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  1. that's clearly a challenger boys n girls. charger 4 doors
  2. So who won free agency?

    can we really say who has or hasn't at at this point?
  3. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    this is true. Don't get me wrong, I want us to find our own elite pass catchers as well but its not like every team brings in 3-4 a year and all pan out into 1k receivers. Hopefully we change the way we are scouting so we get more quality over quantity..
  4. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    oh and Givens looked pretty good.. ditto Thorpe.. so they would could as discoveries, no?
  5. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    or bring in a previously established CFL proven NFL vet who wants to keep playing? What would the difference be? bring in the vet if he wants to play then bring him on down and keep scouting... seems dumb to disregard any player at this point..
  6. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    oh I agree. I'd rather keep Westerman too if it worked out but I can see the logic behind going after Laurent though. either option would work well for the D-line.
  7. Game 54 : Coyote Ugly @ Coyote's Nite Club

    can do and want to do or do it well are 2 completely different things.
  8. Conner Hellebuyck the Vezina Candidate

    lol. Id love to see Helly win the Vez but I don't think its in the cards this year. he will definitely be in the running though.. if he gets hot (hotter?) and reels off another shut out or 2 and keeps his percentage up and goals down... who knows. I think the team's injury woes could also be detrimental as it will equal more pressure on helly... more shots, rebs, etc.
  9. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Laurant is more of a need tho, worth spending it on.. DE's we have some pretty good ones at the moment... that would be my rationale on it anyway.
  10. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    drive to 55!
  11. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    getting Leggett back was huge. I am concerned about the Ratio if we let both Thomas (as who does Etikakiti platoon with?) and Westerman walk? receivers a notion but like mentioned, hard to keep depth.
  12. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    He will easily get that on the open market. not a doubt in my mind.