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  1. Mini-camp info - April 24-26

    interesting to see Binghams name on there, was he PR'd last year or just getting another crack again?
  2. RE: Young people's interest IMO the NFL lacks "bad boy" super stars like it used to. My son for example despite playing football his whole life so far (as soon as he was old enough to play) has more interest in basketball these days and could talk my ear off about this team or that team and this player and that. IMO the NFL has gotten too stiff and when the only big headlines making the news in recent memory are kneeling during anthems your gonna lose some of the shine, and youth are mesmerized by shiny things. If there's one thing Vince and Co may be good at is creating some superstars and may just be the trick to stability. It won't appeal to some such as the tradionalists, but if they wanna create fans for the long haul, its that youth that'll soon be the next wave of income earners
  3. Wrestling

    While he may not have been the first wrestler i associated with wrestling - being an 80s kid Hogan, Macho Man and The Ultimate Warrior were the cream off the crop, I would always hear that Bruno was like THE guy back in the day basically braking wrestling from a travelling sideshow to a sporting event as his title reign was so long people would fill madison square garden everytime just to see if that was gonna be the night he lost it. Cant say I ever watched him wrestle but I would have to say he gets some o the most if not the most accolades from anyone and everyone associated with wrestler past or present. I assume they will do something more extravagant to honour his legacy than others who've passed before him, probably change the WWE Hall of Fame name to something akin to the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Pro Wrestling HoF but like Bruno Sammartino Sports Entertainment HoF
  4. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    i was too young to remember the jets winning a round 1 the first time(s) around (I'd have been 2 -4 in 84-85 and 85-86 so this will be new territory for me. Better believe imma be downtown drunk AF on Fri to bask in the moment. Now if The Avs can do the unthinkable and upset... Holy **** would I ever love seeing a Jets/Avs more so then the preds. I think a series with Nashville win or lose is gonna be a grinder that may leave either team kinda winded and wounded heading into the west final vs Vegas or SJ. Dont think I watched all the Preds/Jets games but werent they usually like 5-4 type games? I guess to be the best you gotta beat the best but I'm also a fan of upsets when it benefits our team. and an easy round 2 series would bode well for the big picture
  5. Wrestling

    meh totally forgot about drew since he was on TNA. IMO he reminded me of a darker haired Big Cass. Nothing really standoutish about him other than him having like a foot on Ziggler. He did get a nice pop though when they attacked titus world wide. I guess rolling with the pop makes sense to put him more over the Reigns
  6. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    my guess would be LaFrance and Fogg as the 2 returners with demski an alternate. Demski will be looked up to be our starting NI receiver (at least one of them) so they aren't gonna gas him returning kicks constantly. That said I thought Demski was getting better at being a returner until he got hurt, even took one to the house iirc
  7. Bomber Moves 2018

    TC may be a while away still but itd still be nice to get our FA deal(s) done at this point. Bomber staff should be focused on the combine and draft at this juncture not fluffing a guy we previously used a 1st over all on.
  8. Wrestling

    I'm guessing Jax's push is cooling off... watching her cry on monday was kinda the opposite reaction I'd expect of a monster heel. Have her trash everything in frustration and "snap" but tears just screams "I'm a loser". When Bliss was trying to console her I'd have had her lose it on her not just get into a woes me situation. But I understand the need to keep putting Asuka over until her streak comes to an end
  9. Wrestling

    was thinking the same thing, especially with the influx of NXT women on both shows. They could easily make 3-4 tag teams for each program and still have a few singles competitors for the womens title. That said it got me thinking on monday about whatever happened to Awesome Kong? I know she got knocked up shortly after jumping from TNA to WWE so is she still on like mat leave or was her timing a piss off for WWE? IMO she was a lot better then Nia Jax as a monster heel
  10. Wrestling

    its horrible. Add that with a commercial that popped up in the middle of a match eating up a good portion of the screen and it's starting to look like how tv is portrayed in the future in the movie Idiocracy
  11. Wrestling

    been meaning to ask, is there a reason WWE has gone all sesame street with popping up words that wrestlers are saying? is it learn to read month or something?
  12. Wrestling

    Nakamura day gave me a chuckle I think Rusev was about to break character too
  13. Game 66 : Union Station @ Grand Central Terminal

    Those are some pretty good Laine gifs
  14. Bomber Moves 2018

    It might be nonsense, but I've come to believe the reason for signing bonuses is to put money in the pocket of said player immediately as an act of goodwill from the club, usually because the player needs the money immediately vs waiting out till all the game cheques have been collected. I've come to also believe this is why a lot of players restructure their contracts along the way where they can get lump sum payments that offseason but either commit extra years or reneg to a slight over/under amount to their current deal, as the club is then able to use up remaining cap space from that year before heading into the next. If this does apply then the $35K muamba got certainly would play a factor as he's already received a significant amount of money and barely over a month ago so the need for more immediately is either telling me the guy lives well beyond his means or is doing some bad stuff on his own time which would be a red flag for me
  15. Bomber Moves 2018

    The riders already paid him $35K in Jan i think that may play into teams being reluctant on his signing bonus, might even be the hold up. I'm sure the base will be pretty good in his favor but the fact he's already gotten a paycheque so far this offseason might be working against him