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  1. Really hope we can get a few reports from somebody on this site. Sounds a lot like an orientation, and just getting guys up to speed with the CFL rules. If there are cuts it will probably be due to players being out of shape.
  2. to summarize, yes. (reading posts at work always gets the best of me)
  3. You make it sound like they're all training camp fodder. If that is your thinking there is no way this team can improve. All of our veteran guys at one point unseated the incumbents. They will all get their shot and most will be cut and some PR'd. I think it is fair to speculate which prospect has the best chance of potentially cracking the lineup. I agree it does not necessarily mean Walters is unhappy with our corps but i don't think our receivers were in the top 5 last year so there is always room for improvement.
  4. Colour me excited, kid reminds me a lot of Arland Bruce.
  5. What do you guys think about Nate Behar at 6? Most bench presses and fastest 40 out of the receivers, guy looks like a beast.