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    Watched approx 45 min of camp this morning: A lady had her kid on a leash watching practice. Langkford nearly broke Johnson's ankles in a one on one, then dropped the pass. Johnson picked the ball up and flipped it to Langkford, who dropped it again. Ugly sequence for both guys... In goal line 12 on 12, Nevis nearly took the handoff he beat his guy so badly. In one one ones, I only saw an OL beat him once, and it was Intzandt. Ekakite looked better than Butcher today imo. Based on his size, it seems like he should have a better bullrush than he does. Weird to say of a 300 pound man, but Ekakite looks small. It's bc he's shortest guy in his group. Thomas looked great. Put two different ol on their backs. Hardrick is crazy. He'd sprint to the back of the endzone after each rep. He won most of the reps I saw. I've been to two practices and thought Bostic looked good both times. Winning most of his 1 on 1s. He and Green have both looked better than Jeffcoat in the reps I've watched. Jeffcoat got handled pretty easily in each rep I saw today. Pretty small sample though. I'm not the biggest Kenny Stafford fan, but he's looked good each time I've watched him. I'l post more if I think of anything else.
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    Quick update from camp - went Monday and Tuesday. I missed the first half Monday, and so the last hour and a bit I saw was all special teams. Walked over and watched the OL practice but nothing too noteworthy. Tuesday was a lot more fun from a fan perspective. Chris Randle had a really nice interception early on against the offense. I will say that in camp this year the defense seems extremely vocal, in a good way. Lots of coaching between each other and just a lot of fun too. Leggett can be heard just talking a bunch, at one point yesterday he was literally barking for a few minutes. Heard Randle walking the sidelines too. Shayon Green spent some time on the sideline with Jamal Westerman working on hand technique. Defensive tackles got to practice hand swipes and rips against the anchored tackle dummy. Ekakitie got some ribbing when he was the only one who didn't flip it completely on its side. Needed to get his hand under the armpit more, which the coaches pointed out. As for the QBs, I thought Lefevour looked erratic. Overthrew several balls and one in the turf. Nichols looked pretty good. Davis didn't stand out one way or the other. Apodaca had very limited reps- mostly hand offs and I only saw one short throw from him. And just in general, I really like our coaching staff. I like how they coach in practice and how they interact with the players. Different vibe than say, Doug Berry in the golf cart.
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    The sun came out just before the game… The Bomber first string D……uh, nope… 3 penalties, then B. Johnson beat in the red zone… Thorpe mishandles KO, while Blue take 4th penalty in 4 min. Andrew Harris is still a stud…..his running and catching… ….sets up a field goal……7-3 Moes T. J. Thorpe shows some YAC potential…then limps off the field.. Couple of run stuffs by Nevis, some passes defended by Alexander… James Franklin looking poised and throwing nice balls… …easier to do, when you have 6 steamboats to throw the thing Randle breaks up TD pass in end zone…FG makes it 10-3 Edm. Smally fumbles the ensuing KO…..Moes driving again. Franklin mishandles snap on Bomber 4 yd line….turnover Scoreboard somehow showing Bombers with 0 penalties so far… Do I feel better somehow? 1 turnover on downs, 1 fumbled KR and 6 penalties…in the 1st quarter Harris still running well, behind good blocking… Franklin still throwing well, without any pass rush, whatsoever… He then bombs a long one to some guy named Mitchell…. ….then Rookie L. Perkins busts right up the gut for long TD run. Bombers down 17-3…..first string D looking pretty loose out there…… Bombers get going with big pass to Denmark…. Drive ends with Nichols hitting Denmark over the middle for the TD… Bomber DE’s not doing much of anything this half…… This is the best Bomber OL in ions… J. Westerman gets his obligatory dumb late penalty… Nichols in the groove now…lovely hitch and go TD pass to Adams… 17-17 at the half… Big Boy Bond at C…..but snapping does not appear to be his thing… Davis now in at QB…requiring great athletic tools to catch said snaps… Esks taking a lot of flags now…. Kyree Wilson gets in a big lick on punt coverage… Brian Walker gets INT on under thrown ball… Couture now at C…giving Davis some relief… Both O’s sputtering so far in 3rd Quarter… Doug Brown calls it a “defensive chess game” Do or Die calls it “Topor” Bob Irving getting some calls wrong……X season, alright… Davis throws nice long one to Flanders… ..then bombs away to Ladanian Washington.....followed by short TD run. Kid does have some tools….Bombers up 24-17 John Rush clobbers somebody on a punt return B. Alexander still making some plays in the D backfield… Long PI call on Lankford gets the Bombers in close… LeFevour goes left…then right for slick TD run….31-17 Blue… Second string defenders laying out harder hits than first unit… Tic tac PI call (the first of many) sets up EDM TD run….31-24 L. Washington makes a couple of plays at DB… Flanders breaks off sexy 45 yd TD run….38-24 New kid misses 2nd field goal…Medlock safe for now… B. Walker continues his good night with big hit… 2 more 50/50 PI calls set up a short TD plunge 38-30 Time running out….Edm goes for short kick…and get it… Incomplete pass on 3rd down ….game over Nope…..Blue called for late hit. Incompletion in endzone game over…nope… ANOTHER PI Eskimoes run it in from the 2. 