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  1. lately it seems like the inmates run the asylum and the mods are quick to pull the trigger on opposing fans then the actual **** disturbers in the threads. I get it it's a rider site, but it says a lot when other fans come in to talk/debate football and are quick to get punted while guys like BSD and his 2 bit backhanded comments run rampant in every thread and 99% of it is not even football related and do nothing but fan the flames. but whateve's as i said i'm done posting there, between BSD, Raj, Fizz and Madhatter its pretty unreadable lately
  2. there's a difference between trolling and voicing an opposing opinion. Take my banning last week, I said I thought Brouilette was only named all star because Courtney Stephen was hurt. If he's being paid what Hecht was its a good signing, if hes making more I dont see the upside. I wasn't being slanderous towards posters, mods, the riders org or Brouilette himself even, it was simply an opinion amidst several people pointing out he was an eastern all star like it validated him being a huge improvement over Hecht. If you disagree with me, argue the point. but I get a msg from CRF saying people are sick of my **** and banned for a week. if that's the kinda BS that gets you banned cuz i'm not a rider fan, and after reading so much junk written by "rider fans" slamming jones and co and players with not even so much as a slap on the wrist. this is pretty much the look that says it all
  3. Meh I'm done posting over there. between the mods acting like assclowns banning any criticism by non-rider fans and the jonestown circle jerkers sippin on pink drinks and high fiving each other for mediocrity and league wide ridicule, not worth the time and effort anymore. Tho I will pop in every now and then to watch them self implode with every loss and circus move Jones makes. Green tears taste like unicorn farts
  4. I dont think he was a bad teacher persay as it was pointed out by Han in TFA that Snoke got to him and turned him to the dark side. Part of the reason I think a Han Solo movie taking place between ROTJ and TFA would be better is it could very well have brought a more proper introduction/back ground on Snoke and what happened with Kylo. They spent episode I-III building up chancellor Palpatine while focusing on Anakin, and how he rose up to become the emperor, I don't think they have that luxury to do the same with Snoke, so IMO a missed opportunity to tie up several lose ends at once
  5. i think all in all I'd rather have seen the Solo story between ROTJ and TFA (might still happen). Unless the hook up between Chewie and Han is epic, I don't think I really have a vested interest in seeing the Kessel run. I'd rather see this and find out where the magic died
  6. would be interesting if he takes over in the big smoke. Got a feeling his first order of business would be calling up Reed and inquiring about Adams, and offer the als Toronto's 2018 1st lol
  7. I don't think anyones getting "weird" about it, but 250 is a little heavier then most if not all MLBs across the league; now granted, Jeffcoat is 3" taller then Mumaba and woods (both 6'0) but he's 20lbs heavier then muamba but only 5 lbs heavier then woods according to CFL.ca As i mentioned with the vid though he looks like a good tackler with speed, might be perfect for MLB
  8. after watching this I really think this guy could have a legit shot at MLB, seems like a good tackler and speed to burn
  9. I'd love CM Punk to return, especially with Rollins on the shelf again. There are so many good matches you could put him in, 1 for sure I'd like to see eventually would be a CM Punk vs AJ Styles
  10. I was just taking a look at PPV's and seems money in the bank comes after WM (with extreme rules inbetween) battle ground then summer slam. I guess i missed out on a few big PPVs for them. Knowing that now, I would say Goldberg wins at fast lane, faces and loses to lesnar at WM, strowman wins MITB and cashes in at summer slam, but because it won't be Lesnar vs Strowman at summer slam, it paves the way for a few months of feuding. The biggest issue I see is all the lesser PPVs in between - like after Summer Slam there's backlash, clash of champions, no mercy, Hell in a cell then finally Survivor Series. of those I'd actually like to see Lesnar and Strowman in HIAC
  11. i can buy into that (title changes) so when do you figure strowman gets it, survivor series or royal rumble next year?
  12. Im starting to buy into strowman. Alot more athletic then I thought for such a big man
  13. Not having watched Community I had no clue what you were talking about, but that was pretty funny
  14. lol yeah my bad was typing and eating dell not dale
  15. lol i didn't say they would be world beaters, but realistically a couple bounces go their way last year and they are a .500 team as well