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  1. I'm concerned about you, buddy. Stay well.
  2. How could you not dislike the Riders? Do you have a fever??
  3. Jake Frigging Ireland.
  4. That Mincy kid can play on my CFL team anytime.
  5. He did in that end of game interview. Made Rider fans know how much he enjoyed beating their team.
  6. Anyone want to go to chat?
  7. Have to love the Riders receivers... whoa.
  8. The way Glenn is scrambling around how long will he last?
  9. I used to be a baseball fan until this country was force fed the Blue Jays by Rogers. Now, I could care less. Thanks Rogers.
  10. We didn't lose anyone other than Thorburn & he won't be missed. I think that's a bonus. You see the faces of Crosby & Lemieux when the Marc Andre Fleury pick was announced. That said everything. Chevy has to get busy on July 1st. Signing a goaltender in free agency is paramount. He can't sit on the sidelines anymore being a disinterested participant as in previous years. This summer he has to actually do something.
  11. The people that run Rogers & Bell are counting on that you don't. Don't forget that Rogers did it's best to kill the CFL & the Argos. They haven't given up trying.
  12. I think that soon Global sports will be gone across Canada as well. It's TSN & Sportsnet, folks. Had your fill of Toronto FC, Leafs & Jays? It's only going to get worse.
  13. If we've kept Richards around for what's going on his third season & has one catch to show for it then why not try to develop Blazko? I'd be all for bringing the kid in & putting him on the PR. Then cutting Richards. He's had his time. Time to move on.
  14. Just gonna say.... The game has to be played first.
  15. Yeah, Graves interfering makes no sense considering the fact he isn't able to wrestle anymore. So then why is he involved in the storyline? Booker's voice is so raspy & ultra low that he just mumbles. Half of what he says is undiscernible. I miss Lawler.