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  1. Is there a cole's notes version of what's happening, or specific thread to read?
  2. I can't imagine Johnson is making much. He was practically begging for a job through twitter.
  3. I'm not that surprised. Adams wasn't very good at the end of 2015 or all of 2016.
  4. Anderson was the biggest reason we got a point. Neither goalie was very good.
  5. Both of these guys seem like legit prospects.
  6. That's an interesting read. TUP has over 13k posts and wasn't even here at the beginning! That's a lot of arguing about wrestling and politics...
  7. I'd vote for Iso. That grumpy old fella was always entertaining. Where'd he go? Mike chase him out of here?
  8. He's got a real chance to start in Sask. and make incentive money. It's pretty hard to offer that here when the guy in front of him is making $400k and locked in as our starter.
  9. Lefevour is apparently a Bomber now.
  10. this man is a menace to society

  11. No idea. I won't pretend I paid much attention to him, but he lost his starting position last season, and now his job, so the coaches must think he was the problem.
  12. I saw the post. I don't see where he says it's ok.
  13. He's not even that old, but he did seem to really fall off last season.
  14. Receiver contracts are getting out of control! Anybody know what we paid Adams?
  15. Reasonable response. Your suggestion of 100 games seems excessive. I agree with him getting 10 games. Agree to disagree.