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  1. CFL week march 22-25

    I almost forgot about it TBH. seems like everyone was all jazzed about it last year and the event went well, but since they announced we would have it this year there's been very little press on it. I'm excited for it as well. I usually try to take in a couple rookie/TC practices but I think this just offers so much more. Will definitely be booking some time off for this
  2. CFL week march 22-25

    With it being less then 2 months away I'm surprised there isn't more spotlight on this. Not sure how it was ran in Regina last year but do you need to buy tickets to specific events?
  3. Wrestling

    I very much dislike shows like this because these legends are all usually unable to wrestle anymore. Even the stone cold segment with Vince was awkward and drawn out. The Gms coming out and waving was dumb too... all it was missing was a laptop. Im tempted to get the WWE network tho for the 30 day free trial for RR , is it like netflix that I download or sign up to on my laptop and run via hdmi to my tv oir do I need to go through my service provider (Bell)?
  4. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    thought i read somewhere groulx was likely BC bound where they have more of a need then us
  5. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Its tough to say where some of these QBs are at. I thought Adams showed reasonably well in his first few starts - i believing winning his first 3 - but has since been saddled behind QB's much more along then him and as such been relegated on the depth charts. The reason why I think he'd be the odd man out in sask is because they just resigned Bridge to likely more then he was making, just signed Collaros to a huge salary, and its been reported adams is on a higher contract then then a usual rookie one. At some point they will need to trim some $ to get under the cap or to open up some funds for FA. I expect Adams to be one of them and Williams assuming the #3 spot
  6. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    I have zero confidence in our scouts we can find anything worthwhile when it comes to QB prospects. Hell most of the QBs in the league playing were recruited from other teams. That entire rider stable outside of Williams was other teams finds, Collaros, Bridge, Adams... in the CFL its never really about who you can find its about who you can sign and retain
  7. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    work out a trade. Aside from a potential temporary upgrade in our #2 QB talent I don't see the upside in the bigger picture. Reminds me of when we had Glenn at QB2 2 years ago, great to have a vet back up just in case but did absolutely nothing for us going forward. Now granted Davis didn't show very well last year, at least that gives us a better idea of what we have and can potentially start to turn in a new direction. I'm not totally against the Durant signing. It was painfully obvious last year our back up situation was/is pretty bad but I'd have preferred grabbing a younger dude with potential then an aging vet with likely a decent contract size who is gonna be one and done with us.
  8. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    I originally typed out a post I ended up deleting but it was pretty much I'd take a hard pass on Durant or Glenn back when they were without a team and wait for Adams to be released in sask. He's already been doing the short yardage stuff to replace Lefevour and has started and won games to be a potential QB to groom and be the future essentially replacing Davis as well. I guess Durant kind of fill;s that roll too but is much more expensive, and much much older to been seen as any kind of future so he's a stop gap and come 2019 well be back in the same position
  9. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    meh Thomas had better stats then Steele last year and has been a bomber for 5 years now. Steele might be from wpg but IMO Thomas has probably endeared himself to Oshea and will likely continue to have a job here
  10. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Sounds like its $450-460K guaranteed, which is less then the reported $550K he was scheduled to make but that's still a ridiculous amount of cheddar being forked over toa QB coming off a garbage season. Jones is channeling his 2017 Kavis Reed...
  11. Wrestling

    you guys know your in the wrestling thread right? Has anyone seen a show called The Wrestlers on Vice ? They played a few episodes last night, first one I caught was on Mexicans/Luchadores trying to break into the US market but also life in mexico as one goes... 1 part I thought was cool was in Tijuana they have a Lucha stoplight. Like the way we have pan handlers or people who wash your headlights, but its a couple of guys who bust out ladders and chairs and start doing flips n beating each other during the red light for change. guys ended up getting spotted by Konnan and put on whatever promotion he was running out there at the time (Crash Wrestling?). The other episode was more about behind the curtain stuff and while most of it is common knowledge if you've followed wrestling for any significant amount of time, its still always neat seeing different POV and the odd ball thing picked up - like a wrestler after his match wanted to go sell his merch but the promoter was pretty adamant that as long as their were matches still going on/coming up it was not a good idea to potentially pull audience away from viewing those matches by offering them something else to do if they weren't necessarily interested in the match(es) to be. Makes sense but maybe things you don't really think about from a fans pov
  12. Wrestling

    gotta say I'm not really a fan of Auska. Maybe its an asian thing but she's pretty much the female Nakamura in everything for her off-center wobbly movement to her "strong style" power strikes. I much prefer the title picture staying between natalya and charlotte as they are IMO the best to female wrestlers the WWE has. I understand giving it to Rousey just cuz of who she is... would make for an interesting mixed tag match down the road between Lesnar/Rousey vs Shinsuke/Auska if they ever wanted this angle
  13. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    whats funny is if Rich hadn't pointed out longhorn was migs, I could have easily pitted about a dozen posters on RF as the culprit. They all post with the exact same style and exude the same arrogant ignorance. I'm starting to believe Migs is actually several constant posters over there. But then again, Rotor got outed for creating "Bobthetalking dog" account upon the reboot of their site where he was constantly praising and liking his own posts.... nothing should really surprise me anymore over yonder. I still get a chuckle that I haven't posted there in like over 2 months yet my name still gets run thru the mud now and then.
  14. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    after watching too many south park episodes the last few days I have come to believe Carter has/will set the new record for largest crap at 101 courics
  15. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    I think both fan bases have legit reason to critique their respective stadiums for what they cost and how many issues there have been. I don't think anyone has been foolish enough to believe any place would be flawless, but I do find it funny how many rider fans bashed the bombers and IGF for their issues, meanwhile all season have had their own complaints (along with other teams re: air conditioning for example) and some are even specifically signing up over here just to try and defend their stadium... "Hey Bombers....Nice lemon!" said the rider fan cruisin by in a souped up K-car with the busted headlight and missing tailpipe. In my day, the kids used to call it Karma