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  1. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    Punish the Predators defense , don't take penalties, score goals, series win.
  2. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    Morrissey suspended, Ehlers late day scratch, Armia hurt during the game, and yet this team just whipped the Wild whose only win came against a team that flew into Minneapolis that morning after trying the day before, even with Parise and Suter the wild still don't beat the Jets, simply put the Jets are a more complete team.
  3. US Politics

    The only person that keeps talking about Russian collusion is Trump, whether it's a tweet or at an event or even meeting with other world leaders he always fits that in, its like he thinks if he says that there was no collusion constantly people will eventually agree with him.
  4. US Politics

    His tweets this morning are evidence why his lawyers don't want him to talk to Mueller, he would be in trouble after the first question, he just doesn't know how to tell the truth.
  5. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    That's a 5 minute major all day clearly in front of the official, didn't hear the Jets crying about it.
  6. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    Boudreau sounds like a coach feeling the heat and probably looking for a job if his team loses this series.
  7. US Politics

    So apparently the Syrain strikes did minimal damage to mostly empty buildings good thing the POTUS gave them a weeks warning.
  8. Random Death Notice 2018

    Loved Night Court, what a cast of characters lead by the judge Harold T Stone
  9. US Politics

    Hannity says that he just got advice on some real estate and he is not represented by Cohen, Hannity absolutely didn't want his name coming out today and now journalists are going to start digging to find out what did Cohen exactly do for Hannity
  10. US Politics

    Is the prostitutes story true? probably, but was Trump taped and who is in possession of this tape if there is one,
  11. Round 1: Game 2-Wild

    Jets landed in Duluth where the plane was diverted to, Mpls is a mess today.
  12. US Politics

    Well their not talking about Cohen tonight.
  13. US Politics

    She must really drink heavily at night to protect Trump and spew out all the garbage day in day out.
  14. US Politics

    Yup that will work to.
  15. US Politics

    The White House needs to do something tonight to stop all the news channels from talking about Comey's book....................sounds like the perfect time for a firing.