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  1. To be fair have you had any conversations with him?
  2. Anyone know if Jennings is expected to play?
  3. Even the NFL doesn't have full time refs
  4. That's like saying people don't like the olive garden, not because they think it's bland chain Italian food but because the parking lot it awkward to get in and out of.
  5. Black and white and never right
  6. They better have some boats for us to jump in in August!
  7. I really hate how Heath killed the whole #randleisland thing.
  8. How is messem in the locker room 'No comment'
  9. Dickinson is a great coach but seems like a wiener.
  10. Shades of 2007 oline
  11. Is Canada the only country to pay a citizen a settlement because they were unable or uninterested in removing them from gitmo? There were/are a lot detanies in gitmo, is he the only one that was a citizen of the developed world?
  12. I agree that he commited crime. I disagree that he should have been sent to Guantanamo bay, or that a facility like that should even operate in what could be described as the civilised portion of the world. I also think it's your m.o. to post silly things like 'even the head of war child thinks he's guilty' just to argue with people.
  13. It's not really a semantic when the entire position of the organization is based around how war children should be treated. Maybe you weren't lying but at least confused about the distinction. Probably better word choice in the future. Lol.
  14. You were lying though, or at the very least confused about the distinction between the following . She didn't say he was guilty she said he committed a crime. Two different things. By saying she thinks he's guilty you imply she agreed with the findings of the gitmo court.
  15. You're wrong. My objection to the term guilty was in my first response to you posting the quote.