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  1. 3 stars + HH sing the blues.

    How on earth do you play receiver with a broken hand? His hands looked just as soft as they always do. Damn, that is warrior.
  2. 3 stars + HH sing the blues.

    I think that Proulx is way more chill about holding than the other CFL refs. Now that the CFL is publishing more stats, it'd be interesting to run some numbers on the officiating teams -- whose crew calls holding the most? Whose crew is overturned most often? etc, etc.
  3. 3 stars + HH sing the blues.

    Washington had some rookie boners (Suitor criticized the depth of his routes a couple times) but he looked a lot better than he has all year. Got open and caught the ball. And hell yeah, Coates looked real good out there -- we've thrown that deep shot down the wide rail to JFG like four times this year and come up empty each time, but Coates snagged it. Nichols protected the ball real well. I was expecting picks from him, since he was stuck in the pocket all day and was going to see pressure, but he played his usual squeaky-clean game with zero picks on 48 attempts.
  4. Playmaking LB, depth at QB, better import receivers, y'know, same as everyone. Assuming Bond is headed for the NFL for at least half of next year, I'd also like to see us add some national hog depth and roll out three Canucks on the OL. Is Davis going to be back next year? After three years as the designated QB of the future, I was shocked when he didn't start against Calgary. Figure Denmark has gotta be done. When we needed him most, he was invisible.
  5. Yup. Had a great time watching the Bombers this year, had a great time celebrating victories on MBB. Thanks to the gang here for their thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. Didn't like the way it ended, but I am pumped for next year!
  6. The Consolidated Bitchfest Thread

    Yeah, it'd be cool to merge the assorted spleen vents into a nice clean thread here. Make this thread the Australia of MBB.
  7. https://www.google.com/search?q=nelson+skalbania TLDR: Skalbania killed Als V1.0 and very nearly killed the Lions as well. Then he went to jail for real estate fraud. The Glieberguys, while a big joke, didn't kill the Rough Riders -- there were two owners that followed them (three, if you count the CFL, which paid most of the Riders' bills in 1996) . Feterik left the Stamps in okay shape for the next owners. He paid his bills. And Wettenhall is the guy who saved the Als in the nineties and presided over years and years of success afterwards. Team is falling on hard times now, but he's a long long way from worst owner ever.
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Nice pick, TF. Never seen the Maidens but damn from that video they look legit. Sad to see such a limp crowd tho. Here in Seattle we've got Hell's Belles, like the best AC/DC cover band going. They've been at it for almost twenty years now and their singer has some hella pipes.
  9. MOS on Nichols

    Speaking of our DL, I think losing Westerman was addition by subtraction. Seemed like when we lost him our DEs got a lot better at playing contain and keeping QBs in the pocket. Especially critical this weekend ... if a guy like Reilly can get outside the pocket and roam around in space, he'll kill us, either with his legs or by extending the play long enough so one of those great receivers of his can shake free downfield.
  10. Naw, gave that one a pass. Figured that BC vs. Toronto might resemble a football game, though.
  11. Been a while since I've seen a team phone in a game like BC just did. No focus, determination, execution. Just some guys running around.
  12. 3 stars + HH DL stamps out a win

    My Happy Honker goes to Jake Thomas, who swept up the field goal kicking area before every Medlock kick. Wins are made of little details!
  13. Hamilton @ Ottawa

    Been watching the league for more than thirty years and I don't think I've ever seen team lose the turnover battle 5-0 and still win the game. Plus, a new combined yardage record that overshadowed a bunch of other great performances. Suddenly, Don Unamba is playing like Moe Leggett? See ya in the playoffs, Redblacks.
  14. I'll be sad to see Wally go. He's like Don Matthews, a CFL legend, and he kept half the league supplied with quarterbacks during the late nineties / early oughts. 20 playoff years in 22 years plus more Grey Cups on his resume than the entire Saskatchewan franchise. To top it off, open-heart surgery in the middle of it all. As a fan of the Bombers I was intensely jealous of his success, as a fan of the league I thought he made it better. If he does step aside, then congrats to him on an amazing career and a well-deserved retirement.
  15. Bombers Add 3 To PR

    Yeah, I remember Buck Pierce totally getting pancaked a few times while Bloi-Dei Dorzon looked on. When I've been watching games lately, I've been looking away from Nichols at the snap and watching Harris. Several times a game, he'll save Nichols' ass with a split-second leap into a blitzer's gap. Or he'll line up on one side of the formation and when the free man comes from the other side, he'll throw himself across the formation just in time to chip the blitzer away. If he were a half-step slower, Nichols would be road pizza. Harris is just as important when he's not getting the ball as when he is getting the ball.