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  1. Some Food For Thought

    I distinctly remember Malveaux's tackle on Williams. It was 1-on-1 near the sideline and I thought that Kelly was going to get trucked but he got low and stuck Williams right at the point of attack. Malveaux was a beauty.
  2. Some Food For Thought

    If he is allergic to holes, the Sask o-line must be his epipen
  3. Let's play Fantasy GM

    I would move Nevis based on salary to bring in a guy like Lawrence over Johnson. Jackson would be a nice add to replace Dressler.
  4. "Get on your feet, Bomber fans"

    I would maybe agree with this sentiment if True North owned the Bombers, but they do not. It links to the Jets (and I guess the Moose, but no one was chanting true north during the years 1997-2010). The only link between the two teams is the city they play in so any homage to ownership doesn't make sense to me. If I'm being completely honest, just get rid of the anthem in sports altogether. (But I don't have the time or energy to get into that argument)
  5. "Get on your feet, Bomber fans"

    The reason I have always disliked the True North chant and why it is different than the octopus/cannon in Columbus etc. is the attachment to the corporate entity that it represents. I understand that for many people they are considered the saviors of hockey in Winnipeg and if they want to cheer it then good for them I guess but they might as well sponsor the anthem. If it was the Octopus throw sponsored by Little Ceasers, I would have the same disposition as I do the True North chant. Personally, I don't understand why there is a need to publicly fellate the owners of the team before every game. As a fan I don't feel the need to ass kiss, the team is back and I pay a LOT of money to watch them play. That is more than enough thanks in my books. Also, this will be the same ownership group that will support a lockout in a few years when the CBA expires. Take my thoughts with a grain of salt, I'm an Oilers fan anyways. That's my personal opinion on the matter. But keep it the **** away from my Bombers please.
  6. "Get on your feet, Bomber fans"

    Thank God I'm not the only one who rolls my eyes at the True North chant. I hate it at Jets games, it's beyond stupid to yell it at Bomber games.
  7. Bombers Release Thorpe

    Resident Rams fan here - Givens is a good pickup for us. He can stretch the field well, had an excellent rookie season in St. Louis and then fell off once Sam Bradford got hurt (both times). He definitely isn't anything like Thorpe, he won't be a possession guy but will outrun coverage on the deep routes.
  8. Bombers Release Thorpe

    One of two things has to be true. Either he asked for his release and it was granted or they are bringing in someone else to replace him on the roster that they feel is better (Eric Rogers please and thank you). I don't want to believe that they feel L'Damian Washington is a better player than Thorpe, that would make zero sense and is depressing to think about.
  9. I'm a Rams fan myself and have been following him closely. From what I've read, he has no more PR eligibility so that doesn't make him an attractive option on the FA market and this is likely his last stand in the NFL.
  10. Yeah count me in for the group that is nervous for this game, not because I think that these teams are that close but more so that historically the records don't matter. If this was a game in October or July, I go Bombers all the way. I also wasn't thrilled with how the offense moved the ball against the Als. I'm hoping they get Flanders more involved this week which in turn should free up Harris a bit more like in the Edmonton game, maybe not to the gaudy numbers he put up but in terms of helping create some space for him.
  11. Welcoming Other Fans

    Good lord this thread was exhausting to read form the beginning. I'll just make 2 points: Point #1 - I have no issue with fans of any team commenting, even critically, on the Bombers on this forum or otherwise. I walk around with a fairly large pair of blue and gold glasses on and even I know our team is not without it's criticisms. I can handle when people talk **** about the Bombers. If I value their opinion, it helps me look at the team more objectively. If I don't value their opinion, who gives a *** what they think anyways? I'm not going to let it ruin my day/week/life. Point #2 - As far as the trolls go, it's the old standard that all you do is encourage them when you engage so I find it amusing that people reply constantly to them and then complain that they are still around. Want them to go away? Stop encouraging their discussion. Simple. Disclaimer - I am not pushing my beliefs on anyone and feel free to continue getting #madonline if you want but this all seems a bit too tiresome for me.
  12. CFL Mid-Season All-Stars

    Ciante Evans at both CB and HB, these guys must also vote for NHL all stars
  13. I have a hard time believing that the league would allow a player with a rap sheet similar to Briles onto a roster, this does not look good at all.
  14. Derel Walker

    Yeah I would agree on Knox. LB recruiting needs an overhaul this offseason. Santos-Knox has done a nice job on teams, maybe he is worth a look in more of an expanded role on D and let Kyle Knox play predominantly on teams again. How much of a drop off could it be?