fall short on to date.
  9. Little things

    Yes, I know. What I'm saying is it's never accurate and looks ridiculous during the game. I'd rather see it scrapped until it works properly.
  10. US Politics

    Whats the over/under on all of them leaving.
  11. 2017 NHL Off Season

    Maurice is on the chopping block for sure. No excuses this year. Got a proven NHL goalie.. Got no goons . got no scrubs maurice can play... The D on paper looks incredible.. Its Maurices time to **** or get off the pot. First 20 games will be interesting because if they start slow... Maurice is done.
  12. Little things

    There is no doubt that since Wade took charge... The bombers have improved the off field game day stuff.. Its night and day.. I actually see way more ppl in bomber gear throughout the week than i have in a very long time. Anyone who talks crap about Miller... Just being foolish. Hes done so much since taking over.
  13. Probably Ekakitie's progress would have been approached differently if the 'poop' hadn't hit the fan.*base.
  14. Little things

    What he's saying is that it's not the Bombers, the stats are from the league directly - same engine that the website updates from.
  15. Or the most pro ready who wasnt NFL bound... Lots of insiders have said hes a project tho... Doesnt mean much.. I mean in reality... Not a lot of the 2017 picks are doing much yet. Hes got lots of time to show what he can do.. I honestly have thought when he has played.. Hes looked pretty decent.
  16. Little things

    what is this tell me more
  17. he was considered the most "pro-ready" player in the draft... It was suggested that was one of the major reasons the Bombers selected him... Maybe the narrative has changed now... but he wasn't considered as much of a project a few months ago...
  18. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    A few months ago he was the most pro ready player in the draft.
  19. 2017 NHL Off Season

    If they gave up on draft & develop it wouldnt be to trade the veterans away. I agree. And they wont give up. If anything, they'd trade some youth for help right now. I get the impression Chipman is getting impatient. Maybe not impatient, but if they struggle this season he is going to be asking why.
  20. 2017 NHL Off Season

    Which is great, but we need to start winning now because you can't keep everyone forever. "Draft & develop" starts to lose its appeal when you see former high picks walking out the door. It hasn't happened yet but it is inevitable. At some point you have to say "This is the core" and say you're ready to win. I think we're there now, with the players you mentioned. We've been building for the future, but the future is now, and the window closes quickly.
  21. can't help but laugh at a hack like this... Ray Lankford?... you couldn't take 10 seconds to look up the proper name... Penalty aided drive?... maybe stop leading with your head when tackling... and I only recall Nichols making 3 tacklers look stupid on a 15 yard run at the end... no penalties aided that play... Appeared to be short?... the TSN review team and the CFL command center (I know, not the most reliable source) determined it was a TD... but I'm sure some writer in Montreal got the real exclusive... haha, what a clown
  22. Upcoming Movies

    Williams was SOOOOO good on Boardwalk Empire.
  23. US Politics

    Whats the over/under on General Kelly leaving...
  24. US Politics

    Its pretty bad when Trump asks his COS General Kelly to come out and he doesnt.
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