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  1. Dressler injured (again)

    He's already there full time. I hope Lankford doesn't become the starter ... maybe Wolitarsky.
  2. Bombers Release Thorpe

    You're saying a lot of stuff that would require you to be making a lot of assumptions. You assume that he quit this job without another job lined up. Not fair.
  3. I'm going to go with three not-so-obvious ones. Brandon Alexander (couple beautiful knock downs), Matthias Goossen (no snapping miscues on a night where nobody would blame him if there were several) and Justin Medlock (for realizing that distance on punts wasn't going to be massive tonight and opted to punt the ball in ways that made it a nightmare for McDuffie to handle all night)
  4. Bombers Release Thorpe

    Personally, I feel like this doesn't apply to guys who are making $500 a week. who are we to criticize a guy's decision to not continue making a near poverty wage in hopes of finding something better?
  5. Sadly we're stuck dressing him until Mulumba decides he wants to play but man he is just BAD.
  6. One guy who I don't think has been mentioned yet ... Alexander is quietly becoming very good. Had a great game tonight.
  7. We didn't but good grief enough is enough already ... Okpalaugo is absolutely terrible. His get off is slow motion.
  8. Reaves got a call from Jones recently too.
  9. Poop scratched again, that's cool, I guess we don't need any pass rush tonight.
  10. Westerman Out For Season

    Wiecek is such an idiot.
  11. 2016 re-draft

    Mr. Irrelevant Josiah St John
  12. Bombers Release Thorpe

    Rich is the supreme leader. I just want to be a regular poster.