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  1. I actually enjoyed the first Transformers as a dumb blockbuster but after that it was just horrible. They took the worst parts of the first (of which there were many) and turned it up to 11.
  2. But there is only one factor worth more than a win....
  3. to be fair my proof reader is Chris Jones so you have to expect undisciplined posting that will draw infractions.
  4. it's only gotten worse with PI being something you can challenge. PI is basically a judgement call a lot of the time and there is no consistency on the field or with reviews. It's making the game worse not better because it's making referees afraid to do their jobs properly.
  5. Noeller and I had a discussion about this yesterday and I honestly need to wait and see if this is worth anything or not. My initial suspicion is that it places too much emphasis on wins, because let's be honest teams that win a lot in the CFL generally have good qb play because there are so many other things going well for the team that it makes the qbs job easier. It's also unfair to a qb who plays really well and has the defence crap it's pants on him, like Nichols in the playoff game last year. One of those things where I think they are trying too hard to make an individual stat work in a game that is so reliant on team work.
  6. Just ditch reviews and deal with mistakes on the field seen in real time, at leas that is excusable. I also see that the strategy of challening PI on the opposite side of the field to get a break is still going to be a big time thing again, the CFL has done a lot of stupid **** in their time, but allowing that crap to be challenged is the absolute dumbest thing they have ever done.
  7. Watching Duron Carter have more drops than catches always makes me smile too.
  8. I have been saying this since they first implemented it and gave the Bombers the shaft all the time with wrong reviews, but that call last night I can at least buy the argument that it was inconclusive so they let the play stand, which is another beef of mine, with the scoring plays always being under reviews the refs err on the side of calling it a touchdown and reviewing it, which is stupid and not letting the people do their damned jobs. I actually felt that the fumble later was an even more blatant incorrect review, looked to me like the arm clearly hit the ground first which caused the ball to pop out.
  9. And kind of gross listening to TSN pump Glenns tires, some better hands by the dbs and he tossed a few ints last night. Lots of dink and dunk passes by Glenn but he never looked like a guy who was going to beat anyone. Pretty typical early season football game, both teams looked like garbage. Always nice to see the Riders taking a pile of undisciplined penalties too.
  10. Matt Dunigan also just said that the Riders might have one of the best receiving corps ever. Not sure why TSN feels the need to have a Riders circle jerk all the time... but it's quite disgusting.
  11. He needs someone to keep his massive ego in check. Let him go crazy with defensive schemes but don't let him do the roster building.
  12. Yeah the single biggest thing the Bombers did to improve last year was put the third american on the OL. Changed everything and turned a weakness into a strength. I expect it to continue this year. Give the rbs lots of holes to run through and the qbs time to make some throws and it's tough to stop.
  13. Holy **** is that ever true, drove back to Calgary from Seattle last summer through washington and man it's just such a massive difference between biggers areas and smaller ones.
  14. Will you enjoy it after Durant kicks the Riders asses up and down the field tonight? Or will you slink away and hide in your hole until something positive happens?
  15. Of course you do, you're a blind homer who can't accept the fact that your team is a circus and that Chris Jones isn't the saviour everyone thought he was.