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    With Do or Die going all "Dante's Peak" on us for the next month, I thought I'd do what I do best and plagiarize someone else's great work and give this O & S a try in his absence (hope no one takes offence, 'tis easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission in my experience). So here goes: I crack the lid on some Crown Royal and raise a toast to Do or Die (not a gin guy, sorry).... And the Bombers trek to the City of Champions gift high draft choices, trying to sweep the Esks for the first time since the Kevin Glenn 1.0 era....... But get off to a slow start, feeding Flanders and resting Harris..... Winning the field position battle on punts sets up a 54 yard FG....but the ever reliable "Lock" registers a rare miss..... Edmonton sacrifices field position to deny the single point, giving "Mr. Automatic" a second crack closer in.... But that drives straight and true on the over-correction to the outside of the opposite post, Justin 0/2 and still scoreless... Early pressure by the Bomber front causes another sack, and another bad punt by Edmonton, kickers having a quarter to forget.... But Fogg's big return sets up the Bombers to march in for points, looks promising as Feioli-Gudino makes a nice catch in traffic.... And then bounces off a tackle...before pinwheeling and fumbling on the second hit, causing a turnover......and an injury Bombers' three trips in Edmonton territory have yielded nothing, can't afford to give away points and win in Commonwealth... Fortunately, Reilly likes this "2 and out" style of offence, and O'Neill is punting like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest... Nicholls ducks into a sack and earns a roughing the passer helmet shot...but only because of a burned challenge to correct an obvious miss... So Medlock FG again from convert range, and WTH another miss??????????? His first 3 miss game ever leaves us up 1-0 in a shockingly defensive battle. Edmonton tests their running game with Van reeling off big plays....but the kicking woes continue as "Patrick" Swazye Waters dings one off the post Bombers finally remember they have Andrew Harris, who responds with 3 big plays to march us down the field.... Until he pounces on a fumble and gets kneed in the back for his troubles, when a penalty makes it a moot play.... And Nicholls hits Denmark with seconds left to finally produce a score, Bombers pitch a first half shutout, up 8-0. Eskimos make adjustments and put up a quick score, but Reilly can't throw the 2 point try with Sam Hurl wrestling him like a steer....8-6 Bombers really swarming to the ball on the short swing passes, and sure tackling this week...a refreshing change. Esks punting is truly atrocious, Bombers owning the field position battle, but little to show so far. Textbook stop and go route by Adams, and pinpoint accuracy by Nicholls on the pass sets up Andrew Harris... Who is making the most of every touch and punches in a response TD, Bombers up 15-6... Edmonton rides the Van down the field, but he goes out with a knee injury and the drive stalls...FG, 15-9 as we hit the 4th quarter With Andrew Harris now fully in control of the offence, and another perfectly placed pass by Nicholls to Adams..... In the corner of the end zone for a one-hand, one foot TD, at least that's what the eye in the sky determines.... And of course Medlock cranks the convert attempt off the goal post, because freaky Friday on a Saturday....but 21-9 looks pretty comfortable right now Brandon Zylstra the only thing keeping Edmonton in this game right now, but Bombers winning the majority of the 50/50 balls..... As the Esk receivers are not getting away with the push off like they usually do... Fake reverse and throw by Langford looks pretty, but just fails to connect, and a 2 and out, bad punt and iffy no yards set up Reilly at centre field Maas tries another ticky-tack PI challenge that fails......but no matter as the deep passes finally connect and the Esks are suddenly within 2 points at 21-19.... Offence stalling now as they have forgotten Harris again......but a big punt and outstanding cover teams keep Edmonton on a long field... Hurl actually getting some pressure on Reilly, who is mis-firing because of all the hurries and heat..... Randle island with a knockdown that could swat a hurricane away, and we trade punts again but keep gaining field position on the exchange.... Defence still giving up the odd big run, but out of the 3 minute warning....... The death blow by Randle again, as Reilly telegraphs one pass too many and this one goes the other way to the house...37 yards on the pick-6 and 28-19...... Nothing left to do, but book the road win, count the two points, and savour the series win Bombers now can safely dream of a home playoff game.....I can head off to dreamland now that the Crown is finished.
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    Mr Dee