38-38 and fit to be tied. Bombers unbeaten…..Offense and QB depth looking good Bombers winless …….D playing soft and blowing leads, again Take more gin, in the next 16 days to figure this out.
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    As you make your way down to IGF today for the game, you may notice some new changes around the building done to help enhance the overall game day experience. Some of the changes include: Viewing Decks New "viewing decks" located in the north and south main concourse level that will allow those who like to stand and socialize the opportunity to do so without impeding traffic. Roughly 400 seats were removed to accommodate the new decks and will allow for lighter congestion during bu sy times. Concession Combos In addition to new food items starting as low as $4.00, the various in-stadium concessions are now serving combo meals which include various food items AND chips/fries AND a soft drink. Combo meals get you everything together and save you a few bucks. Larger Video Screen While the overall videoboard screen size has remained the same, the size of the actual viewing space has increased somewhat significantly. Not only that, but various ads have been removed, and the live stats section has been enhanced adding to a much cleaner and overall more attractive look. Fan Services Booths New booths with field turf flooring will be located inside Gates 1 and 3 and outside Gate 4. Here you will be able to get gameday information, directions to any sections or concessions, get information about upcoming promos and purchase season and single game tickets. Skip the Dishes Social Wall You will now see large screen TVs in a few spots called the "Social Wall" which will house all Blue Bomber related social media tweets and Instagram posts. New Transit Corridor (Effective July 7th) One of the most significant changes this season will be the how transit and park and ride buses will arrive at the stadium. No longer will buses be dropping off fans on Chancellor Matheson Rd and now using the new corridor. Fans will then be able to enter into the stadium via Gate 3 or Gate 4. The new corridor will take the buses away from Chancellor Matheson and allow for better traffic flow before and after the game. If you have any questions about any of these changes, or anything else that you may see at the stadium, please don't hesitate to let me know. See you at the game!
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    You are making a few leaps here. Walters never said what they disagree about, unless you have some other source, everything you have here is conjecture on what MOS is thinking and what they debate. He never said it "takes stuff to repair" either. What I heard is ... they have their discussion / disagreement, a decision is made, and once done, they move on. Seems more like healthy debate to me.
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    Every time I think of Rainey now, all I see in my head is Mo Leggett blowing him up behind the line on that 3rd down play. It's a beautiful thing.
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    Been kicking around the boards since original OB days Played both U.S and Canadian ball...NCAA and went to 3 camps but 8 surgeries on my right knee two of which were reconstructions, and 2 on my left didn't allow me to pass any physicals anymore to the point were i was un-insurable so I decided to join the real world Used to train with Quincy Williams, James West, Ty Jones and Davis Bovell, and was involved with player development, training and conditioning in San Jose, Oakland and San Fran area. Worked at regional combines and Pro Days at San Jose State, Sacramento State and a smaller junior college (Diablo Valley) Thus a bit of insider knowledge about Charlie Roberts and Taman's keen eye and not wanting to bring him here and saying he would never make it due to his size, small hands and no speed...He was recruited basically by Ryland Wickman insistence of him being brought in to camp. That's Booch in a nutshell
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    That's how it works, right? If you sign a guy and he underperforms, the next guy you sign for the same amount of money is also going to underperform. It's apples to apples, really. Science. Prove me wrong.
