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  1. It must be incredibly hard to not punch Perry and Kesler in the mouth every time they come within arms length.
  2. Basically, yeah. Militarily anyway. They've had 60 years of empty threats. The biggest change recently that's escalated things is the level of aggression being shown by the US against them. I don't have much doubt they they would fire off every nuclear/biological weapon they're able to if the US ever went in there. Seoul would almost certainly be leveled. I don't think the US would send a ground force, as the US people wouldn't have the stomach for that, and the build up would be too slow. Conventional bombing on its own probably wouldn't work. The only option left is nuclear. Unless the US has solid intelligence that a strike against Japan or S. Korea is imminent, I wouldn't do it.
  3. Based on the level of NFL interest in him, he'll probably drop a few rounds.
  4. Not really. Three of the four are the lower seed. The Pens-Caps series is going to be good. Too bad Letang and Hagelin are out. Their speed was a big difference in the series last season.
  5. Jay Boumeester used to always turn down the invite too.
  6. Burton are Carmichael are both interesting signings. Burton is a big dude who can run. I recognize him b/c I had Madden 2011 and did a franchise mode with the Vikes.
  7. Compare me to Riderfans again and I will end you. I fully supported the expansion draft. How can you add an expansion team without an expansion draft? And I fully agree that we were a dumpster fire coming out of 2013, which is why I would have traded roster situations with the Redblacks.
  8. And with this nonsense I bid this discussion adieu. Desjardins did a good job building the team and was given a nice head start in the expansion draft. We can leave it at that and know that I'm right and you're wrong.
  9. If we were able to draft Glenn from another team and trade him like the Redblacks did, we could have had both. Five starters on their Grey Cup roster, and eight players overall. Not to mention Cappicciotti and Shologan, who were still around when they went to the finals the year before.
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_CFL_Expansion_Draft They had better Canadians and a better qb than us just from the draft. They traded Glenn for Pruneau.
  11. We didn't have access to other teams' rosters to re-stock.
  12. If we could get an extension sorted out before pulling the trigger, I'd do it. I'd never give that much up for anybody with only one year left though.
  13. Nailed it. My conference finals are screwed though. Little bit mad at myself about the Habs pick. I've thought all season that the wild card team out of the metro would go through that division, then I pick against it in the pool.
  14. It's an interesting argument when it's guys at four different positions. Winger is the easiest of the four, so Laine would have really needed to dominate to beat out the rest of them. I have Matthews first, which seems pretty obvious. I think a good argument could be made for any order of the next three guys.
  15. B/c if they did trust our current receivers we wouldn't have brought any extra players in...