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  1. Kavis aka BT2.0 can only sign older more expensive players for his all in cup run
  2. That's BS. I'm a honest poster, not a cheerleader. I would have been upset to say the least to see Tate with our team. He is a never was
  3. Drew Tate??? decent qb?? career backup and a nut job. We need a starter
  4. The interesting thing with Jovon is he played really well at all the positions. Some guys can slide spots because of a injury and hope to be serviceable. Jovon actually played very well at safety. I'm trying to think of a defensive back in recent years that could do that
  5. I think Johnson will be a good coach. He used to be able to step in and play SAM linebacker at times. The guy obviously is no dummy. He played with a lot of passion. I hope it works out for him
  6. Calling BS on this post. Knowledgeable football fans in every city in this country. The record of the team the fan cheers for has zero to do with anything.
  7. Didn't mean to cause any confusion. I guess I figure old contracts are somewhat of a place where negotiations begin on new ones. I doubt he signed for less than he was making before.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I may be remembering it wrong but was not Hurl signed for 135k/year when you brought him in? I wasn't talking about now. Personally I'd give him a apple and road map if I was you
  9. You guys signed Hurl for 135k
  10. Dennis coming in at 170k can easily be offset by getting rid of Best. We are in good shape, hope we get Deane too
  11. Riders were no where near the cap in 2016. You must be thinking of your selves, re working deals to stay under cap last year.
  12. Happy about Dennis, soso on Lafrance, potential is there, and kinda meh on the safety. 31 with head injuries.. Really like the Nevis signing for you guys, great addition
  13. I hope we get both, and neither one retires. LOl
  14. We don't run the ball anyway. Might as well use it as a Canadian spot.
  15. I'm happy that you guys got to win one for a change, we were getting worried you would quit showing up for it one of these years.