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After week 20

Bye, bye - Hamilton, BC, and Montreal

Expect the Heisman Trophy winner @JManziel2 to sign in Hamilton this off-season - @rickzamperin #CFL #Ticats

John Hodge - 3downnation - The Bombers have now started three Canadian offensive linemen in two consecutive games with Patrick Neufeld filling in for an injured Travis Bond at left guard. This is likely a sign of things to come for a Winnipeg club that should look to start three national hogs next season. Neufeld, who has been excellent in place of Bond, is a pending free agent — should he leave Winnipeg this off-season, expect 2015 second round pick Michael Couture to take over his spot in the starting line-up.

👁‍🗨Interesting - Edmonton has beaten every team in the league...except Winnipeg 

👁‍🗨Santos-Knox is fitting in quite nicely..quite a find.

CFL - Friday wire-to-wire defeat was also the first time in 52 contests the Stampeders have not led.

👁‍🗨How do spell trouble? Z_y_l_s_t_r_a       Double trouble - injury to Matt Nichols 

Vanstone - Due to an accumulation of snow on the east-side roof, 800 spectators were relocated in Mosaic stadium. 

Still trying to prove something?  Jones “The tough guy look...”


CFL News - Roughriders extend Hus, Thigpen fw.to/wcCVgXD #CFL #Riders #RiderPride  via @TSN_Sports

👁‍🗨Guess they’re not over the SMS

Stampeders.com - “I told the guys,’’ reported Bo Levi Mitchell. “Who’s going to remember this —— when we win the Grey Cup?    “Who’s going to remember these three losses?

Darren Cameron - Update from ticketing - “tickets are moving like crazy”... not surprising and awesome to hear! See you Sunday for the Western Semi-Final!  👁‍🗨Really?

Ed Tait tells us: The Bombers own a .683 winning percentage in 60 home playoff games (40-18-2). Edmonton is 19-29 (.396) in road playoff games.

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1 Medlock. 3 fgs monster job punting. 47 yards per punt. 

2 Fogg. Return for a TD, and huge pick return that almost went for another.

3 The DL. Pressure all day on jennings, johnson had a big average but they contained the running game to a long run of 15.

HH Heath with the pick 6 that was a nail in the coffin. 

Honorable mention to our kick cover guys for containing rainey. 
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Bye BC

"I've got too much talent to be sitting on the sideline" - @SSKRoughriders Trent Richardson

Dave Naylor - Just my opinion: Chances that Johnny Manziel plays in the CFL? 80 per cent. Chances that Colin Kaepernick plays in the CFL? 5 per cent. #CFL

CFL - "Blue and Gold wins uni madness... only colour left to add is Grey"

CFL - James Wilder Jr. - His 331 yards rushing in the past two games is the most since Jon Cornish rushed for 338 yards in 2013. Wilder Jr.’s 331 yards ranks 17th all-time among two-game rushing totals in CFL history.

Updated - 👁‍🗨James Wilder Jr. carried 13 times for 49 yards. Tamed.

Ted Wyman - Ticats' Eric Tillman on #Bombers QB Matt Nichols: “He has clearly gone from a guy you can win with to a guy who you win because of." #CFL

WBB - Cornerback Roy Bennett - Three years a Bomber, three years on an all-star squad and 26 interceptions in just 51 games. #BombersTBT

CFL.ca -This marks the 13th consecutive season the Calgary Stampeders have clinched a playoff berth.

-56% of games this season have been decided in the final three minutes.

-In the last three calendar years dating back to September 2014, the Calgary Stampeders have lost just nine times. Of those nine defeats, the Montreal Alouettes have accounted for four of them. Montreal beat Calgary in Week 4 this year.

-With six weeks to play there have been 24 defensive return touchdowns, the same amount as all of last season.

-In 13 games, Calgary has only allowed 15 sacks this season (1.2 per game). The next best team is Edmonton and they have allowed 20 sacks (1.7 sacks per game).

