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  1. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    Good thing we didn't buy any new stationary with Willy-peg on it.
  2. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    They won't sit Poop with Wilder playing.
  3. I counted three late hits out of bounds.
  4. But can Carter keep Jones inline? Seriously though, what a joke of an organization Jones has created there. They used to have down-to-earth heroes there like Dressler and Chick.
  5. Talks with Mulumba

    The Bombers released him from his PR contract but that doesn't mean he didn't quit. I'm not sure why some are so obsessed with blaming Walters/O'Shea on this, when it's pretty clear Thorpe quit. They've brought plenty of players back that they've released or let go.
  6. Sounds like Connor skated with Little and Laine today. He's getting his chance. Now, what will he do with it? EDIT: I see it was posted earlier.
  7. Jones is definitely a top 8 candidate for the award.
  8. MLB Post season

    All Rise! Go Yankees!
  9. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    Fans: I wish the Bombers would develop a QB. Also Fans: He had a bad half, who's next?
  10. It was a great call and so well executed. I know it was short yardage but I was surprised that no one was back for the Bombers? They all crowded the line, despite all the clues: 3rd and 2, Masoli drops back into the shotgun, 3 receivers going wide. They're going to kick themselves when they watch the video.
  11. Game 3: Geezus @ McJesus

    I'm shocked that they won. I cannot believe, after giving up the lead, that they were able to score 3 unanswered goals and win that. Well done.
  12. My location says Section 234 but, to be honest, I post mostly from home.
  13. Cats at Bombers GDT

    I take this as... Medlock puts up one FG, which, by itself, is enough to beat the TiCats but that the offence still puts up over 500 yards and bunch of TDs.
  14. Bombers Add 6 To PR

    I'll gladly take a legendary QB and all the success that the Als had for that many years, while always wondering what we had in Davis. Yes, it would be nice to strike gold with a back-up and seamlessly transition from QB to QB, but I'll take a few years of success and trust that Bombers are building a deep enough team that can handle transition time while finding the next 'one'.
  15. Who should I get on my jersey?

    Once a Bomber, always a Bomber. Wear any Bomber jersey with pride.