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  1. Talks with Mulumba

    Still don't know if you mean Bombers or Stamps, but since you have Singleton, I assume you mean we Bombers.... Now, having said that, you called Muamba every name in the book after his big tour.... Now you want him on one of your teams?? You're the last guy I ever thought would want Henoc on either of your teams...
  2. Edmonton @ Calgary

    Dave and I just trading texts wondering what Iso would say if MOS made that call..... The word apoplectic came to mind..
  3. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    They brought all of those guys in!!
  4. Edmonton @ Calgary

    Bowman gonna Bowman.... I actually love seeing his continued dropsies.
  5. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Wait....... People took my comment about Fitzgerald seriously. Folks... Its about as likely as Matthews at this point. That was the point.
  6. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    False. Both Knox and Santos Knox were, by all accounts, given every opportunity in camp to win that MACK spot and flat out failed. Whether they jist weren't ready, or maybe aren't suited, whatever.... They were very public about how they were trying to find someone new for that spot and the vibe after TC was that Hurl won it more by default. With all that said, it's patently false that they didn't TRY to improve on that spot...
  7. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    I hate every ******* team and their fan base but there's a special place in hell for the people from the Gap who wear their green **** to every event in every venue on the planet. They're among the worst organisms in our universe. Worse than cockroaches. Stamps/fLames "fans" are gaining on em but not at that level...
  8. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    Ya it's super weird that you guys know so much more than him....
  9. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Horse ****. There is no "fan" base that is less knowledgeable (for the most part) about football than the Riders. They have far more passive, bandwagon fans than anyone in the league. We have a far greater number of so-called die hards who actually understand the game and know all the players etc etc.... But we have way less passionate fans who just support the team blindly because "well I'm from Manitoba so I have to cheer for the Bombers..."
  10. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    Everybody here talks a big game... Come June, we'll all be fired up and ready to go, no matter who's pencilled in to start at MACK....
  11. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Okay well I want Larry Fitzgerald next year, then, if he doesn't re-up with the Cards...
  12. In Case You Missed It

    The comment about Ed Tait is apt. I'm not sure if you want to call him a beat writer, but he's the best one in the league, if so. I've long made my fandom known on both this site and the other one back in the old days... The guy is a great writer, he's clearly a fan (which we all love) and he always comes across as a really relatable normal dude. Extremely thankful he's off the NHL beat and covering the Bombers again...
  13. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Why are people even talking about Chris Matthews?
  14. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    Part of me hopes they do, just to see some of you have a braineurysm...
  15. Upcoming Movies

    I really liked Begins and thought it deserves a better reputation in history. Also really liked Rises...much more than most. Dark Knight, though....that's about as close to a perfect movie as it gets. Both entertaining and critically acclaimed....Ledger's performance took it over the top. Bale, Caine and Freeman were already crazy good...