    👁‍🗨Win one for the Medlock.. 👁‍🗨Randle...film study...pick six. 👁‍🗨Love Matt Dunigan’s line with tongue in cheek. “Clearly Winnipeg needs a new kicker.” 👁‍🗨When was the last time a Bomber team held a team to O points in a half? 👁‍🗨0 - That’s the same number of intelligent comments I found on the Riders’ site. 👁‍🗨I saw a player make a highlight reel catch for an incredible TD in tonight’s game. One-handed. That player was a Bomber. That player was new 1000 yard receiver Darvin Adams. 👁‍🗨It’s hard to believe we kept that Edmonton receiver group in check from A to Y. We didn’t do so well on Z 👁‍🗨What I like about this current Bomber team is; when the opposing team scores an important TD or FG, this team responds. That’s huge! 👁‍🗨Bombers shouldn’t go anywhere without their Walker.. 👁‍🗨You know TDs scored with seconds left before the half are extra special. Right Matt and Clarence? Happy Birthday Clarence! (Sept 29) 👁‍🗨‘Tis nice to lead from start to finish in the last 6 games. 👁‍🗨Coates has arms..and soft hands. Nice pivotal reception on that drive. 👁‍🗨He, of the hard to pronounce last name had a decent game with 3 tackles and a sack. Tristan Okpalaugo. There, I pronounced it. 👁‍🗨Heath, flirting with the int again. 👁‍🗨Santos-Knox is evolving. 👁‍🗨D pressure was constant but not overpowering. Johnson seemed like he was still a scratch last night. 👁‍🗨Jeffcoat was menacing. 👁‍🗨Allowing just 19 points vs that offence? I’ll take it. 👁‍🗨Nichols 112.94 efficiency rating. 👁‍🗨Another clean game by the boys. 👁‍🗨Did you see? Another hands to the face penalty? But it wasn’t by us.. Darrin Bauming - Ryan Lankford can throw... and punt... and return kicks. #Bombers 👁‍🗨Now I know what below average kicking looks like. I don’t like it. 👁‍🗨And once again, we rule, catching teams with 13 men on the field. Good on us for spotting this and quickly snapping the ball.. 👁‍🗨I didn’t appreciate the fact that the TSN took so long to acknowledge Adams as a 1000 yard receiver when they were flaunting Edmonton’s grand receivers most of the night. 👁‍🗨I can practically feel BC’s angst over what happened in the standings on their bye week.. 👁‍🗨Sharing the love.. 👁‍🗨Win number 10. And, it must be the 10th different way we’ve won a game. Darrin Bauming - Darvin Adams joins Andrew Harris and Clarence Denmark with TDs tonight — all three continue to lead the #Bombers' with 7 TDs on the season. 👁‍🗨I didn’t really notice but someone mentioned that Medlock might be kicking with his right leg tonight... 👁‍🗨Reilly is always dangerous as a QB. The Bombers somehow, made him look less dangerous tonight. 👁‍🗨I PVR’d the game on 2 different channels to prevent exactly what happened to the game - missing over 8 minutes of the 1st Q due to TSN staying with the earlier game. Funny, they didn’t do that for the Ottawa game.. 👁‍🗨Secondary thoughts...They’re looking good. New strategy? 👁‍🗨Bombers need Andrew Harris. Eskimos kneed Andrew Harris. There’s a difference you know. 👁‍🗨It was nice carrying a 7 point cushion into the game for the tie breaker. Sure am glad we didn’t need it. 👁‍🗨Bombers send the Eskimos and 30,524 home unhappy. Job complete! 👁‍🗨Love Harris’s crab-crawl TDs! What balance.. 👁‍🗨How do you spell legitimate? B o m b e r s 👁‍🗨How do you spell relief? R a n d l e 👁‍🗨Were we not 2-2 to start the season? 👁‍🗨Still in disbelief that we have a legitimate QB 👁‍🗨A great turning point was not made by any player... “The officials did a good job of conferring to change the call on the field to a touchdown, which allowed the play to be reviewed and upheld by the command centre.” 👁‍🗨Who cares if Edmonton ended up with 436yards of net offence?
