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  1. They haven't come to a conclusion yet on who pays for everything. They were going to sit down after round 1 to figure that out. True North making some good cash with beer sales. Street vendors as I understand it are making the money on their own.
  2. They also paid $1.3M to the City for an old Winnipeg Enterprises debt that was assigned to the organization in 2005 and scheduled to be paid in 2017. Still in the black, and can still add to the rainy day fund, but not as much as it initially looks.
  3. http://3downnation.com/2018/04/19/blue-bombers-profits-jump-5-1-million-2017/ Increase of over $2M from last year. Good job! Always good when we can make the mortgage payment.
  4. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    https://www.chrisd.ca/2018/04/18/winnipeg-jets-whiteout-street-party-game-5/#.WteADtPwZTY Any guess how big this grows if the Jets continue to do well?
  5. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    Said something along these lines (a bit longer then what is in the tweet) before singing the American anthem.
  6. Bomber Moves 2018

    I think in previous years it has been held in the Soccer complex
  7. Random News Items

  8. Wrestling

    Probably the source of the disagreement then. I read this I like Omega but bottom line... Most casual fans have no idea who he is. with casual wrestling fan being implied. If you use the word fan, you have to be a fan of something. The next line in the quote would imply average person (The Jets are doing local winnipeg celebrities thing where they all say a thing about the whiteout. I said what about omega.. Everyone who responded said.. Who? ). So we could probably go back to the regular scheduled wrestling discussion.
  9. Wrestling

    Discussion was around casual wrestling fan not average person. Would be surprised if a casual wrestling fan has never heard of Jericho.
  10. Wrestling

    What would be your definition of a casual wrestling fan?
  11. Muamba signs in Montreal. 3 year deal. https://www.cfl.ca/2018/04/12/als-sign-muamba-3-year-deal/