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  1. @WBBFanWest Sure, I can see why there was a consensus. A shy guy is hard to get to know in a 15 minute interview. There was no rant - it was merely a response. Thanks.
  2. I read that, I also read that they felt he was inexperienced with the Canadian game, and the reality was, he didn't have a great combine. These are facts. That article is still based on rumors . I saw interviews and he didn't look sloppy to me, at all. Dress shirt, slacks, dress shoes... looked like he was wearing the same gear as most other players . Anyways, #IsItJuneYet Bring on the season. Take care.
  3. If you come to the assumption I am him, I see how you can arrive at any other false assumption. Mr Richards. I don't hide behind anonymity on social media to talk crap. I use twitter for business. No llama picture for me
  4. Feel free to look me up - links on my profile. No relation at all. Definitely not. I'll wait. As for Mr. Durant? I think you're drunk. Why would you make such an insane assumption, without research? Oh wait probably the same reason someone would paint him out to be a villain, yet have zero corresponding evidence. I guess that's expected on this forum. Your rivals. As far as knowing him because I've watched a few games - I can't say I know him, I said I am familiar. I am definitely MORE familiar - being that I have followed him, my daughter actually knows him -- than someone who is acting like they know him stating he's a headcase, with authority. The mention of accomplishments, and who celebrates them -- was not around thinking he's any different than any other CFL player as you was the fact that IF he was who the above user was claiming -- he sure has tight relationships with all the people who he's worked with closely. Nutshell- that claim is garbage. Anyways, I'm done here. Ya'll do what you're comfortable doing. GL this season.
  5. Not true, if so , well documented WHERE? Cite valid and reliable sources if you're going to make such a ludicrous comment. I am very familiar with this young man, and have watched him play since High school, through college to pros. He maintains a great relationship with his HS coach Kevin Phillips, who is also his off-season trainer - as well as his teammates from HS. My daughter attended SFU when he was playing for 4 years, where he also had a great relationship with Dave Johnson, SFU's coach, and teammates Chapdelaine then stepped in for a year - they were also fine. And there's certainly been ZERO talk about such concerns since he joined the Stampeders 2 years ago. NONE at all. I'm a huge fan. I follow him on facebook, twitter and instagram. Perhaps you should do the same, so you know what you're talking about, a bit more. Shame on you buddy. All of his accomplishments are celebrated by his former and current teammates and coaches -- and teachers- clearly on social media His stock dropping remains a mystery, even according to the CFL. Read up on that. Rumors run rampant because of people like you, and weak minded folks who can't think for themselves I think you might be the headcase, Cheers.