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  1. Bombers in best Uniform contest

    Yeah, I doubt the Jets were directly inspired by the Argos, but the Argos were the OG double blue team and I don't think there's another pro sports team with that look.
  2. Bombers in best Uniform contest

    Yeah, double blue is a sharp color scheme, I'm glad the Jets wear it even if they kinda ripped it off from the Argos. I've really dug the last two versions of the Hamilton unis. Black, yellow, stripes. Simple and mean-looking. Especially like the home blacks with the yellow pants.
  3. Random Video Thread

    my god, this is the most beautiful thing I've seen in awhile.
  4. Ridirts @ Tabbies: Cellar Bowl

    Bridge sure has a heck of an arm though. He threw those wideside outs on a rope. I'm with USA, though. Playing a rotten TiCat team is one thing. Going up against the Stamps is another. I'm expecting Claybrooks will take his lunch money next week.
  5. Ridirts @ Tabbies: Cellar Bowl

    Some kinda bad moon over the Hamilton receivers. Banks looks like he's been replaced by Willy Hinchcliffe. Tasker's dropping catches he makes in his sleep. Mike Jones coughs up the ball on the 5. Masoli was pretty bad but his receivers were even worse.
  6. Great video. Moe's a baller! Loved listening to them scheme the Randall pick before the play. And damn, the camera following Carter walking towards the sidelines while that play was still alive. $10M talent, 10¢ attitude.
  7. Nailed it and I'm never right about anything so I'm gonna pump my own tires here a bit. Other two teams? Saskatchewan and Toronto, I'd bet. Both teams have QBs who are expired or nearly expired. Jones loves his bad boys and the Argos would do anything for a headline in Toronto.
  8. The iPhone Thread (or Tech Thread)

    Wireless charging is pretty magical but I have to laugh at a 455 dpi display. The difference between a 455 dpi and 250 dpi on a 5.5" screen is laughable. It's like having headphones with frequency response beyond 20kHz .. that ain't gonna matter to anyone who isn't a dog, and this 455dpi display won't really matter to anyone who isn't a raptor ... or a guy who gets wood for big numbers. Since this is also a referendum on Apple thread, my vote is: not an apple customer any more; used to love their laptops but they've become steadily more overpriced and under capable as time goes by. Probably get a Dell XPS13 if I had to buy one today. On the flipside, my mom has an iPad and loves it and can do all kinds of things on it without my coaching. As tech support guy #1 I'm extremely glad to not be supporting Windows over the phone anymore.
  9. The iPhone Thread (or Tech Thread)

    (deleted. who knew ctrl-enter was a post hotkey?)
  10. The iPhone Thread (or Tech Thread)

    (deleted, duplicate)
  11. My money is on Montreal being the other team interested in Johnny Football. The Als love those questionable big-splash moves and appear to have no plan at QB. (Here, I'll save someone the trouble of making a FTFY post: "The Als love those questionable big-splash moves and appear to have no plan at QB.")
  12. Thorpe has been beefing with the Alouettes ownership / management for a least a couple years. He tried to resign and take a position in Edmonton and the Als refused to accept his resignation. http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/noel-thorpe-leaving-montreal-alouettes-possibly-headed-to-edmonton-eskimos http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/noel-thorpe-alouettes-popp-1.3375729 Can't imagine MOS gassing a coordinator halfway through a season, but he did so almost exactly two years ago when he fired Pat Tracey midseason. Mind you I think the Bomber special teams that year were far worse than the Bombers D is this year.
  13. The next three

    Yup, brain cramp.
  14. The next three

    All of these games are dangerous. We needed last-minute heroics + a kick return braincramp + OT to beat Ottawa. The Edmonton team we beat was depleted, tired, and crisco-handed. We let Hamilton hang around for three quarters before burying them in the 4th. A couple bounces go differently and all these games come out different. Maybe not the Hamilton one, but the other two, definitely. (in case it sounds like I'm not giving the Bombers credit for their wins, I do -- but for all but one quarter, these were three competitive games)
  15. Once, back in the day, Ricardo Montalban was on a late night show with some cowboy singer. The cowboy singer made a crack about his accent. (which is a dumb thing to do: Ricardo sounds great in any language) "When you hear someone speak with with an accent, it means they speak more than one language," said Montalban. "How many languages do you speak?" I can speak about 1.2 languages, so I don't make cracks about accents anymore.