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    A brief statement from the first practice: Very cold and windy, and obviously making things look difficult out there for the first day. It's been very basic so far. Timing and communication issues are evident between the QBs and receivers. Roberson and Duncan appear to be as advertised when it comes to foot speed. Duncan getting some good looks at the boundary spot and was probably the most consistent of the group. Greenwood tracked down an errant pass and had a deep over the shoulder pick on the wide side of the field. On a side note, great seeing the guys on the field after what has been a long off-season.
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    It's been proven, in this league, that if you don't have a good backup....
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    Making Bomber football a family affordable experience has been one of the top priorities over the off-season. New for this season are family offers for season, flex and individual game tickets. If this is something that you or someone you know may be interested in, I would recommend checking this out: http://www.bluebombers.com/tickets/family/ Some key points: -You can now add a youth season ticket to any adult account for as little as $15/game. -Youth tickets (15 and under) can now be purchased in any P7 section, in addition any P5 section in the south endzone. -Youth ticket single game prices: P7: $15.00 P5: $19.00 With these new prices, a family of 4 (mom & dad + 2 kids) can come to a game for as little as $84.50, which is the lowest family offer in the CFL. Guys we are talking about considerable savings. We want to be able to give families the opportunity to attend Bomber games this season without breaking the bank. What do you think?
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    Pinball Clemons for commissioner is what I vote for....
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    It's funny how some folks go through life being so cynical.
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    A huge, league-altering move that required it's own thread and not be part of the Around The League Offseason Discussion, to be sure....
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    Welcome to the 2017 Winnipeg Blue Bomber season activities. Fans, it was wicked cold out there so didn't spend more time than a cup of coffee. I primarily watched the receivers and qb's. I counted 11 receivers out there and three rb's. The rb's had no reason to stand out, but were engaged and gave remarkable efforts. #5 Stanford first in line for the receiver drills. Enthusiastic efforts. Chatting up other players. Looks like he wants to be a leader on this team. #80 Chisum. He might be 6'3" but he ain't no 200 pounds. He's frail. #89 Davis. Now he can handle some physical activity. Big and showed some good vertical skills going up for passes. #84 Langford. Good hands at top speed and could turn on the jets further after the catch. #82 Duncan. Noticeable by his resemblance to Rapunsel. Quick, agile, and a small 5'10. The recivers were having a very tough time running 25 yard routes headed north into the wind. #13 Lafevour threw some really nice balls into the wind. #18 Miles was serviceable. Hearded south, Nichols and Davis both looked like pro's, with the wind. During the route running/passing drills, these guys didn't just walk onto the field and take direction. They were lining up, in position, and executing as a receiving group. They looked prepared and the readiness impressed me the most.
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    An ugly site for an ugly province filled with ugly people
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    Can we hire Hervey solely to a role where he deny Wiecek & Friesen team and locker room access?
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    The way this was worded I was hoping Paul Friesen was taking another job, no such luck
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    Three starters in three years and several contributors, Walters is doing well.
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    This is blatant singlism - discrimination against single people
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    I'm fine with the decision to draft him as opposed to another depth player/special teams guy. We used the second-last pick in the third round on him. He was drafted after we took Giovanni Aprile and right before Rene Stephan. Bilukidi was a first round talent who had fallen almost into the 4th round. That is a low risk/high reward selection that we didn't reap the rewards of. Those are great home-run swings to take in the later rounds.
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    This is amazing.... He's like a giant oversized Steve Zahn...
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    he DID realize he wasnt a rider anymore, right?
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    Or they're bringing in 15 receivers like they do every single year
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    It took a while, but Popp is finally starting to clean up the salary mess he made in Montreal. And he's doing it from Toronto. That's some next level GMing there.
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    Let's call him Rider S..... no no, that's too obvious.... we'll say R Stronson
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    Sucks for them but that's what happens when you're willing to sign anyone and everyone regardless of their background. Sometimes the best defensive back you have decides to go and choke his girlfriend unconscious on a Saturday in April and all of a sudden you've got a massive hole in your starting lineup. as for Justin Cox? **** him. Human garbage.
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    Hey, lay off Macho, he's been nothing but a class act and a solid contributor his entire time here. He's not anywhere near the same category as Kuale.
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    Glen Johnson would be a horrible decision.
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    Good for him... how often has a team cut a player right before he was owed a bonus. I see nothing at all wrong with what he did.
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    So the only thing that prevented them from being worse was being better?
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    bladek # 19, ekakitie #26, herdman #2, idk if i could possibly agree less with that list. that list is at the pederson level of quality. you never go full pederson.
