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  1. Edmonton @ Calgary

    If he admits that he thought its was 6 point deficit then he is a fool
  2. Edmonton @ Calgary

    May not of been worse but definitely dumber
  3. Edmonton @ Calgary

    If like they say on tv that Maas might of thought it was a 6 point deficit , maybe he shouldn't be the hc anymore.
  4. Edmonton @ Calgary

    This one is going to be back and forth
  5. Edmonton @ Calgary

    Edmonton tuned up today
  6. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Medlock gun for hire, it's nothing personnel it's a business.
  7. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Yup, Glenn might not be there next year and I don't think Bridge is the answer.
  8. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Riders fans realized today what we realized last week, that there team was just not good enough, that being said I think our future looks brighter than theirs.
  9. Game 19: vs Devils

    With Maurice it's anyone's guess who he puts in, like I said before he likes Ld/Rd combos
  10. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Well Kevin Glenn did his part and didn't let us down.
  11. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    At least TSN got good screen shots of the crowd to super impose during next years telecasts when there are only 5k in BMO
  12. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Hope the Argos don't think they can coast, its the CFL.