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    Swirling wind and rain to start..... Kyle Knox sighting: takes penalty on opening kickoff...... Hurl still looks pretty slow on blitz.... Bombers driving....Nichols throws perfect TD to Adams.... ....call back because of ....you guessed it....the ole hands to face call. Blue settles for Medlock booting it through, Bombers 3-0. Powell running with authority for RedBlacks.... Walker defending a couple of passes...... Bombers running some hurryup, on 2nd down plays.... Nice catch by Adams....Harris takes screen for 15.... ...but Nichols sacked.....on comes Medlock....6-1 Bombers Blue O moving the ball pretty well....but need some finish... Nichols scrambles right-then left....and hits Adams deep.... Bombers winning the field position and TOP, anyways... RB Powell is good.....but some defensive tackling....bad... Not getting pressure on Lindley, yet...he gets ball out on time.. Okpaulugo must of heard me....puts smack on QB... Nichols long pass to Denmark, Dressler runs sweep for more... But Nichols and Dressler.... not much chemistry further down the field..... Medlock hits 3rd FG.....Bombers pulling away. 9-2 Moe Leggett all over the place again..... Jeffcoat strips Powell of ball....also recovers it on RB 35 Nichols misfires downfield with Dress again.... ...but swing pass to Westy....gets big 2nd down gain... Harris up the gut, finds huge hole, cuts back and rumbles into end zone. Lindley starting to look nervous, with some pretty erratic throwing. Obvious PI on Redblack DB. Obvious to everybody, except officials... MOS challenges and gets it , but 2nd down pass to Flanders short of marker Lindley getting less mustard on the short passes, now..... Some of these roughing the QB are pretty chintzy... Dressler out of the game (again) McDuffie treating some Medlock punts.....like hemlock... Tough conditions out there: cold, windy, and wet.... Bomber O handling it all, pretty well..... Mahar punting extremely well for Ottawa Only handful of diehards sitting in end zones, at this point... Blue running receiver sweeps effectively, tonight... Lankford runs another one for good gain..... Flanders takes swing pass, breaks 3 tackles......TD With this weather and Lindley....22-2 looks pretty safe. Ottawa now abandoning run game.....not to their advantage... Andrew Harris....another productive game.....film at 11. Bomber O eating up yards and clock..... ....until Nichols has ball slip out of hand, throwing.... RB's recover......good run by Powell.....to Blue 20. Lindley then simply drops ball.....Bomber recover... Nichols rears back and bombs it right into Adams's hands...... .....who busts down the middle of field to finish 75 yd TD pass Back breaker. 29-3. Goodnite Ottawa. Lindley just chucking and praying, now...... Some nice plays from Alexander, back there..... HSZ (Hall's soft zone) puts in an appearance.... .....enabling Lindley to complete 4 straight passes..... Powell runs in a consolation TD, for Redblacks.... Bombers could still use a big run stuffing LB. Leggett smothers 2 point convert try..... Redblacks do recover nice short KO, off of Leggett... But Moe knows football. And picks off 50/50 deep ball... Strange looking character ambles in, behind center.... Rubbing my eyes.....it is Dom Davis! Dom does the bomb to Adams, who makes nice catch.... ...and must have around 200 yards receiving, tonight.. Dom hits Harris with perfect pass across middle...but dropped. Another win....at home.....9-3 - this winning stuff getting pretty boring... Aw...glug....,glug....,glug...........................glug.
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    Ed Tait article Goosen was fined...... "Bombers centre Matthias Goossen for an ‘unnecessary hit to a vulnerable player (Micah Awe) in the game against the B.C. Lions.’ The fine amount was not disclosed…" I disagree with the "unnecessary" part. Matthias.
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    Mark H.

