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  1. I didn't know that. That makes more sense. But, boy, oh, boy, I bet it will be terrible. I still haven't seen the Disney version but I heard really good things about it.
  2. The stories were published in 1894. I don't think Disney owns the rights to Jungle Book, I think it's in the public domain There are plenty of adaptations of the story in film and TV that are not Disney. It does seem very odd for WB to be making this movie again.
  3. And he's coming off a major injury. Popp is obviously still a believer.
  4. I feel bad for the owner. He puts a lot of money into that team. That being said, he extended Murray and let Bylsma get a long term deal. It's going to be an interesting locker room next year. EDIT: Maybe it's Troy and Jim that all the shots in Buffalo?
  5. It's still privately owned but it is operated by the WRHA. I'm wrong.
  6. Pan Am Clinic is privately owned and has an MRI machine.
  7. Of course, the Jets would just put a player on a plane and fly them to Minneapolis. Much quicker and cheaper than buying the province an MRI machine, which would then have to be staffed and maintained.
  8. Well, we only need two top 6 RWs. I would say we have them in Laine and Wheeler. Not sure we need to "replace" Stafford at all.
  9. If the allegations are true, Cox is a piece of human garbage and doesn't belong in the league. I don't care what team he plays for and hardly hold the team accountable unless they're enabling him. In the past, players would kept on the roster much longer. All teams give players second chances (Riders signing him after incident in Kansas City) but that should be it.
  10. Yes, we do have someone better to take his place. I'm going out on a limb here by saying that Laine is better than Stafford.
  11. Final NHL Central Scouts had him 27th among North American skaters. So, not even 27th overall. Just 27th available from NA.
  12. True. Although, PK is on team defense, I believe.
  13. Let's not forget Chevy's home run with Morrissey. He went off the board for him, when he was ranked late in the first round. Around 26th on most boards, I think.
  14. Goal scoring wasn't a problem for this team. Team defense and goaltending were. Stafford is not good at getting back.
  15. You think of the great 'technicians' that would work a guy over. Some of the best PPV matches (Ricky, Savage, Flair, etc.) would see someone work someone's knee over (or another body part) the whole match, setting up something like a figure-four. Too bad WWE doesn't value that.