-Toronto and Calgary lead the league in sacks with 38 each

-Saskatchewan has the highest average yards on first down with 7.4.

-It’s a four-way tie for the sack lead. Victor Butler, Charleston Hughes, Micah Johnson and Craig Roh each have eight sacks this season.

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Win one for the Medlock..

👁‍🗨Randle...film study...pick six.

👁‍🗨Love Matt Dunigan’s line with tongue in cheek. “Clearly Winnipeg needs a new kicker.”

👁‍🗨When was the last time a Bomber team held a team to O points in a half?

👁‍🗨0 - That’s the same number of intelligent comments I found on the Riders’ site.

👁‍🗨I saw a player make a highlight reel catch for an incredible TD in tonight’s game. One-handed. That player was a Bomber. That player was new 1000 yard receiver Darvin Adams.

👁‍🗨It’s hard to believe we kept that Edmonton receiver group in check from A to Y. We didn’t do so well on Z

👁‍🗨What I like about this current Bomber team is; when the opposing team scores an important TD or FG, this team responds. That’s huge!

👁‍🗨Bombers shouldn’t go anywhere without their Walker..

👁‍🗨You know TDs scored with seconds left before the half are extra special. Right Matt and Clarence? Happy Birthday Clarence! (Sept 29)


👁‍🗨‘Tis nice to lead from start to finish in the last 6 games.

👁‍🗨Coates has arms..and soft hands. Nice pivotal reception on that drive.

👁‍🗨He, of the hard to pronounce last name had a decent game with 3 tackles and a sack. Tristan Okpalaugo. There, I pronounced it.

👁‍🗨Heath, flirting with the int again.

👁‍🗨Santos-Knox is evolving.

👁‍🗨D pressure was constant but not overpowering. Johnson seemed like he was still a scratch last night.

👁‍🗨Jeffcoat was menacing.


👁‍🗨Allowing just 19 points vs that offence? I’ll take it.

👁‍🗨Nichols 112.94 efficiency rating.

👁‍🗨Another clean game by the boys.

👁‍🗨Did you see? Another hands to the face penalty? But it wasn’t by us..

Darrin Bauming - Ryan Lankford can throw... and punt... and return kicks. #Bombers

👁‍🗨Now I know what below average kicking looks like. I don’t like it.

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3 stars + HH deadmonton edition

1 Chris randle. Randle island. game saving pick 6. and game sealing pass knock down.

2 ogopogo. Some great pressures tnite. A big sack, a few big hits on reily and scraped the ball really well a couple times.

3 Jovan santos knox. 9 tackles, all over the field side line to side line. Filled the gap really well a few times and was in the back field all night.

HH It didnt get caught but the sweep to lankford, wicked deep pass. Should have been a TD. The wrinkles are really coming out of our offense now and its getting harder and harder to shut it down.

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Blaszko Traded to Saskacthewan
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"Get on your feet, Bomber fans"
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Week 14 Bye- Edmonton

David William @TSNDaveNaylor - Point of comparison between CFL rosters in Ottawa and Montreal. Number of players over 30 on active rosters: Montreal 20. Ottawa 3. #CFL

👁‍🗨Average # of QB pressures Eskimos got in 7 wins: 12.7 In 5 losses: 7.6

Rick Zamperin - What a year - The Jones suspension, the Johnny Manziel rumours, the Art Briles disaster, the coaching changes, the 60-1 debacle in Calgary, Will Hill grabbing an official, Demond Washington spitting in the face of an opponent, and the 2-9 last place record.

Lowell Ullrich - Triple whammy for #bclions : Micah Awe, David Menard & Chris Rainey all fined by #CFL for hits in Calgary loss

Ed Tait - Since opening in 2013, Investors Group Field has drawn 1,149,565 fans to 41 home games – an average of 28,038.

👁‍🗨This gif and the runner, represents the Eskimos 7-0 start, and the wham!


