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    Further to what Rich said, Miller is very customer-focused, and he is instilling that culture throughout the Bomber office. I received 3 calls directly from the Bomber office this season as a season-ticket holder. Two of the calls were initiated by the Bombers, one from Miller directly, asking about the quality of my game-day experiences and asking for feedback. The third was because I had complained to a staff member about not being able to see the game feed while in line for concessions (the screen facing our line was showing the twitter feed). The staff member had noted my seat number and I got a call back the next week. In almost 20 years as a season ticket holder, I have had exactly 0 calls prior to this past season from any of the previous regimes.
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    When you get banned from talking about curling, well, there's just no-where to go from there.
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    Bombers add ST demon Mike Miller, formerly of Edmonton Eskimos.. Lead the league in ST tackles last season
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    You know what? You should boycott this place for a year or two. That would really teach us a lesson.
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    I like it better when the Rider trolls are actually smart.
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    And MAYBE these THINGS aren't MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. #funwithcaps
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    ? When was that? He was injured most of the first season, injured in camp last year, came back mid-season and played special teams while sitting third on the NI receiver depth chart behind Kohlert and JFG. He lined up on the wide side for some garbage time snaps in the last 3 minutes for a couple of games late in the season. That has been his entire CFL opportunity. People here are acting like he has been playing the long con against us - growing up playing football, a successful career in the CIS, a good combine and high pre-draft ranking, a contract, and then "made it, now I can do nothing for three years". I'd imagine no one is more disappointed with how his last two seasons have gone than Richards himself. An unfortunate series of events has happened which has given us no data to draw any conclusions at all from. Maybe his CFL career will come to an end with him stuck as a victim of bad luck after another camp injury. Maybe JFG gets injured in game 1 and Richards has an 800 yard season. Either one is plausible because there is no data to draw from.
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    I want more Canadians if anything. That's why I watch this game.
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    Lotta fretting over a guy who's likely nothing more than TCF.......Must be the dead of offseason.
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    They played together and are friends. When Miller was released, Nichols tweeted at him hoping that he would come to Winnipeg. I'll pull up the tweet later, when I can. Nichols commented how much he learned from Miller.
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    Dude's too old and all it takes is another CFL team drafting Harry Potter and he's useless.
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    One of the nuances of the Canadian game, ie. the CFL, is one of the very things that set this game apart, and that is the Canadian ratio. It's taken years to get to the number of NI players each team must carry. It works. It's up to each team to maintain a proper ratio of rookie NIs and proven NIs all under the SMS in place. When teams don't pay attention, you get the recently bad Bomber teams and Rider teams - no depth. Never has the Canadian player been so in demand as in recent years. And people want to change that? Because that's what will happen. Sure, the best players get scooped up, at least for a time, and that will never change, but limiting the number of roster spots doesn't seem to be a good idea in keeping the attraction for playing in the CFL. Football at the college level is thriving right now and producing better players. And you want to limit the opportunities? Doesn't make sense. Our game is fine. More than fine. Leave it alone.