    Bombers sign Zavian Bingham

    Endorsement from a highschool history teacher - kind of a big deal.
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    Jonestown @ Cowtown

    Riders' depth chart leaked!
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    Bombers at Shmoes GDT

    Was never a doubt in my mind as I watched that game that Winnipeg would win. Was closer on the scoreboard than the field. Medlock was replaced by a doppelganger or they run away early. I would also personally like to thank randle for that one to shut up the very loud ignoramuses sitting behind me. I resisted the urge to pull out my keys and start a beat the traffic chant at that point but damn was that satisfying. Crowd hates it that their receivers aren't getting away with pi anymore. That Adams touchdown was a beauty too. Right in front of the seats and o question he made that one good. Was surprised the refs took so long talking about it. Glad they eventually called a td just so they got the review. I'd have been awfully angry if they called it no td after mos had to use his challenge earlier to fix their obvious missed roughing the passer.
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    Mr Dee


    👁‍🗨Matt brought up a point when Harris scored a TD...then got hit after the fact. Player safety. If they're serious, that should have been a penalty 👁‍🗨Noticed blocks by Lankford and Adams, Gudino and Flanders. Really, I can't remember when we had as capable blockers in our receivers..for the most part. 👁‍🗨If you're getting tackled by Leggett..you're getting tackled, he doesn't let go. 👁‍🗨Well, I guess only Nichols can throw in the rain...pretty good performance. 👁‍🗨Super quick Moe Leggett on the fumble.. 👁‍🗨Mug and catch anyways. Darrin Adams gets mugged, but refuses to drop the ball. Darvinism, at its best! 👁‍🗨How valuable are those snaps for Dominique Davis? 👁‍🗨7 catches 195 yards up and Adams! 👁‍🗨Flanders - this double dual RB situation is awesome! 👁‍🗨The ever innovative Justin Medlock. Always looking to make the right punt/kick. I seriously underestimated this guy when he wasn't a Bomber 👁‍🗨Field position....Bombers. And if they didn't get it initially, they worked for it 👁‍🗨Agree on O'Shea's yellow flagging that PI...to keep momentum, even though it didn't result in points. But then again, how would you know? 👁‍🗨No way Lindley was going to beat us. 👁‍🗨553 yards offence 👁‍🗨Only 6 penalties for the clean Bombers, and the turnover battle was won again. 👁‍🗨That Strike to Harris by DDavis..could have been a TD. 👁‍🗨Loffler is back...noticeably 👁‍🗨The secondary looked like...a secondary. Well, at least against a thirdary QB 👁‍🗨Hurl with the hold, Jeffcoat with the strip...nice. Wouldn't be a stretch to say that was the play the Bombers needed to get going 👁‍🗨LaPo really mixing things up in there. A nice variation in plays. 👁‍🗨What's domination without a little Dom? 👁‍🗨Dom - deserved that TD pass to Harris..that he dropped - cut Harris 😉 👁‍🗨What comes after a strong Harris run? A trail of defenders in his wake 👁‍🗨Wow, that is some rain..💦☔️ Sarah Orlesky - I've worked #CFL sidelines since 2008 and I've worked in the rain a lot. This is the worst I've ever been in. Darrin Bauming - CFL stats correct/eliminate Matt Nichols' INT. He hasn't not thrown one at home in: 206 attempts, 321:00 of game-time, 21 quarters. #Bombers Matt Nichols - "I told (Adams) walking in the hallway this week this was going to be the week to get him over the century mark." 👁‍🗨And Adams produced "Darvinism" Adams is now the CFL’s fourth-leading pass catcher, on pace for career highs in yardage (1,441) and touchdowns (9) - 3downnation Faith Ekakitie recorded his first career CFL tackle in the 2nd Q. ...It's a start. 👁‍🗨Bomber's offence...methodical 👁‍🗨So, what if it wasn't raining? What then for total yardage? "At one point in the third quarter, Maher had more punts (9), than Lindley had completions (8)." Ted Wyman "The Bombers ran the football effectively, with Harris amassing 83 yards and Flanders another 55." 👁‍🗨Did the Bombers even know it was pouring rain at times? They didn't play like it. 👁‍🗨Whenever a Bomber makes a big play on D, I'm not surprised it's from Moe Leggett 👁‍🗨The Flanders got to see their boy Timothy (don't call me Tim) play a great game and score a TD, for the first time in his pro career. 👁‍🗨Ha. Jermarcus Hardrick. O-lineman Jermarcus Hardrick, apparently wanting to one-up Harris, decided to forgo the leap he invented last year and simply walked up the stairs and into the stands for some love. Paul Friesen 👁‍🗨Really like that receiver sweep featuring Lankford and the boys.. 👁‍🗨2/3 into the season..9-3 👁‍🗨No rush? Or good offensive line play by Ottawa? 👁‍🗨Bombers' up tempo pace is fun to watch 3downnation- The Bombers averaged a stunning 8 yards per 1st down play as they racked up 27 first downs and 513 yards of total offence 👁‍🗨361 passing yards and another 192 yards on the ground. 👁‍🗨Love seeing all 3 QBs in the game 👁‍🗨How 'bout that Nichols and his scrambling 👁‍🗨Yesterday, for the W, could have meant Wind or Wetness, but the back-from-the-bye Bombers were not distracted. For the W, no matter what the W threw at them in that game. 👁‍🗨Love how Denmark contributed.. 👁‍🗨Hit of the night? Thomas Miles on McDuffie I believe. 👁‍🗨Santos-Knox..keeps looking like a player 👁‍🗨Talk about focus with the Bomber receivers.. 👁‍🗨Talk about the drive by Harris and the elusiveness of Flanders. What a combo! 👁‍🗨What do Andrew Harris, Timothy Flanders, Weston Dressler, Clarence Denmark, Ryan Lankford, Matt Nichols, and Dan LeFevour have in common? They all rushed in the game vs Ottawa. 👁‍🗨Harris - only 31 yards behind league leader Jerome Messam. 3rd in league rushing. 👁‍🗨Speaking about Teague, he signed with the RedBlacks this week. 👁‍🗨Matt Nichols is now 19 and 6 in his last 25 starts with a 70% completion rate, over 7,000 yards passing, and ten 300+ yards games. He also leads the league in TD passes this year with 24. 👁‍🗨Ryan Lankford leads the CFL in kickoff returns with 1,107. 👁‍🗨Justin Medlock has 39 field goals on the season so far... tops in the league and six more than 2nd place Rene Paredes. AND NOW IT'S TIME FOR A WELL DESERVED REST...
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    "Get on your feet, Bomber fans"

    And on that note, do the people who still insist on yelling "true north" during the anthem have any idea that they're not at a hockey game?
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    Talks with Mulumba

    Might want to understand slavery before commenting? Any player can walk away from the Bombers at any time. We don't own them. Thorpe asked to be released. As in, he quit. How and why people still bring this up...? Not a thing to do with Mulamba. Not even remotely. Stop ham-fisted shoving this stupid agenda into every thread. Go revive the long-dead Thorpe thread if you really want to keep talking about Thorpe. If a playerleaves without us granting his release, he is placed on the suspended list and is not allowed to sign with another CFL team. That is the only difference. We still don't own him. He quit. He quit. He quit. He quit. This really seems lost on certain people. He's allowed to quit. He's allowed to have good reasons to quit. He's allowed to have bad reasons to quit. He's allowed to have no reason at all, and still quit. But the quitting part, that's not in dispute. So, just to be clear, he quit. After the devastating loss of Brian Bennett in the offseason, there is only so much people can take. Walters is on thin ice.
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    Dr. Blue

