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  1. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    He'll be back next time. Smarter, wiser & even more dangerous. Stay vigilant. We live in dangerous times.
  2. They need a new GM. Oh wait. They have one. Kavis Reed. Als fans now have no hope.
  3. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    When Bridge is EXPECTED to win games & the pressure is squarely on his shoulders for the first time instead of always coming off the bench when Glenn plays like crap, then we'll see how he does.
  4. Talks with Mulumba

    Where is Mulamba going to play if he wants to continue? France, Germany, Austria or Italy? I hear the Aussies have a crackerjack pro league as well. Now, that's leverage for ya. His NFL shot is over. So, either he plays for us, we trade him or he can rot. Or officially retire & get a job outside of football. But all he proved is he could hang in the NFL on a bunch of practice rosters for years. He never proved he could be a regular special teamer or every down player on any NFL roster he was on. His agent should watch his mouth with the things he's saying about the CFL.
  5. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    Coaching okay on the offensive side of the ball but not defensively.
  6. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    Oh yeah, like Kevin Glenn.
  7. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    Must be his inner zen. Nichols is elite. It must be July. #backtothefuture
  8. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    David Braley loves Wally so he has a job for life. Apparently, Braley not ready to sell just yet. He says the concussion issue lawsuit is scaring prospective owners away. No, I think his asking price is.
  9. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    Remember when fans here were saying Jennings was elite & Nichols wasn't?
  10. I was extremely pissed off at the time about the Lions losing to the Eskimos last night. It wasn't about what you posted.
  11. The only thing that stinks is our defense.
  12. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    Not that loser, please.
  13. **** the Eskimos. They tied it up with 30 seconds left. Why do I feel sometimes these games are rigged? Anyway, so pissed off I turned the game off. I don't care who wins now.