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  1. Dirty "Crazy" 30.
  2. But Matthews' line mates.... /s
  3. No one voting watches all the games.
  4. Disney knows how to build brands. It's not like Lucas didn't have a whole host of Star Wars gimmicks: The 2 Endor movies, Xmas Specials, Droids, etc.
  5. TSN was gushing about Matthews yesterday. Bob made a few good points. As I've said, the Calder was decided on draft day and now the Toronto Sports Network (and all other TO based hockey media) are doing everything they can to justify it. Do I think Matthews has had a better season? Yes. But Laine would need to win the rookie point race by 20, Jets make the playoffs and the Leafs miss-out for the media to change their vote.
  6. But Popp was also undermined by the owner, right? I'm forgetting the timeline but it seems like everything truly fell apart AFTER he named himself HC. Well, everything started falling apart when Calvillo retired...
  7. Part of the reason Ewen as Obi Wan worked so well, was the huge age gap of the character. Also, Alec wasn't on screen that much after IV. Now we've got a scenario where Han will be played during a similar age as Ford initially played him. Within 5-10 years, I think?
  8. I feel like we're in Captain Kirk - William Shatner - Chris Pine territory here. I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole thing, even though I think Pine has done a good job as an alternate-universe Kirk.
  9. And scores a goal. Great for Zajac!
  10. Now the tanking is in the hands of others with all those games in hand.
  11. I said the Esks won 11 games last year. They did. Not sure why I would need your posts to correct me, when you're wrong. They won 11 games and lost 9. We won 11 and lost 8. Not sure why you don't count the playoffs now. You're the one claiming being the crossover loser is such a heroic achievement.
  12. Doesn't fit the narrative, so it doesn't count.
  13. They won 11 games last year. We won 11 games last year. Not sure why they had such a better season in your eyes. Again, hooray for the loser crossover. Lucky for them that they could go for that 11th win.
  14. I'm sure Saskatchewan would have had to pay more. We weren't interested in a broken down QB, despite it being the biggest offseason move in some people's eyes.