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  1. Well, we know they won't shut up, so....
  2. Saying the right thing now and living it are two different things. Let's just hope he means it.
  3. My only concern with Durant as the back-up is his head. Is he really, truly ready to be the back-up? Ready to get back-up reps and hold a clipboard?
  4. Glenn to Edm

    Yes, some of the worst get a chance to start but he's not one of them. They get found out under the lights. The guy has put up 50k passing yards. You don't get that holding a clipboard or only playing garbage time.
  5. Sorry, didn't realize Calvillo and Ray were poor before Trestman. Those GCs mean nothing. Sometimes, you just push your own BS, Stamps fan. And Tebow turned out to be so such a good QB that he's a minor league baseball player.
  6. Yes, Trestman is an awesome QB coach. He took Calvillo, an all-star, GC winning QB, and made him an all-star, GC winning QB. He also took Ray, an all-star, GC winning QB, and made him an... all-star... GC winning QB. But let's not focus on the CFL. He took Cutler, a perennial underachiever with a rocket arm and made him a perennial underachiever... with a rocket arm. Flacco, a game manager, with big flashes and a SB, into a game loser... no flash... no playoffs.... Trestman is an awesome QB coach.
  7. Glenn to Edm

    He's a depth guy who always managed to find himself starting. Quite incredible, really.
  8. Yeah, Rider, whatever. He wasn't always and still couldn't sling it consistently.
  9. I don't think Bridge is "a much better passer". He's shown nothing but the ability to elude defenders and fling the ball, just like LeFevour.
  10. Glenn to Edm

    He didn't just pile up passing yards, though. He did it at an incredible rate. Over 50k. How many other QBs can say that? If he had won just one Grey Cup as the starter, would you say he's deserves to be in the HOF?
  11. Bomber Moves 2018

    YES! I bet we'll see another soon too. Darren Cameron suggested a couple of signings were close.
  12. Glenn to Edm

    Diving for fumbled balls.
  13. US Politics

    Trump's budget has been in place how long exactly?
  14. Maybe he is, I didn't know that. Too bad because I would really like to see him with the Moose next season.
  15. He looked so big and skilled at the juniors. Can't wait to see how he develops. I expect to see him in a Moose uniform next year. I got to watch Niku up close last weekend. I really watched him closely. He moves the puck with ease and looks so comfortable out there. He made the right move defending a two-on-one, which can be challenging for a young player. I'm not a scout but he looks like a player that can play at the next level. I hope to see him in a Jets uniform in the next few years.