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  1. that after being the class of the league for like 10+ years.... Only one way a GMs tenure ends. (unless named buono)
  2. In this case it might have to do with him spending as much time if not more coming out of lber as de... It doesnt happen as much on offense because on offense guys slide around through out the game.
  3. the 26 pounds or less isnt what will make the difference. Look at how much linemen mash and play 4 quarters. especially ends vs tackles 50+ pounds heavier. KD williams was 250, tuipala etc guys like barrin simpson and ryland wickman were short 240 ish and less mobile. Jabar westerman has played end at 280 pounds, etc. The tweener position down south is one of the biggest spots for athletic freaks. Guys who run like wrs/dbs, are strong like line men, and crazy levels of quickness. In great frames no less. The amount of mobility required to play the end in the canadian game is crazy. The ability to switch to mlb would largely depend on willingness to learn, natural ability to scrape the ball, and ability to read pre snap and adjust post snap. Playing as a 3-4 hybrid pass rusher down south is very, very similar to what khalil bass struggled to do here last year. If our vet ends bring it in camp, and especially with corney to rotate its gonna be hard to make the roster as a 4th de and an imp. So if hes a great talent a position change could be very well suited to keeping him around.
  4. hey now it isnt nice to pick on people on old age pension...
  5. with his athletic ability i was thinking he could make it even at 253. What his optimal weight would be for mlb we obviously cant know but if he can move well enough to play de at that range and mlb he would be super versatile and allow us to rotate ends, use the hurl package for another imp db etc.
  6. sweet christmas thats a stud rush end prospect. Not many rush ends play basketball and track at a good level. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2014/profiles/jackson-jeffcoat?id=2543660 The difference is we dont go in projecting a guy like him to start. He has to come in and take some ones job. But yeah big school high upside kids like him are real boom or bust.
  7. Thats true, but that probably has more to do with coaching.
  8. I agree with you on smith being better then what we lost. Im not sold on knox yet. We are crazy deep at LBer, and its pretty plug n play recruiting. Especially mlb.
  9. Think you are on the money here. Get a TC visiting coach type job and impress some one. Other wise im sure he could get a job in the ncaa coaching dbs this year.
  10. Id be surprised at this point if we sign some one we project as a starter short of saving money some place.
  11. Yeah thats true. Neufie was that last weak piece for us. Its not often you take out your worst OL and put in your best. You can turn an OL around quickly but its far from a sure thing. Even if you pick up 5 good OL.
  12. Denmark, dressler, and adams spots will be really hard to steal. Assuming we start 1 NI, then its smith and every one else with a wide open 4th imp spot. Id take gurley over smith but having them fight for that spot would be the best scenario.
  13. we had nichols from the previous year though... so we had a plan. and it worked. Though the drastic change in the OL with bond can not be under rated. So we were not in the same position. Last year through out the year we had 3 no1 qbs. Unless that one trade fixes your OL, brings in a star rb, and brings in half a new defensive line up no, no the riders arent one trade away from being in our spot last year... (+ a bunch of good NI talent.)
  14. UFC

    rumor is the long awaited anderson silva fight is on deck .
  15. Grade A off season in my books. The draft could change that up or down a bit.