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  1. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Sure fans disliked dd, but I think he was well respected. He still wasnt top teir in terms of all time qbs in the cfl. But he was a lot better then the QBing we had most of his time in the cfl. A former high level starter is almost always welcomed as a new back up for depth.
  2. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    you might be right about our starting line up. But Its probably the smart move in the cfl. Kicking and back up qbing is too important. If this ends up being our big off season get then Im gonna be a bit worried. But I am confident in our scouting. Thats the truth. You can argue him or glenn for better back up. But aside from glenn idk the last time our QBing was soo strong.
  3. Bomber Moves 2018

    Could be the end of davis as well.
  4. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    I feel very much the same. I hope this move doesnt come at the expense of a starter at another position. That said, last year in MTL he was better then any of our back ups. And MTL was a hot mess. He fits the system, and is familiar with it. Hes the type of vet that can help all the other qbs on the roster. Strange to see him in a bomber uniform? At this point nothing is strange to me. Seen soo many faces of franchise change teams its not a shock any more. This isnt the same darian durant that left the riders. But it isnt the same one that played with an awful team last year. And he doesnt have to be the riders era DD. Its a bit of a toss up between durant and glenn for who the better back up would be. Edge to glenn after last season, but Id rather have dd late in a game then glenn.
  5. Bomber Moves 2018

    with PI as they are you cant expect much better. We do need some better over all db play though. Happy randle will be back.
  6. Bomber Moves 2018

    https://www.bluebombers.com/2017/12/11/bombers-add-three-roster-3/ I dont think its about the number of NIs you have where. I think its about the quality of the starters at the bottom, and the immediate back ups.
  7. Bomber Moves 2018

    I understand the logic here, at the same time walby similarly attached him self to some very underwhelming OL like this in the past. That said The issue with him isnt based on talent. Its consistency, health, and execution. He could back up for another 5-8 years in the league for sure. But if he is ever gonna be more then a below average starter and above average back up hes gotta figure it out quick fast and in a hurry. * some of the guys he has made similar claims about include Jermese jones, and benedict ibisi. Particularly he was very high on jones, they did a pretty good segment on the two and how much they had talked about playing the line.
  8. Bomber Moves 2018

    Randle is a great player. He could very easily end up a HOFer and in the all time great bomber db discussion. Bond is the best OL weve dug up since garrick jones, and even better then him. With the difference in rules between Dbs and OL, I think a single great OL can have a great impact then a DB. Bond is a bit younger, and as rare as his ability is finding that in a man his size is even rarer. Guard is generally consider easier to play then tackle, especially blind side tackle. But playing guard especially in the cfl at such a huge stature is also hard. I dont doubt he could play out side and be great at it. Make it a healthy Mo vs bond or randle vs hardrick and I think you have a very close call.
  9. Rule Changes For 2018

    Thats kind of the nature of reffing. Its like playing OL. 90% of the time you do some thing good or get it done right no one notices. The times you get it wrong or its close, every one notices. The PI rules as they are make our refs look bad. The inconsistency in more severe penalties (stuff that get fines and suspensions) is my biggest problem with the refs.Even that has a lot to do with the league though.
  10. Happy Feet

    Happy feet can refer to a few things. Some qbs, younger and less experienced guys just need more coaching and training with their foot work. Its also some thing qbs go through some times when going from shotgun to under centre systems and vice versa. Field type can do it too. Going from natural grass to turf or worse the old astro turf can make it really hard on some guys. The foot steps syndrome is some thing else. Thats a mental issue, which is much harder to fix. Some times and in some guys it cant be fixed. What can and cant be fixed is also heavily case sensitive. Some guys naturally are resistant to being taught, others struggle with learning mental/physical aspects, and some are just too used to doing it a certain way. If a guy has had good mechanics in his footwork, and been mentally sound in the pocket, isnt un coachable in general and still not too seasoned you may be able to fix shell shock. A gritty qb whose spent a lot of time with bad OLs may seem a bit un settled in the pocket if he suddenly has a good OL. But a good qb will be able to settle down. Qbs face tons of pressure, both inside and out side them self. 2/3 minute drills, late close games, over time, rivalry games etc. Any qb who makes it to the pro level has at some point shown an ability to recover from hard ship and settle down. Imo, if you have or end up with a qb like this (willy/collaros etc) the only way to know is to put them behind a good line and see if they can settle back down. You will obviously have a better idea case by case the more you know about a specific qb. In general I fully believe its possible. That said, if you do not have a much better OL to protect that battered QB, I dont think putting them behind a bad ol has any chance at all of fixing things. I consider shell shock like a concussion. Its cumulative, and you have to be real careful in bring em back. Many athletes have found huge success at the highest levels only to fall apart mentally long before their physical peak and finish their career much earlier then they would have other wise. Its why sports psychology is a billion dollar industry. This is a good point. When nichols has struggled, especially earlier in his career and in college his throwing motion would lengthen and he'd wind up. When hes relaxed and at his best he just slings it. Dunigan is a guy who over came shellshock imo. Though hes the tough SoaB type so its not surprising.
  11. Bomber Moves 2018

    Quality of performance on the field is not allways directly related to positional coaching, you can also have a guy whose a good positional coach but a poor fit.
  12. UFC

    Im worried about the potential out come of having bob sapp and gabi get too close together. GL tapping to strikes against a bear. They operate on the palhares fight to the death (of your career) rules.
  13. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Assuming poop doesnt get an NFL deal that would be formidable to say the least. The best interior on the DL weve had since brown and fortney probably. I do think thatd be the move. Also westerman coming back to starting on the edge. The end is gonna be real interesting. Ogopogo was a late season monster, and jeffcoat is a beast too.
  14. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Pretty different cases. Manziel isnt even at the ray rice level. And art briles? Cmon hes on bill cosbys level of awful. Its not totally reasonable to make sure cfl and domestic violence never appear in a head line. Its not reasonable to do in any sport, or line of work. You can be heavy handed with repeat DV offenders (of which manziel is not) but you can not prevent it from happening. what does sex crimes have to do with manziel? Imo I dont see a sex crime reckoning involving the cfl. If any thing ive allways heard players have a tough time dating or more up here. Gigantic culture shock.
  15. CFL Draft 2018

    Imo spooner as a rookie was about a year behind suhk chung (as a rookie). So if his off season and camp goes well He could be a guy who is a starts to develop into a good starter type. But it could still easily be a coin flip if he ever plays a regular season game for us. Thats just the nature of NIs. Thats the darned truth. Idk how far back youd have to go to find the last time we had a NI developmental wr who was better.