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  1. Well, not happy with the outcome but it is what it is. Oline played well, picked up the blitz pretty well and gave Glenn time. Typical Glenn outing, played pretty good but not great. Heart breaker to see that field goal go wide. Not gonna lie, that one hurt.
  2. They won the cup that year
  3. I'll put it in there next time so you can follow along and keep up
  4. So Nichols was just misunderstood in Edmonton and was better than what else they had? Ok then..
  5. Obtuse? Did you look that one up? Of course I can clearly see the difference. Nichols needs to take the next step this year to solidify himself as a capable starter I would say. Glenn is done and is a stop gap for us. I still think he has some wins left in him however, especially against you.
  6. so are you. Nichols wasn't a starter anywhere else before now
  7. You are right. I'm sorry. I was thinking of the BC game where we had 7 but 2 called back on penalties. I should have checked before I posted. I don't like posting stats that are not accurate
  8. I was referring more to the 7 sacks you gave up against us
  9. who would that be? Jovon? We have 2 injuries on the corner. I don't like him being here but can see why they brought him in
  10. Some people go too far with what they say. We might win and we might lose tonight. I'll be cheering for my team and enjoying a brew. The sun will come up tomorrow either way. But I would love to stomp Durant and the Als.
  11. Nichols is a backup? Your starting oline was in there with Nichols. I'm glad you will have your starters playing. Wouldn't want anyone to have any excuses
  12. I haven't said anything over the top. I'll take my lumps if we lose.
  13. I'm enjoying reading the comments about how bad we are from you guys. It will make for good reading next week when you come here and keep your butts kicked.
  14. We won't be playing our backups today
  15. I think you are wrong about Steele and Minter. I'm surprised no love for a hometown boy. Riders front 4 are going to be good this year. I don't like Leonard and think Tull will take the job quickly from him as the starter