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  1. 6-6 is that not .500 or is my math that poor
  2. Rider fans should be happy when I proclaim they are the best .500 team in the CFL
  3. Of course Riders will consider this a win, crappy teams usually do.
  4. As it gets colder a good ground game is invaluable, Riders don't have one
  5. Prouix is a terrible ref that literally happened in front of him and Calgary is forced to challenge
  6. 2017 Preseason

    Hutch some good saves some easy goals doesn't matter in the end the Jets are going with Helle and Mason, instant upgrade with Kulikov, also see a great future for Poolman, Roslovic not ready yet, Lemiuex has upped his game, Spacek, Lipon, DeLeo and Petan probably Moose bound, Big question is does Connor make the team and who doesn't, don't see much of a future with Dano or Mathias on this team going forward. Copp on the fence and Lowry is a Mo player so they probably stay.
  7. 2017 Preseason

    They played well for the first 2 but the third was terrible, Hutch will be send to the Moose if he clears waivers
  8. 2017 Preseason

    Lipon was fighting someone way above his weight class and accorded himself just fine.
  9. 3 stars + HH red black and blues

    Lazy tonight but this sums it up for me.
  10. Tonight's award for impersonation of a qb goes to Ryan Lindley weather or no weather 1 of the worst performances I have witnessed of a starting qb.
  11. And if it wasn't in the bag already that throw to Adams is game over
  12. Lankford has been on the field a lot more this half
  13. 2017 Preseason

    Don't think you will see any of the preseason colour guys once the real season starts.
  14. 2017 Preseason

    It will be like every year, they will call it tight at the beginning of the year and will become more relaxed as the year goes on
  15. WFC to unveil Cal Murphy statue at IGF

    They should put a vending machine next to it, but seriously the man ran a tight ship and got results , well deserved.