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    Maybe I am crazy but each thread here is turning into negatron flag waving. There has to be a middle between overly negative and overly positive. If you follow other sports or work in an organization larger than 2 you must know that working towards a positive outcome requires building a positive culture. A negative repressive culture produces results in a short term but usually not in the long term. I don't see the harm in the Bombers trying to sell this to the fans and/or players.
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    couldn't agree more. I work for a large company and we just had a new long term plan rolled out. Management started their introduction of said plan by completely pumping the tires of every single aspect of the company. Even ones that everyone knows didn't do too well this past year. But what else could we expect? This is what a business does to attract the right people and the right mind set, and to get customers to buy in. The bombers and the CFL are no different in that aspect. They are a business selling a product. You don't sell things by always looking back at past mistakes/bad outcomes. That's a horrible game plan. Be positive, sell your vision.
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    I think it was around the same time that the first public forum was created
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    My hope is that someone like Dressler could be a role model for Darvin (who has some talent) and show him the right way to do things......
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    Don't understand leaving Copp buried on the 4th line... give the guy a chance to play, season is over. Burmi experiment over.
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    When is it? I'll be watching football over a money grab pointless tournament that means nothing plus it's on sportsnet so that automatically makes it difficult to watch.
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    speaking of black actors, a guy i could see making some noise in the future is Anthony Mackie (Falcon in the avengers/captain america/ant-man, triple 9, papa doc in 8mile,tupac in notorious) I just watched him in triple 9, and watching the night before right now, the guy is getting very good at acting, i wont be surprised to see him getting more lead roles soon
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    Only if he wants to. He's useful, even by NHL standards. It's just the expectations people have of him are way off. It's time to ignore the part where he was a top 10 pick. The body of work is there and he's never going to be that player. If we're rearranging the draft in hindsight, he's a 3rd rounder that pays off. Like Lowry. Some are still waiting for him to blossom, not accepting that he's full-on Mayim Bialik already.
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    If his excuse is he was re-selling Jets tickets, he better hope he didnt mark them up at all. Its like when they got Al Capone for tax evasion because they couldnt get him on his big crimes or OJ goes away for "armed robbery" because everyone felt bad about the murder acquittal. Sammy finally goes down for excessive scalping.
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    He averages 7 mins of ice time per game. Give him some better linemates and 2-3 more mins a night and he'll develop into a fine 4th line center.
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    I may have posted the video on the random video thread... if not I'll do so when I get home from work. It's about 15 minutes long where they show the original joke being performed and then a year or two later Amy Schumer copies the joke sometimes word for word. Also it provides some backstory since she toured and started for some of the comedians that she ripped off. After watching the video it's undeniable that she is a joke stealer like Carlos Mencia. I find the jokes still funny... I just am no longer a fan of hers.
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    Ghostbusters preview .... I liked the look of the ghosts and the special effects. Not a fan of Wiig at all, I don't see how anyone can find her entertaining? I think the movie will bust hardcore which is a shame because Ghostbusters is a franchise that could of done well. Trainwreck .. first 20 minutes was funny the rest was snooze worthy. I used to find Amy Schumer hilarious until that video that exposed her for stealing a tonne of jokes from other comedians. That was disappointing to see.
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    He's no Chijioke Onyenegecha, but the name should still give Suitor fits....so I like him.
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    Ted Cruz is a lot more scary than Trump
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    I watched about half of trainwreck, but i had to go out and never got around to finishing it. it was alright from what i watched, I like that John Cena is taking different roles other then stuff like the marine and 12 rounds, like his spot role in sisters as well. I'm not really a fan of amy schumer tho, i think she thinks shes a lot hotter then she actually is
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    Uggh, Bridesmaids. What a terrible movie. My wife and I watched and we kept looking at each other wondering when it was going to get funny. We just kept cringing wanting the movie to just end.
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    A name to keep an eye on. Outside of Matthews he is probably the only other eventual number 1 center in the draft and is rising quickly. Some think he's passed Puljujarvi due to the fact that Puljujarvi is a winger. Pierre Luc Dubois. Don't be surprised if he is who the Jets take.
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    I loved the fact that Seagal sulked in his trailer during filming of that movie for a week when he found out his character dies.
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    That looks horrible. McCarthy and Wiig are both cool but they seem mis-cast here.
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    i cant quite remember the story of dancing with wolves, but i seen this shortly after avatar came out
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    Im no James Bond expert but one song I like that I always thought would be a cool Bond song is "If The World" by Guns N Roses... Off topic I know. Sorry guys
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    A lot of teams would give up a top 10 for Drouin, don't kid yourself. Yzerman is waiting until he gets what he wants. Dano was just a suggestion that is why the "?" after his name. You've got to give to get. If you think we will get Drouin for Chicago's first or spare parts, think again.
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    Is there anyone who cares about the World Cup? Anyone on this board? Summer/Fall too short, no time for hockey.
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    Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow air currents found in the upper atmosphere or in troposphere of some planets, including Earth. The main jet streams are located near the altitude of the tropopause. So, that being the case, if the Jet Stream is going to move the ship, you better have one humdinger of a mast and sail.
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    Sorry Captain Metaphor, but the Jet Stream doesn't push boats.
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    Especially if he's your third of fourth option... that's pretty good production...