    Talks with Mulumba

    Then there's this...
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    Jonathan Hefney fundraising

    He tweeted out a gofundme page for his surgery.
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    Lahey dies and everything goes to ****. Oops...wrong trailer park.
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    Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    Fans: I wish the Bombers would develop a QB. Also Fans: He had a bad half, who's next?
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    Makes sense that the boatmen would land a Bass.
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    Bombers sign Zavian Bingham

    Roc Carmichael was very good at getting open
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    Boy, the Bombers must be having a really good season if this is the kind of stuff we are grousing about today.
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    3 stars + HH red black and blues

    Well friends, The Winnipeg Blue Bombers returned to the field tonight after a mid-season respite of 13 days to continue their quest for a home playoff date, something that has not been seen in these parts since the days of Buck Pierce and Paul LaPolice. I wonder where they are at now? Hope they are doing well. In any event, they returned to action this evening facing the Ottawa RedBlacks, who we should not forget are the defending Grey Cup champions, so they were prepared for a stiff test. Also stiff was the wind, as the conditions were not the most ideal to hold a football contest, but then again a little rain never hurt anyone, at least that's what the sailor Noah said all those years ago, if I am quoting him directly....the transcript of that conversation is a little spotty, I must confess. But the inclement weather did not dissuade many thousand faithful supporters in blue and gold attire from coming out to support their hometown squad as they attempted to secure a winning record at Investor's Group Field for the first time since this shiny new building opened some 5 years ago. And it was a night of celebration, as we got to see the unveiling of a new statue honouring the late great kindly Cal Murphy, the crusty old Irishman with a heart of gold so big he needed two of them to fill his life's work [Ed. note: not sure if that is "politically insensitive" in this day and age, but Cactus would have said that with nothing but affection], who returned Lord Grey's silver mug to our beautiful province after so many years, and who was befitting of such recognition. And we recognized the accomplishments of our local baseball heroes, the Winnipeg Goldeyes, before the game, saluting them for their victory in the championship game a couple of nights ago, adding to the sports lore of River city. And we even got to see the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band at halftime, always a treat, although I must admit I was a little disappointed not to see their back-up singer Paul McCartney with them. But the excitement was not just confined to the events off the field. The Bombers came out with their tried and true methodical approach, combining strong running from Andrew Harris, ably supported by Timothy Flanders, who I'm told prefers Timothy to Tim, so who am I to argue with him? And of course Matt Nicholls could be counted on to distribute the ball evenly and fairly to all his receivers in a controlled short passing game, although we did see him stretch the field on a few occasions, most notably to Darvin Adams, who had himself quite a game today with almost two hundred yards and a pair of touchdowns, although only one of them counted. And that defence played a steady game in keeping the new RedBlack quarterback, who was it, Jeff Lynne - didn't he front that Electric Light Orchestra band back in the day? ....off balance throughout the contest. And when it was all said and done the local side had emerged victorious, and despite the soggy conditions, it turned out nice again, as I am want to say. Now after the game I am asked to come out and say a few words and reminisce about the events of the day, but beyond that I am here to bestow the privilege of the Happy Honker Award on one lucky individual. Now this award as you may well know goes to the individual who did that little something extra special in the game that made them stand out, and as you may not know has been given out since the days mighty Mac Herron, Don Jonas, and Bernard Ruoff, 3 Bomber players of my vintage for the younger generation who may not know those names, and I guess the younger generation is anyone younger than me, that is to say pretty much everyone, so don't be afraid to dig into the history books to learn about their exploits. But on to the present day, and the individual who tonight distinguished themselves on the field. And I of course mentioned our running backs, who each dug a little deeper with their touchdown scores, especially Mr.Flanders, who would not be denied, shaking off 3 tacklers before crossing the plane and delivering a gift to a deserving young fan in the end zone. But tonight, there was one play that stood out and changed the course of the game. It was late in the second quarter, with the Bombers in command of the play clock and both sides of the ball, but with the score still tight at 9-2. Ottawa's running back William Powell, who was a namesake of a great actor back in the day, but not related to him I believe, had been fairly productive against the Bombers' defence, and was rolling to another impressive gain on a first down play, bouncing off and dragging would-be Bomber tacklers and leaving a trail of Blue and Gold in his wake, when big defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat wrapped his rather large arms around the ball carrier and tore the pigskin loose, preventing more damage on the run. But not satisfied there, he proceeded to recover his own forced fumble in Ottawa territory, giving the Bombers a golden opportunity to break the game open before the half. And of course, as they have done so often, the Bombers capitalized on the turnover as the aforementioned Andrew Harris rumbled 24 yards across the goal line a few plays later, and the contest was really never in doubt after that point. So for a wonderful individual effort, and the play that really set the win in motion for the Blue Bombers, today's Happy Honker Award goes to Jackson Jeffcoat.
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    It was ******* selfish and cost us a chance at three points in a close game .. frustrated or not, you HAVE to be aware of the bigger picture.
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    Considering where they were at the start of the year compared to where they are now, combined with what seems to be a generally weak field outside of Dickenson and OShea, I'd have no problems with giving Jones that third spot for Coach of the Year nominations. We're talking about June Jones, right?
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    sweep the leg

    Who should I get on my jersey?

