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  1. I used to feel like the bombers were the kind of team to let a 3rd string qb have a coming out party with his first start. But not this team.
  2. Bombers Release Thorpe

    We don't need those kind of people on the team. Team has a good vibe this year. Players want to be there.
  3. Westerman Out For Season

    that's rough. We were having a pretty good year injury wise too.
  4. I couldn't imagine preparing for a boxing match with only bag work and shadow boxing
  5. Loudest Fans

    Usually animals don't wander into town unless they are pretty desperate either
  6. Loudest Fans

    It also doesn't surprise me that people from sk don't understand quadratic logarithms
  7. Loudest Fans

    Id say the moose was a female rider fan in disguise but moose are beautiful magestic creatures.
  8. With Glenn hurt, cue trade talk of Collaros to sask?
  9. Loudest Fans

    Lucky for sk the moose slowed down the opening
  10. 3 stars + HH banjo beatdown

    1) Moe 2) Denmark 3) the fans HH to the moose!
  11. The local fans will be louder, smell better and be better looking
  12. I love that we have a clutch fg kicker but would love it even more (as would my blood pressuer) if we just converted a ton of touchdowns in the red zone.