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  1. Bombers at Shmoes GDT

    I always cheer for the Bombers when we aren't playing. Today is extra special as we are in third now and I would like to see us stay there. I'm wanting a playoff game against you guys. Esks have lost 5 straight and are at home. Going to be a tough road game. Guess we'll see what your team is made of today. Win and stay in the chase with the stamps, lose and start looking over your shoulder.
  2. Welcoming Other Fans

    I was replying to a post. I have dropped it for a while, problem is none of you can. I'll take a break so your site won't get ruined.
  3. Welcoming Other Fans

    Thanks Mike. I have not mentioned Nichols and have tried to stay away from it since our chat. I won't interject any more into the qb talk here and stick to other subjects. Reminds me of the many battles I have had with Rider fans regarding Durant over the years.
  4. Who was your friend from Lafleche area?  I grew up not that far from there.  

  5. Rodblacks @ Als

    They beat us right in Regina too.
  6. Welcoming Other Fans

    Nice deflection. I have never once ever said that Glenn was a elite qb. He is playing well this year and I hope we can win with him at the helm. I deleted the rest of my post..
  7. Nope. Probably a lemon hart and water to get things rolling
  8. Welcoming Other Fans

    The site before it crashed had 10 000 members. Many fans of other teams posting there on a regular basis, including lots from here who still post there now and add lots of good information to the discussions, including the owner of this site. Outsiders add a lot to the discussion.
  9. Welcoming Other Fans

    I think he is a ham and egger. Sorry if that hurts your feelings. Why does it bother you so much? If I am some random internet idiot, why would you care.
  10. Just 5. We really count on them here to help the rest of us to get through life. We are hoping someday to be as progressive as Manitoba
  11. You are right. But when you know there is a camera in your face every where you go you have to conduct yourself accordingly
  12. Ya we don't support the team here. Wow. Can your brain hear what your mouth is saying?
  13. The Riders spoke to Manziels publicist, probably kicking tires as to what kind of shape he was in. What does that got to do with me? I would not support in any way, us bringing him to Sask. Don't want to see his face. I am not Jones's errand boy, been plenty of moves I haven't liked since he has been here.
  14. He made a joke out of the NFL, he will do the same here. Its not just the domestic violence thing its a lot bigger than that. If its one thing maybe you give the guy a second chance. Cox got a chance with the riders on a short leash. He screwed it up and was promptly cut from the team.
  15. The guy is a walking piece of garbage. I hope we never see him in the league