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  2. Stronson is in full on backpedal at Riderfans right now. Posts questioning Jones are disappearing so fast right now that the page count is going
  3. Didn't hear much about him prior to this but Ed Tait has a nice little story up on Roc Carmichael & how Macho Harris lead him to Winnipeg.
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  5. People have way to much free time and also why are so many people wanting to kill whatever fun life has to provide these days?
  6. The most ridiculous thing I've read in a while. In some ways I can understand MPI's perspective - if they didn't there would be a group calling them racist. But the complainer who contacted MPI needs to stop reading more into things than are there.
  7. Why? LeFevour at this point would be way better coming in off the bench to help us win a game then Bridge/Bennett. You would think after years of throwing guys who are not ready onto the field with crap results that the fans would want someone who at least has a slight clue on how to move the ball in the CFL.
  8. If I had to cut 12 guys by Monday based on their performance over the last 3 days alone: WR - T. J. Lowder WR - Xavier Rush WR - Stephen Burton LB - George Stone DB - Terrance Parks LB - Brandon Alexander DB- Robert Porter DB - Tre Hunter WR - Di'Andre Campbell RB - Johnta Hebert WR - Rashon Ceaser DB - Jeremy Harris
  9. Judging by the size of that section it may have only had 700-800 seats at that price.
  10. Running tally is $110,000 in fines since Jones took over but as they say, to have the best, you must pay the most.
  11. looks like they are getting all secretive over on RF. A poster alluded to the roster violations being in part from Jones and Steve Macaulay of the Regina Thunder being buddy buddy and they've been flying in junior players from all over the country to try and get them in the exempt classification. Guess some of these kids were already exempt for someone else prior
  12. Blue Bomber Talk I'm sure he's improved, but consensus in Bomber camp last yr was that Bennett was distant 4th on WPG's QB depth chart. #CFL #Bombers #Riders 👁‍🗨Looks like Vince Young did enough to move on to Main Camp in Saskatchewan...#ridersnowinvinceable... Dan Lefevour throws yet another fabulous deep pass hooking up with Stephen Burton. -Bob Irving Matt Nichols says mini camp is for knocking off the rust--No rust on this guy as he fires darts. - Bob Irving Jeffcoat was the lone lineman at minicamp. He stayed one day. I'm told he will be at main camp in late May. - Darrin Bauming CFL Headlines Bombers hopeful Roberson once rushed for 420 Yards.. And finally....
  13. Pretty sure 85 dollar ones are sold out. Could not get any with my season ticket holder presage.
  14. Feist covers mastodon (they have a split ep) mastodon cover feist
  15. Quite the merry-go-round over there. Can't wait until Mitch Gale becomes the 'next' big FA QB after two years with the Stamps...
  16. nope when asked at minicamp why kinne wasn't rostered jones told the reporters he was no longer with the team. I think it was similar circumstances to Jake Waters, recently married and other job opportunities down south
  17. Is Kinne still there too?
  18. tough to say who will be PR'd. Apparently Jones has been on record as saying Bridge doesn't do well in practices but when the lights come on he's a gamer so how well he does at these camps might not mean much. I think they'll release Heaps and PR bennett imo
  19. One of Bennett or Bridge will be PR'd... really hope Walters takes a serious look at either of these guys - both are five years younger than LeFevour I'm sure you could PR LeFevour and no one would pick him up
  20. Reporting from the recent Rider Camp... The top quarterback on Day 3 was @B_BENNETT03 This was borne out by the numbers, and coaches' assessments. - @rodpedersen #CFL #Riders 2 things about this statement: 1) It would bother me if the Riders benefitted from getting a QB from us. And 2) It's Rod Pedersen reporting this, and that is no benefit to anyone...
  21. I think that at the next BOG meeting that Reynolds will be dressed down by the other governors and told to keep his boy in check.
  22. I sure hope not. I'm enjoying the ride too much.
  23. i totally forgot the riders were fined $60K as well as the 26K deduction to their sms last year, so in 1 year Jones has cost the club over $100K in fines. I might not be a fancy big city lawyer, but even in a profitable company losing $100K due to gross negligence to the rules and STILL sucking balls on the field would normally be grounds for immediate dismissal... i think the axe is being sharpened as we speak. might not swing till labour day tho
  24. Well it's good to know they haven't learned any lessons.
  25. Fine. Have it your way. But that WAS my very point...😎
  26. Im not arguing with you. Not trying to change your mind. Dont care what you believe. Your opinion is as meaningless as mine. But the report you mention was incomplete actually. The Chief UN inspector stated Iraq wasnt fully complying or accepting of the conditions. In retrospect, they should not have invaded. And you're entitled to you opinion, but dont condescend to me on the issue. Especially if you post statements that are only partially true.
  27. fixed it for you
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