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  1. Morrissey scores
  2. Holy empty seats batman we're going to the powerplay
  3. hmmm is this the second straight away game where the anthem singer doesn't butcher our anthem?
  4. and buffy isn't going to play what the heck happened to him last night?
  5. god I hate the ducks, I am not looking forward to tonight
  6. well I was lying in bed with my mother (I was trying to take a nap in her bed when she came in and wanted to watch ellen) and she said that she had read somewhere that 2 Broke Girls is done this year trouble is, I don't have a for sure source, I mean TVline did say that CBS renewed 16 shows, but no new news regarding 2 broke girls http://tvline.com/2017/03/23/renewed-tv-shows-2017-hawaii-five-0-scorpion-cbs/
  7. http://www.12up.com/posts/4769545-clay-matthews-sr-passes-away
  8. good idea, too bad it would probably give more incentive for the refs to pick on the Jets
  9. actually not really, I've been paying attention to Hockey since the jets came back (so yeah 6 years isn't really long) before that I would only watch the playoffs if any Canadian teams made it in well you just made a better understanding of it, do they just pick a skater at random?
  10. that's dumb. Why should they serve a goalie's punishment?
  11. and Laine may have scored
  12. for a second there I thought Ben Bishop was going in the box wait he does have a penalty? so how come he's still in net?
  13. he says he's not paying attention to his goal drought