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  1. Cats at Bombers GDT

    I'm never confident coming in to a game, this team has definitely made my expectations higher but I will never predict anything. I'd rather come in expecting nothing and be pleasantly surprised.
  2. Bombers in best Uniform contest

    are you colour blind? Where is this yellow you speak of?
  3. This list is horrendous lol
  4. You have to say CGY right now, they're the class of the league. However in a one game winner take all I don't mind our chances (see the grey cup last year).
  5. Westerman Out For Season

    then you lose your best return guy. please don't respond with "Drew can return kicks".
  6. Blue Bomber Pano shot

    Had no idea when to look also had a few too many beverages, I'm in the north end zone by Reaper and ted.
  7. Loudest Fans

    not to mention they run the thing right during our offence is in the huddle. BS if you ask me.
  8. I can already hear the tears streaming.
  9. So glad to see every other team is good against Durant, hopefully he's out of there as starter before the next time we play them.
  10. Loudest Fans

    I also seem to remember us getting an artificial noise flag at Canad inns a couple years ago but almost every team but us has some squealing siren before the snap/
  11. Loudest Fans

    Doesn't surprise me the network that glorifys the Riders every chance they get would rarely show the decibel meter during the banjo bowl but constantly show it during the LDC, try to tell us we tied when we were clearly louder. Never mind trying to hide the fact that we were 108 decibels instead of 104. What a joke.
  12. Is it time for Davis...

    i don't know what you don't understand? Quarterback is the most important position in the league and the riders have already traded for one this season. IMP on non imp it doesn't matter since they dont count. Your sarcasm is making you stupid, stupid.
  13. Is it time for Davis...

    you're an idiot
  14. Is it time for Davis...

    you do realize QB doesn't count towards the ratio right?