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    Matt Nichols is still the starter but Mike O'Shea has stated he is "on thin ice" due to having a child recently. MOS believe players should be totally focused on football. Clarence Denmark was busted in the off-season for steroids so he'll miss the first 4 games of the season. Against everyone's better judgment, the Bombers drafted only "players who could bench more than 25 reps at the combine". Walters stated that "CIS football is low quality so I don't bother watching game film." The Bombers traded next year's first round pick to the Alouettes for SJ Green but he retired recently. Terrence Edwards recently came out of retirement but he's dealing with a turf toe issue.
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    I watched approx. the last hour... Nichols was the best qb today from what I saw. Hit a few guys in stride for big plays in both the one on ones and skelly. Apodaca has a cannon and seemed accurate, but he didn't get a lot of reps. I thought Davis struggled when they did skelly. Lefevour was just ok. Took off and ran during the one on ones, which seemed weird to me. Adams was a beast today. Made a few rookies look bad in 1 on 1s, and went over Randle for a nice long catch. Dressler looked good, but had an ugly drop in skelly. The only time I noticed Denmark was for a bad drop. Stafford looked good in 1 on 1s. He got open deep in skelly, but Davis badly underthrew him. Of the new guys, I thought Thorpe looked really good, as well as Duncan and Lowder. I thought Coates was the best of the Canadian receivers, but didn't see them get much action. Coates made a jumping catch down the sideline. Not much to report on the dbs. I was paying closer attention to the receivers. The poor kid from the Rifles looked like a junior player. I thought Virgil looked good in the little bit of 1 on 1s I watched for them. Corney looked good too. Very fast. Overall, I thought the OL did very well. Goossen shut every guy down that I saw him go against. Spooner got beat up a little bit, and Ekakite didn't do much of note. That's pretty much what I expected to see though in their first action against the big boys.
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    Thank you, but it was 20 years ago this month, I have learned to live with the presence of her absence.
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    Having lost a wife to cancer, I can vouch that no matter what kind of job you have, your head is not going to be in it, even if you do not have 300 lb people trying to murderize you.
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    I saw that too. Apodaca was switching his hold position from left to right - practicing taking the snap from either side. I have not seen that before. For awhile he was taking the snaps one-handed: catching the ball in his right hand and smacking it down for the hold. Guy has obviously done this before. Earlier in the 12x12s Santos-Knox snagged a nice i/c off a throw by Davis - receiver had the ball but popped it up and Santos-Knox was in the right place with good reaction to snag it. I was surprised to see an LB covering deep like that. Pic was not the Qbs fault. In fact, I thought Davis looked good today. Took most the reps from what I could see. He was putting the ball in tight spaces and looks very comfortable running with it if necessary (and sometimes when it is planned). I was sorry to see G Sheppard and TJ Thorpe still nursing their wounds on the sidelines. At least Sheppard had his helmet along today. Clock could be ticking on those guys. They are not going to make this team from the tub. But then, there is an extra week of "camp" due to the 1st week bye. New guy, #74 Daniel Williams I think he is, made a great grab on a bullet from Davis. That guys looks very smooth considering he has only been here a couple of days. I had a brief chat with Julian Feoli-Gudino. I gotta say that guy has made some clutch catches for this club in game action, and looks pretty consistent to me. He said the players are expecting big things this year, fans are going to be in for a treat. It is a bit hard to see nuances on the sidelines at field level - players seem more vocal than I have seen in previous TCs,
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    THIS is the kind of hard hitting journalism I come here for. But honestly, from a guy who can never make it out to a practice I do appreciate all of the updates!
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    I was at practice this morning. Cold north wind bringing a miserable rain. The squad practiced on the field to the west of the soccer facility, due to IGF being rented for a private event. Players participated using no shoulder pads, but conducted situational drills at a very spirited and vocal pace. There didn't appear to be much difference between the three quarterbacks as each took a regular rotation of plays. If Davis is the second string, I couldn't argue with that. #13 Lefevour is the most physical of the three and seemed to call his own number more so than the others. That might answer who will be getting the short yardage work. Two noticeable D observations. #16 Loffler looks like a real leader in the D back field. #31 Mo was totally active as a full time participant.
