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  1. Watching the NFL Draft reminds me of how Mickey Mouse the draft on TSN is. Cover the first round, put it on the Internet after that but unable to watch the service provided.
  2. And if a game is on involving Canada then I'll watch.
  3. No, you don't care. I want us to win a gold medal every year. Don't mistake wall to wall SC playoff coverage to the lack of world championship hockey coverage. Of course, the SC playoffs are bigger. I'm certain a lot of hockey fans want Canada to win as well.
  4. It was delicious.
  5. People care... Why send a team if we don't? You mean to say that you don't care.
  6. Flames made the playoffs to lose the 1st round every year. Four of 5 extra games, whatever. They've never won another playoff series after 04. Then, they couldn't even make the playoffs with Iggy on the roster.
  7. Don't know if it's irrational but yeah I haven't the same respect for Iggy as other players. He could have stepped up just once & played for his country when the annual Flames tailspin occurred. I think I may have looked at him a lot differently as a player.
  8. Sports coverage in this country isn't very good unless you live in Southern Ontario. Or love the Jays & the Leafs.
  9. One frigging season. How many years with him did they miss the playoffs? Or were eliminated early?? Iggy was a great regular season player. When it came to the playoffs he couldn't do what he did during the season. Either the Flames were eliminated early or never even made the post season but he put up lots of points.
  10. We have a winner! Thanks!! His nickname was Captain Canada
  11. Yeah, agree. One of the reasons I never liked the guy. He seemed to like it better when the Flames were eliminated so he could golf instead of play hockey for his country. Always had a lame excuse for never playing in the World Championships. For over a decade, every year. Now he's a fourth line winger that Canada would never want unable to win a SC championship.
  12. That does not sound good.
  13. Ha, ha. rather have seen Dirty Harry asking, "Well, do you feel lucky, punk?'
  14. Don't we have a 292% tariff on milk imported from the US? Sounds like both countries have tariifs that skirt or exclude NAFTA.
  15. Matthews is American so I don't care what he does. I just remember Jarome Iginla always turning down his country to go golfing in Kelowna as the Flames sucked (still do) when he played for them except for 2004. Shane Doan always said yes as did that player from the Oilers. He ever said no. Can't remember his name.