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    This place is going to be insufferable for a few weeks while everyone competes for adoration and glory. *** LIKE IF YOU HATE THE RIDERS ***
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    As per all things official BIG NEWS to start the day!
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    Things didn't go his way, so he's losing his mind. They've made a decision to go to a more traditional middle linebacker instead of two WIL specialists, so Bass is gone. He's a great player, not a good fit for what they're trying to do. I respect their decision to go in a different direction and the reality is, it's going to give us some savings as well. Burnett is solid, he should be a great player but he also reminds me of a guy like Alex Hoffman-Ellis in the sense that he's a great teams guy with potential to fit into a starting job - still has to get there and he wasn't going to get it here. Those are the two big losses. Now you look at what we added and the big one for me is Drake Nevis. I've been a huge fan of this guy ever since he started terrorizing offensive lines last year. Just so that there's no accusations of that "he's a Bomber now so you think he's great" bias coming from any Rider fans, here's what I said about Nevis last July: And I believe it. He's got the ability to be an elite defensive tackle in the CFL. If you had asked me prior to free agency who I'd want between Micah Johnson and Drake Nevis, it's Nevis all day every day and we got him for 35k less than Micah Johnson. Hodge thinks we overpaid? On what basis? Nevis' impact on our D can't be overstated. Cummings, while a very good player, was not an every down defensive tackle for us. Nevis will play a heavy majority of the snaps. He's a dominant run stopper and for a defensive tackle, he's got some serious pass rushing abilities. There was a club move he laid on Chungh last year that was one of the most dominant snaps from a DT I saw all year. And he'll do that all game. We're going to be a much tougher team in the trenches. High energy, high motor, wear-you-down kind of guy. Exactly what we needed. Then there's Okpalaugo. Solid, solid rush end. If he can come back without skipping a beat, he's going to be exactly what we need on the other side opposite Westerman, because now all of a sudden, you can't just scheme away from our strength. 25 sacks in two seasons tells you all you need to know, this guy is going to get after the quarterback. --- I'm happy with what we've done so far.
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    Like this post if you're happy Denmark is back! You won't believe who we sign when this post reaches 10 likes!
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    Chris Jones is. Sorry, I thought that said moron.
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    Is the point of the title of this thread for Canada to adopt the US ban on Syrian refugees? This is what everyone is dancing around here, and why people have posted the questions to you they have. The wording of this thread title is ... this is the first, implying there will be more. If there will be more, well how do we stop it, etc, tc. The next question is why do we not post about every sexual assault that happens in this country, why is this one singled out? Is it a horrendous crime? Yes. Should people like this be allowed in the country? No. So, are you suggesting all Syrian's shouldn't be allowed in Canada because we now have a "first" Syrian refugee who did this? If tomorrow an immigrant from Ireland does this, are you going to post a thread saying "First Sexual Assault by an Irish Immigrant in Canada"? Probably not. So yes, this is a tragedy and shouldn't happen. Lock the guy up and / or throw him out of the country. The title you chose frames it in a certain light, and it makes people question the motivation of the thread.
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    I don't know why people think just because someone is "x" height and "y" weight, they're suddenly capable of playing a different position that requires an entirely different skill set and responsibility level. It confuses me, because it seems like people only do this with defensive players as if that makes it make more sense. Let's try it with some other examples. "If Chris Normand could put on 10 pounds, he's pretty fast, he could probably play DE!" "Ian Wild is the same size as Andrew Harris, just a little taller, maybe he could play RB as a backup" "Addison Richards has all the measurables, maybe he'd make a good receiver!"
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    They basically signed the best rush end and DT available on the market. This thread is absurd.
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    That's an interesting read. TUP has over 13k posts and wasn't even here at the beginning! That's a lot of arguing about wrestling and politics...
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    Pffft I won't be pleased until we bring in an out of shape 34 yr old QB with no CFL experience.....'cuz, winning.
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    @MiltStegallTSN I've been a free agent since 2009 and @sskroughriders just offered me a contract! Told me they're trying to sign all remaining #FreeAgents That made me chuckle....wouldn't surprise me....
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    This might be the best signing we make this week.
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    Jason Vega signs 1 day contract so he can retire as a member of the Bombers. Congrats on a great career!!
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    Part of me wants to just adopt the same approach they do over there. They always throw out the "if we acted like this on your forum, we would've been gone long ago" nonsense. Then I look at how we still allow folks like Kluch to continue posting and think ... boy, are they really that unaware? As much as I like Gov and I can't even blame him for "allowing it", what was formerly a pretty good place to talk about football has fallen by the wayside and become overrun by idiots like Rotor and his little puppet RAJ. So many characters on that forum, it's essentially become a cesspool of inbred children's toys with only four programmable phrases that can be spit out at a time: "#1990!", "Mulberry bush", "Keep 'em comin, Jonesy!" and "hey, hands off my sister, she's mine!"
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    People get so weird with the height and weight stuff. Good lord.
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    The Bombers are comfortable going forward with Davis as their number 2; that doesn't mean he won't have to compete for the job. He has been on the roster for two seasons and has taken thousands of snaps in practise that can be used for evaluation, as well as some pre-season and one regular season game. Every time a player is given increased responsibility there is an element of risk. Was it reckless and irresponsible for the Bombers to make Goossen the starting center last year? Most of his limited playing experience had been at guard. Was it reckless and irresponsible for the Bombers to make Loffler their starting safety after Harris got injured? After all, he had no pro experience and was a Canadian rookie. Third rounder no less. We all know anything after the first round are garbage rounds. I wonder how long Bo Levi would have to be the third string before moving him up to second string would not be considered a reckless and irresponsible move by the Stamps? In summary, one Paul Friesen was enough for Winnipeg. Time to see if we can trade Weicek to Hamilton straight-up for Drew Edwards.
