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  1. Indeed. They seem to get one side right but cannot get all sides right at the same time.
  2. This could be the best game of the week. I'm expecting the Stamps to walk all over the RedBlacks but I usually underestimate the RBs.
  3. Hmmmm... LHD, with term, for a 1st round pick? Wonder where the Wild need to be in the 1st round to make this happen?
  4. Good on Davis! Happy for him. I wonder who will do short yardage work?
  5. I was thinking that too. Loved that guy.
  6. I think our group, MLB aside, is as talented as any other in the league. In fact, I think it's at or near the top. It comes down to system, IMO. Will Hall adapt his system to be more effective? Unknown at this time.
  7. Still made $15M on the first day. It's not doing as well as other Transformer movies but its still bringing people in. This is remarkable to me. That has been a horrible series. I've had to watch two of those messes. No redeeming qualities.
  8. No doubt but if the Rangers think they can win now, you would think they would want a solid back-up? Also, Lundqvist has had health issues recently.
  9. I'm very surprised NYR are moving Raanta. With the King's advanced age, I thought they would keep him.
  10. I wonder how much of a cap hit Arizona will take on any deal with Chicago?
  11. He's coming off two shoulder surgeries and moving from the NCAA. He may not even be at full strength for camp. No doubt he's headed to the Moose.
  12. Crider Kool-Aid. Only antidote is a full body cleanse. Start with bleach, then progressively consume stronger cleansers.
  13. Because he's under contract and still would be if he were traded here.
  14. But other teams do. If the Jets have enquired about Lack, it's possible a leak could from the other end. Not saying that is what has happened, I just don't totally discount speculation when more than one team is in on the info.
  15. Sorry, but that's ridiculous. He has more than established himself as a "capable starter". He's way beyond that. RE: Stats Stats in Preseason don't mean a thing. That's why the Riders blowout loss to BC doesn't matter but neither does the tie with the Bombers.