CFL.ca - Since 1970, seven Canadian quarterbacks have started a game: Eric Guthrie, Gerry Dattilio, Luc Tousignant, Greg Vavra, Bob Torrance, Giulio Caravatta and Brandon Bridge.

West Division Streak: Calgary has won 16 games in a row versus West Division teams. it's the longest divisional win streak. Toronto won 15 consecutive games in 1996-1997.

The longest pass play this season was from Mike Reilly to Vidal Hazelton for a 108-yard touchdown versus BC in Week 6.

Will Kevin Glenn get his 100th win against Calgary? Answer - NOPE

Roy Finch now has 1,009 punt return yards to become the first Stampeder in history to accumulate more than 1,000 punt return yards. The CFL record is 1,440 by Edmonton’s Henry ‘Gizmo’ Williams in 1991.

Brad Sinopoli leads the CFL with 36 second down conversion receptions. He is on pace for 50, which would break the CFL record set by Ben Cahoon at 45 in 2004.

Winnipeg is the only team this season to average more than 100 rushing yards a game (104.9).

👁‍🗨 Reportedly, this is the dance that O'Shea did for his team on his birthday...
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Matt brought up a point when Harris scored a TD...then got hit after the fact. Player safety. If they're serious, that should have been a penalty

👁‍🗨Noticed blocks by Lankford and Adams, Gudino and Flanders. Really, I can't remember when we had as capable blockers in our receivers..for the most part.


👁‍🗨If you're getting tackled by Leggett..you're getting tackled, he doesn't let go.

👁‍🗨Well, I guess only Nichols can throw in the rain...pretty good performance.

👁‍🗨Super quick Moe Leggett on the fumble..

👁‍🗨Mug and catch anyways. Darrin Adams gets mugged, but refuses to drop the ball. Darvinism, at its best!

👁‍🗨How valuable are those snaps for Dominique Davis?

👁‍🗨7 catches 195 yards up and Adams!

👁‍🗨Flanders - this double dual RB situation is awesome!

👁‍🗨The ever innovative Justin Medlock. Always looking to make the right punt/kick. I seriously underestimated this guy when he wasn't a Bomber

👁‍🗨Field position....Bombers. And if they didn't get it initially, they worked for it

👁‍🗨Agree on O'Shea's yellow flagging that PI...to keep momentum, even though it didn't result in points. But then again, how would you know?

👁‍🗨No way Lindley was going to beat us.

👁‍🗨553 yards offence

👁‍🗨Only 6 penalties for the clean Bombers, and the turnover battle was won again.

👁‍🗨That Strike to Harris by DDavis..could have been a TD.

👁‍🗨Loffler is back...noticeably

👁‍🗨The secondary looked like...a secondary. Well, at least against a thirdary QB

👁‍🗨Hurl with the hold, Jeffcoat with the strip...nice. Wouldn't be a stretch to say that was the play the Bombers needed to get going

👁‍🗨LaPo really mixing things up in there. A nice variation in plays.

👁‍🗨What's domination without a little Dom?

👁‍🗨Dom - deserved that TD pass to Harris..that he dropped - cut Harris 😉

👁‍🗨What comes after a strong Harris run? A trail of defenders in his wake

👁‍🗨Wow, that is some rain..💦☔️

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Well friends, The Winnipeg Blue Bombers returned to the field tonight after a mid-season respite of 13 days to continue their quest for a home playoff date, something that has not been seen in these parts since the days of Buck Pierce and Paul LaPolice. I wonder where they are at now? Hope they are doing well.

In any event, they returned to action this evening facing the Ottawa RedBlacks, who we should not forget are the defending Grey Cup champions, so they were prepared for a stiff test. Also stiff was the wind, as the conditions were not the  most ideal to hold a football contest, but then again a little rain never hurt anyone, at least that's what the sailor Noah said all those years ago, if I am quoting him directly....the transcript of that conversation is a little spotty, I must confess. But the inclement weather did not dissuade many thousand faithful supporters in blue and gold attire from coming out to support their hometown squad as they attempted to secure a winning record at Investor's Group Field for the first time since this shiny new building opened some 5 years ago.

