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  1. Random News Items

    how many nominations does he have?
  2. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    yeah but would also like it if the Jets would survive the first round, I mean yes they have beaten the Knights at least once this season, but we were on home ice
  3. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    yeah there's just one problem, isn't vegas in first place right now overall in the league and our conference
  4. Random Death Notice 2018

  5. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    let's just agree that's he's a little more than OK,
  6. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    no kidding, especially if it's a work night and I can't watch the whole game, granted I have a volunteer shift tomorrow but still
  7. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    although I don't really agree with that stance if the jets are scoring the only goal in a game that's fine with me, it's better than losing it during OT
  8. Random Death Notice 2018

  9. Random Death Notice 2018

    man look at her credits https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/connie-sawyer-dies-hollywood’s-oldest-working-actress-was-105/ar-AAv2qAx?ocid=sf
  10. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    oh man I guess he wasn't as better as we thought
  11. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

  12. I thought she already left http://tvline.com/2018/01/22/genie-francis-general-hospital-leaving-recurring/
  13. yeah I know I don't see how the narrative would work that well, I mean if the parents were illegal immigrants but the children weren't....somehow maybe there would be a new twist on the story somehow
  14. Game 48 : Killer Whale @ Killer Flu

    now where's that broom?