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  1. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    damn yeah i just saw Baumings tweet he's on the 1 game. Hopefully he's back for the LDC.
  2. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    where is Walker?
  3. Wrestling

    if he's out that long I pray to geebus he works on his mic skills
  4. Injury Report

    Good news on Carmichael, ****y news on Wild. But i'd rather have a healthy wild down the stretch then rushing him early
  5. Derel Walker

    If it was a matter of Dressler or Walker, looking long term, it makes sense to go with Walker. Not sure how much time Dressler has left as injuries are seeming to pile up, so it's not just about the here and now as we push for the postseason, but the future as well. If it came down to one or the other, I would seriously try hard to trade Dress to Montreal for a pick. If there's a place where Dressler would be seen in high regard would likely be with Reed, Chapdelaine and Durant
  6. Upcoming Movies

    I've seen that and it's one version of his origin (down on his luck guy trying to be a comic but no one finds him funny and he snaps) but I think the Joker's origin is likely more like the original Tim Burton film where he's a thug. I doubt he's the one who kills Thomas and Martha Wayne like in that movie, but starts off as a low level criminal, gets into a gang/family, eventually assumes control. They could go into his past with things like how he became so good at explosives (maybe one went off on him and it F'd him up) or they make it like he's a bipolar nut job that's just crazy AF
  7. Derel Walker

    if there's an opportunity to snag Walker I'm sure we could do some creative accounting as the year rolls on. Hell I don't even care if we're a little over the cap, as long as it's not ridiculously over ($100k+) then the fine is a slap on the wrist I'd take all day every day for a talent like Walker to be wearing blue and gold
  8. Upcoming Movies

    It will be interesting to see which joker they are going to run with and what origin they run with, as there seems to be a few interpretations. I get the feeling if Scorsese is involved, it will likely be akin to Leto's mob boss version (without Leto) and be him rising up through the ranks, probably as some kind of IRA bomber or something
  9. Upcoming Movies

    Went and saw The Hitman's Bodyguard this afternoon. Probably best movie i've seen in quite some time. Reynolds and Sam Jackson have an amazing chemistry. Tons of laughs, action and a decent story. I'd be very disappointed if they don't take a stab at a sequel to this. I'd highly recommend checking it out.
  10. Derel Walker

    yeah i'm just looking over the stats so far in the bucs 2 preseason games and he's got no stats so not sure if he's even getting a look at this point, or was just a camp body. I do realize a "reading on RF" is a grain of salt worthy, but some of them do know their football, (as long as it's not green goggled rider banter). I personally would love to see Walters make a play for him if and when the time came
  11. Derel Walker

    Thought I'd start this thread just to see what some us think. Reading on RF lot of posters think he may come back to the CFL sooner then later, and should be a FA. While it might be easy to think he's returning to the esks, I have to wonder if he still has that same allegiance to the Esks, now that Hervey is no longer there. Could there be an opportunity to out bid them for his services? Should we? I like our receiving corps, however with Dressler getting hurt seemingly annually, and denmark going for long stretches of invisibility, is it time to start thinking of the future and what Walker could do for us? He's only 26, so the possibility of inking him long term is there, but it might come at the expense of one of our vets. Thoughts?
  12. Wrestling

    the biggest problem I see with Reigns is he looks devoid of any energy/excitement if he's not either cocking his arm for a superman punch or setting up for a spear which is 98% of the time. It's almost impossible as a viewer to get excited for someone who doesn't look excited themselves. Like Braun i think his best situation was in a faction like the shield as the "muscle" who can let the others around him being the hype bringers on the stick while he can be his monotone self in the background doing what he does when need be. In a perfect world now that Dean and Seth are back on good terms is the shield be reformed, Braun and Bray get back together (maybe bring Erick Rowan over to SD), turn Finn Balor and have him back together with Gallows and Anderson, and get some feuds going
  13. Wrestling

    If Roode is being called up to one of the 2 programs SD makes more sense with Cena coming over to Raw. But man that Cena/Reigns vs Joe/Miz match last night was kinda brutal. I did like the segment that lead up to it with the Miz looking like he was about to start crying demanding his moment. The crowd was it's usual day after a PPV self. Cena is really starting to look his age and seemed a lot smaller out there imo
  14. Game Of Thrones (Spoilers)

    I read that spoiler back when it was first posted, but I don't remember how it ended so I'll leave it as is for now. I did watch the preview for next weeks GoT but didn't show much, Daenerys army assemble (whats left anyways) Jon, Daenarys, Cersei and Jamie all sit down in some colosseum looking structure for their parlay

    it didn't seem that way as it was very bang bang from the snap to lateral but imo the involvement of Harris in that sequence prevented him from picking up the blitzing Eskimo defender that got to adams pretty much as soon as he got the ball from Harris