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  1. calgary always seems to be most susceptible to losing early in the season too so I think Ottawa has a chance.
  2. would love a RB upset over the Stamps tonight. BC and EDM end in a tie and the "Football Gods" actually wear blue and gold
  3. Well I'm glad we live in a relatively peaceful place. When I take my kid (ages 12) to sporting events or concerts, he has NEVER been searched once. I'm sure this happens to others as well. Now I'm all good with it as I don't even drink when I'm with my kid so we're not smuggling anything in, but I could see this one day biting someone in the ass. I wouldn't put it past radicals from using children as their means to get in the instruments of destruction they are trying to use. I think of all the child soldiers in the world, and kids aren't spared from the wicked and evil. I don't think anything will happen in the immediate future of Winnipeg, but all it takes is 1 nutjob to destroy that peaceful, secure feeling. Seems with the times its a matter of when, not if.
  4. I'm not surprised Transformers is not doing well, those movies have been pretty bad. If it wasn't for the extra money they make in Toys, clothing, games...etc they would have/should have put this franchise on ice after revenge of the fallen
  5. that might be cuz they make her all ghetto fabulous on SD (not a fan) but she was a Laker girl prior to WWE
  6. I kinda wanna post this over on RF in regards to their season... but it'd be like punching a wounded cat with downs syndrome
  7. TBH Jones hasn't looked all that riled up on the side lines even when they get thumped. I guess knowing you have a long leash, full autonomy and getting paid fists full of money, I probably wouldn't get all that pissed off either. Probably laugh myself to sleep each night.
  8. I guess maybe I should have googled this before, but sounds like I could have been on the right track with FTWD : TWD If this comes to be, my interest in FTWD just increased about 10 fold
  9. Whatever way you wanna spin it, 3 years, 3 significant injuries. Most, if not all, coming from camp and preventing him from contributing anything for us. This was supposed to be a make or break year for him (no pun intended) and he came up short. I would cut bait ASAP and use that roster spot more productively
  10. marc trestman is a few riddles and some green leotards away from being edward nygma
  11. it's funny cuz we were ranked 4th to end last year, and have largely kept our roster intact so how we end up 6th confuses me. Ottawa on the other hand have lost a lot of talent and are rolling the dice with Harris (who i'm still not fully sold on) yet they go from 6th to 3rd and were even destroyed by the currently ranked 7th placed Alouettes. That list is a joke
  12. i'd easily take over on the bombers 8. It would take a complete melt down to be under .500 this year imo
  13. “I once saw him scissor-kick Angela Lansbury.” To Brett Blaszko! “He once punched a hole in a cow just so he could see who was coming up the road.” To Brett Blaszko!
  14. I think a lot has to do with the blockers formations prior to the kick. on a kick off the players are spread out a lot more across the field vs a punt return that sees most of your blockers start off at the LOS so you don't get many blocks till you take it a little ways. I'd imagine the desired skill set might be a little different too. IE: punt returner should have a strong initial burst of speed after the catch and a kick returner should have more shifty moves to navigate through the blockers that are more spread out
  15. I'm fully expecting it to be JFGs job to lose, but I have no faith whatsoever Richards will ever be healthy enough to ever contribute. I don't know if we can release him or not seeing as this is year 3 for him and he is injured, but I would if I could and bring in Stanford. Him and Blaszko can compete for the backup NI receiver spot. Though I'm also expecting that if Demski doesn't re-up this year in sask he's as good as ours in feb, so maybe Blaszko as depth is enough to hold the fort with JFG until the offseason