    You should get .08 as your number. That's ALWAYS hilarious.
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    Riders clearly have a better team then both the Stamps or Bombers and it's not even close. ...
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    Some thoughts I have had 1. All we heard about was how much talented the BC Calgary Eskimos offence and the talent Riders,receivers this offseason. The Bombers might not have the same talent but they play a better team game. Everyone buys in does there role and have become one the best we have seen in 10 years. 2. The Bombers offence system is really a game changer. Since inserting Flanders I would assume its become very difficult to game plane against them. So many different looks you have account for in your preparation to play Harris and Flanders. Also you force teams to cover either one of them with their WIL or MLB and that is easy pickings for Nichols 3. Seeing Nichols make every throw in terrible conditions isa great sign as they go further on into the fall. Full confidence if it's cold and snowing he will have no problems. 4. Darvin Adams is up there with the Walker Bowmans Arceneaux Burnham Ellingson Green Roosevelt 5. #RandleIsland 6. MOS finally in year 4 has 44 MOS out there never seen a team take on the personality of their head coach more than this one. 7. This may be the most fun I have had watching the Bombers mostly because of the players so much personality in a good way. 8. Winning is so much fun.
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    3 stars + HH red black and blues

    I'm going to go with three not-so-obvious ones. Brandon Alexander (couple beautiful knock downs), Matthias Goossen (no snapping miscues on a night where nobody would blame him if there were several) and Justin Medlock (for realizing that distance on punts wasn't going to be massive tonight and opted to punt the ball in ways that made it a nightmare for McDuffie to handle all night)
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    Actually Knox has performed a lot better lately...comes in on certain packages now and has been disruptive and is a good blitzer when asked too...I see his role evolving a bit differently now and it has helped his game. Hurl...ya sure in this defense he is asked to do some un-glamorous stuff and not have a shot at the sexy stats....that being said though he has a hard time getting un-engaged or scraping down the line, and has really tight hips and it limits what he can do in space and when in coverage when asked...he is slow in game speed as well and it gets exploited..has a poor 6 inch pop and it's really noticeable and causes him to be just a bit late on everything. Even though he is used to fill a gap and control a lane, he also has to be able to react and make a play when doing so when that gap is being ran through, and most times he can't do that. I have played a lot of football American and Canadian and never have I been part of a scheme where a guy is asked to soley man a gap and not really be a factor in stopping a play, but occupying space and blockers for others to make the plays...thats silly and if that was the case a smart OC would exploit the hell out of that and draw everyone else out of the box or away from option #1 and you would have gobs and gobs of yards ate up on you on every play I think management dropped the ball in linebacker recruitment and over estimated the ability to have a National man the middle of the D-line in 2016 with Shologan, and this year with Thomas/ekakite and are protecting the players they have now publicly with this defensive scheme used, or leading people to believe is used.
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    Almost live.....I turn on the PVR and take in the Bomber game on Saturday evening.....no one tell me the score! Amaretto and Coke the beverage of choice this week....as snowflakes visit 'Peg City on double-header day. Defence looking to atone for last week...with early pressure. Nicholls tests his arm to Adams over the middle.....who takes a vicious hit for his troubles....and looks like he may not be back for a while. Jennings deep ball off a bit....which leads to punt to Fogg......who finds a corner and sprints down the sideline...praying for no flags the entire way. The prayer is answered....first career punt return TD, on his 4th do-over........Joy short-lived as Adams is headed to the locker room. Defence continues to put the heat on Jennings.....who is throwing it away when he isn't getting drilled. Andrew Harris reels off a couple of plays in pursuit of 1,000 x 2.....and allows Medlock to expand the lead to 10 Which holds up for most of the second quarter as the punters get a workout..... Nicholls hard count still fooling teams, as the Leos jump offside twice....... While the secondary gets some licks in on Jennings as the corner blitz gets called a few times......... Feoli-Gudino gets into the act and Medlock adds three more and another single....before BC gets a late drive to squeeze out 3 points just as the half is done.. Third quarter sees more of the same.....if you like stalled offences and hard safety hits.....except Loffler takes out his own teammate and not the opposition... Bombers biggest danger come playoff time may not be the opposition...but their own injuries, as Walker becomes the latest casualty... Ty Long pulls BC to within 8 after a long distance FG......and the city holds its breath, as Andrew Harris loses his helmet, then lowers his head into a hit.... Yet he comes back, undeterred.......while the body count grows with a BC injury....there will be some ice bags passed out tomorrow, hard hitting everywhere... And tempers beginning to flare in the scrums as Bond coaxes an objectionable conduct penalty out of the BC defence on 3rd down...... But Harris turns it over after the BC gift penalty, only to get another do-over when the Lions forget to count to three (plays off after an injury, that is)....... And then the Bombers start throwing punches.....as the game slows to a crawl..... Bombers' special teams' unit quietly gets the job done time after time on punt coverage.......while the d-line makes some noise with another sack.... Forcing a conceded safety....16-6 as we hit the 4th..... Where Jennings tries another long strike downfield.....but his accuracy remains elusive as Fogg picks it off and returns it deep....into Medlock FG territory...... 19-6.....and BC showing no sign that they will mount any offensive threat....especially with Mo Leggett making sure tackles on Chris Rainey...... Jennings finally connects on a TD pass.....except it is to a blue jersey, as TJ Heath jumps the route and scampers 64 yards for the playoff clinching TD..... Crowd rushing off to the Jets' game now......don't miss much......except for two late cosmetic scores by BC to make it artificially close, no big deal....... .....and injuries to Okapalago and Leggett, much bigger deal........ Bombers secure a playoff spot, raise a glass and toast them........now drown your sorrows because of those injuries....going to need more amaretto........
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    3 stars + HH bc sucks edition

