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  1. I know BC is going to try hard to prevent it, but God I'd love to see the Riders not make the playoffs while having more points than the East leader...
  2. This.... Stamps are overall better, but I like us in a do or die right now.
  3. Absolutely soul crushing loss for the Riders fans..... I couldn't be happier about that.
  4. He's playing hurt.... No question. But they have nobody else so he has to play.
  5. Mark there is literally nothing that matters more to me than Bombers winning, but Stamps and Riders fans heartache is a close second... And I'm talking life in general, here...
  6. Never ever hope for career threatening injuries that threaten a man's ability to earn for his family. Having said that, wouldn't mind seeing some guys get real banged up.... In a perfectly legal football way.....
  7. Both fan bases are sickening cockroaches and I hate them almost equally... How can there be epic amounts of pain involved for both...?

    Iso you should spend more time worrying about the Riders beating your team today, my friend... We'll worry about about the Esks over here when time comes...
  9. I'm hoping it's a 7-6 game and they're hurting each other out there... Its all I can stomach to cheer for.
  10. Actually Bauming's CFL: 60 just moved to Tuesdays when there's a Jets game on Monday...
  11. Jets announce 2017 Young Stars Classic roster

    Approximately March of 1980....
  12. 2017 Preseason

    I honestly think you guys are crazy. This year's colour guys haven't been bad, and I never ever enjoyed Hindy. I'm really missing something apparently...
  13. 3 stars + HH red black and blues

    they've rescinded the call of INT....as per the league, late last night. It will not go against Nichols.
  14. Not our house, unfortunately...had 3 or 4 tickets and all non-winners. Faaaaaaaaack. Praying it's my parents in the Hat, but likely some office with 20 people in on a weekly buy....
  15. Dressler injured (again)

    actually one of the beat guys (or maybe Tait) reported not that long ago that the kid was looking really good in his limited PR reps.....he's there, and he's practicing hard, and that's about all we know for sure. Having said that, I really think people are jumping the gun by wanting to get him out there. We don't know if he's the right option or not...people just want to see him. I agree that they're likely to play Lankford more and Washington makes a return to the full roster...