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  1. So as per MBB tradition, will the dark horse everyone likes to make the roster survive the first round of cuts?
  2. THIS I believe.
  3. Love this! Makes the 1 hour drive in with the youngins a little more palatable.
  4. I think Jay Detain has more career receptions than both Jade Etienne and Addison Richards and would be a welcome addition to our beleaguered depth at Canadian WR.
  5. I, for one, found the closed captioning edit from Rory Kohlert to Rory Dough Alert added some much needed levity while watching Calgary destroy us back in 2015.
  6. Would love to see either of Brooks or Nevis here. Westerman - XX - Nevis/Brooks - Okpalaugo would be real swell.
  7. I can see it both ways TBH. Willy was coming off a serious injury and MOS wanted to give him every opportunity to shake it off and get right and when it became apparent to him (maybe it was already apparent to others not as close to the situation) that Nichols was the best option the rest of the way he made the switch. Personally, I wanted him to make the switch earlier but my guess is that once he made the change at QB he wasn't going back unless Nichols really **** the bed so he wanted to make damn sure that Willy was broken beyond repair before sitting him down. You can call it loyalty or stubbornness if you want but I do think there was some rhyme to his reasoning. MOS can be loyal to a fault but I think that the switches he made this year are showing that as he grows into his role as head coach he has to start making decisions that benefit the entire team and not worry about his personal relationships with each player.
  8. Coombs also would have a first hand look at what Andre Durie's role was and that is what he should try to emulate. Durie was never a staring RB but he was versatile enough that you could play him anywhere. He would be a great fit behind Harris and could morph into that hybrid RB/SB like Durie,
  9. Everyone said MOS was too attached to Willy until he wasn't. He may be loyal but I don't think if there was a viable option at QB he wouldn't pull the trigger.
  10. If the Jackson for Ottawa is Ernest, for the love of Stegall sign him now!
  11. 100%. Not to mention it would be tough to negotiate extensions for players etc. without a coach signed on. If MOS were not retained, this would have an effect on a players decision as well.
  12. Didn't O'Shea also say something to this effect when talking about Bellefueille last season and then fire him anyways? I wouldn't put any stock into what he says about his staff for next year, with the exception of Lapo.
  13. Would be nice to see Adams, Bass, Burnett, Denmark, Nichols, Rempel and Cummings back. Depending on what else they do at QB, we could do a lot worse than Glenn as a backup if Nichols is the starter next year.
  14. This thread is 3 weeks too early