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  1. Edmonton @ Calgary

    I guess he didn't watch the Eastern final and what the Argos did on 3rd and 4.
  2. Edmonton @ Calgary

    They want him fired and the hosts are defending him and trying to censor. Wow!
  3. Edmonton @ Calgary

    What else can he say? Nothing else makes sense.
  4. Edmonton @ Calgary

    Another rushing TD against the Shmoes. Oh what if ...
  5. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    I saw him chirping you at the Rider forum but he is too spineless to come here now.
  6. Edmonton @ Calgary

    I hope Lapo is watching what can happen against Edm when you run the damned ball.
  7. In Case You Missed It

    Jennings signed through 2018. Don't see how he can wriggle out of it.
  8. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    Just listened to Kyle's presser again. Anyone else disappointed to hear him use injuries as an excuse and complain about not being in the East. I get that he wants to make his team look as good as possible, especially considering our disappointing exit from the playoffs again, but I never expected to hear that from him. After all, isn't he responsible for ensuring we have sufficient depth?
  9. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    I didn't like what Medlock had to say at the end of the season. He can leave any time. Buh bye.
  10. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    First one to say "conspiracy theory" loses. Sorry.
  11. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    My favorite post from on the Rider forum was this one ... Originally posted by RFIOttawa KB will start the Grey Cup..book it