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    IT IS EASY TO BLAME @CFL BUT THE TRUTH IS IF YOU WANT A "HOME GROWN" CANADIAN QB THE PROCESS MUST BEGIN WELL BEFORE HIS U SPORT CAREER.... U of M Bisons head coach Brian Dobie was convinced Jordan Yantz had a future as a pro quarterback when Blue Bomber GM Kyle Walters gave him a tryout in 2015. “Kyle won't like this, but Jordan Yantz was a great fit somewhere in the CFL,” Dobie said. “(Calgary's) Andrew Buckley is. “His gun was better than most of their guns. He had a stronger arm than Matt Nichols. It's not even close.” Yet Yantz was released without even making an appearance in a pre-season game. Dobie wasn't saying Yantz is better than Nichols, who's since taken over as the Bomber starter. "Does he love football?" - What MOS asks whenever He and Kyle Walters check out candidates to become a Winnipeg Blue Bomber. Marshall Ferguson charts - Who went where... Then there are team by team charts on signings. Interesting, especially if you love pie charts. https://twitter.com/cfl_headlines/status/836201392540954624 CFL News - If I had to bet right now, I'd bet it's Drew Willy (who is starting at beginning of season) & on a short leash - @TSNDaveNaylor #CFL #Argos ?‍?Cummings and goings: Welcome free agent defensive tackle Euclid Cummings to the Green and Gold. bit.ly/2mwtd6c ?‍?Grain of salt words....after all he signed he left Calgary and signed with Saskatchewan: Derek Denis - Trestman is great addition to Toronto I enjoyed my time with him in Chicago! CFL News - #Argos DC may not be Rich Stubler. May be Corey Chamblin. #CFL ?‍?Apparently the Argos will be using the "delayed draw" a lot this season as evidenced by the delayed announcing of a GM and HC. MOCK DRAFT - Bomber Buzz Winnipeg Blue Bombers: NT Eli Ankou, UCLA Saskatchewan Roughriders: OL Mason Woods, Idaho BC Lions: DE Kwaku Boateng, Wilfred Laurier Hamilton Tiger-Cats: WR Rashaun Simonise, Calgary Edmonton Eskimos: LB Christophe Mulumba Tshimanga, Maine Winnipeg Blue Bombers: WR Danny Vandervoort, McMaster BC Lions: OL Geoff Gray, Manitoba Calgary Stampeders: TE Antony Auclair, Laval Ottawa REDBLACKS: WR Nathaniel Behar, Carleton https://bomberbuzz.com/2017/02/28/cfl-draft-2017-mock-draft-version-1-0/ Lawless - Copeland says with Popp and Trestman he believes @TorontoArgos now have strongest front office in @cfl #cfl. Wally and Huff would disagree -?‍? so would I. CFL News "I love the #CFL" - Marc Trestman, New @TorontoArgos Head Coach Welcome back Marc! Herb Zurkowsky - Marc Trestman identifies Ricky Ray as Toronto's starting QB. "No competition starting out." CFL News - OL David Foucault wants a better deal from #AlsMTL rds.ca/videos/footbal… #CFL #LCF via @DidierRDS (in French) -.@BrendonLaBatte's doctor said he's more likely 2 B killed in car accident than his injury 2 B recurring deal - @IanHamilton45 #CFL #Riders
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    Or as Tburg probably will put it - 8 different NFL teams? Why are we hiring a guy who can't seem to hold down a job?
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    If this place was run like riderfans you'd be banned by now.
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    Just caught an interview with Kevin Fogg on the CFL site...What a great guy to have on the club...As well as being a very talented db and returner he has an attitude every player should have...Obviously great things await Kevin in the coming years here...He luvs playing for the Bombers and it sure shows...He sings as well and has a pretty good voice....who knew...Apparently Denmark has a recording studio where a few of the players hang out...Clarence and Kevin definitely have got it right and glad they're Bombers.
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    As someone who grew up on a farm (and has followed food production with interest), I can tell you this much: The nature of agricultural production and food supply pits various ag sectors against each other. When grain prices are high, that hurts ranchers and other livestock/milk/egg production. Grain price spikes usually occur in times of global shortages (usually weather-related), so as long as you're in a part of Canada that had good growing (and harvest) conditions, you might have a very good year. If you are a buyer of feed grain, you'll still feel the pinch. Every sector seems to hate dairy farmers because they have a sustainable program that manages supply (and therefore guarantees reasonable income). It's a system that has worked, but has also shown that if marketing boards are taken over by the biggest farmers, they can make the small ones go away (the same thing happened when Filmon removed the single desk sales mechanism for hog production, but to a greater extent-there are no small hog farmers anymore). The Trump team has already said they will be going after Canada to end Supply Management (as most American governments have). Anyway, since farmers are divided by natural market forces, the have seemingly lost their ability to cooperate and form any kind of unified voice to advocate for themselves. All the successful lobbying in the Ag sector is done by the processors now and producers are left on their own. This forced independence has reinforced an almost Libertarian viewpoint (and I know there are exceptions). Farmers really hate taxes, even though they have some of the most generous tax breaks available. Since most farmers are now over 50, they are also very set in whatever ideology they have already had. So to make a long story short, the ones in favour of disbanding the Wheat Board will tell you it was a great move regardless of how it has actually effected them (another farmer trait). They won't mention that they are happy paying for private companies operating expenses as well as their profit margins instead of only covering the CWB's operating expenses. The farmers against the disbanding of the CWB are either fighting for a return or have likely moved on to other crops and are saying "I told you so" (another farmer trait). It's hard to find published statistics on wheat production since 2012 (Wikipedia can get you up to 2014), it's also really hard to say how prices (more importantly, income) have been effected, because it's now up to individual farmers to market their crop. Wheat prices are a commodity, so the prices are set. How it grades at the elevator and what each farmer has negotiated in his contract is a whole other unquantifiable (at least based on the info I have tried to find) answer. Don't think I even came close to answering the question...
