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  1. It depends on what they saw from them in camp, if they know that the guy isn't going to work out (or even accept a PR spot) then might as well move on.
  2. Tait mentioned this morning that they brought in a few WR's (Blaszko for one) to potentially round out the PR. Hopefully they can keep digging and turn over a diamond in the rough. I would much rather they use the PR for players like that as opposed to bringing in a retread.
  3. Manny Arceneaux
  4. So close, only 26 off of first place. I'm coming for you this year Cam.
  5. I think they have to keep Knox in right now, rotate Thomas/Ekakitie/Johnson and Hurl/Knox until we find a combination of those that works or recruit a new I MLB. I like Davis at 2, but Lefevour for goal-line/short yardage and maybe a gadget play here and there.
  6. He was pretty down on Nichols last year when we anointed him starter as well, not sure if his opinion has changed on that but if he thinks a Glenn-led Rider team will win more than the Bombers he must be banking on leprosy striking the locker room.
  7. "And Paredes' kick is up....and it's good - which is bad! But it's good!" Yep, no issues here.
  8. BUT WE CUT APODACA!!!!1!!!!!
  9. Perception is that you need a hulking Elimimian-type player at MLB and Hurl is not that. Having said that, while I'm not enamoured with starting him as many others are here, putting Woods in the middle - if he even was willing to come here at all - and potentially weakening other places on defense will hurt the unit overall moreso than with Hurl starting. Would it be nice if one of the import rookies came in and won the job outright? Absolutely. Would it be nice to sign every big name FA that hits the market? Sure, why not. Problem is there is a salary cap and even with the money committed to guys we will have some contracts coming up soon (Loffler/Westerman(?)) and you have to account for future dollars allocated as well as what you already have spent, even if the contracts are not guaranteed.
  10. Someone who would know better on the SMS can confirm, but I can't believe that Hurl and Johnson would make enough to cover the difference. We waiting well after the start of FA to even bring Hurl back, no way are we paying him over market in that case or Walters is terrible at his job.
  11. When Woods was released, the money was already spent. If we sign Woods, then we have to create a hole somewhere else on the roster.
  12. I thought Liggins might make it onto the PR but with Washington having a decent showing last night and the perceived love for Lankford there is only so much room for import WR's on the PR. Wild card was potentially cutting Kenny Stafford, I haven't really heard his name much in camp but I assume after cutting Liggins (and a few more last week) that his job seems to be safe for now.
  13. I was driving through Montana at the time and had asked my wife to text me updates. I think part of her enjoyed the suffering she was inflicting on me with each new text sent.
  14. Good god I had wiped that one from my memory. Those were dark times.
  15. Would be nice to see a short yardage/goal line package for him to run the read option.