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  1. Sens take series lead, Raps advance
  2. Or not!
  3. well it looks like the rapots have choked and the Sens could be in OT mode
  4. tied at one at the end of 2 in Ottawa
  5. scoreless in Ottawa Meanwhile the Raps are destroying the Buck 47-38 make that 49-38
  6. it was for the flames
  7. http://www.tmz.com/2017/04/26/director-jonathan-demme-dead-cancer-heart-disesase/ he won an oscar for directing silence of the lambs
  8. Happy Round 2 day everyone.
  9. you know I am starting to think that the World Cup is really just a means of Sabotaging other players or something because if they get injured during the World Cup....... yeah I know my theory has no merit but still
  10. And apparently Auston Matthews won't be going to the World Cup either http://www.bardown.com/auston-matthews-has-a-perfectly-acceptable-reason-for-not-going-to-the-world-championships-1.734083
  11. https://www.nhl.com/jets/news/jets-mourn-the-passing-of-bill-sutherland/c-289079856
  12. oh man I don't want that to happen again, last time I had no Jets, No Once, No Nashville, No Whose Line to keep me occupied, just Kid Nation to keep me occupied (yes I watched that, I was interested in the premise)....oh and Total Drama but this could mean more reality shows......maybe they should just air reruns of old shows during the strike I could use a complete list of shows that will be effected. Though I don't like Once's chances of getting a 7th season, Nashville probably has the season finale all written by now the difference between this time around and last time really is talk shows, it would be a shame if Conan was effected also didn't the last one result in rebootapalooza?
  13. they didn't find anything illegal in her system. It's a shame no one told Scott Baio sooner
  14. alot of people had MTL going forward, I never had Boston going forward