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    Was told on good authority that Medlock was grossly overpaid and not worth the money.....
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    So add another one to the list of guys who came because the culture was changed. This is good!
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    Well, clearly because he's not a Bomber, so he HAS to be better!
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    it's not a play on words, it's misuse of the language that have become commonly accepted because people care more about exaggerating than actually putting in some effort into creating more meaningful statements. A lot of your criticisms of the commissioner come across as simply "I don't like the look of the guy so therefore I don't like any of it" Give the guy a chance before we cast judgement. I mean the concussion statements are done for legal reasons no other so it's worthless to even judge him on that, I dunno what all went on with the drug testing but come on, the CFL has been a joke with drug testing long before he came along.
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    Then the bet is on. If I win, you have to mow my lawn wearing my wife's Sunday dress. If you win, I will mow your lawn wearing your wife's Sunday dress.
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    Fwiw, Madani says we let Lochard go because Kienan Lafrance is on his way here in 2 weeks...
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    Lol at your certainty. A year is a long time and lots can change before he becomes a fa. Think back to this time last year and what the odds were that Durant would be in Montreal and Nichols the undisputed starter in Winnipeg right now.
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    Bullsh*t, I was forced to take 2 levels of it in College, and I hated that ****.
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    '$800,000 seems a bit low for a player of Vince's calibre... I want to make this work, maybe can we look at some incentives...' 'Um, that's, uh, actually $80,000... but we can include free timbits for life and some complimentary car washes.'
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    Some of you will just scroll past - but true fans are not ashamed of this team! Can we get 11 likes?!!
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    Haha this is pretty funny stuff... I don't know how many times I've "won the day" but apparently the last time I did was Nov 28, which according to my calendar, was the day after Grey Cup... so it's official, the final 2016 Grey Cup Standings are: 1) Ottawa 2) Bearpants 3) Calgary
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    @SLemonator @6BONECRUSHER3 congrats on making the biggest mistake of your life Sincerely #Lemondrops
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    It is my understanding that Sukh Chungh loves it here so much that he took a deep discount to extend here. #Riderfanlogic
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    Great way to start the day. And Ha! to those who were so sure he would bolt as soon as his contact was up.
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    It just feels like there's January in Winnipeg all year around.
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    It's a simple concept - anyone and everyone is better than what the Bombers have. I wish he didn't have to resort to clickbait journalism but I guess being a tool and not knowing too much about football will do that.
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    @garylawless told @Wpg_BlueBombers love how Denmark handled himself, came & played after previous release left mark on organization. they want him back
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    Good interview with Walters, well worth a listen. http://www.bluebombers.com/2017/02/09/gm-kyle-walters-quieter-free-agency-predicted/ Interesting points. -Jake Thomas taking on larger role this year. (he played 50% of snaps last year) -Money spent on DE's will be saved on young DT's. -Davis will be #2. -Burnett may be back as he hasn't signed an NFL contract yet, so there is hope. -Not likely to sign any starters in first days of F.A. but will be looking for support players and good fits salary wise. -Likely to try to retain current F.A. Natl. ST players before next week. (Sherman etc.) -Bass not offered a contract, they see him more as a WIL than a MLB and Wild is already under contract. -JFG will be given an opportunity to play larger role. (Bye-bye Rory) -Fogg and Kiernan Duncan potential kick returners to replace McDuffie.
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    Here's a crazy idea... since Franklin is still under contract with the Eskimos, maybe he stays there this season
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    I'm starting to think TBURGESS isn't actually Tom Burgess at all
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    You don't have to look far for loonies around here.
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    Cleaned out some of the religious and political posts that were veering this thread off topic.
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    I think, in a way, Walter's efforts are being short changed. After a year of a 'close to the SMS' Walters still managed to go into Free Agency with the fewest number of potential players about to leave. In the new CFL, with the new contracts, Walters has managed to tip toe on the sideline the of who to keep and who to just let go. We did lose players, but except for maybe Burnett, they were accounted for. And we surely lost less than many teams, who lost far more in talent. See BC. Now, Buono has done a remarkable job in singing his own and other players to fill a need. Desjardins is proving to be more astute in handling the GM position than many thought, and even Reed is signing to improve. But the moves Walters has made cannot be simply be dismissed as minor. Replacing Shologan alone improves the team. As to re-signing Nichols, that's good. Extending Chungh was important. And the signing of Okpalaugo was an unforseen bonus equivalent to a long TD pass and run. A few look to maneuvering Medlock and Bryant's salaries as a weakness. Why? Re-signing Adams was important and maintaining our Canadian depth signings (Briggs, Hurl, Remple) continues the building of NI talent that we haven't seen in years. And yes, Glenn is the more experienced QB, but what does that matter as an insurance policy-type player? LeFervour will fill that role quite nicely and under LaPolice, may surprise. The team didn't go for the dynamite signings this year, but still, with the Nevis signing, the moves made so far, are sound, and look to be quite good. Each week has seen some new players added (Will Smith, LeFervour) that were unexpected, but may be quite valuable. Free agency can be a crapshoot and going into that week, we fans could be seen as 'anxious'. The nerves are a little more settled now, and maybe now we can realize we do have a CFL ready GM.
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    Incredibly exploitative and sexist...... Well executed.
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    Stafford doesn't exactly have the history Carter has tho, Stafford was a pretty good solider in Edmonton and Montreal for that matter, it's just last year he was a bit of headcase, Carter has been one since he got in this league. It's a slightly different situation there.