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  1. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Does anyone else think Saskatchewan's discipline is reflective of their head coach?
  2. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Really gutsy plays when you're in range for a tie. I really like the calls.
  3. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Well this is the most depressing thing I've seen since the bomber's. Performance on Sunday
  4. Hall, Hurl & Hell

    people got stop talking about Hurl and "schemes" Is it the "scheme" that he whiffs on every tackle he tries to make?
  5. It's game day we all play!
  6. Is Nichols hurt or are they resting him cause the playoffs are set?
  7. How did rod black ever think fantuz caught that
  8. Ridirts @ Argos

    Sam giguier is getting jealous
  9. Who should I get on my jersey?

    I think he meant incriminate
  10. 3 stars + HH deadmonton edition

    Even more rare, no calls of hands to the face.
  11. I used to feel like the bombers were the kind of team to let a 3rd string qb have a coming out party with his first start. But not this team.