And it was a night of celebration, as we got to see the unveiling of a new statue honouring the late great kindly Cal Murphy, the crusty old Irishman with a heart of gold so big he needed two of them to fill his life's work [Ed. note: not sure if that is "politically insensitive" in this day and age, but Cactus would have said that with nothing but affection], who returned Lord Grey's silver mug to our beautiful province after so many years, and who was befitting of such recognition. And we recognized the accomplishments  of our local baseball heroes, the Winnipeg Goldeyes, before the game, saluting them for their victory in the championship game a couple of nights ago, adding to the sports lore of River city. And we even got to see the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band at halftime, always a treat, although I must admit I was a little disappointed not to see their back-up singer...

Odds and Sods - Ottawa RedBlacks at Blue Bombers
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3 stars + HH red black and blues
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Bye - Toronto

Bob Irving - Re the Riders faking injuries, I will just say this: In all things in life there is a high road and there's a low road; we all choose

As reported on TSN post game show. A league mandate was sent out telling teams they want the pace of the game maintained and any shenanigans would be frowned upon. 

CFL News - #Ticats GM Eric Tillman confirms on @TSN1200 that the Johnny Manziel workout was impressive and that "he's a special talent." #CFL

-Offensive-tackle Xavier Fulton, who has played for both #Riders and #Ticats, was signed on Monday by #AlsMTL. - @HerbZurkowsky1 #CFL

-#Redblacks add 5 to practice roster mailchi.mp/oseg/redblacks… #CFL via @OSEG_Media

👁‍🗨5 of the six players Hamilton has just signed are Nationals…due to injury.

CFL News - Eskimos release national defensive back Chris Rwabukamba. #CFL #Esks via @EdmontonEsks

CFL Headlines - Fired CFL coach drives traded player’s belongings over 2,000 miles from… goo.gl/fb/pz33Kn via @thecomeback  - Jeff Reinebold drove John Chick's belongings to make a cross-country move easier for Chick's wife and eight children.

Herb Zurkowsky - Montreal now has a record of 2-15 in Vancouver since 2001, and they remain third in the East Division, with a 3-8 mark. The Als have lost four consecutive games, outscored 145-59.

👁‍🗨Kyries Hebert at MLB. There's nothing the Bomber Defence couldn't do if we had this guy on D

Derek Taylor - Westerman's get-off is so good I would swear he's offside on 1/3 of the plays. Amazing quickness/anticipation/reaction

👁‍🗨The Riders response to all the din over the 'fake injuries' was that they believe in player safety first. Honest.

Ed Tait - 97: The length of Moe Leggett’s punt-return TD, the longest in Bombers history. Dexter Dawson and Eric Blount had shared the record for the longest previously, at 92 yards.
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👁‍🗨This game was directly opposite of what I wrote last week - we won all phases of the game this week AND, 

👁‍🗨We didn't get out Coached this week.

👁‍🗨I loved the arrogance of Duron Carter on taking the ball out of the end zone, thinking what? That he could out maneuver everybody?

👁‍🗨Saskatchewan's Plan to loose a moose in the IGF area only worked to lessen the opening kickoff metre reading. Nice try though.

👁‍🗨How about that QB of ours? Mr Nichols doesn't like losing, does he?

👁‍🗨Well, it looks like the Riders did come up lame for real this game...

👁‍🗨Was just thinking how nice it is to watch the game nowadays. It just seems less challenging..

👁‍🗨Looks like we got the right Knox in this time.

👁‍🗨Walker - a couple of rookies errors...but forgivable. He's in the right spots..

👁‍🗨I'm really glad the Riders spent so much time on their TD celebrations...

👁‍🗨That punt return...the whole routine was brilliant. Fogg, playing his part, and Leggett..that guy is smart. Didn't think he'd make it all the way but...

