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  1. Random News Items

    I took it as either, A) they may have folded it this year but tried to capitalize on the games and the extra people that would have been in the city, at least towards the end of the festival, or B. they are unhappy with being situated in 1 spot for X amount of days due to the games taking over. I've never been, probably wouldn't go in the future. Only name that caught my eye this year was Beck and even though I liked his Mellow Gold album back in the 90's, wasn't enough to draw me out
  2. I've always thought he'd make a good HC or at least as strong candidate as any for "the next one" , he's been around as an OC for the last 5 years, former player, and thought he's done a good job to date as an OC. BC's woes this year IMO was his QBs getting hurt. Jennings hasn't been the same since he returned and losing Lulay proved untimely. I would have given him a crack sooner than Maas but obviously the Mass/Hervey connection trumped that. I think Claybrooks will be the next new HC though before Khari
  3. Space is the Place

    Even though it was from the big bang theory, I think they nailed a good point that certain scientific fields need the headlines from time to time to garner more funding otherwise it looks like a stand still and no real reason to keep pushing forward. They may try to sensationalize their findings or what they are looking for to interest the average person with no real connection to it all but in the end it has to be a sell job to someone
  4. If Montreal was smart they would have axed Reed the moment the reg season concluded, reached out to Hervey for GM then made some strong pushes for guys like Khari Jones or Devone Claybrooks (assuming AC has no interest or isn't seen as a good fit for HC). Cut loose DD and picked up Collaros. That would be what I would do the first day/week of my offseason in trying to get my team back on track
  5. Talks with Mulumba

    it might not have been a direct Thorpe vs Lankford competition, but IMO I'd have moved Denmark into Lankfords spot and Thorpe into Denmarks in the middle. Flanders still sees the field as long as thorpe is replacing someone and roster spot wise I'd have sooner taken out Lankford. Even if Lankford has the speed to play the wide out spot, he's not very good.
  6. Talks with Mulumba

    I would have prefered Thorpe over Lankford, but Osh loves him some ST, which Lankford was offering, tho iirc Thorpe was also being looked at as a primary returner before he got hurt in TC, guess that didn't pan out. all in all I still think we should have swung a trade with the Als for Jackson, originally as a replacement for Dressler, now as one for Adams, and eventually get all 3 in the line up for the playoffs, but that boat has sailed
  7. Random Death Notice 2017

    First Mr. Lahey now Gord Downie... canadian icons starting to fall. Was never a hip fan but I can appreciate the art and the poetry specifically Gord crafted that had a huge impact on many people's live. RIP Mr Downie. **on a side note an ex gf of mine absolutely loved the hip, she had a poster of gord at the end of her bed that looked like he was tryin to drop a deuce. It was such an off putting pic when we were tryin to knock boots lol that has been for 20+ years and always will be my lasting impression can't seem to find the pic but it was similar to this one just without the hat so yeah lol
  8. Upcoming Movies

    meh, GL should have been a part of the cast anyways (as well as the Martian Manhunter) over Cyborg at least. Seems kind of dumb to have this movie and not include the a couple of the original 7 members (Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, GL and MM) yet include a later member once the Justice League expanded
  9. Bombers Add 3 To PR

    MLB or DE? guy has a motor on him!
  10. He was a player with the argos (QB) in 1982 also an OC with the ottawa rough riders in 1986. Watching the Ham/Calgary game it was mentioned a lot that Jones has been a vocal proponent for players coming to the CFL, but seems like Bo Levi was one of the few that actually listened to him
  11. Pyrrhic victory?

    Bob was saying theres a good chance Wild, Dressler and Flanders will be back next week. As much as it sucks to get the injuries we did seems like were getting just as much back as we lost, if not more
  12. Official Moe Out for Season

    the only positive from such **** news like this is, leggett has been hurt a couple times this season so his back up should be well adjusted to start at this point. Definitely a downgrade to Moe, but we've played a few games without already
  13. Upcoming Movies

    I think a big reason people will pass it over is from too many similar things being brought out recently like inhumans, the gifted..etc seems like it's all just regurgitated ideas being repacked to seem different. RE The Dark Phoenix, I was not a fan of X-Men the Last Stand but its nice to know they are playing it that the events of Days of Future Past erased that whole movie from ever happening (wish it could have done so with a few other movies lol) and obviously they showed a glimpse of the phoenix at the end of X-Men Apocalypse, I just hope they soup her up better than a moody Jean Grey who looks like she has menstrual rage... I seem to remember the Phoenix taking on a different form, but maybe I'm thinking of the entity once it left Jean Grey
  14. Upcoming Movies

  15. Elimimian and Singleton will likely never be in blue in gold, at least without mortgaging the future. The one I always wonder about is Taylor Reed, and how he slipped through our fingers.