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  1. This is a huge trap game for you. Montreal is old and weak. Calgary underestimated them. Bombers in a walk, but still got to show up
  2. Hey Ripper

    You trying to convince me or yourself? Why do you even care what my opinion is anyway? If you are happy with your qb situation then just leave it at that. I have said that I think he is playing well this year. You aren't getting any more out of me at this time. I am entitled to a opinion, as are you. Starting a thread to single out a poster because his opinion doesn't conform to yours is kind of a odd thing to do. 11% of your own fans voted that they thought he was elite. Are you guys going to single them all out too, I mean the 89% that didn't vote yes.? Interestingly I voted undecided, which means I haven't decided either way yet as he has only played 8 games this year, I could have easily voted no.
  3. Hey Ripper

    Ok, thanks. I'm not one to bet, so I knew it wasn't anything I forgot
  4. I agree. A second is too much to give up for a guy who won't even play next year. Hunt injury must be worse than they are letting on
  5. Hey Ripper

    With who and when??????
  6. Hey Ripper

    Wow, look at me with my own thread. I'm a rock star... Nichols had a great game, no one is denying it. Monster win for you guys. As far as Nichols and the infamous ham and egger comment. A game doesn't make a career guys. He has had a good season, things are trending upwards, that's all I see at this point. He has done a great job of not making any mistakes, taking what is there. Like what I am seeing from him right now, no doubt about it. Doesn't change anything about how I feel about the big picture. If he continues on and has a strong season, that's good news for you. We are stilling taking your lunch money on on labor day.....
  7. Thanks guys. I like Collins and don't really want to see him go, but this point he just isn't cracking our starting group. Might as well get something for him, we got a 6th back too.
  8. What do you guys think of Macadoo? Big kid. Any insight?

    You can't pick and choose plays to not count in the stats. Good thing there wasn't more time left. Halls defense let them walk down the field at will. Full credit to Nichols for the win. He didn't make any mistakes, and took what was there

    Reilly passed for 356. Is what it is.

    Sad. But the good news is Maas isn't so smart without his 15 challenges. Wally was lost last week too. Good game by the Bombers. Solid effort. Defense needs some work, gave up a lot. Offense is firing on all cylinders.
  12. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    And I don't even know how to spell Story correctly. I do make some good ribs on the barbeque if that helps
  13. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    Lets see where he is at when the season is over. He has been better this year so far, that I agree with. I'm backing out of this argument. Not much more to say and it just clogs the site up and that is not why I post here. I just like talking football.
  14. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    We use the term in the oilpatch. A guy that just goes to work and goes home. Not great but not bad. Will be doing the same exact job 20 years from now. Never gets better at it and never moves up. Does what he's told and does a adequate job at it. I like ham and eggs too, although I slightly more fond of bacon.
  15. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    Adams is a project. May or not turn out to be anything. I don't think he will ever be a superstar. Only my opinion.