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  1. Yeah he'd be a toolsy type project. A better / coke free version of reaves. Exactly yeah, the wrs really didnt look great in numbers testing. And with those kind of leap numbers i dont see a better result coming with the 40. you think height at DE is that important? center of gravity with, how well they sink their hips, standing reach and vert are much more important imop. Im pretty un impressed with height in general to be fair. Seen guys like shelden williams out of duke (nba) who is listed 6'9 I think measured 6'8 or a shade under, and has a good 6 inch + of forehead going for him. While other guys like arland bruce (totally apples and oranges here i get it) who made up for height with considerable reach (or rondo to keep the basketball comparison going) I do really like a DE who can disrupt passing lanes though. Like rahim abdullah with the esks, and all those pass knock downs at the line. Not saying how high or low boateng should go though. the cfl draft has got to be the least predictable in the world. The difference between some teams big boards and rankings is gigantic. This is an interesting point. I wonder if its a product of the surge in the last decade of talent in the draft, systems, or just guys with size and any football talent / athleticism being pushed to the OL. http://www.cfl.ca/2017/03/15/cfl-ca-provide-next-level-live-broadcast-2017-cfl-combine-presented-adidas/ Still coverage tnite of the bench, then tomorrow the 40, position and 1 on 1s.
  2. when linemen are out jumping you, its not a good sign. shade over 30" from zver is pretty impressive. Reminds me of a few years back we had an imp ol that would run past skill position guys in the sprints. Didnt stick long tho iirc. A few DL jumping really well. senior, auclair, ankou, woods, and ekakitie i could all see in full tc. so id say 4 is probably around right. Some one gets hurt, decides they dont want to be soo far from home, nfl draft/fa falls a certain way it could easily be + or - 2. 5, even 4 kinda sucks when you have the first pick. Im trying to keep my expectations down for this draft class. One of a wr that can produce a bit more then weve seen out of the ni spot the last couple years, or a LB that can rotate / play good teams this year out of the top 2 would be nice.
  3. mini camp isnt the same as a camp invite. And not projected to get much interest. so far at the combine behar has gone from a listed 6'2, to a shade over 5'11 and put up a meager 31" vert and 9'4 broad jump. A bad 40 time (which those would project) could push him down pretty low. Dont think any chance he gets taken over vandervoort even if vandervoort signs. Carter is crushing right now. 6'6, 40" vert 10'5.25 broad jump A good 40 time could get him nfl interest on measurables alone.
  4. not being in camp for your rookie season in the cfl is massive. yeah i cant see vandervoort falling below hammy either. Little on the stamps, or ott. I also cant see us going gray over mulumba at 6, or herdman, vandervoort maybe even auclair.
  5. number of prospects doesnt equate to quality of prospects. You could cut out the top 20 guys and youd still have a top 10 list. Itd be the guys 20-30. Again that listing is dubious at best, and seems to go by position. Mason woods imop has a strong chance of being in an nfl camp as well. That would seem to be the logic, but it sounds more and more like focault to bc is the move. Which is a very good deal for both teams.
  6. next up for me is the dave chappelle special on netflix. After that its on the hunt for some thing else to watch besides star wars rebels till trailer park boys new season comes out. Any one finish jessica jones?
  7. 2 on the ol and 2 on the dl is a great position to be in. For ol neufie and keeping i believe are still both under contract as well. No question we can take the bpa. Some people think you are allways in that position unless you are say a play off team with 1 hole to fill etc etc. but that a side we are among the better off teams as far as ni starters / depth goes imop. An nfl gamble wouldnt be bad with the 6th for sure. Id love to see that or a trade down for more pics next year. No idea where radford would go. Or if he has eligibility left? But seems like a depth pick guy to me too. I dont think we get that much in the first 3 rounds. I think pretty much the whole top tier of this draft will be getting looks from the nfl of one level or another. I see a lot of homer swing type guys but im not sure the rest is automatically roster material. This draft isnt the strongest. We certainly have a chance for any guy in that top 3 round range to make the roster, but i wouldnt go in expecting it. Tempering expectations. Just hoping for some one who contribute at some level or another next year.
  8. we arent going to go just nationals any time soon on either side... And again, the two des and chung alone are well beyond solid. couture started, that isnt unknown. Corney as well. hes an athletic freak who has needed to sharpen his technical play. Thats not unknown. Denzel radford had him self a nice combine at the western regional. (6'2 200) 37.5 vert (tied for first) 10'6 broadjump (first) 4.65 40 (5th) and 16 reps in the bench press. Hes a multi sport athlete (track, soccer. and basketball) Both his brother and father ran track at indiana. 2015 8 games, 18 catches 329 yards 1td. 3 st tackles. 2016 10 games 14 returns for 446 yards and a td. 11 tackles. Only see 3-25 catching last year. But they have a deep wr core. Big strong run jump athlete who can play teams? yes please. Litre put up 4.76, 22 reps, 33" vert, 9'1 1/4 broad jump, 7,54 shuttle, and a 4.38 3 cone.
  9. Our ol was one of the best last year with the starters in place. Its far from 2 solid and a bunch of unknowns. As well the 3 DL are far from unknowns. Even thomas at the low end we would get what we have previously or some thing similar. Allstar level performer, = known commodity.
  10. The top end isnt as strong as the OL but its deeper. DE Westerman - corney DT Thomas-butcher DT Nevis-irvin DE Okpaluaugo-cole PLus guys like tennant, green and the rookies coming in. Thats two all star level DEs, and an allstar level tackle in nevis. Thomas people are split on. Certainly the low man on the pole, but I think hes exactly the type of guy to fit in and do the gritty work to allow the rest to be crashed on less. A poor mans doug brown if you will. Butcher and corney are freaks with huge up side. Cole had some really nice flashes last year. The whole line struggled, despite talent level. A better performance from the group is a tide that raises all boats. Especailly some one like cole. Irvin is a similar situation. At worst hes a vet who can come in and push other guys. Imop its a good idea to bring in new NIs at each position group every year. Thats how you find diamonds in the rough, and how you keep from stagnating at a position like we have at NI wr. Id look for more butcher/corney esq DL, or a role guy who could come in and push to do more earlier like thomas. But in the mid to late rounds. Unless some one is taking thomas spot this year or next I wouldnt spend a first on a DL. (or if our scouts feel the dl available is in another tier above the rest of the available players)
  11. yeah i wouldnt trade away our starters for him. MTL seems to be in a win now mode though. Im also high on couture, and like intzandt as a developmental guy. Plus i cant see any of the available OL sliding in to C to take goossens job. I dont think couture, any ol we'd grab at 1/6, or focault would last a hot minute on the PR either. So we face diminishing returns on going big in the draft with a OL. Thats really true of both sides of the line. Not a lot for Dbs in this draft class, so a LBer/wr that will be here in camp this year and a futures pick / trade down is probably the best use of assets.
  12. i sure hope this isnt what bryant was tweeting about in terms of hearing his name alot. I like foucault a lot. Id do first + other picks from montreal if hes ready to sign a multi year deal. I think if he was available in this draft he'd be the BPA.
  13. any one try breath of the wild / the switch yet? FF 8-x2 were the peak of the series for me. Especially 8-x. For any mmorpgers
  14. both butcher and intzandt are monsters. I really wanna see both play well and make the team/pr.
  15. a lot of good tunning changes. I still dont like the touch football level of penalty on the PI but atleast it isnt another year of extreme changes.