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    I've said this about Kyle Walters since day one... he might not always make all the right moves... but he sure as hell won't fail due to lack of effort...
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    Don't we already have a thread for news from around the league?
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    And yet another chapter in the saga of Kevin "No Respect" Glenn. Signs a place where he'd be the undisputed starter, team goes out and gets high-profile NFL retread.
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    Vince Young. They let Darian Durant, a GC winning elite QB with 5 good years at least left in the tank, walk to sign Kevin Glenn and Vince Young. Innovative geniuses is what Murphy and Jones are. We just can't see it. Brendan Taman would have been lynched had he pulled this. Embarrassing. I feel bad for a few of the really good people at RFs. As for the rest, I can't stop laughing. The Saskatchewan Retreads. If you have him, or get rid of him, we want him. We have a network of 100 scouts diligently reviewing every player that every CFL team gets rid of.
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    Just reading about how Jones is breaking rules.... to protect the integrity of the league. This requires even more gin.
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    FB named Miller is a special teams assassin... hmmm wonder who pushed for that signing....
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    Every team had at least one opportunity to select him and didn't select him. Some chose twice not to select him. Montreal chose three times not to select him. Calgary, who took him with the last pick in the 2nd round, passed on the option to select him once. The Riders took Nic Demski. Ottawa took Jake Harty. Bombers took Richards. Calgary took Durant. That are the facts when it comes to the 2015 draft and receivers. So at least three teams had a receiver preference that did not have Durant at the top, two that didn't have him second either and one that didn't have him in their top three. This can be called a fact. Who would Calgary have picked if any or all of Demski, Harty and Richards had still been on the board at the end of the second round? There's no way to know without having access to their pre-draft rankings of receivers. Every team could have a different one, or a completely identical one. There's no way to know. Calgary might have been very disappointed to not get the hometown Harty. All of this is conjecture. The only thing we can call a fact when it comes to Calgary's selection of Durant is that they had him ranked higher than the 6 or so other receivers that were taken in the draft after him. When Ottawa took Harty, did the Bombers say "CRAP!" and move on to taking their next highest guy (Richards), or did they high-five each other because Richards was still on the board? There's no way to know without being in the room. That would be conjecture. Is Durant a "headcase"? Probably not. What does that mean? Does he store rings of garlic sausage in his shoes? Maybe. I haven't met him. Were non-football factors the reason he was taken at the end of the second? That is the reason that was widely reported. When something is widely reported it usually means one of three things: 1) it is true, or 2) there is so little information available that every is repeating that thing they heard because they have nothing else to offer on the subject, or 3) break out the tin-foil hats because there's a conspiracy going on.
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    Totally believe you. 100%. No one believes you more than me, believe me. I'm a huge believer in things. Look up all my beliefs, no one believes more than I do.