👁‍🗨Nothing fake about that win...



👁‍🗨Chris Jones's veins are popping out again. He sure loves to actively demonstrate his displeasure with a player..

👁‍🗨Theres a deep down, underlying feeling that the Bombers should have broken the 50 point margin...just because

👁‍🗨How many points did the Bomber's D allow in the 2nd half again? Oh yeah 8 They owned every quarter

Blue Bomber Talk - #Bombers have now won 4-straight home games. Longest winning streak in IGF's history. #Riders #CFL

👁‍🗨Santos-Lucia 1st great play of the Game, on that interception ....Santos-Knox!

👁‍🗨You know what's really good about that Bomber game? EVERYTHING

👁‍🗨Last week, we were out coached. Certainly not this week. Good reversal by LaPolice and his play calling. 

👁‍🗨Nichols is pushing to be recognized as a top starter.

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Well friends, it was another glorious late summer day here in Manitoba, and everyone was excited for the re-match between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and our own Winnipeg Blue Bombers. And everyone was curious to see how the Bombers would bounce back from that defeat last week in the annual Labour day classic. And everyone wanted to see how loud the fans could be, and if they could surpass the noise last week. And we even had a moose sighting today, which held things up a bit. So we certainly had a lot of excitement even before the opening kickoff. But once the game started the two teams got down to business and traded blows before the Bombers pulled away in the second half, or just before the second half, in fact, before a packed house, who all will be seen in a magnificent panoramic photo I'm told, to preserve this moment for posterity. In any event, the Bombers came out on top to maintain their grip on the second place position in the always tough Western division.

And there were many outstanding moments and performances in this game, to be sure. You had Clarence Denmark making a couple of big catches for touchdowns, one in each end zone so all the fans could see him up close. And then there was Matt Nicholls throwing for 3 touchdowns, and scampering for 41 yards on a quarterback run, although his coach may not like him going head first into that defender rather than  slide, and we'll pretend like we didn't notice that fumble at the end. But then we had Chris Randle, getting the ball right back after that play with an interception that salted the game away, certainly Happy Honker worthy. And Andrew Harris once again stepped up, especially in the fourth quarter with some solid running. And let's not forget Justin Medlock, who despite missing one of his two field goals, continues to be automatic on those new long converts, and added three singles on huge kickoffs and that one punt, which may or may not be a Bomber record [ED NOTE: it isn't - .....

Just made it for kickoff......something about the Manitoba Moose....
Santos Knox picks off Glenn's first pass......
Medlock misses 48 yd FG attempt...
Carter with bad decision to run it out of end zone....
Good Fogg punt return has Blue set up deep....
Nichols still telegraphing some throws......
...but then looks off, and hits Denmark in middle of end zone...
DE Jeffcoat back to early season form....
Glenn finds wide open Cartier, who completes 85 yd pass and run TD....
Better push inside on DL.....Glenn sacked couple of times, already...
Fogg back to field punt, on one side....while Leggett suddenly appears on the other...
Rider punt  coverage pulled to wrong side....Moe beats one man....
.....and is off to the races 95 yds for punt return TD.   Some MOS trickery.
Medlock bombs punt over Carter's head for 85 yd single.....
Glenn has Roosevelt open past Heath, up the middle......
...Walker pinballs right off of the receiver.....who takes it the distance.....
The long pass plays given up on D.....continues.  15-13 Bombers.
Crapinga tries surprise short kickoff.....but Blue recover..
Nichols putting mustard on the passes, today.....
Matt then throws to corner of end zone......
Nothing wrong in the state of Denmark.   Denny has his 2nd TD.
Glenn completes 5 passes.....the last to Bagg, down to the 1.
Lafrance punches it in.......22-20 Bombers
In last minute....Adams falls down, untouched in end zone.....
.....and draws phantom "accidental" penalty......
No idea why Jones does not challenge that one.
29-20 Bombers at the end of a wacky first half....
A. Harris not a factor, at all.....so far...
Bomber D on pace to give up over 500 yds passing.....
Medlock pounds long kickoff single......
Rider ST unit, not having a good day....
Mr. Leggett outfights Holley for 50/50 ball......
....then breaks Roosevelt's tackle.....and takes it all the way.....
38-20......comfortable lead....but with our D, one never knows....