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    Addison Richards has a knee brace on (everyone was talking **** lol) leggett still out, I was talking with his wife, he's gonna be ready to go, noticeably less limp. Still no fogg. Oh yeah this happened too
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    Short practice today, lots of chirping from the dbs. Only pick I saw today was by number 78, not on my program, believe it was a rifles player. Dresser and Denmark just get open everywhere. Defence looked strong again today, everybody flying to the ball. Davis threw a beautiful corner route to Yachison right over the shoulder, beat Roc by an inch for a touchdown. Gonna be real close between Davis and Lefevour for backup imo. Defensive tackles came to the sidelines, Really like our Canadians, really like Ekakitie and Rupert Butcher is absolutely massive. Knocking over the sled with a club every time. If Butcher can improve his footwork, look out. nothing much else, all the reporters were there, Wicek spent the whole time talking about anything but football and was sitting behind the players wearing his dress clothes and lofers in +30 so I don't know how he could see anything. Formal apology to Bob Irving he and Tait were both there watching the whole time along with Bauming as well.
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    Just got back from camp. Trying to go in order here but I might be all over the place QBs - Nichols looked as expected, best of the bunch. DLF looked the worst, tons of wobble in his throw and he doesn't sell the decision to run very well. Dom Davis telegraphed a few throws but made some nice plays as well. Apodaca stands out in the sense that he doesn't look like a rookie and he's got by far the best arm. RBs - tough to see much at field level but Flanders had a couple of nice one handed grabs out of the backfield RECs - interesting bunch. Dressler is what you'd expect, Adams took half of practice off, Stafford is up and down. Of the new guys, the ones that stood out were Lowder, Peterson and the new guy Liggins especially. Liggins runs so smooth and his hands looked super soft ... didn't see a whole lot out of him in volume but when he did make a play, he looked good doing it. JFG also looked real good throughout practice. OL - I didn't watch much DL - standouts other than what we'd expect were Jeffcoat and Johnson, to me. Scott wasn't practicing. LB - Hurl looked bad. Missed an assignment big time on a play Roberson broke for big yards. Stone looks active, Knox looks kind of lost in the shuffle. I also like the looks of Santos-Knox, he flies around and is always mixing it up. DB - lots of back and forth with the receivers. Heath is a real leader vocally. Carmichael looks like he really understands the game. Derek Jones very versatile. trying to think of more ...
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    I was at training camp today for the duration. Some thoughts and observations All the QB's looked good today, and Apodaca comes as advertised with a very strong arm and looks to be pretty accurate. Without real pressure at this point he looks like the real thing. Dom Davis looked good also and had a couple of nice runs. Last year I thought the QB's did not look so good in camp generally and Willy was the worst. Darvin Adams had an awesome day! He displayed his speed, moves and route running. I can't remember him dropping one pass and a coupe of catches were of the outstanding variety. Richards looked good as well, nice to see him looking like he is healthy and ready to play. He seems to find ways to get to the open sport, and he made one great one handed grab today. Feoili-Gudino also looked good...#73 who is tall and big, but slower than Richards was not listed on the roster page, so not sure who that is. Stafford when he walks, looks injured, but when he runs his routes he looks like he does not have a problem. Thorpe still injured. Harris looked like Harris..Flanders looked like he did last year, and Roberson looked good as well. Sheppard looks too slow for me, and I doubt he will make it, but Q. Davis is a big body and looked good all day. Medlock looks funny with his Jungle hat on. I thought D. Walker on defence had a rough day, had a hard time covering. On the other hand Roc Carmichael looks like a real player...always around the ball with a good work ethic. Had a nice interception. Rupert Butcher looks like he slimmed down but looks very solid as opposed to last year when he did not look so tight...but one big man that is for sure. I didn't pay too much more attention to the defence, as I always find that hard at practice. IT WAS COLD!
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    Oh yeah, one more thing: Happy 4th Anniversary to MorningBigBlue!
