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  1. he kind of looks like Laine but with darker hair but it's probably just me
  2. and now Hawerchuk will be in the jets hall of fame in november
  3. hey does anyone know exactly what time FAF will start at next saturday and I'm not talking about when the programming starts
  4. welp so much for Nolan Patrick being the first overall draft pick what is this take a dump on Winnipeg week?
  5. http://tvline.com/2017/06/23/downward-dog-cancelled-abc-no-season-2-allison-tolman/
  6. fans of the winnipeg jets sez: The Jets are likely targeting one of Elliott, Mason, Bernier, Johnson or Condon. A veteran with something to prove and would be agreeable to a short term contract in order to earn a bigger longer contract somewhere in the future. The Jets are still committed to the young goalies for the future but yes especially for the coming season need experience to help mentor and play 30-40 games or so. They are not going to sign or trade for a goalie on a long term deal because they will lose either Hellebuyck or Comrie. While a trade is possible, the Jets won't sacrifice a prospect for a goalie, making a UFA signing much more likely. The Jets can not sign a UFA until July 1st at the earliest.
  7. not bad I'll admit, sure the merchandising will probably take off, but I think they'd rather have some meat in the seats
  8. man they are so going to end up relocating within the next five years
  9. why would Eddie Lack play here again?
  10. ugh I wish the playoff prone teams would be less reluctant to trade with us, we keep getting players from the BJ's or bottom rung teams. Not that getting someone from Colorado is a bad thing (matthias has been pretty good, just wish he wouldn't be injury prone)
  11. and the trades go on http://www.tsn.ca/canadiens-acquire-d-schlemko-from-vgk-1.786293
  12. here are the goalies we can basically go after, there's no image just click the link http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/free-agents/ufa/goaltender/
  13. did you forget about Thorbs?
  14. remember last year when everyone was looking forward to the draft? that got overshadowed by Vegas
  15. man it better be worth being bumped down that low because as a result I don't feel like watching the draft now