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    The only thing that would've made this move perfect is if he had asked for a release, signed with the Riders, received a lofty signing bonus... then retired...
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    "I'm really hoping to get a better understanding of the plays, make sure I'm loud and vocal for my teammates." - Kyle Knox "Every time I've come to Winnipeg, whether (the team) has been winning or losing, the fans have always been great regardless." - Kenny Stafford "There's competition everywhere... he's just another guy I can learn from." - Dom Davis on new QB Dan LeFevour. "I can say without a doubt this is the hardest I've worked in an offseason." - Matt Nichols ready for the season to start. "There’s an opening, but it’s not my choice. I’m just going to play to the best of my ability." - Kyle Knox What will it take to crack the #Bombers roster? "You've got to make plays. That's the bottom line." - Mike O'Shea... Mike O'Shea says this minicamp is purely about evaluation. #Bombers need to be down to a roster of 75 by Monday — currently at 87. "I like the depth a lot. I like the way they're interacting with the room already." - Coach O'Shea on his QBs Lefevour hits Xavier Rush with back to back deep throws--a hilite of a frigid day at bomber mini camp - Bob Irving
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    no. he is a fusion of greg battle and tyrone jones. bombers must sign him. 😂
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    Note a transaction but nice to know.
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    2 weeks till mini-camp... Just under a month till Draft... Less than 2 months till Camp...... Woooooooooo!
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    Add this name to your CFL Draft board: Randy Colling 26 years old. Been in the Arena Football League for a few years after playing NCAA D2 (former defensive lineman of the year finalist there) and while I have no idea how he's going to rate on the overall draft board, he's exactly what WE need (a big defensive tackle) ... not sure what his current size is, but he was 320 in college. Big time player in Arena Football too, he was on the All-Arena team so he's not exactly unestablished. Could be fairly pro ready. If I had to guess, I'd say he potentially just entered the first round picture.
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    Sean Fleming Let's be clear, this move was strictly all about Rhodes' ego and the negotiations to extend Ed's contract which were initiated by the organization. - Ed was looking to be paid market rate for GMs in the league, which is a reasonable ask, given his success and how he handled the staff exodus last season. Rhodes took issue with that since it would mean Ed would be making more than Rhodes, a point he raised with Ed. - Ed was looking for a bump up in title to President of Football Operations. That didn't sit well with Rhodes. - Rhodes didn't like the fact that Terry Jones was publically calling Rhodes weak by stating that football ops was running the show in Edmonton and across the league. In the meantime, attendance continues to drop under Rhodes' leadership on the business side. This coming from a guy who brought you the concert series with Vanilla Ice as a way to increase attendance. To blame that on Ed when he is putting a winning product on the field is an attempt to pass the buck. All the rest of the excuses Rhodes is trying to peddle is just an attempt to backfill. Why entering into negotiations to extend if you have been looking to replace him since January? A total contradiction.
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    McLeod John Baltazar Bethel-Thompson accounts for two spots unto himself.
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    Ok, I admit, I have a prejudice against drafting any receivers coming out of Sask. Sue me.
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    what they don't say is that $2.7 million of that profit came from concession sales during the 3 hour delay in the Hamilton home game...
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    The larger issue is there is already a narrative out there that the stadium location sucks and the traffic in and out of games is horrendous because of how poorly it was planned in season 1. Getting in and out has improved by leaps and bounds but it isn't as easy as saying double the park n ride cost because there are already a contingent of fans looking for excuses to stay at home and not go to games. That is reality of that location right now Start putting a consistent winning product on the field again, and they can probably start to raise prices for the bus.
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    http://www.bluebombers.com/2017/03/30/blog-on-the-road/ I thought this was neat enough to start it's own thread. We know, from players talking about it, that the Bombers started spending more money on little things, and really acting like a pro organization. Jamal Westerman said they operate exactly like an NFL team. This article has a little more in depth on what that means...
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    When was the last time you read stuff like this about the Bombers:
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    He should have posted something intelligent. Would have fooled more people.
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    It's completely unprofessional to fire anyone via text. Face to face is best, but if Foley can't make it to the club's offices, then over the phone would be OK.
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    Driving over to the guys house isn't necessary. A two minute phone call that basically says "We appreciate everything you've done for the Argos but we are now going in a new direction." is a much more professional way to run an organisation then sending this over a text. Then again, maybe I'm just old fashioned.
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    Waiting for @SpeedFlex27 to chime in on this, because I believe he was the one complaining (no, seriously, guys!) about how pricing was way out of hand and not affordable for the average family anymore. Definitely commend the Bombers on making this a priority!!