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  1. johny on the spot good stuff. gotta love wylie Its amazing to listen to him in retrospect talking about how the 5 starters are NOT set, and how good the new guys brought in were. With both bond and hardick coming over that off season. http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2017/06/browns_offensive_line_coach_bo.html another great one from bob. Such an interesting test for players!
  2. I didnt know he had a site interesting. I remember a few threads on bob wiley and a surly interview around camp last year. Wasnt it both bond and hardrick drawing in after a few weeks last year? Or was some one playing out of position? Either way the shift was gigantic.
  3. ya before that he was averaging some thing dismal like 1.9ypc
  4. No doubt. Bob wiley to the resuce... and american ol. Games in the CFL are often won by offensive out put. And OL is the first possible point of failure in every single play. Not a spot to be stingy for ratio reasons. Some people talked about NI quality falling off some what in the off season. It maybe that the next gen type athletic big OL from the us have surpassed the old NI ol. Gray is cut of that cloth, but guys like him are few and far between. There is a 350 lbs OL in the ncaa that is also very productive in track and field. And not in weight throwin, relay and sprinting. If you grow up in canada, are big and can move your feet hockey tends to get you. The athletes That used to become NI OL didnt really have much of a hockey chance other then being a tough guy.
  5. This OL is the best i have seen in blue in gold probably ever. And when you consider the depth we have its just insane what they have managed to do. We could survive (again) with out harris. But itd mean hurl is a lock. It would hurt a lot, but flanders et al could handle the load. Medlock would be some kind of awful. I mean we sent the flyin frenchie back to school. I dont even know what we would do. I shutter to think about it. Hurl, thomas,westerman, loffler, 2 ol, and 1 wr. We would be locked into hurl, and wouldnt get the extra DI. With flanders starting, we could rotate normand in for blocking and imp wr. I dont think any one was theory crafting our line up with hurl starting and the extra DI. If it cost us a back up imp id guess jeffcoat or poop.
  6. The difference between harris to start vs to finish the season is gigantic. Before, i could buy him being the best in the league. over all with the second half, not top 2 or close to it.
  7. I have and pay for netflix thats all i pay for though.
  8. Ive got a minix player as well as a roku and swear by them. Though i also stream from my pc a lot as well. BCS is fantastic and only gets better. No bad story lines and soo many great supporting characters and roles.
  9. Or of our offense could make use of a rotational piece like him. Packages with harris in the slot, and flanders for harris sub packs etc. But we saw last year plop really doesnt do that. With harris, mcduffie etc.
  10. Odds work on who will get bets not who will win. IE sask is allways inflated because there is no lack of rider fans who think they go 18-0 and win the GC every year. RBs 3rd is a freaking joke in the power rankings. No team is the east is ahead of us, edm, cal, or bc.
  11. Yeah i watched it too, love that series. Didnt know the actor who plays nacho is canadian, thats cool. Idk how long the series can go on for. Maybe if they run into the saul POV of breaking bad they could extend it. But other wise i see 1 maybe 2 more seasons.
  12. hes still young enough (28) but has seen 47 games. Hes played multiple positions on the line, and most importantly has the right pass port. How many NI ol are available under 30 with close to 50 games? May not have a ton of value, but certainly has some value. Never under estimate what desperate team will give up for a prayer. (willy)
  13. yeah anwar stewart comes to mind. Tom canada rocked 44, wonder if poop could use 22.
  14. lets hope so any way.
  15. I think the offense is boring and safe, more then nichols FWIW. Nichols strength isnt the deep ball by any means, but he doesnt often throw the deep ball in a spot that is prone to a pick.