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  1. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    Just as long as the Jets outscore the teams they play, I'm good.
  2. Wrestling

    They've done these shows before like the one thousand episode of Raw where the old heroes are trotted out & they beat down an opponent in a match like the DX segment. They used the same format tonight with the Dudleys. They'd have been better off having one or 2 less matches & use that time to show highlights of the past 25 years. Seeing guys ike Shawn Michaels or Scott Hall who can't wrestle anymore really doesn't do much.
  3. Wrestling

    When they suddenly cut away from Scott Hall coming out my first reaction was uh oh, he must be drunk. Then when they came back he looked & sounded fine. So, it was just bad timing.
  4. Wrestling

    The Undertaker segment was just strange.
  5. Wrestling

    How would you have liked to have bought Raw 25 tickets at the Manhattan Centre? What a waste of money for what they got. I sure do miss Ross & Lawler on the mic. Lawler is much more entertaining by himself than Booker & Graves together.
  6. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    I remember a story about Thornton. He always felt he was the best qb on the Bomber roster but Bud Grant thought otherwise. The story goes that in 1964 when the Bombers won just a single game that season, he paid kids to walk around Winnipeg Stadium during one home game with signs proclaiming "We Want Thornton" on them. Or something like that. He was traded to the Argos in 1967.
  7. CBS To Revive Star Trek on Television

    Why can't the parallel universe Lorca die replaced with the one from our universe?
  8. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Dieter Brock loved the zoo & D i c k Thornton liked every road that lead out of Winnipeg.
  9. CBS To Revive Star Trek on Television

    Plot Swerve. The Captain Lorca on Discovery is the parallel universe Captain Lorca who is using the crew & Burnham to kill the Emperor & become Emperor of the Terran Empre himself.
  10. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Sorry TBurg, I usually agree with a lot of what you say but you're way off on this one.
  11. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    What you say gets so old that it's totally lame. That's all you got? No surprise there as that's all you ever say. LOL. I don't have to justify anything especially my loyalty to a dumbass keyboard warrior like you. I was watching the Bombers in person, enjoying season tickets at Winnipeg Stadium & going to home games before you were born. However, it's so much fun that I will. Ever see Harry Knight play? What about Tony Guillory? Dave Raimey? Luther Selbo? Billy Cooper? Dale Hackbart? Bill Whisler? Mike Law? Phil Minnick? John Schneider? Rich Wozney? Tom Oberg? Roger Hamelin? Darwin Go Go Gonnerman? Richard Crump? Mike Holmes? Gord Patterson? Glen Schapansky? Butch Pressley? Bob Lueck? Joe Critchlow? Jim Heighton? Bob Houmard? Chip Barrett? Pierre Desjardins? Jim Kuhn? Rob McLaren, Bill Frank? Butch Norman? Joe Critchlow? Jim Sullivan? Do you remember the 80 Western Semi Final? Who ripped the 80 yard run up the middle to seal the game over the... the... the... who? Do you know the team we beat that day? What were the weather & field conditions like as well? I know because I was there, were you? What happened on the final play of the 1972 Western Final at Winnipeg Stadium? How did we lose & who did we play? Why do sone longtime Bomber fans still call it the most heartbreaking loss in the history of the team? I know why as I was there. Do you? After the 1988 Eastern Semi Final at Winnipeg Stadium there was a famous local tee shirt that came out. What was the message on the tee shirt referring to? I know as I was there. From 1969 to 1989 I never missed a home game. Not one until we moved away. Pfft. Stamps fan? What a joke. Too funny.
  12. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Okay, thanks for the input Migs or anonymous Rider fan. Buh bye.
  13. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    He is better than anything we could have got. So, I'm satisfied. Glenn is on his way down as well. Again, you don't give an alternative. Who would you sign?
  14. Glenn to Edm

    3 Down Football wrote a story indicating he was taking a shot at the Bombers for not signing him. People react as the story is slanted against the Bombers. At the same time, Glenn would have to be an absolute idiot if he claimed he didn't know that tweet could be interpreted as a shot to the Bombers or any other CFL team. He knew.