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  1. Kane running for mayor in Knox County Tennessee. Perhaps Corporate Kane was a subtle transition for him to get people used to seeing him sans mask and all suit and tied
  2. sorry Emma Miskew but you've been replaced as my curling eye candy by Russian skip Anna Sidorova
  3. I didn't see Bryant's tweet, but his name, along with Olafioye came up with regards to Dennis prior to the riders signing him, as he was looking for a similar pay day to what the two of them were getting. From what I understand though, Olafioye gets the higher end of the 2, and I believe Dennis signed for more than Bryant did
  4. still haven't given JJ another go, im pretty much in coast mode atm until TPB next week and Archer coming back on in april
  5. maybe they would win if people would stop misleading them with their boo's and cheers. I would probably cheer a little louder for them if the whole place got a free cheese nips
  6. apparently there is a new trailer coming out on sat. the beginning of this trailer is a teaser of it, the rest looks like an extended trailer from before also with some behind the scenes looks
  7. there's no trailers for these movies yet, but here are some sequels about to get under way if they haven't started already; Wedding Crashers 2: swap out Bradley Cooper and insert Daniel Craig American Pie 5 - in Vegas Assassins Creed 2 - did awful domestically, but world wide brought in 250m or so Gremlins 3 Zombieland 2 The Predator Saw Legacy (8)
  8. keep seeing little teaser trailers for dead pool 2, 1 was just before Logan started (spoiler link 1), apparently I keep leaving movies too early and miss post credit scenes too so if you haven't seen Logan, I'll put it in the spoiler function 2...
  9. with the list they had I'm surprised they went 2 builders, but equally as surprised as they could induct 1 more person (7 total) but opted with 6
  10. Considering the story was blatant rip off of Pocahontas, unless a sequel offered some new innovative visual spectacle, I would assume it would end being like the Matrix franchise, where the sequel(s) were trying to recapture the same lightning in a bottle by doing the same things and offering up something easily forgettable
  11. I voted no, but really I've sat on both levels and didn't really notice any significant difference. That said it wasn't loud in any case.
  12. I suppose they could have brought the doc back in Genisys but J.K. Simmons kind of assumed the role of a person who witnessed the terminators and lived to tell about it. I also think the only reason the doc was brought in to T3 was for comedic value when he approaches Claire Danes at the cemetery, so him coming back in a 4th movie would be rehashing the same purpose which I think would lose it's appeal.
  13. T2 was one of my fav movies growing up but T3, Salvation and Genisys were pretty crappy... maybe I just related more to a young John Connor in 1992 as I was 10 at the time. That said, I could seriously have done without Genisys and it's jumping back and forth through time altering realities. Hopefully if Cameron gets back on board, he will pick it up from the end of Salvation, and finally show how John wins the war.
  14. lol there was a recap of an interview with lesnar (Heyman beside him) where he's asked whats going through his mind after losing to goldberg again.... they zoom in on lesnar's face as if he is actually going to talk, then cut away saying later tonight we'll find out! reminded me of a Maury segment
  15. I didn't really mind steph and HHH on yesterday's raw, biggest issues for me was waaay too many video packages recapping feuds going on. With 13 days (12 now) there is still 1 more raw, they should have been using this time to continue to build matches then kind of simmer with just recaps. I'm totally uninterested in Taker vs Reigns. Seems like a 2 second scramble for a match they are trying hard to hype with a choke slam to reigns and one to strowman. wooo *fart noise* At least give taker the mic to tell reigns he's going to rest in peace. I also think they recapped goldberg vs lesnar about 5 times or more, and neither of them were there. IMHO this could end up being the worst WM of them all. at least on the Raw side of things