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    This quite the problem indeed. Josiah St. John - plays for the Riders Philip Gagnon - plays for the Allouettes Brandon Revenberg - plays for the Ticats Brian Jones - plays for the Argos Charles Vaillancourt - plays for the Lions Alex Singleton - plays for the Stamps Jason Lauzon-Seguin - plays for the redblacks Tevaun Smith - drafted by Edmonton, signed by the Colts, cut and moved to PR, since released and re-signed with Colts to a futures contract Trent Corney - plays for the Bombers Micheal Couture - plays for the Bombers Wayne Moore - plays for the Allouettes Anthony Thompson - plays for the Lions DJ Sackey - plays for the Argos Mercer Timmis - plays for the Ticats Juwan Brescacin - plays for the Stamps Mikael Charland - plays for the redblacks Arjen Colquhoun - drafted by Edmonton, signed by Cowboys, injured and released. Not sure where he is. Best guess is he'll re-sign with Dallas for another crack when healthy. So that's all the picks in the first two rounds. Every player is playing for the CFL team that drafted them except Edmonton's two picks. Tevaun Smith has been released two or three times already by the Colts. What will the wait on him be? One more year? I know the Andy Mulamba situation has scarred some people, but this isn't the huge problem you are making it out to be.
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    once we draft Voldemort our NI receiving concerns will be over. forever.
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    I believe you are absolutely the first person to address a concern about the National WR spot on this board...I don't think anyone has mentioned it even once over the past month................
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    I would bet that fewer homegrown players would translate to fewer Canadian viewers of CFL games- it would diminish the appeal for me.
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    Bryant Turner did push-ups without using his arms.
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    that's because Rider fans are less than human and don't deserve the same treatment decent members of society do.
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    Brock Ralph says "hi" (and then immediately runs out of bounds)
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    Just watched the latest installment of SSL. (Sean Spicer Live) A week earlier, Spicer said Trump's tweet "speaks for itself" and declined to provide any further explanation. Now Sean Spicer said Trump wasn't referring to wiretapping when he tweeted about wiretapping. "The President used the word wiretaps in quotes to mean, broadly, surveillance and other activities." Spicer added that Trump was not accusing Obama of personal involvement Re-read the tweets and see how this jibes..... Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 Is it legal for a sitting President to be "wire tapping" a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017 Any impartial observer could easily conclude that the Donald directly accused a past President of a felony, and repeated it multiple times - without a shred of evidence. FBI, Justice Department and even the Republicans on the NSC, found zippo. Today, still nothing - except for the tough guy straight shooter Trump, simply trying to spin it and weasel his way out. An apology would require just a touch of decency or class......but we are dealing with an empty vessel here. Tough for Angry Spice.... as he has to keep the massive pile of BS, stacked to the ceiling......from falling over. This administration is turning serial lying and distortion of facts (alternative) into an art form.
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    jock staring and boob pics for post likes. Training camp cant come soon enough.
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    I guess we should thank Jones tho.. hes making it easier for the rest of league to forget how bad Kelly and Mack were as GMs.. lol
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    I need to know if Hurl is failure or not.
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    interesting note: @EdTaitWFC Walters said Normand is their in-game reserve RB if Andrew Harris was inj; Miller adds depth at FB. #Bombers
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    I think that your rant has been disassembled quite nicely by several posters already, but I did want to post my thoughts on this particular statement because it is total BS. His stock dropping is not a mystery at all. Every single team passed him up at least once, several passed him up twice. Each team knew exactly why they were doing it. A guy that was rated 8th overall (#1 receiver) in the last scouting bureau report was drafted 18th (4th receiver). That happened for a reason. Maybe it was possible NFL interest, maybe attitude, maybe both, but to suggest that "it's a mystery" is plain silly. Just because the GM's (or the league) won't comment on it publicly doesn't mean that there wasn't a certain level of consensus about him. Look, I don't know who you are and frankly, I don't really care, but I do know a spin job when I see one and that is exactly was your rant was. If you want to post here beyond that, please give your posts a bit more thought because, as you've noticed, if you don't, lots of us here will.
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    nope. we change the ratio and I'm probably done with the CFL. I love it BECAUSE it requires Canadian content, not in spite of it. you want American football, go watch the NFL.
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    I would rather watch a Canadian player from Sarnia, ON or Vegreville, AB than an American from Detroit or Houston. Yup- I am a homer.
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    The roster bonus is for the players. Even if they were likely going to cut him, if there was no roster bonus, Edmonton could hang on to him at least through training camp, then make a decision based on what they have in camp. The roster bonus forces the team to decide before the season starts to commit to a player. And if they cut him, then there is still time to catch on with another team. One could argue that it would be better for the player if they negotiated the roster bonus to be paid before free agency.