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  1. Derel Walker

    It's not a stretch to say that right now Walker is better than Dressler. Hence, acquiring him now would be improving the team this year. If he signs a 1+1, even better. As others have alluded to, without knowing what room the Bombers have to play with it might not be a one or the other scenario if Walker signed a pro-rated 1 year deal and then tried the NFL again next year but if I had to choose I'm taking Walker this year, next year and beyond over Dressler. (I'd take Eric Rogers too but he has his own injury concerns)
  2. Derel Walker

    I don't think it's a matter of wanting to move on from Dressler (at least myself personally), but when you have an opportunity to add high end skill you need to make it work and unfortunately that would likely spell the end of Dressler as a Bomber in order to make the money work. In this case, age plays a big factor. If we are talking Dressler in his prime then I probably don't do it but how many years does he have left in him? The injuries keep piling up and eventually take their toll. That having been said, I would take a healthy Walker over a healthy Dressler right now hands down anyways.
  3. Well considering the lanes that Sask's OL will open for him will be as big as the one on the left, he should be very comfortable in that offense.
  4. Derel Walker

    If it means losing Dressler to sign Walker to a multi-year deal, as much as I love Dressler I don't see why we wouldn't make that trade-off. If we sign him to a 1-year deal, Denmark goes to PR when Dressler gets healthy. Either way, Walters should be interested and put together a serious offer.
  5. It's hard to find much fault in any one particular player from last night, the guys played a great team game for 60 minutes. There were definitely things that need to get cleaned up, like penalties, but as many have stated already most of the Esks yardage came via the long ball and some pretty contested throws at that. I doubt that you can sustain much success hoping Duke Williams can catch a ball in 2x coverage after it hits him in the helmet as he's falling down. Run defense was a little spotty again yesterday though and it's slowly becoming more of a concern for me, especially as it comes in conjunction with the secondary starting to round into form. If we can get our run D back on track and the secondary continues to gel then we can really become a force. Finally, I was a big Lapo doubter when he was hired but it's hard to argue with the results he has given us so far. He really plans to his players strengths and puts them in a position to succeed. Yeah, there will be times where the gadget play comes in a situation where it wasn't warranted like last night but no one complained when we pulled out 2 trick plays in one drive against BC last year because they both worked. Sometimes you get burnt on those but when they connect it's a huge momentum swing. TL;DR - we're awesome
  6. Roc Carmichael

    I thought it looked like he overran it thinking the ball was going to end up deeper in the endzone and at the last minute tried to adjust but Stafford had boxed him out.

    We did get a 3 on the first drive with the trick play but yeah it's a minimum of 7 points left off on those two drives. Add in the drive that got stalled due to penalties and we could have been off and running early.

    I would love to see Thorpe get into the end zone, that guy is such a valuable piece of the offense already.

    I love how Adams wins almost every 50/50 ball, he has great hands and does a nice job at high pointing the ball int he air and adjusting.

    That was Chris O' Leary. He said on the radio that he is picking Hammy until they win.
  11. Bruce Johnson Released

    Could also be the case the the team did the player a favor in the sense that he could start for a few teams but he wouldn't here so they cut him to explore other opportunities. Walker looks like a keeper so far and they are obviously high on Carmichael so the DI spot can be for Fogg and that leaves Porter on the PR. Not a lot of room for a vet DB likely making more than what they would like for a PR guy.
  12. He was one of their better defensive players, and on a team devoid of talent the leash is longer. Makes you wonder if Reinbold was vouching for him and now that he got canned they are cleaning house.
  13. I sold Mike Kelly a stereo when I worked at Best Buy at the time of his coaching tenure. Didn't buy the extended warranty though. There. Glad to get that off my chest, thanks for letting me contribute to this discussion.
  14. CFL Week 8 Power Rankings

    Coming soon: buzzfeed.com/CFLpowerrankings

    A good sign for the D is that Harris has to move out of the pocket a lot, pressure was getting to him. Now they just have to fix that deep drop zone on 2nd and 20 that gave up 21 yards.