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1 Mo. The mo-st out standing bomber today. 

2 Denmark. Caught every thing thrown near him, 2 big tds when the game was close.

3 Santos-knox. Some great kick cover, a few big tackles scraping to the ball. Great quality from a position thats been weak since wild went down. 

HH, Mo with the pick 6. 
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👁‍🗨This is what it's  like to get beaten in all 3 phases of the game. 

👁‍🗨We got out coached today. I'm disappointed in LaPo. Everybody saw what Jones does with his D,  in these last few weeks, and that's what we devised to counter it?

👁‍🗨I bloody well knew it the first time Sask pulled it off. The Rider version of designated fake injury. That wasn't the difference in the game, but "win classy" is still only an expression to Jones.

👁‍🗨Turning point - Nichols, throwing that int..at that time...in that position on the field.

👁‍🗨At least we kept the penalties down...4

👁‍🗨We couldn't match Sask big plays - Roosevelt 54 yards, Demski punt return 63 yards, Bakari Grant 44 yac yards, Marshall 48 yards. No answers

👁‍🗨There are lessons to be learned here..let's hope we learn them.

👁‍🗨That franchise is now officially unbearable...again

 @CaptainKirk - Boy these timely #Rider injuries. He seems ok after he got the time out.  @CFL #RidersSuck #Bombers

Derek Taylor - Roosevelt to the field side for the TD. 13th TD to the field side against the Bombers this season (5 to the boundary) #Details

👁‍🗨2 TDs in a minute 50 seconds..deflating

👁‍🗨By the way, it was a great 34 yard reception and run by Flanders...and then the penalty? Really? JFG must be wondering what to do. Crappy call

👁‍🗨That perfectly executed draw play to Marshall was something the Bombers were supposed yo do

👁‍🗨I see more and more comments about the fake Rider injury tactics...

Scott Billeck - Nichols on the alleged fake injuries: "I think everyone can see what is going on. If you want to play soccer, go play soccer". #Bombers

- Nichols also said that the alleged fake injuries weren't the reason why the #Bombers lost.

👁‍🗨Just can't have stretches like this - Last six #Bombers possessions: 2 plays FG, 2&out, 3 plays FG, 2&out, 2&out, 2&out.

👁‍🗨You know you ain't winning when you drive 88 yards and suffer a turnover on downs at the opposition's 5 yard line..

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Not an easy game to pick stars. But here goes.

1 Mo.  Allways money. Bad games, bad systems, bad teams, or every thing great. He allways brings it and does his job.

2 Nichols. Couple ugly tosses, sask D really left him reeling when looking for more then dump passes. But still a bright spot in a bad game.

3 Flanders. Showed great versatility catching some big passes out of the back field.

HH, the entire sask D for diving on the field every time the bombers went hurry up. They made the CFL look like the worst parts of soccer. Atleast the loop hole will be closed after this game im sure.  
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Thorpe running with second team.

Coates in. no sign of D'Costa Rican (or Palliser)

C. Johnson  off to the side with Focketi. Didn't see him scrimmage at all, but may have missed it, or with second team.

Dressler looks as crisp as an autumn day. Arms fully extended and pulling in darts. Nil evidence of any loss of step.

Loffler sitting out much of practice. He did manage to make it into scrimmage long enough to jump a route on Denmark.

Hardrick wearing one of those wide brimmed Tilley hat things chasing Loffler around the field was a sight. He looked like a very large, but insane beekeeper.

Beautiful INT. by Fogg. Very similar to Randle's OT snag against Mont.

Dbs. flying around.

