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  1. Grey Cup Pick 'Ems

    Was just an MBB group, contest and prizes furnished by TSN.
  2. Grey Cup Pick 'Ems

    The prize is a $50 Bomber store gift certificate. In the case of a tie, it will be split.
  3. Grey Cup Pick 'Ems

    Fixed. Forgot to advance the weeks displayed in the standings tab
  4. With only the Grey Cup left, @bearpants is guaranteed a win, with the @the watcher a chance to tie. Well done, both of you. Picks must be in by Sunday @ 5 PM
  5. Game 19: vs Devils

    Unjustly? Maybe my insatiable hatred comment was a little dramatic but here is four pages down memory lane of your thoughts on Enstrom. You be the judge how it comes across. You certainly rarely pass up the chance to criticize whenever his name comes up http://morningbigblue.com/community/search/?&q=Enstrom&page=1&author=kelownabomberfan
  6. It is actually a general thread for any random CFL discussion topic or piece of news during the playoffs that doesn't necessarily need its own thread. We had one for the regular season, one for the playoffs, and will for the off season as well. The Medlock report / statement broke during the playoffs, so it is fair game. That tweet is actually the very first post in this thread.
  7. Game 16 : @ Coyotes

    I know you have an insatiable hate for Enstrom but why do you want to get rid of Lowry?
  8. Game 16 : @ Coyotes

    Lindholms deal @ 5.2 includes these 2 years of RFA years that Trouba is playing out. Trouba got paid$3M per for those 2 years. So if you are signing Trouba to the same term as Hampus (6 years), and want to match that deal you are going to pay more because there will be more UFA years included in it. So I think you need to up that to $7M minimum if you want him to sign long term (6+). Or you go 4 years @ 6M which would pretty much match the Lindholm deal and give him back the $4M he lost out on these past two years playing for $3M instead of $5M. But like you said, and have to ask yourself, if he was willing to sign for that kind of money, that deal would have been done two years ago. He either wants more money or doesn't want to be in Winnipeg long term, or both.
  9. Finals Pick 'Ems

    Looks like it was closed by mistake. Poll is open again.
  10. Picks need to be in by Sunday @ 12PM
  11. **Playoff Game Promo Pricing **

    Lots of free places you can upload then they will give you a link. This is the first that came up in search http://tinypic.com/
  12. **Playoff Game Promo Pricing **

    UPdate was posted in this threads. At 26.5k