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  1. UFC

    Yeah or that. Or jon jones brand **** pills. It seems he popped for usada in his post weigh in pre fight test. Turinabol is what hes supposedly popped for. If its true he would be facing a 4 year suspension,
  2. Bombers In-Season Transactions

    To an extent every team does a little bit of that. The riders were doing a lot of it, and having guys not on any portion of the roster practice. Thats what got them in trouble. Not too surprised. DT has got to be the hardest spot to crack on the blue right now.
  3. UFC

    He popped, its not official what for yet and he hasnt been stripped, yet. At this point though, its just a matter of time. Short of fully getting off on the charge hes FKd. Jon jones vs brock lesnar main event in bellator / rizin in 6 monthes.
  4. Stamps @Lions

    Ah yes such a great game. The 01 East final against hamilton was my first home play off game. Lots of games in the 90s but not soo much play off games lol.
  5. Stamps @Lions

    Hes certainly had his losses. We beat them 30-3 idr what year.
  6. Stamps @Lions

    Yeah it did. If they hadnt of won a title the burris dickenson garcia one might have too.
  7. Stamps @Lions

    Its allways how wally has been. From printers to back in his calgary days.
  8. 3 episodes into defenders, its pretty good. Typical slow start for a netflix original. The action is much improved over iron fist + daredevil. They got too flippy dippy for my likes. Its much more grounded and street level in defenders.
  9. i expect some thing really good next week. All the fan service has been cool but I want some hard hitting story. I did like it though. I mean ofc its GOT lol. Bout to watch defenders hyped for this one.
  10. UFC

    Bamgbose is lightning in a bottle. Looking forward to the one. Im sick of seeing way way waaaaay past done fighters like lil nog run out there. Id rather one less fight then see him run out. That list also includes vitor (with out the juice) silva, rashad, and any heavy weight who held the belt before cain.
  11. Hey Ripper

    the deliciousness of fried spam is nearly lost to the world. (out side of hawaii and the orient.)
  12. Some truth to that, you expect any WR or RB not to be a complete durp with returning. Though we have seen some pretty awful returners over the years. cactus is before my time, i only remember bob doing pbp. Any one that remembers whipping out a lesson for us younger bomber fans would be great. In general, im long winded enough. Not just him, but sooo much negativity and doubt about the talent level of our WR core. Now we cant even pick who should sit for dressler when he comes back.
  13. 2nd returner on kick offs is more of an up back position. seldom returns unless the ball is squibed and bounces funny, or goes close to out of bounds on his side but not all the way.
  14. Flanders returned because he had to. JFG was down and lankford was at the trainers table too.