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  1. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    You can't be embarrassed if you are always an embarrassment.
  2. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    It was actually Kerry Joseph he beneficiary of Glenns arm break wasn't it? I have a hard time giving backups credit for cups. Durant won later, and hell maybe he would have had a second if his team knew how to count in 09 right? I think Durant is absolutely capable of winning a cup. Guy is actually a pretty solid winner as a player outside of last year, but come on, Montreal was a dumpster fire, no one was winning with that bunch.
  3. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Meh he complains about everything the bombers do so no surprises.
  4. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Ms. Lippy's car... is green...
  5. Glenn to Edm

    wait why would people assume he's talking about Winnipeg and Durant and not you know... the Riders who he was recently with who went and spent a crapload on qbs recently...
  6. Glenn to Edm

    you mean the year after his only CFL MOP season and after he'd compiled the bulk of his career stats? Hardly a nonbiased poll. Allen has his reputation because of his longevity nothing more.
  7. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Durant AINEC. I don't care if he had trouble in Montreal last year, that team was a mess. Darian Durant is a good qb who knows what it takes to win the CFL. Past his prime? sure but as a backup you can certainly do a hell of a lot worse.
  8. Glenn to Edm

    Dual threat is a useless argument because when talking about overall effectiveness of a qb it doesn't matter if he did what he did by running and passing or just by passing. He was an average qb regardless of whether he got to that level by being able to run and pass or not. I am not ignoring his MOP either, but it is a pretty arbitrary award when you consider how the voting for it is done. Glenn had some seasons where he was among the top players too. Damon Allen gets over rated because his career numbers are huge, but his years played were huge too. He was an average qb. There were always a bunch of qbs in the league that were very clearly superior to him. They didn't stick around as long but if you went and did a ranking of all the qbs at a given time Damon Allen was never going to be in the top group, which is what made him average.
  9. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    you mean when Calvillo retired?
  10. Glenn to Edm

    No he wasn't, I am looking at the entirety of their game and Damon Allen was an average quarterback. People just got so used to talking about him as this all time great because of the huge career numbers he put up due to playing forever and a day, but it's the same reason Glenn has all those numbers, played a long long time. Maybe we shouldn't even Judge Glenn so harshly for his lack of cups anyway, the Stamps still choke in the big game with or without Glenn there, 07 I firmly believe he would have beaten the Riders that day if not for a broken arm... I just think that Damon Allen is over rated and Kevin Glenn under rated.
  11. Glenn to Edm

    1 MOP and Glenn could have easily been MOP once as well. Like I said playoffs are another matter but the legend of Damon Allen is far greater than the qb he actually was. Guy was always in the same situation as Glenn, he was good enough when you have nothing else but teams were always looking for better. I already said there's a big difference in their playoff performances but regular season? Damon Allen was an average qb.
  12. Glenn to Edm

    The only time I'd consider Damon Allen better than Kevin Glenn is in the playoffs. If he is in the hall then Glenn can get consideration too, though the lack of Grey Cups does hurt his chances, but he's been a fixture in the league for nearly 2 decades, that kind of longevity can be recognized.
  13. Upcoming Movies

    There's no way that's real right?
  14. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    but I've heard of them! They must be good!
  15. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    haha I was just about to post that someone clearly hadn't had a look at the Montreal qb situation.