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  1. Bomber Moves 2018

    Yeah, you gotta grade the 2013 Bomber team on a pretty steep curve, but Henoc was a super legit bright spot there.
  2. US Politics

    Strange that the Second Amendment didn't save the American veterans camped at Hooverville or the African Americans who were burned out of Tulsa or the college kids at Kent State or the Branch Davidians in Waco or the Indians at Standing Rock -- just to name a few of the dozens of cases where large-scale government firepower has been pointed at U.S. citizens. The only example I can think of where the US government backed down in the face of armed resistance was the Bundy cattle grazing case in Nevada. Besides, the idea that an American could resist a full-on US government assault with an AR-15 is laughable. If the **** has hit the fan and the government really wanted you dead, they would drone you or robot you. At this point, one needs antiaircraft weapons and sensors to credibly defend ones' self against government attack. Look back 150 years to the US Civil War. The Confederacy was an entire nation with a functioning economy, considerable external support, and a pretty freaking legendary fighting spirit. And even they couldn't beat a determined US Government.
  3. US Politics

    My Grade 1 teacher, Mrs. Travolo, was terrifying and could kill with a stare. She didn't need any guns. My Grade 8 teacher, on the other hand, had massive temper and anger issues -- he had some epic classroom meltdowns. That guy should never be armed with anything more deadly than a popsicle stick under any circumstances.
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Back in the day I worked for the Ontario government in a large open concept office. Lots of my coworkers had radios at their desks, all tuned to T-Bay's single crappy pop/rock FM station. This was when Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You was huge. For weeks the crappy radio station played it every day at 4pm on the dot. And respect, the lady could really belt it and her voice cut through the office noise like a laser. So suddenly every day, just before quitting time, I'd be absolutely surrounded by this song and it was freaky. I still get a weird feeling when I hear it in a mall or wherever. So yeah I hear you about work music TF.
  5. US Politics

    This board needs a laughing/crying reaction emoji.
  6. US Politics

    Here's another weird contradiction I've noticed: Headline: Minority person dies in encounter with law enforcement. Right wing talking point: Blue lives matter! We support law enforcement! They are the thin line between chaos and civilization! Headline: Law enforcement fails to intervene in pre-crime; NRA takes heat Right wing talking point: Law enforcement sucks! You've only got 10,000 crazies in your jurisdiction, how did you miss the fact that it was this one who was actually a homicidal freak????
  7. US Politics

    The Florida shooter was a citizen, and did not have a criminal record before he gunned up his school. But if law enforcement had acted on the warnings they received and confiscated his armory, they could have prevented this massacre. So it sure looks like you are pretty directly contradicting yourself here. Besides, do you really think cops should be free to confiscate guns from non-criminals simply because they've received warnings about that person's behavior? Don't you think that's ripe for abuse?
  8. US Politics

    Florida Kids: we are sick of kids getting gunned down in classrooms and we would like some gun control laws OK? Republicans: Don't listen to these kids, their brains aren't fully formed yet, they're acting emotionally, not rationally, and their grief is being exploited by George Soros. Florida Kids: how about raising the minimum age one can be before buying a military semi-auto rifle? NRA: Kids must be allowed to bear arms because of freedom!!!!!
  9. US Politics

    Hey, while we're talking about Manafort -- if you want a look at what a despicable piece-of-**** cartoon heel he is, check this out: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/03/paul-manafort-american-hustler/550925/ The Trump stuff is just the latest chapter. Dude has been buying and selling influence forever, often to very, very bad people -- in the eighties, he basically turned a murderous Angolan guerilla into King T'Challa. Ferdinand Marcos, the vile old dictator of the Philippines, used him to get suction on the USA too. I'd love to see him do a massive stint at club fed for whatever crime Mueller can tag him with...
  10. US Politics

    Yeah, you've definitely got a point. It's interesting to think about how much power the American religious right wields as opposed to the straight-up capitalist lobby groups. There's a strain of thinking on the left that the religious right exists mainly to enable the capitalist right -- my impression is that the capitalist right is much more effective at driving politics than the religious right is. I don't know much about the lobbying pro and con for dope legalization down here. Washington and Colorado, the pioneer dope states, both legalized via citizen initiative, which bypasses that lobbying to some extent, so no one was talking about where the money was flowing.
  11. US Politics

    Oh yeah, fuckheads like him are constitutionally incapable of saying an honest "my bad." Shows weakness.
  12. US Politics

    I've seen a couple seismic cultural shifts in my time in the USA -- with gay marriage and marijuana legalization. Once the opinion polls flipped like this, the avalanche wasn't far behind. Those two things didn't have a massive industry lobbying group fighting them back , though. Gun re-regulation might be more like the tobacco wars. That was such a weird cultural moment, back when I was in college -- after a lifetime of being around indoor smokers, suddenly people were excusing themselves from parties and game nights to go outside and have a smoke. It was amazing how fast it flipped, somewhere around 1992...
  13. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Last year, TSN said that Kap had zero reason to be interested in the CFL. He's earned a ton of money and has nothing to prove to the NFL. https://www.tsn.ca/why-manziel-will-likely-play-in-the-cfl-and-kaepernick-will-not-1.869087
  14. US Politics

    Dude who ran his emails about those kids being actors has been fired.