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  1. Wrestling

    WTH were they trying to do with Corbin on SD???
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    Out of curiosity, the Trump rally in Phoenix. And fighting the urge to want to puke my guts out.
  3. Wrestling

    We'll never agree on that. You need to weave a story to sell the characters. Right up to & including a PPV. Does the WWE always do that right? No as in Roman Reigns. I don't know a lot of the NXT wrestlers with the exception of a few. I saw a bunch of unknown (to me) men & women in bad costumes, makeup & hair cuts come out with no buildup, fly around, had no idea who they were & what they were doing there. If I had an idea of why they were wrestling one another I might be interested more in NXT. I had no idea but watched the entire PPV just out of curiosity. Didn't really convince me to watch NXT on tv or any other PPV's.
  4. Wrestling

    Some of the WWE storylines are pretty bad but at least they're storylines. That's what NXT takeover Brooklyn was missing.
  5. Wrestling

    McIntyre can come up to Raw to take the place of Cass & Roode to Smackdown.
  6. But he killed the market for any running back that came after him until then.
  7. Look who he was playing for. Things didn't improve in Indy.
  8. I remember when the Browns drafted Richardson, Jim Brown just ripped the organization about the pick. Turns out that he was right. Afterwards, NFL teams actually stopped drafting running backs in the first two or 3 rounds because he was such a bust. Until Ezekiel Elliott by the Cowboys last season.
  9. Wrestling

    Your last 2 sentences... NXT doesn't have more of a big time feel to it. It looks just like what it is. A PPV. It reminds me of WCW in a lot of ways before the WWF invasion. Junior to WWE. The best matches are the ones with veteran wrestlers involved. Not the wrestlers coming out of the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando.
  10. US Politics

    This is a no win subject that just leads to divisiveness here.
  11. Stamps @Lions

    For every WF Wally has won he seems to have lost 2. Don't know the record but certainly he has had some big losses. As well as big wins, too.
  12. Addison Richards Retires

    Never took OxyContin or any drugs like that so I have no idea. It's illegal that's all I know.
  13. Hey Ripper

    What you said was stupid & totally deserves it's own thread especially after the stats & wins show that you are a ham & egger fan.
  14. Addison Richards Retires

    Yeah, probably right.
  15. Wrestling

    I thought NXT Takeover was okay. Just that. Okay. Too many kickouts to lengthen matches. Some of these developmental wrestlers are as good or better than the ones on Raw & SD. They need to go up. I just can't get over the fans that are soooo into it yelling "This Is Awesome!!" the entire time when it wasn't.