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  1. and at the end of the game Kassian gave Kessler a little whack just to let him know he was there and a scrum starts and Getzlaf comes in but as soon as a bigger guy turns to him he's gone, then re-enters trying to be a big man to Sekera... yeah pick on the guy half your size who wouldn't fight if his life depended on it, but nowhere to be seen when there's a real challenge. I think it's safe to say the Oilers got into the Ducks heads that game. Ducks tried to intimidate them but it didn't work.
  2. you don't get views by not having sensational sounding tweets.
  3. It's good to play in the east, especially when Hamiltons QB is a walking band aid, the Als and Argos were in a race to the bottom.
  4. The Oilers always encouraged their players to go if they were eliminated (har har, heard the jokes). They felt it was a good experience and Ryan Smyth as an example always said the goal was to play hockey in the spring so that was just another way to do it. Iginla was a loser for not going if you ask me, lots of years Canada coulda used him.
  5. exactly. Jones doesn't want anything other than a bunch of yes men because Jones is going to do everything since no one else is on his level. The size of the staff is likely simply to have plenty of bodies to throw under the bus.
  6. more like this: Noeller is just a sci-fi hater.
  7. I giggled like a school girl waiting to see the reactions on this site when both Joe Mack and Brendan Taman made the top 5 drafts.
  8. Could be worse... I took Murray thinking the penguins would do something then he gets hurt in the warmups and Fleury took his jorb
  9. I all of a sudden regret picking chicago to win....
  10. Plus it would be a shame if those chops Kassian is growing got shown out before they really became something special.
  11. definitely public domain, as to the reasons why WB is making one it's simple, there's money to be had.
  12. I did, but then again I ain't a Flames fan so I don't buy the crap the media sells about that team being actually good. The only reason they did anything was when their goalies went on crazy hot streaks, less than insane level goal tending that team had a shitty record. Plus their record vs. playoff teams was poor, they feasted on crappy teams in the regular season. Total playoff pretender and not a surprise the Ducks dispatched them without much effort.
  13. My favourite was a rider fan friend of Noellers trying to explain to me while we were drinking that Nealon Greene was just as good as Khari Jones.
  14. Well he is in the rider echo chamber so I would believe the names he hears are rider related names
  15. I dunno, might improve the reffing in the CFL if he's not running that department...