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  1. Little things

    Did anybody realize the season ticket holder of the game only had 4 years of Seasons or something ridiculous? How do they pick these? My aunt and I have have had seasons for around 16 years, I'm 24 now... I hope I dont need to go 27 years for an award.
  2. Little things

    So I was walking from the rum hut with my beer towards my seats on the east side, not really paying attention to the game as it was another Medlock gimme' thought it was a safe time to walk back to my seats. Just so happens ended up directly underneath the cannon. I'll just say I should have packed an extra pair of underwear.
  3. Derel Walker

    why not? If they're serious about winning a cup they will spend as much as they can. I'm not privy to the salary cap but I doubt spending a little money to win a cup will be out of the question. They did so last season signing Gurley.
  4. Derel Walker

    I would love this signing just so the other teams can't have him.
  5. Bombers In-Season Transactions

    that sounds more like the riders.
  6. They won't underestimate these guys, seeing as they almost beat us 4 weeks ago.
  7. Roc Carmichael

    Was busy at work but in general cb is the easiest db position to play and besides O'Shea said all the dbs have taken reps in every spot.
  8. Roc Carmichael

    exactly what I was going to say
  9. Roc Carmichael

    you don't think Kevin Fogg is a better option?????
  10. Roc Carmichael

    gets lost in the air, please put Fogg in.

    Isn't Ross Scheuerman averaging over 6 yards a carry right now? WTH are they doing?
  12. Bruce Johnson Released

    I remember being there when i was just a youngster, got banned for trolling Ticat fans when they were all jealous of our new digs.
  13. Bruce Johnson Released

    I guess i was a little off but not too bad. Fogg is still 10x better than Bruce Johnson.
  14. Bruce Johnson Released

    Pigseye! CFL.ca Legend, nice to see ya here. As a poster above said Kevin Fogg is still sitting and he was second in the league for interceptions last season. Would have been very surprised to see Johnson come in before Fogg.
  15. Bruce Johnson Released

    I never said you can't, It's just easier to stash them. Putting words in my mouth I see.