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  1. Just sending out a reminder to people who haven't picked yet that the CFL week starts early this week. First game is tonight, and voting in this thread will be closed at 6:30 PM. If you miss the cutoff, I will accept picks for games that have not yet started through PM.
  3. Houston Aeros was also an AHL team from 1994 - 2013. They were the Wilds farm team and now in Des Moines, Iowa.
  4. NFL is moving towards full time refs. Will be a phased in approach so they don't have all their experienced refs with other jobs quit all at once.
  5. The changes to PI favouring offensive players was pretty much league mandated when scoring was way down a couple of years ago. League wants high scoring, no lead is safe games, and have told their refs to officiate that way. There is most definitely a consistency problem. I never know what's going to be called on replay reviews anymore, and that is a problem.
  6. Stupid cyclist running a red light.
  7. Five games on the schedule this week. That means an early start, so picks need to be in by Wednesday @ 6:30PM this week. Current standings can be seen below.
  8. I don't mind Westwood, he can be a bit annoying when gets on some of his rants, but there are some issues going on between him and Toth. And not in a good way. Makes for some awkward radio when Westwood calls Toth out on some of the things he says and neither will let it go.
  9. Experience leaving the stadium last night was much improved over last week. The security blocking the exit has been taken care of and was there holding the door open with a smile allowing everyone to leave rather then forcing them back into the stadium. We got an email earlier in the week that said a new plan has been put in place for exiting our parking lot (green lot). We were out of the parking lot in under a minute of getting to our car last night. There are two exits out and they split the lot so half would go out one exit, half the other, and even had cones on Chancelor Matheson so that one exit was in the far lane and the other exit in the near lane rather then everyone leaving through a single exit and into a single lane. Good on the Bombers staff and organisation for being receptive and reactive to feedback, and continuing to try and improve the game day experience. Was looking around the stadium pregame last night and compared to the setup and atmosphere to what it was in the first few seasons ... they've come a long way and have put in a lot of effort to address the issues and concerns that people have brought up. Very much appreciated.
  10. I guess that is the going rate for an NHL franchise as that is what Vegas paid. True North paid a reported $170 Million for the Jets in 2011 (60 of that as a relocation fee to the NHL). Over 7 years, that is a pretty darn good appreciation of an asset. Karmanos reportedly paid $48 million for the Canes in 1994. I wonder how much he has lost operating that team over that time period.
  11. Former US president Jimmy Carter in Winnipeg for Habitat for Humanity rushed to St Boniface hospital.
  12. The problem with those contracts is they are not exact comparables (for sure with Lindholm and Slavin, didn't check Klefblom). Lindholm and Slavin signed those deals immediately after their ELC. Trouba took a bridge contract for 2 years. So if Trouba signs for similar term, you are going to have to pay for 2 extra UFA years, which will bring the overall AAV up. Expect Trouba to get more. And his contract negotiation will be anything but easy with the agent he has.