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  1. still wouldnt be as one sided as the willy trade you might wanna skip the cfl draft then, picks made were on twitter n junk like 5minutes before they were made. Its soo long and drawn out too. I like drafts, but I think they would all be improved if they were sped up like 400%.
  2. I could see judge having a good impact as a rotational / package guy right away as well as on team. The package in particular last year that hurl came in on to get an extra imp db on the field. I like collings too. Hes in the top tier of chance to be in camp in the first round this year imop. His impact would be similar on defense. In that he would rotate with Jake. He would have a better chance to take the starting job for sure. But wouldnt be nearly as impact full on teams. I also like butcher in that roll. And judge would probably be our best NI lber right away, plus give us the ability to start a NI there if needed. It will be interesting to see what we do. There is a lot of risk on the board and a few guys that will have atleast 1 or 2 teams kicking them self for gambling. The amount of talent available in the top 15 has soo little drop off (including gambles). if we draft as well as last year we are going to be in an incredible position NI wise for years to come.
  3. http://www.bluebombers.com/2017/04/27/mini-camp-feature-alex-chisum/ that story about chisum and megatron is gold.
  4. yeah hes got great football instincts, work ethic, and is out of this world athletically for a NI. On top of that hes a guy who relishes playing teams. He would have scored among the best ranks at the combine this year, save for the bench.
  5. IMOP if judge was willing to sign a 2-3 year deal hed be worth the first over all imop.
  6. a guy like him can easily make the nfl to play teams alone though. his size would work as a back up saftey as well.
  7. http://www.bluebombers.com/2017/04/26/mini-camp-day-1-recap/
  8. both guys had tons of talent, especially considering the strength of rookie NI crops 6 + years ago, but neither could hold up to the battering of pro football. If i could have 1 of these 2 and addison richards, healthy and the same age the last guy id take would be addison richards. (hope he proves me wrong this year, but not holding my breath)
  9. probably going to have him line up and do solo drills to get him used to yard off the line n stuff. Plenty of acclimatizing for him to do, but yeah he isnt gonna show much with out drilling against some one.
  10. emphasis on BIG. He gavin walls esq in size and shape. Guys that well built who can run like him and are over 6'0 are pretty rare. Cant wait to see him in camp. He has real good hands too. Thats a tough spot to crack though. There was talk of him jumping up to the first round of the nfl draft if he ran the 40 well. He didnt, he ran a 4.50 40. But his clear break away speed, and quick acceleration in game tends to make that look like a bad run or a guy who isnt track fast. His 41.5" vert, and 11'1" broad jump ( yes 11 feet!) combined with the fact he went from 4.51 at the combine to 4.46 at his pro day make it a a certainty. His broad jump is nearly double his height. His vert is elite level for the NBA combine. 15 reps 25lbs above your body weight is pretty impressive too. Hes compact, 5'9 200lbs never seemed to get taken down by first contact. Seldom tackles from behind. If you were going to design a perfect back for the cfl, he might be what you come out with. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2014-pro-days-baylors-seastrunk-improves-combine-times/ First play he hurts his leg, missed his only 2 games in college career. Still ran 76 yards for the score. I really would like to see him get some reps returning kicks and punts. He was the heavy feature back and didnt get as much versatile use as would be ideal, But he really seems to have the skill set for it.
  11. With his athletic prowess he probably gets listed as a saftey, but his teams play would be what gets him on the roster. Every player who gets nfl interest could make them self a full nfl career if they just commit them self to excelling on teams. He seems like that kinda guy. With some eye popping numbers to back em up. thats the truth. Holy sweet crap this guy is a missile.
  12. I dont think we can expect to see too much out of the lone linemen in camp.... The 5 for me, WR Rashon ceaser, handsy guy who plays slot and fits what we do really well. Seems like we will have a open spot up for grabs. RB kendall roberson, great size / speed combo crazy high level producer but at d3. LBer Will smith, probably the pre season favorite to take the mlb spot. Qb Myles carr. Being the only young guy its hard to see him not ending up the PR. Camp should be a great chance to see his raw ability. DB Terrence parks. Really big athlete, hard to imagine him playing corner but he has the base tools to play most defensive spots other then the line.
  13. Yeah, RT is heavily weighted towards average movie goers. A positive score means atleast half the scores were 50% or better too its not a great metric imop.
  14. so long as he doesnt fill out wade millers bra itll be ok. im surprised tho i thought they were high on him as a lber maybe its a typo.