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  1. Hard to argue with any of those players going in.
  2. the point isn't whether or not Avatar was a great movie or not, it's that it was huge money and when ever something makes money sequels get crapped out ASAP but Cameron can't even get those sequels done, and it is something he does care about so why expect him to make more Terminator movies? That was a long time ago for him.
  3. see, you're not THAT old yet
  4. James Cameron can't even get his sequels to Avatar out and Avatar made all the money when it was released. I wouldn't hold out hope for anything from the Terminator franchise after they continued to disappoint after T2.
  5. considering how late they put that staff together and the restrictions on getting coaches off other staffs that's a better group than I expected.
  6. but if your're so confident surely all you see is the big payday you're in for... or is it that you really don't have faith in your team?
  7. the fact that he played well when he got into games for us. We know he can handle backing up at the RT spot. I mean **** if we're going on young guy plays tackle so he must be good what ever happened to Skinny Dan Gyetvai? He got thrust into a starting LT spot, didn't mean he suddenly developed into a star. The ratio for the Bombers works having 3 americans on the OL so why make moves to get magic beans? If we're getting prospects we can do that in the draft just as well as making trades, in the mean time let's not **** around.
  8. that's because Rider fans are less than human and don't deserve the same treatment decent members of society do.
  9. Show you work please cause I am dying to hear the reasons for saying this... and no he wears green isn't valid reasoning. The Fever has much more experience, and yeah he's bounced around but 2 teams in 2 years for Bridge isn't exactly a check in his favour either. So go ahead, what makes Bridge better?
  10. wow there are some damned good players on that list
  11. I'd say they'll be capable of beating anyone but they're likely to be up and down like a yo-yo just because I doubt any of them are throwing enough rocks to be consistent anymore. Love the idea of it though.
  12. to me that's part of the mental game. Too impatient, doesn't know when to go for it and when to be smarter.
  13. I was angrier and less tolerant if you must know.
  14. you keep banging that drum but I keep telling you it's not the case. His dad was an arse but I got no beefs with Mike, you're just a huge fanboi are are incapable of seeing the flaws in him. I suspect it's a case of you liking the idea of someone the same age, went to the same university and all that, plus the Manitoba homerism. Guy can be good but his mental game prevents him from being as good as he could be.
  15. Actually it does. That's the whole point, WCT earnings leader, and has been many times yet only 2 provincial championships and failure in the Brier playoffs? What else do we call it? We called the Stamps chokers for being the best team in the league and not winning the Grey Cup, We call the San Jose Sharks perennial chokers because they're had great regular seasons and failed in the playoffs, it's no different for the McEwen rink. They choke when the pressure amps up I don't care if they're amateurs or not that's the reality of it and that's going to be their reputation until the win something that the public cares about because not a lot of people really give two shits about the grand slams.