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  1. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    The Jets will be well rested.
  2. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    Captain Obvious with a prediction. If the Jets score more goals than the Preds every game they'll win the series.
  3. Send a pipeline to Churchill.
  4. You fled from the cops? I take "been there" to mean just that.
  5. That would be very hard to do.
  6. Oilers-Jets 1990

    You want to argue about a player in a series over 30 years ago saying he was soft? Just enjoy the team we have now & what they are trying to accomplish.
  7. Oilers-Jets 1990

    Hawerchuk carried the Jets on his back a lot of times. Especially in 81-82 when there wasn't much talent. You never saw him play & I did. I don't agree.
  8. Oilers-Jets 1990

    Hawerchuk was never soft. I had Jets season tickets & watched him play many games. He could be lazy at times when he was a younger player if things didn't go his way he matured as he got older & more experienced but he was never soft.
  9. Oilers-Jets 1990

    Hawerchuk soft? What?
  10. Bombers Fan Forum (Rescheduled)

    Ha, you're in Parkland, right? Just a stone's throw away from me. Across Canyon Meadows Drive from Bonavista. Do you still live there? I was in Winnipeg 3 weeks ago. My son came to check on our house & there was a Bobcat standing in our front yard. He took a picture of it from the safety of his car.
  11. Bombers Fan Forum (Rescheduled)

    I live in the Deep South (as we call it here) in Lake Bonavista.
  12. Bombers Fan Forum (Rescheduled)

    Watch, this year...
  13. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    That was 30 years ago. Different team. We could never match up with the Oilers of the 80's. Now, teams have to match up with us.
  14. Bombers Fan Forum (Rescheduled)

    The weather here always drives me nuts. Snow in August. Golfing in February. Plus 15 in January & minus 15 in April. This year is the worst winter I have ever experienced.