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  1. Missing Leggett really hurt the game. A lot of missed tackles and yards given up in the areas that he patrolled. If that defense was much tighter, this game is out of reach for the Argos and the missed FG could have been absorbed. Although the missed field goals are not acceptable in my opinion. I know they will happen but they are happening too much lately. We pay big dollars to have a guy that can make field goals when the game is on the line and Saturday, he just didn't do his job. I am not mad or upset... I am just simply disappointed.
  2. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    I am not so worried about being able to catch the ball when it comes to them, I am concerned on them running their routes and giving Nichols some pass options in time before he gets hit. I expect their will be more focus from BC defenders on guys like Adams, Denny and Harris which will leave some opportunity for the other guys...... if they can run their routes and get open. And that is the worry I have. Sure hope that JFG, Coates, and Langford can step up because I see them as the guys that will have less defensive coverage on them. I believe their performance will be key.
  3. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    Looking weak in the receiving department. If Nichols is going to get injured, this is the week. With these receivers I feel like he may need to hold on to the ball longer which gives BC defenders time to get to him.
  4. Nissan Pre-game Sideline Experience

    I emailed the the Bomber for Life address and asked some questions. That is how I was registered for the sideline experience and how I got more info on the other stuff like the shirt, Locker Room Talk etc. The shirt pick up will be in late Oct at the Bomber Store. An email will be sent out when it is ready. Another email will be sent in the off season with when the locker room talk will happen.
  5. Has anyone done the Nissan Pre-game Sideline Experience and what does this consist of?
  6. Good run game by the Blue with average passing. 4 TDs (one from defense), 3 FGs and one Rouge . Red Blacks will be zzzzzzzz.... sawing logs tonight. They will get down field though with Lindley pushing one major in. The rest will be a few FGs with our defense holding them up in the Red Zone. 38-16 Bombers is my prediction. (I have known to be wrong once or twice lol)
  7. WFC to unveil Cal Murphy statue at IGF

    Classic Pace Setter jacket! Nice! That Jacket would sell if they brought it back!
  8. Bombers Release Thorpe

    I'm shocked to be honest. I'm really hoping that this is to bring in someone special that requires just that little bit of extra money or something. I know I'm reaching but there has to be some logical reason for this..... right?
  9. Ridirts @ Tabbies: Cellar Bowl

    Oh how a Rider loss would set the tone to this rainy weekend in Winnipeg! I might even spend the day outside tomorrow in my lawn-chair drinking ice cold beer in the rain!
  10. I really feel like Collaros has a lot left in the tank. He played behind a terrible O-Line that has finally got some different schemes from Jones and is gaining a bit of confidence. I feel like Hamilton should put him back in. But to be honest the best thing for Collaros is to get out of the Hammer and into a contending team that has an established front line and I think he will be ok. I hate to say it but if he gets into Sask I think they will move up the standings at least to make the playoffs IMO.
  11. Edmonton - was it PI?

    I felt like the call was made correctly. I was surprised at Jason Maas on how unprofessional he acted. It showed exactly the type of person he is. The same guy who wouldn't wear the mic on the mic'd up game last season. I understand being competitive but in that moment in front of your team it was a terrible place to come unglued. It showed later in the game as well when one of his players pulled the same stunt on the field. I truly do not like Jason Maas and these kinds of things are the reason why. He acts like a spoiled brat.