Westerman, Okpalaugo, and Jeffcoat working the crowd.

This team is LOOSE.

An aside: #82 (?) gained some reps with second squad as did #80 Wolitarsky. 

They were also periodically pumping in the  crowd noise.... Loud, unrelenting, but with no substance or purpose other than to be distracting.....A perfect simulation for all things Priders. 

Wasn't able to stay for the whole practice as the wasps were wicked in the stands. I finally got nailed at the 45 min mark.
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Week 10 - Bye Hamilton 

👁‍🗨Nic Lewis - in second place, all alone in receptions. That is a truly remarkable feat. Whether you like him or not, and how can you not, he is accomplishing what only one other receiver has accomplished, and that person is Gerry Simon. And soon, Lewis will bypass him. I never would have that that but, holy hanna, I clap my hands for a truly gifted athlete. Bravo Nic!


Aug 21, 2009: RB Fred Reid rushed for 260 yds, a #Bombers record. #OnceABomberAlwaysABomber

Matthew Scianitti - Marc Trestman says Anthony Coombs will have surgery on his shoulder, but coach is confident Coombs can return this season #CFL #Argos

👁‍🗨Ha, funny twitter comment - Crap you guys I stared at the eclipse way too long and now I'm an NHL replay official.

CFL Staff. -  Amid the deafening roar at Investors Group Field on Thursday screeched the silence of the last remaining detractors as Matt Nichols and the Bombers took down the CFL’s top-ranked team. Nichols’ performance (390 yards, 80%, 1 TD, 0 INT) may have been the best by any quarterback this season


Blue and Gold CFL  -  Andrew Harris leads the CFL in YAC. He's a running back #Bombers. And it's not even close. Harris is 1st with 355 yards, 2nd is the RedBlacks Brad Sinopoli at 278 yards

👁‍🗨O'Shea says the Bombers would be pretty well on pace for an interception total like last year but we're dropping them now instead of making the catch. (See last game 3-4?)

👁‍🗨In case you're wondering, Dom Davis is still considered the "#2 QB"

Craig T Smith - At Packers practice. Ray Nitschke Field. @ Green Bay Packers Training and Practice Fields instagram.com/p/BYHLOCUjXcg/

CFL News - Rookie TE Antony Auclair making case to stick with Bucs tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/roo… via @TB_Times #NFL #CFL #Riders

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👁‍🗨Clarence Denmark must have heard all the talk of dropping him from the lineup when Dressler gets back....2 TDs

👁‍🗨It's nice to have and hold the lead all game.

👁‍🗨Adams - pure money

👁‍🗨The Bede bounce...

👁‍🗨Still hate those TD calls when the receiver/runner fumbles the ball without possession

👁‍🗨First time, in a long time, where we win the game after an opposition player accomplishes a record setting feat...feels good

👁‍🗨Remember when we did just enough to lose a game?

👁‍🗨Does the fact Bombers are wearing home uniforms count as a home win?

👁‍🗨And the groan from Saskatchewan gets even louder.

👁‍🗨Bombers are keeping their offensive scoring average up there...33 points average over what...the last 7 games?

Derek Taylor - Speaking on LaPo's sense of humour...2:08 left in the 4th, Neufeld waggles to the line as the Field #2 rec. Minimum 3rd time this season!

- Final count from the Eskimos/Bombers game...Edmonton missed a CFL season high 19 tackles! Previous high was 13.

👁‍🗨That Nichols guy sure gets the job done..

👁‍🗨Special package delivery for the Montreal Alouettes. - Andrew Harris 17 touches - 106 yards..

👁‍🗨The taste of revenge tingled the lips of the Alouettes players until Randle wiped it away

👁‍🗨Leggett, he de man

👁‍🗨Can say that that was probably Knox's best game.

👁‍🗨A thank you note has been sent to Durant on behalf of Chris Randle for throwing to his side.

👁‍🗨Can't win any coin tosses, but we won the time of possession..

