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  1. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    QFT. I'll add that the radio business like much of the music industry is stuck in the dark ages. It's the digital age now. Adapt or be like the dinosaurs. I'd expect a dinosaur to have a lot of angst though. They're about to become irrelevant. They know something is changing but just can't quite figure it out. LOL!
  2. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    So, there are proper channels for this sort of thing, like in the music industry, where an artist had to go through the right people, so they could do right by you, and help you make it big by getting your product out there into the hands of the right people the right way, and then along came Napster to upset the whole industry because, y'know, those right people weren't making their cut any more, and your product was out there for everyone to have easy access to. Ooops. Yeah, Randle better be careful with that evil Twitter stuff, and yeah, I can see where someone working in that industry would be really upset for him not going through the "right channels" and think less of him. LOL! What a joke! This thread is awesome!
  3. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    If its good enough for Trump, ... er ...
  4. CFL Draft 2018

    And teams up well with Garfunkel.
  5. When do we fire Richie Hall?

    Well, yes but, the argument is, rookies are all you can get in Winnipeg because, well, it's Winnipeg and nobody else will come here. Besides, there is no good personnel anywhere else, especially South of the border and if you think there is, be prepared to name names.
  6. When do we fire Richie Hall?

    Oh, I don't disagree, but some folks around here are a little touchy about anything that might be considered criticism of a rookie. Now whenever I see someone mention rookie(s), it brings a little smile to my face.
  7. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Well, I begrudgingly hope he gets his shot. Whenever I have watched the guy he strikes me as the ultimate pro. Always working on and perfecting his craft. His footwork is superb. I'd hate to lose him. I'm sure other players see what he does and try to emulate him. He's that good.
  8. I wonder if they did this before or after they saw how he cooked the books to accommodate the carousel of players he ran through there last season? That whole organization is complicit AFAIC. I've got a feeling we haven't seen anything yet.
  9. He would have looked good in Blue and Gold.
  10. Speed is just mad at Jennings for decimating our D and stealing the WSF from us 2 years ago. If he'd been playing for us and the roles were reversed, Speed would love him!
  11. Sorry, thought you might have been suggesting Khari coming here. It might actually work out. He could learn Lapo's ultra conservative approach but every once in a while unleash the deep ball philosophy to keep defenses honest. Might be a good mix.
  12. Does that mean he starts throwing 5 yard passes on second-and-8 instead?