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    Harris probably coulda sold the run a lot more on it too

    No it wasn't. Adams got tackled well back of the line of scrimmage and the next play was second and goal from the fifteen yard line or something like that.

    The very next play was 2nd and long though, I mean you hand off to Harris what are the odds he loses yards? So if he gets stuffed at the LOS you're still 2nd and goal from what was it? the 6? Much more reasonable play there. Call that play on 2nd down I am a lot more forgiving of it, but on first down it's just stupid.

    Disagree all you like, you're on the wrong side of the argument. Before the play was even finished I knew it was a bad call, even if it had been successful I still would have called it a bad call and said that it was a good thing it worked. There was absolutely no reason to try that play. You just marched the ball at will on the opening drive, you got a big crowd looking to go crazy, why make things more difficult on yourselves by calling a play like that? There were so many things that could go wrong trying that play and the simple stuff was shredding the Esks all the way down the field. Lapo tried to be the smartest man in the room and pissed away a chance to really smack the other team in the mouth. I mean yeah they won that game, but for all the yards they put up they didn't win by an awful wide margin. Part of making sure you don't let teams hang around is putting the dagger in when you have chances not trying to be cute and giving them a chance to escape.

    we don't JUST complain about how conservative he is, we also complain that he is prone to trying to outsmart everyone too, as is the case here. Everyone on the roster can throw a football, but I'd rather let the quarterback who is putting together a fantastic season handle that job when you're already shoving the ball right down the opposing teams throats. There was no reason to try that play, none at all and it cost them a potential 4 points. Lapo is a smart man but he loses sight of the big picture quite often and has no sense of when to go for it and when not to.

    yeah let someone who isn't paid to throw the ball throw the ball, that's all, just a minor difference. Nichols was killing it that game, Harris and Flanders were killing it, why even consider letting a receiver throw the ball in that situation? Edmonton had all they could handle just trying to get the right number of people on the field let alone worrying about trickery.

    Wait, this is the guy who crowed about how O'Shea was the terrible coach that made him give up his season tickets right? Sorry bud, that's not being objective and not wearing rose coloured glasses that's being ******* stupid. O'Shea is the best coach we've seen here in a long long time and the way the team has come together for him and become the most entertaining team in the league is all the proof you need. Sorry that you gave up on being a fan of the team, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

    It means they were pwned like the stupid noobs they are.

    so why go away from what's working? As I said, let the defense worry about stopping you don't stop yourself over complicating things.

    No hindsight needed, first drive of the game when you've hammered it down their throats keep doing that, that's way more demoralizing to opponents than trying the trick bullshit. Set the tone early, pound it right at them and then after they're already on their heels you change it up.
  11. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    between the 30s. See part of giving credit where credit is due is also recognizing the faults, and this is a fault that Lapo has had for years, his entire career really. Remember how back in 2002 and 2003 we were all screaming for Khari to call his own plays for the exact same reasons? It's just a crime that when Harris and Flanders are dominating that you don't just keep using them until they get stopped. Lapo gonna Lapo and over think it though and do the defenses job for them.
  12. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    That many yards and only 33 points. Comeon man indeed. You get in the end zone you win that game running away rather that having to hope they don't make that one error late. Lapo needs to own that. Esks had no answer for Flanders or Harris all-night yet they didn't give them many chances to hit the end zone. What do you call that other than an OC over thinking things?
  13. Odds and Sods

    Loffler squeezes it instead of deflecting it.
  14. Roc Carmichael

    The TD was just desperation trying to stay close, the other one he was behind the receiver which is fine it was walker coming over who also went behind that was the error there in my opinion. Walker should have under cut the receiver and tried to disrupt the pass or failing that put your shoulder squarely in the guys ribs as he goes up see how he likes that. As it was he did nothing on that play.

    They're going to be expecting a hand off, gotta do what they're not expecting! Lapo is his own worst enemy sometimes. Never thinks to just keep pounding the ball until they stop it, gotta stop it for them by over thinking.