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  1. MH370

    Thanks for that. Very interesting. I am still leaning toward aliens, but you made me at least re-think my position.
  2. Canadian Politics

    Our sales guy just got back from India on the weekend. He said whenever he told someone he was Canadian they started dancing the Bhangra and laughing. People told him they've never seen such a clown show from a world leader before. He was embarrassed to even tell anyone there he was Canadian.
  3. Canadian Politics

    that two percent cut hacked $14 billion off of federal revenues. That is almost 75% of the Liberal deficit this year (projected - probably only 50% when the real numbers come in).
  4. Canadian Politics

    they gave us a gender-balanced cabinet. A lot of people tell me this is a good thing, for some reason.
  5. Canadian Politics

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's disapproval rating among Canadians has jumped above the 50 per cent mark for the first time since the 2015 election, according to a new poll. The Angus Reid Institute's latest survey, released Monday, found the political flak from Trudeau's recent trip to India and increasing worry over government spending has widened the gap in approval ratings between the Liberals and Andrew Scheer's Conservative Party. The firm now says Tories have a shot at winning a majority government. If an election was held tomorrow, the poll said, 40 per cent of respondents who were decided or leaning voters would back the Tories while 30 per cent would opt for the Liberals. Nineteen per cent said they would vote for Jagmeet Singh's NDP. Villa Torretta See More Sponsored by TRIPADVISOR The poll also found another possible bad omen for the federal Liberals. Fifty-one per cent of respondents — an all-time high — say it's time for a change in government. Though that view is strongest among previous Conservative voters, ARI noted, 23 per cent of respondents who voted for the Liberals in 2015 also agreed with that statement. That shift in the Liberal's base seems to be a key factor in the slip in popularity for Trudeau and the party, the polling firm said. While a majority of the Grit base still approves of the PM, 31 per cent of respondents who voted for the Liberals in 2015 now say they disapprove of the party's leader. The polling firm's results suggest the Liberal Party's voter retention is weaker than the Tories'. Fifty-eight per cent of its past supporters say they would vote for the Grits again, according to the poll, compared to 86 per cent of the Conservative Party's past voters. Fifty-three per cent of respondents who voted for the NDP in 2015 would do the same in the next election. Scheer seen as better leader on economy And as Trudeau's approval ratings take a dip, (some) things are coming up Scheer. The Conservative leader, who was elected to his party's helm last May, is seen as a stronger leader on issues such as crime, relations with the provinces, health care and the economy, the latter being the most important issue in Canada today to 26 per cent of respondents. The government's latest budget, which predicted a deficit of $18.1 billion and offered no date for any return to balance, also contributed to the Liberals' woes. Twenty-nine per cent of ARI's respondents said government spending and deficits were the most pressing issues in Canada. The firm noted that concerns about deficits have increased throughout the government's term.
  6. Random Death Notice 2018

    Very sad news. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/nhl/senators-announce-that-son-of-captain-erik-karlsson-has-died/ar-BBKtQkZ?li=AAadgLE&ocid=spartanntp
  7. Canadian Politics

    The only time I have ever voted Liberal was when Paul Martin was leader. He really saved Canada in the 1990's after the Trudeau and Mulroney years of spend spend spend.
  8. Game 73 : Melrose Avenue @ Melrose Coffee

    why not even sit him and let Roslo or Dano get some ice time? Let him heal up. These last 10 games are a luxury, use them to get everyone rested up. They are going to need it.
  9. Game 73 : Melrose Avenue @ Melrose Coffee

    Comrie has to play sometime. Too bad we're not playing Phoenix or Vancouver tonight. If there was anything actually on the line for the Jets tonight Helle would start. Glad we have the luxury to give him some rest at this time of the year instead of running him into the ground.
  10. Canadian Politics

    I really liked the bait and switch they pulled on traditional NDP supporters with their promise to reform the electoral system. The NDP supporters totally got sucked in on that one. Justin never to my knowledge said that he would switch to the flawed PR system, just that he would reform the system. Then he totally pulled the whole thing off the table. Brilliant short-term strategy but will the traditional NDP support go back to the NDP? That's the question.
  11. Game 72 : Barney @ Fred Penner

    at least you can't say that Buff picked on someone that wasn't his size...
  12. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

    Looks like in 1982 they changed the playoff format to be inter-divisional rather than treated as just one big division. This cut down on travel costs, as you didn't have four rounds of potential bi-coastal series, but it also guaranteed seeing the same teams beat their brains out every year in the playoffs, until the finals.
  13. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

    Here's the playoff seeding in 1980. Imagine if the NHL went back to this format....Winnipeg might play Pittsburgh in Round One. How screwy would that be... Playoff seeds[edit] The sixteen teams that qualified for the playoffs are ranked 1–16 based on regular season points. Philadelphia Flyers, Patrick Division champions, Clarence Campbell Conference regular season champions – 116 points Buffalo Sabres, Adams Division champions, Prince of Wales Conference regular season champions – 110 points Montreal Canadiens, Norris Division champions – 107 points Boston Bruins – 105 points New York Islanders – 91 points Minnesota North Stars – 88 points Chicago Black Hawks, Smythe Division champions – 87 points New York Rangers – 86 points Atlanta Flames – 83 points St. Louis Blues – 80 points Toronto Maple Leafs – 75 points Los Angeles Kings – 74 points Pittsburgh Penguins – 73 points (30 wins) Hartford Whalers – 73 points (27 wins) Vancouver Canucks – 70 points Edmonton Oilers – 69 points
  14. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

    I have vague memories of such things. Number one would play sixteen, number two would play 15 and away we go. That got changed pretty early on though with the formations of the Smythe division etc. Which meant every year Winnipeg was screwed having to play Edmonton in round one or two.