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  1. Bombers handled both the esks and lions without a lot of problems already this month. Not overly concerned.
  2. Yes, prior to them being eliminated they were the team that concerned me the most about putting on a good playoff performance.
  3. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    I hope you're proud of yourself...
  4. All the defense blaming yet if not for an int returned to the one the game doesn't have a chance to be lost on a missed kick. The D was bad but don't forgive the O either. They had flurries of good play then long stretches of doing jack ****.
  5. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    Riders didn't do a god damned thing in that game. Stamps handed it to them. BLM playing like he had a stroke or something. That team is definitely showing cracks and they can be had.
  6. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    If Wild isn't ready to be even the backup then he shouldn't be on the roster, if he's going on the roster though Knox should be the guy coming off because having the ability to rotate Nevis and Johnson at DT makes far more difference than rotating linebackers will. I like O'Shea a lot, but playing silly buggers with the defensive tackles is a mistake.
  7. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    I thought the Bombers already clinched a spot?
  8. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    They better ******* not sit one of Poop or Nevis again. After seeing how both of them being on the roster befuddled the BC offense how do you not keep on keeping on with that?
  9. Official Moe Out for Season

    Guy could very easily be the MODP in the league. He's just such a good player.
  10. If we'd still had Thorpe on the roster everyone would be picking the Bombers to win. Just sayin'
  11. No that's not true, The Bombers are the only team with weaknesses in their lineup, every other team is loaded 3 deep at all positions with allstar calibre players. ******* Walters can't even build a team. SMH
  12. Talks with Mulumba

    My biggest memory of that guy is half assing a play on Labour Day I think it was leading to an interception and Khari Jones just giving it to him on the sidelines. Man you gotta **** up some kinda bad to make a guy like Khari angry.
  13. Adams gone for rest of regular season

    And further more, there is much ado about nothing with regards to the offense not accomplishing a lot vs. BC. It's classic Lapo when the D gets you a big lead. Just play it safe and don't **** up let the D win. Saw that all the time when he was head coach here, he hasn't changed.
  14. That guy loves nothing more than attention good or bad, he's always going to need to be spouting off about something on social media.
  15. BLM is a pretty sizeable douchebag himself so not surprising.