    BC is a dirty team. See Awe.
  29. 9 points
    Well Elimimian isn't Canadian, so that doesn't help anything. Now people would just be bitching about how Derek Jones keeps getting beat on the corner. Singleton isn't on our team. He's obviously better than Hurl, but so what? As in, why aren't people spending countless hours complaining about Feoli-Gudino not being as good as Sinopoli? That would be an identical situation, but it never happens. What kind of impact would Sinopoli have on our team? The same. We'd be better. If we replaced all our non-all-star players with the CFL all-star team, we'd be better. I completely agree that we don't have all the best players in the league on our team.
  30. 9 points
    Newest doesn't mean best. My experience with Mosaic... The washroom I used in the lower bowl end zone was a horrible design and a complete gong show. Super narrow passage between the sink and stall area made for massive jams. Don't know if they are all like this but I never had this problem at IGF, even Banjo Bowl. Crazy chopy stadium within the bowl. Didn't flow. Tons of concrete. Very cold looking. Lower bowl corner very steep. Felt like the upper deck. Concourse was not open air like IGF, only the end zones and centre field area. Felt arena like. Liked their glassed in food court type area, but overall, when I hear yet another insufferable Rider fan proclaim everything Regina is so great...lol...it is not. ...and that roof. The "bowl like" atmosphere is of the toilet variety.
  31. 9 points

    Esks @ Als

    i didn't realize our record would be better if we won all our games. Thanks for filling us in.
  32. 9 points

    Question from Kuta, Bali.

    Paul Maurice was a guest coach this week
  33. 9 points

    Andrew Harris 1000/1000 Watch

    The focus on this record has to be the receiving. If the Bombers are up late and killing the clock, then the rushing attempts and yards will come in garbage time, on top of whatever "establish the run game" attempts are part of the game plan. Two big factors that will impact the receiving yards are (1) the passes where Harris is primary target, like a set-up screen, as opposed to where he is simply the outlet valve when all other receiving options are covered - obviously that will affect the total number of targets he is getting, and (2) the YAC yards (is that redundant?) factor. Unlike a "normal" receiver, a running back is not running a deep route or a 10 yard out typically, so their yards are pretty much all after the catch close to the line of scrimmage, with a sizeable portion of the defence still between them and the goal line trying to make the tackle, and not in chase position. There are 5 receivers over 1,000 yards right now, and Brandon Zylstra leads that group with 330 YAC yards, or 29% of his total. Brad Sinopoli is #2 in YAC yards with 376, or 38% of his 989 total yards. Bakari Grant has 374 YAC yards out of 802 total, an impressive 46% (2nd best). Any guesses as to where Harris is? 564 of his 718 yards are YAC, or a ridiculous 78.6%. For comparison's sake, consider Milt Stegall, the greatest deep threat receiver in history. His YAC yards were typically gained after he had already beat the defender deep, and was just outrunning them to the end zone. I could not find career stats including YAC yards for him (they only really started seriously tracking this stuff last year), but think of his two greatest games. First, his 4 catch 4 TD game against BC. Of his 234 yards, 134 were YAC, or 57%. On his "miracle" catch in Edmonton, 68 of the 100 yards (68% for the mathematically challenged) were after the catch. Now those are the most extreme examples of YAC yards I can think of - Stegall's career percentage will be much lower than those gaudy numbers. And in all instances, he caught the ball behind the defenders and just outran them. Compare that to Harris' almost 79% achievement and remember that he's not outrunning tacklers from behind him in a foot race so much as dodging and straight-arming (and dragging) them as they appear in front of him. I'm not even sure a 1,000 receiving season has yet been registered in the CFL by a running back, much less 1,000/1,000. Craig Ellis is recorded as having the record for receptions by a running back in a season at 102, and that was in 1985 in Saskatchewan when he didn't break 1,000 yards. He later went over 1,000 receiving three times with Edmonton from 1989-91, but he was regarded as a slotback then, I believe. Likewise for Pinball Clemons in 1996-97 with Toronto, where he had converted to slotback. Just so we can put this all into context when debating our MOP candidate. If Harris achieves this (or even if he comes up just short), then there should be no debate as to who has had the most impressive (and historically greatest possibly ever) season in this regard.
  34. 9 points

