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  1. Game 48 : Killer Whale @ Killer Flu

    There still sleeping considering the poor Wifi and it being dark and cold outside
  2. Game 48 : Killer Whale @ Killer Flu

    Canucks still playing the Oil so who knows what time they will get in, another 2 pt.s needed as most of the Central teams won tonight.
  3. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Somebody's probably pretty happy about this move
  4. Game 47 : Cold Feet @ Hot Coals

    Not to nit pick by we are playing at home tomorrow, Canucks are also playing in Edmonton tonight so they wont be that fresh
  5. Game 47 : Cold Feet @ Hot Coals

    Everyone talks about how great and talented Scheifele, Wheeler, and Laine are and I agree they are but for my money and my newly bought jersey Ehlers is the most talented player on the team.
  6. US Politics

    I can't believe the Senate ruined Trumps golf weekend
  7. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Reasonable base salary with incentives if he starts
  8. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    The feeling towards the Bombers roster gets better and better, back up qb position 100 % better than last year.
  9. Bomber Moves 2018

    I think we can all agree we have a much better back up for the up coming season, but couldn't they put him in a Als jersey
  10. Game 47 : Cold Feet @ Hot Coals

    Ehlers was just flying out there today, speed and puck handling is truly elite.
  11. Game 47 : Cold Feet @ Hot Coals

    Coming off their break this game went as good as I could of expected.
  12. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    They wore white skates didn't they?
  13. Bomber Moves 2018

    While I like this signing we need better play from our db's this year and I include Randle he got burned a few times last year but in general he was our best db and it's good to have him back.
  14. US Politics

    The American political system atm is a circus and the ring leader has a tee time to get to this weekend
  15. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Be prepared to lose a few, we can't sign them all, there will be some surprises in terms signing free agents who come here, or players not coming back whether they don't want to stay , can't get the money they want, or the Bombers are going in a different direction.