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  1. looks like they are getting all secretive over on RF. A poster alluded to the roster violations being in part from Jones and Steve Macaulay of the Regina Thunder being buddy buddy and they've been flying in junior players from all over the country to try and get them in the exempt classification. Guess some of these kids were already exempt for someone else prior
  2. nope when asked at minicamp why kinne wasn't rostered jones told the reporters he was no longer with the team. I think it was similar circumstances to Jake Waters, recently married and other job opportunities down south
  3. tough to say who will be PR'd. Apparently Jones has been on record as saying Bridge doesn't do well in practices but when the lights come on he's a gamer so how well he does at these camps might not mean much. I think they'll release Heaps and PR bennett imo
  4. i totally forgot the riders were fined $60K as well as the 26K deduction to their sms last year, so in 1 year Jones has cost the club over $100K in fines. I might not be a fancy big city lawyer, but even in a profitable company losing $100K due to gross negligence to the rules and STILL sucking balls on the field would normally be grounds for immediate dismissal... i think the axe is being sharpened as we speak. might not swing till labour day tho
  5. fixed it for you
  6. im also curious about that violation related to the recruitment of a junior player... was this from that cancelled montreal camp they tried to run?
  7. So there was a little fire there after all between Jones and Manziel's camp. I'm sure rider fans will defend this by saying but it wasn't a work out as reported! anyone have a tally on the fines Jones as incurred so far as a rider? mental math has me somewhere around $70K
  8. The visit could have been a lot better for me but the ending was spoiled to me prior to seeing it. That's MNS problem, he's good for that one pop surprise ending twist but once you've seen or know it, the movie isn't really worth watching again. As for the Visit making fun of the elderly I didn't feel that way personally, it was more just showcasing how crazy the 2 elderly characters were while still touching upon common elderly issues at the same time
  9. lol i was thinking the same thing, looks like mack's breathin it in, walters got distracted from his phone by it, the guy on the left is trying to figure out wtf that noise was and the guy behind mack is about to high tail it outta there
  10. sunny and 11 tomorrow, (only high of 6 today) thats damn near tailgating weather, but has there ever been a mini camp tailgate?
  11. watching that ducks oilers game yesterday it was reminding me of when we played the ducks in the first round a few years ago but roles reversed. Anaheim was flying hard at the start of the game, while the oilers were sitting back and trying to slow the pace. by the end of the game, oilers turned it up a notch and anaheim couldn't keep up. Seems like that's what Anaheim used to do and certainly did versus us with those come from behind wins
  12. did anyone watch this? apparently premiered Jan 6th, concluded march 3rd so full season to be watched. Not really sure how i feel about the trailer, but wondering if its worth attempting
  13. nope, after the village i swore off his movies for a while. i think devil may have been the next one i watched by him. speaking of bad movies, they have a movie thread on RF i was looking at and someone mentioned this movie called the doom generation from the 90's. that's definitely gotta be one of the dumbest things i've watched in forever
  14. I dunno if I'd call Kohlert's 10 reception 2012 rookie season an indication he was a starting canadian receiver at the time ottawa picked him, but looking at the list of who we had I can see why it was ottawas reluctant pick and no big deal loss