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  1. Just stop at "fun" and enjoy life.
  2. Go flip his desk over. HR will understand and, if they don't, that's not a good environment to work in.
  3. This is a hilarious string of comments. How is Stanley a wasted pick? Trouba still has another year and will be an RFA for a few more after that. He may not want to be here but the Jets still control him and can obviously get good assets in return if they dealt him. We still have two of the highest rated goalie prospects in Helle and Comrie.
  4. The Rollin' For Nolan continues. Hutch to start. Helle to finish. Teamwork.
  5. I have so much optimism for this movie. I'm going to be crushed when they ruin it. I'll probably also be amazed at how they ruin it.
  6. The Jets must befuddle their opponents on a nightly basis.
  7. I guess you haven't watched many Moose games this year. I would say that most are struggling, so maybe they're ALL too smart for the A!
  8. One analysis I heard recently was interesting. It said that Morrissey was too smart and thought too fast for the AHL and couldn't adapt as well to the erratic paly . In the NHL, the players are smarter and doing things more predictably and at a higher level and Morrissey thrives in that situation. Not sure I buy that but it is an interesting theory.
  9. Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom opens May 27th this year. It's a theme park (expansion of Animal Kingdom) based on the world of Avatar. It looks very interesting with a few rides and interesting ideas. It's focused on the themes presented in Avatar but necessarily based on the movie itself. There are some strong financial incentives for Cameron to get these movies done. If nothing else, I expect the visuals of A2 to be amazing. Storyline may be another story.
  10. I don't see that happening anytime soon. They've been cooling the housing market over the past few years with the changes to CMHC. That would throw everything out. But, I never put it past any government. They may be looking at putting in minimum time thresholds for residency?
  11. My wife and I always marvel at the unnecessarily complicated tax code. I'm glad that governments are finally recognizing that there are too many regulations and too much duplication but it will take a smart government to invest resources into simplifying the tax codes here in Canada.
  12. I don't disagree with any of this, I'm just curious who is taking advantage of the program. I never had a problem being taxed on interest but like this program as a long-term savings program. It's easy to get in and has low barriers. It's far less complicated than RRSPs to explain to a layman. I think the made it unnecessarily complicated, making it difficult to move the money around between institutions but that's a mechanical thing that could be fixed. There should be a wall, where you can move money in and out and, as long as it stays behind that wall.
  13. I can afford the slight increase too and, in general, agree that sin taxes are fine. Let's just get those mary jane taxes flowing already. Agreed. I would be curious to examine this issue further. I'm all for EI reforms to help all workers. Yes, and yes. But, I'm also in a position to put lots away, so it benefits me directly. I'm not sure what the latest info and statistics are the on people taking advantage of this tax avoidance program.
  14. Great group of players. Hope Simon goes in as a Bomber.
  15. My buddy has the last row of the first section and loves it. He's also right on the aisle and can get to the WC quickly. I sometimes wonder if that would be better but I don't really want to move. I used to be in the last row of the endzone and loved standing for lots of the game. The first row certainly has it's limitations. Reduced leg room and obstructed view with the safety bar. My son moves around to see everything.