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  1. Talks with Mulumba

    Could be worth a look at the right price. Hard to forgive him for signing with the Riders, though.
  2. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Why is Matthews, a mostly unproven receiver who had one good game in a Super Bowl nearly three years ago, even anywhere near the same discussion as Fitzgerald, a proven, elite, all-star receiver? Matthews returning to the CFL is a possibility.
  3. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    What about chapstick on a Jones?
  4. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    Except there wasn't anyone better on the roster even with the ratio flexibility. Temple and Knox didn't pan out and Santos-Knox was better at WIL. Regardless of whose "guy" Hurl was (the O'Shea Loyalty Theory holds no water), management didn't do an adequate job at MLB. Let me add this: the team should've done something during the season, either via trade or continued recruitment. Standing pat at such a crucial position was a terrible decision, and both Walters and O'Shea share the blame.
  5. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    What's your point?
  6. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Absolutely agree 100%! The GC there last year was a blast!
  7. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Hook and ladder no bueno! You're done, Jonestown!
  8. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    That's a terrible penalty for the Riders to take. Argos' defense really needs to step it up now.
  9. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Wild, wild, wild finish. Only in the CFL.
  10. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Pretty sure that isn't a challengeable play.
  11. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    New symbol for choking:
  12. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    I guess Pedersen and Flatbilly Nation aren't whining about the officials anymore.
  13. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    The Argos' offense has been pretty lacklustre today. Posey has to make that catch.
  14. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Oh, boy... Argos' defense getting a bit sloppy now.
  15. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Suffice it to say, I can't see either team in this game beating the West Division Champion in the Grey Cup.