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  1. I'm very confused whether to be happy with Duron Carter for not showing up last night or mad at him for sinking my fantasy team.
  2. Both teams really had trouble pressuring the QB, made both quarterbacks look a lot better than they are. Did anybody even get close to the QB all game? Put one hit on either of these guys and watch the picks come.
  3. It seems quite a few of the close ones went the Riders way last night. I think something shady is happening.
  4. I don't really care, at this point i'm pretty sure it's just trolling.
  5. From ontario, played for the Argos Too many jolts to the head probably.
  6. I usually listen to Barstool sports podcast Pardon My take and in their last podcast they mentioned Bob Wylie LOL. They jokingly mentioned him as their favourite new football guy as he's with the Browns now. Only because apparently he's a magician.
  7. I'm pretty sure hes only played for the Argos
  8. never understood Shultz's hate for the Bombers.
  9. old "safe" qbs, defenses will win all night, gonna come down to field position. Snoozer.
  10. Doesn't Kyries Hebert usually pick Glenn off at least once per game?
  11. I mean now that i've reread some of the posts knowing this guy is an insider i have regained some form of interest. continue.
  12. I mean if Booch would be so kind as to elaborate, I could regain interest. (no idea who this poster is.)
  13. this is the most useless conversation I've ever heard. Different regimes, different scouts, different coaches, different systems, different qbs. Walters has been bringing in good talent in my books, couple holes but not like they aren't still bringing in guys. Talking about what Taman and Kelly did is really a waste of time.
  14. this thread should be closed.....jesus....