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  1. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    So we aren't allowed to talk it because they "won't play much"? IIRC almost every starting quarterback got injured last season at one point so quit trying to play this down. I don't care what Durant did last season, I've seen him play for how many years now and know the guy can compete and play football, having a proven veteran to come in relief pitching duties is a breath of fresh air and in a new offence I think we can see him come back to form. Nichols, Durant, Buck and Lapo all in the same QB room will be huge for us even if Durant doesn't see a single snap, and you can't tell me that won't have an impact.
  2. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    This is the exact argument that was made when I suggested the Bombers sign Henry Burris a couple years ago.
  3. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    What's your point? I was comparing Glenn and Durant.
  4. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    I think Bluto hit the nail on the head, Durant has a bit of the X factor, give him some time with our O-line I think he will extend plays until his receivers get open more often than not.
  5. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Never hated him as a player and you can argue one of the greats, not a particularly good starting QB to hang your entire season on given his age and injury issues but he's a great option as a backup QB. IMO a step up on Kevin Glenn at this point in their career given athletic ability and ability to evade pressure.
  6. Grey Cup: Calgary vs Toronto

    Agreed, when people in Montreal or Toronto ask where I'm from they either have no idea where Manitoba is or ask if Winnipeg is in Saskatchewan.
  7. Bombers Re-sign Neufeld and Hardrick

    A huge difference is having a guy like Andrew Harris on the team and having a couple guys on the team that live here year round such as Mo Leggett and now Hardrick. Gives the players who are unfamiliar with the city a better sense of what the team means to the people who live here and help create stronger bonds between the team and community.
  8. When do we fire Richie Hall?

    It's easier to get rid of the coordinator and the new one can bring in his own personnel.
  9. When do we fire Richie Hall?

    Teach us all of your infinite wisdom about defensive schemes, oh holy one.
  10. The Consolidated Bitchfest Thread

    The same man that trotted Brian Brohm out for how many games?
  11. When do we fire Richie Hall?

    I voted for 3 years + the big bonus, would also hope we can re-sign Hurl.
  12. Should this regime be on the hot seat?

    So they should keep their job based on some early season success? Yeah i'll wait until the playoffs to make my decision whether they're good enough, thanks.
  13. Should this regime be on the hot seat?

    HUH???? Then what the hell are you talking about? I never once mentioned the games before the last two so you're just making **** up now to save face. Go bully somebody else.
  14. Should this regime be on the hot seat?

    When did i reference the previous 15 games?????
  15. Should this regime be on the hot seat?

    Letting up over 500 yards two games in a row, against Toronto the offense put up a total of 243 yards. Against BC we had 303 yards. So you're right, the special teams was good against BC but the rest of the team - USELESS. Make all the excuses you like but this team is not good enough and even with Nichols playing i don't think we win that game.