Winnipeg Gordo - Wade Miller sighting at the GnR concert. He said this is the 1st #Bombers away game he hasn't gone to in 4 years.

Blue And Gold CFL- Lankford can fly when he's in open space #Bombers

- When I talked to Adams on my flight back to Winnipeg (he was sitting beside me), he said Mincy was the most underrated DB in the CFL

Ted Wyman - How big is that hustling special teams tackle by Ryan Lankford to catch Stef Logan on the kickoff return now? #Bombers

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Andrew Harris takes pass for good gain, on first offensive play.....
T. J. Thorpe still forcing his way to the marker....
Medlock hammers 47 yarder....for 3.
Hurl finally gets in on blitz....but gases tackle on Durant....
Durant throws INT straight to Randle on sideline.....giveaway..
End around to Lankford on 2nd and short....nice gain..
JFG catches one up the middle.....next play, Nichols....
....hits Denmark deep in the end zone for the TD.  10-0.
Slow starts.....what slow starts?
Logan busts kickoff return....Lankford makes saving tackle...
....that effort turns out to be huge.....because.....
....Durant hit/stripped by Moe  Leggett.....Jeffcoat recovers....
Next series, Durant completes a few.....
....and Willy is unsheathed, for short yardage thrust.....
Hurl is having some struggles out there.....
Bombers still getting good pressure on Durant....
Bede short FG gets Als, on the board.....
Rod Black occasionally interrupting the Nik Lewis Show.....
....to bring the fans..... some actual play by play. 
Blue pass rush still coming.....but pass coverage starting to go.
Jeffcoat has been a nice addition at DE......
Couple of passes to Adams, into Montreal territory....
....but Thorpe makes his first mistake as Bomber....fumbles..
....big turnover.....Als were on the ropes.....
Bombers O becoming  static and predictable on 2nd downs...
Medlock getting a lot more practice with the punting......
Durant has Als moving.....hits Johnson for wide open 40 yd TD...
Knox having a better game early.....not so much now....
Montreal tries short snap and run on punt attempt..
....snuffed out....turnover......Bombers take it and run.....
...or in this case, throw.....TSN signal goes out.....
have to watch sideline bomb to Adams....
....and Nichols hitting JFG for the TD......on replays....17-10
At least we didn't miss any commercials....
Bombers take back to back PI calls....but  Als can't punch it in..
Nichols scrambles twice,  The Fever scrambles some more...

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With teams hitting the 9 game mark, thought it might be a good time to review some pre-season predictions and re-assess them, and gaze into the crystal ball again with half a season of backing to shape those guesses. Included for your amusement/my shame are my pre-season prognostications. Will start with the 3 teams already at 9 for now, then do 4 more later after this week's games are played, and the final 2 after week 11. 


What I said then - "Scary good offence this year with Chris Williams added to the receiving mix and three deadly return specialists. Jennings is the ridiculously early pick for league MOP. Could see a few 45-40 games from them. But Wally will have their defence prepared too. Bit of a gut pick but I say 13-5 and first."

How did I do? - OK, so they still could go 8-1 and I hit my prediction, but I overshot on this pick a bit, and with 4 games against Calgary, Edmonton and the Bombers left in the second half, they will need to step up their game to finish first, especially having lost the series to the Esks (and the Riders, for that matter) already .  The injury to Jennings has stalled their offence a bit (but only since his return). Did get that 45-40 score pretty much right, though, thanks to the Bomber game. 

Win they'll savour - that comeback win against the Blue and Gold keeps them in the mix in the wild West. 

Loss they'll lament - losing both to Edmonton hurts their chances at top spot, but the beatdown in Riderville is the kind of loss you can't afford if you want to run with the big dogs.

They make the playoffs - if they sweep the Bombers or stay ahead of the Riders, and continue their dominance against the East, whom they have the majority of their remaining games against. 

They don't - if the Bombers sweep them and the Riders play more games like the second match vs the Lions

Looking forward ...
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