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  1. Derel Walker

    If we can get better and get younger, isn't that an improvement? And, I think we can do both - build for the Cup and the future year - without making many sacrifices.
  2. Little things

    How about all the non-game day stuff the Bombers have been doing? Fan appreciation at the Stadium for season ticket pick-up and after the Banjo Bowl. Movie nights at the stadium. I'm going to both next week with my boys (Kids Club and Season Ticket holder). These are great opportunities to build relationships with the fans, especially the kids. Now, my oldest son is lucky because he goes to all the games but if you only go to a couple, this is another way of connecting the youth to the team.
  3. Derel Walker

    How much cap space do the Bombers have? Bombers spend to the cap, so I'm not sure how you can question whether they're "serious about winning a cup"? Who are you willing to cut to make room for Walker? I can't imagine cutting Denmark would generate enough room on the cap.
  4. Yeah, but it's Cleveland. You knew they were going to waste the pick on a terrible QB.
  5. Richardson was a bust, start to finish, despite having an great O-Line to play behind. What a disaster that pick was for Cleveland. At least, they got a first-rounder back when they traded him to the Colts.
  6. Is Ryan Leaf in jail and/or sober?
  7. The Riders have not filled the void of "washed up, retired NFLer" since Young went down. Jones is just filling out his roster.
  8. He didn't wear one in week 8, when he could have.
  9. Roc Carmichael

    He's still pretty new and has had to bounce around. He played well before at CB but didn't have a good game yesterday. MOS likes him and that says something. I'm willing to give him more time but would prefer he's replaced by Alexander, when he's healthy.
  10. Moving from DL to LB would be a huge move. Just think of how different those positions are and the roles they play??
  11. Hey Ripper

  12. The NFL loves their prototypical QBs. Lefevour ticks all the boxes and even has pro experience.