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  1. Riderfans suffers from the loudest people there being the dumbest and most ignorant.
  2. team with long serving experienced top qb is good, team without said qb is bad, news at 11. seriously what happened to the Als is pretty simple. Calvillo retired and they had no replacement. As Bomber fans we know all about what it's like when you don't have a qb worth a damn.
  3. Oh you under estimate Bomber fans abilities to ***** about irrelevant things if a guy makes a mistake on the field.
  4. Tburgess logic, everyone is better than the Bombers always. The only person more consistently down on the team than he is is Paul Friesen.
  5. Not my fault people like me better than you.
  6. Because Chris Jones. Last year he tried to have Matt Walter and Curtis Steele as his running backs, I think he honestly envisions some sort of situation where he swaps in a canadian or american to give flexibility elsewhere. I dunno trying to figure out what that man is thinking is a waste of time.
  7. Nothing wrong with competition. Not sold on The Fever but hey time for Davis to make it a moo point and beat him in camp.
  8. Justin Capicciotti also they signed Walter last year trying to get a canadian at running back too, how'd that work out? Jones is being ******** trying to change the ratio before he has the players in place or available to do it.
  9. There is a difference between bringing a guy in at a backup salary to backup Harris as opposed to what the Riders have done and signed the guy expected him to start and paying him accordingly. You can see the difference right? And why one would naturally lead to statements such as over rated and over paid yes? Or is that beyond you?
  10. except those first humans in Africa
  11. No matter what else happens today is a win for the Bombers.
  12. I checked out the Conan reboot because I thought Momoa was phenomenal as Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones but God was that movie terrible. Not sure if he was saved in GoT by not speaking a real language and looking the part or Conan was just a giant mess all around
  13. what? Clerks 2 was actually pretty good. Certainly among one of the best movies Smith has ever made.
  14. oh please Voyager was a steaming pile of crap and the good episodes of TNG were quite good but a lot of them were ****. DS9 may have started out pretty bad but it hit is stride and was more consistently good in the back half of the series than any of the others. Most of what made it superior was that it wasn't afraid to have characters with flaws. Everyone in TNG was too perfect Deep Space Nine made it feel more human.
  15. He was sort of the "just in case Goosen isn't ready for it" guy at centre. Plus they loved his locker room presence and felt he was a good option as the backup OL for that reason.