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  1. Upcoming Movies

    Him and de niro. They must have managed the money they made some kind of awful.
  2. Yeah. I think we had the same starting OL with only one injury after week 4 of last year. Idr who but i think newfie came in late last year. Long term, we need better starting NI. Which with our young guys and quality of our NI scouting im not worried about. Short term, we need to do a ton more hurry up. Yes teams fake injuries at time to derail our hurry up. If we did nearly full time hurry up they couldnt fake an injury every play. The offense runs dramatically better in the hurry up. Nichols calling his own plays would go a long ways as well.
  3. Yeah. Though id rather not see newfie start. Couture is a bit undersized still. And Spooner probably too raw. But that is the future fix for our ratio issue imo. Id rather see foketi in then newfie though. If this injury is bad. A bit on leadership, a bit on coaching. These things will happen though. In that situation nichols didnt really have time to audible and adjust.
  4. Rules question

    The in season turn around hamilton, toronto, and the riders have seen this year is incredible.
  5. UFC

    Last time it had some intriguing names, but not a lot of substance, and a bunch of injuries. This is looking like an murders row of a card. Like one of the best TV events in years. Im excited af for this card. Darren till said he was gonna ktfo cerrone. And he did it. I hope this is the end of cerrones run at WW. He looked defeated early, and nothing like the cowboy that is soo beloved by mma fans. Back to LW please.
  6. Nichols wasnt really pressured much tnite. 0 sacks by the vaunted toronto pass rush. Givens and washington combined for solid "secondary receiver". We lost adams and gained dressler. So i dont see such a great shift in the quality of wr. Our over all talent at wr was certainly up from starting 2 nis.
  7. Thats a lot of love for offense. Idk they drove the ball late. But going into that last possesion they had some 240 yards total and some brutal 2 and outs. The 4th Q 2 and out that put the D right back on the field after a 5+ minute drive by TO was really what killed our chances of winning. Ricky ray alone put up 130+ yards more then our offense did. A pretty miserable total team loss.
  8. raptors / nba.

    Another year and the raptors are off to a good start. If you like basketball, give a game a watch. Rookie OG anunoby is some thing else. Hes on limited action and not 100% from his off season recovery but man he is gonna be some thing special.
  9. Rules question

    Now why wasnt the illegal challenge a delay of game penalty. And why wasnt the supplex on dressler and ejection.
  10. Givens looked fantastic in few touches. Like the way he runs with the ball. Hes got speed, and hes got a nose for the first down marker.
  11. I think he will actually. Mos and slowly been creeping in more and more on what the D does. I think he, walters and wade will sit down in the post season and immediately look to who they can bring in at DC.
  12. The one where he went for the hit not the wrap n tackle.
  13. Its true. If we won the game, hall would still need to be canned though. The D needs to not give up multiple 5-7 minute td drives. 550+ yards to the argos offense. And lose a game that we had a double digit lead in the 4th. Not going into the play offs, and NOT against an east division team SOO desperate they gambled on almost every 3rd down. And made going for it on 3rd and 2-8 seem like a good idea.
  14. That horrible effort by walker really chapped my buttocks. Hurl atm is as much a sign of our lack of starting NI depth as any thing imop. We simply need 2 more starting NIs. 1 to get poop AND nevis starting and 1 to get an IMP mlber in for hurl. Long term that might be 3 Nis on the OL and 1 DE. But for right now with the injuries who knows. Hall wont be fired before the grey cup. But he should be.
  15. 1 Dressler. Maybe the only guy who showed up and played like he belonged in the play offs. 8-129 1 td. Took a hellacious hit that should lead to a suspension. All heart. 2 Ogopogo. A huge pick ran back to the 1 and a deflection he nearly picked as well. 3 Tj heath. Sack on a blitz, pass knock down, and a couple wrap and tackles on a night a lot of our lbers and dbs got caught trying to hit or arm tackle. hh Ian wild flying down field to make a great stop on a kick off. Great to see him out and flying around again.