    Jonathan Hefney fundraising

    And thanks to the admins for making a donation on behalf of the members of MBB.
  35. 9 points

    MOP award

    Really wish the CFL would, for the awards at least, do away with the west vs east mentality and name 3 finalists in each category. They do it for the coach of the year, why not here? Would be neat to see Harris vs Nicholls vs whomever this year, just like last year easily could have been Bo Levi vs Messam vs Reilly as a much more interesting final 3 as opposed to eliminating 2 of them and throwing in Ernest Jackson in a non-contest.
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    Bombers at Shmoes GDT

    I thought Maas was relatively calm this game. The only thing I thought was he looked like he was gonna cry after randle broke up that 3rd down pass to seal the game. I seen a few teary eyes in my day, and those eyes looked about as wet as a rider fans panties at a family reunion
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    HH - The Bombers coaching staff, for instilling a team-first selfless mentality throughout the team. The Bombers had 35 yards of penalties the entire game: Penalties: Offsides - Trent Corney (5 yards) No yards - Jesse Briggs (5 yards) No yards - Robert Porter (15 yards) Holding - Patrick Neufeld (10 yards) That's a darn clean football game.
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    3 stars + HH red black and blues

    1 Darvin adams. 7-195 1 td. and narrowly missed another deep ball when he had 3 steps on his db. Made the big plays. and the short ones. Elite wr. 2 Harris/flanders. 215 yards combined 2 tds. Tons of first downs and tons of time killed. They really mashed the ott defense and changed the pace of the game forcing them to slow the blitzes. 3 Nichols. 23/34 2 tds. 1 freak, freak pick. Finally got the closer in controlled the game and made the weather look trivial. hh Lots of potential here. Jeffcoat holding up the rb, forcing the fumble and recovering it. Davis coming in and leading the blocking for flanders. But im going with darvin adams again. He gets tackled, both arms wrapped up before the ball arrives. Gets the flag. But still makes a sick catch. It wasnt needed, just icing on the cake. Like the whole game was.
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    speaking as a Bomber fan living far far away, there is nothing on earth that would prevent me from being a season ticket holder for the Blue and Gold if I actually lived within driving distance of IGF. Nothing. You just don't appreciate what you have.
  42. 9 points

    Bombers sign Zavian Bingham

    I could be mistaken but I think this is basically what happened -- he was looking like one of the best DBs in TC for the Riders, then he got an offer from the Ravens so the Riders released him, then he got hurt and the Riders didn't want to bring him back because he was also still looking towards NFL options, then he went to the Jets for a tryout, then the Cowboys, and now he's back here. Keep in mind, we also wanted Bingham before the Riders signed him too but apparently the Riders managed to get him on their neg list before we did - I believe he attended a joint tryout.
  43. 9 points

    Bombers Release Thorpe

    He quit on the team. So screw him.
  44. 8 points
    If we'd still had Thorpe on the roster everyone would be picking the Bombers to win. Just sayin'
  45. 8 points
    I think this is just good babysitting. You run him hard, tire him out, he makes no trouble and falls right asleep at bedtime.
  46. 8 points

    Talks with Mulumba

    For anyone wondering what the hell Booch is talking about, Mulumba's agent is reportedly asking the Bombers for a better offer or to trade his rights..... All this as of this morning,via Bauming and others...
  47. 8 points
    Tracy fined for spear on hit to Nichols on play where fumble resulted. Again, how did the flag not fly/MOS challenge that? Kanneh also clubbed Nichols upside the head with his left arm before he stripped the ball with his right. Nichols was in the pocket so full RTP rules applied. Brutal and game-changing missed call.
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    Let's wait until his second drop to write off Wolitarsky.
  49. 8 points

    Passport aside...

    Roberts was unreal but he could not carry a team the way Harris does... almost no one can. There have been times this season where the bombers have lost momentum and Harris steps in and basically wills a first down... Roberts would have gone for a smoke.
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    TSN 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

    Dude my 70+ year old parents know to switch the TV to the program guide and see which TSN channels are showing which games. They're clearly labeled, and let us skip off the OT of the Hamilton Toronto game (meh) and start watching the Bombers.