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    The Bombers really need to kick the Riders ass sideways in their first game in the new park to set the tone for the season and send their fans off on the crazy train. Nothing else matters.
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    A lot of classy Rider fans telling Durant to go f*** himself on the rider board. Not a great way to treat a guy who won you a Grey Cup and layed it on the line night in and night out. The loss looks good on them.
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    Despised that man when he coached in this league....biggest ******* there was, at the time. But without question one of the greatest to have ever coached the game. RIP "The Don"...
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    nice to see they got a good sense of humor about it all
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    Yeah, it's an interesting read. We're seeing a lot more of this stuff.. Quotes he: "My first impression of being here is a simple, but important one: this is a very welcoming team." "I was in touch with a few guys before I signed here in the winter. Guys from the past and current guys." "Alex Suber really, really sold Winnipeg on me. He kept talking about how much love the fans have for their players and how much of a factor they were playing in this stadium for the defence." "I also talked to my former coach at Fresno State, Coach Plemons, who loved it up here when he was an assistant. He still has very close friends from here that visit him from time to time." "Another guy I was in contact with was Jamaal Westerman. As soon as he found out I had signed, he gave me a big welcome. You don’t realize how big that is because a lot of guys don’t do that, especially a guy at his level. That helped. It made me excited to get back up here and get to work." This is the result of treating your players like the men they are..
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    What we did was definitely a little more than that, since we created a thread on Ourbombers basically saying we were leaving and that if people wanted to follow us, this was where to find us. What I take issue with is this idea that we "poached" anyone. Maybe for the sake of clarity, it should be mentioned that Colin was almost entirely inactive as a site owner for over three years prior to us doing what we did. The staff was running Ourbombers, without the help of Colin. What we did was make the decision to a run a site we could improve, instead of running one we couldn't. Like I've said multiple times, I respect Colin for the contributions he made to the Bombers fan community. He did a lot of good things over the years and that shouldn't ever be diminished. That being said, I think painting us as "bad guys" for doing what we did shows some unfamiliarity with the situation. Should we have stuck with the guy that was promising us individually for three years that we would get the site upgrades we needed for it to be "functional"? Should we have stuck with the guy who trusted us enough to keep his site running and earning revenue but not enough to grant any of us access to any of the features that would've made our volunteer roles a lot easier? Or if some people think that's maybe a bit too selfish sounding and they wonder "how does that affect us?", should we have stuck with the guy who asked site members to donate in order to cover costs, but then turned around and offered me a monthly "salary" to turn my back on this place and come back to OB because he earned enough money off site revenue to pay me? Colin created an awesome fan community when he created Ourbombers. Whether through life getting in the way or personal choice, he let that site fall by the wayside and we made the decision we did to create something that we thought could be so much better. For someone like TBURGESS to infer that what we did was "unethical" when everything we did, we did as volunteers who earn a combined salary of $0 for the time and effort we put into this is ... at best, poorly thought out and at worst, incredibly stupid.
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    Riders haven't lost yet so their fans feel emboldened to venture out of their own little bubble. Won't have to wait long for them to scurry back into their holes.
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    Yes but hind-sight is 20-20. I saw Drew Willy degenerate much like I watched Buck Pierce degenerate. suddenly that swagger was gone, as well as that split-second decision-making ability. I still have the opening game from 2014 vs. the Argos on my PVR, and watching that game, you can't tell me that Willy wasn't starter material. His decision-making was quick, his accuracy was almost perfect, and he was running a pretty potent offence. 2015 was his down-fall. Not building a capable line to protect him was one of Winnipeg's biggest mistakes.
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    Dude also provides millions of dollars to charities and is involved in many proactive communities and is actually practicing what he preeches. Not saying it's right or wrong but you have people like ray Lewis who killed someone and he's celebrated as one of the best ever. The hypocrisy is incredible. Kaps' a good dude who used his right as an American citizen to display his freedom of speech. I understand it's a business, but he's a good qb, certainly good enough to be on an NFL roster. Just my 2 cents..
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    These are all significant upgrades to add to the overall experience of attending a game. VIEWING DECKS - Grab and gab and watch the game ✔️ FOOD COMBOS - Bravo! It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg ✔️ GAME SCREEN - At last making the best use of a huge screen ✔️ NEW TRANSIT CORRIDOR - This should help significantly with traffic flow ✔️ Bravo to Wade Miller and staff, for striving to continue to heighten game days!
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    You aren't discussing football. You've developed some goofy narrative about O'Shea that you have no facts to support and you keep dropping it in every thread. Most reasonable forums would have banned you already for disrupting every actual discussion happening on the site. Anyways, I'm ignoring you now.
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    You can get it online from Trump University
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    Man did this thread ever turn into a piece of **** and a bunch of **** waving....Christ.
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    This is only true if you lack professionalism and honesty. As someone who has worked in a leadership spot nearly my entire adult life I can tell you that people can disagree sharply and it can be completely healthy and beneficial to their relationship and success. You are describing how 5 year olds might react, not professionals. You will need better than this kind of crap if you hope to re-inforce and sell your anti-MOS agenda.
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    According to the stats, John Rush got 4 special teams tackles. That's one way to get yourself noticed.
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    Glenn isn't playing. I'm glad to get some football back. Excited to see the stadium. Haven't sat in our new seats yet. Looking forward to watching Spooner and Couture on Oline. Davis at qb. For us, Bennett and Fulwood. Tull on Dline. Hope neither team has any serious injuries, and hope any fans making the trip to Regina have a safe trip.
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    Wow, are you asking the wrong guy - he might have been alive for all of them...
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    LOL after all that talk at RF about how we overpaid Ekakitie, they gave Judge $1500 less in guaranteed money this season.
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    There we have it -- 2nd day of Rookie Camp and we have a comparison between our brand new QB and Dieter Brock......
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    Allow me to re-phrase my earlier post for the pedantic newcomer... The Winnipeg Bombers have now signed all of their 2017 draft picks with the exception of Geoff Gray. Gray is currently under contract with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League thus making him ineligible to be signed by Kyle Walters, General Manager of the aforementioned Blue Bombers. Better?
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    Love TE82. For a number of years, he was the only bright light in the Bomber offence. No matter what dud we trotted out behind center, Edwards was gonna make his plays. Imagine the numbers he would have put up if he'd had consistent QBs.
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    Totally as important...some instances even moreso. Also it really helps with your line backing core and they work hand in hand. If they are all familiar with how the d-line stunts, timing...and they are familiar with their tendencies and strong/weak points it enables them to make more plays too. That's the beauty and precision of football because it takes a meshing of many moving parts to have success, and it's 9 times out of 10 the reason why joe fan dumps on a player thinking he messed up when usually it's a different player messing up an assignment, or the player trying to do too much and covering up other's errors. Good example was that pre-season play where everyone blamed Hurl for the 49 yard td run, or Hardrick being blamed for Chungh not finishing off his slide protection correctly
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    My fondest memory of the Boltus game is when he came in and I said "could he really do any worse?" and then he proceeded to somehow throw the ball backwards.
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    Immediately I'm nervous that Hurl isn't going.
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    The media has been abysmal in coverage this year. Like entirely awful. I hate to say it, because I really like Ed Tait, but even his coverage has been minimal. I know they're trying to appeal to the less diehard fans, but I'd really like to see more "who is looking good in competition" and less "who is nicknamed after turds" and "who likes to drive around the country in the offseason" There are literally players on our roster right now that I have not heard a single thing about all camp. I didn't even know we had one guy named Walker, and apparently we have two. L'Damian Washington ... where's he been? I saw the media say we signed Justice Liggins, but that's about it. Who is Bostic? It's pathetic. This "new blood" in the media needs to figure it out. Jeff Hamilton ... the guy who replaced Ed Tait ... last time he tweeted about training camp was June 3rd and all he said was "hey, here's a picture that proved I'm actually here!"
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    Seriously......there's more talk about the Riders on here lately than there is about the Bombers. Can we ignore the trolls next door and talk about what's going on with OUR team?
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    I would have kept the money and spent it all at the Bomber store.
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    The wave might be for the kids but the smell when 25k plus riders fans raise their arms is horrendous. Regina stinks bad enough as it is so I applaud this move. 😉