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  1. Common sense dictates that the only solution to gun violence is to flood the streets with guns.
  2. Couldn't agree more. The guy on the pa needs to switch to decaf.
  3. Meh. His D in Hamilton was nothing special, and Sask's D was historically bad after he took it over from Hall.
  4. What makes you think that?
  5. He made a handful of bad passes and I thought it looked like he didn't know where he should be at times. Indecisive. I can't remember many specific plays to reference, but it just felt like it would be obvious to pick out who the kid up from the minors was in that game. I understand that the nerves of his first game and only having one or two practices would cause a lot of that. He had a few good plays too though. Carried it up a couple of times and made a nice pinch in the third that created a chance. Stu looked like he was doing a lot of coaching for him on the ice. They were talking after the whistle after most plays.
  6. That's not how it looked in person. I thought he had pretty rough night.
  7. Gotta defend Stu. In addition to the two softies, that mixup behind the net that led to a goal was also on Helle imo. He was way too indecisive with the puck and the dmen had no idea what he was going to do.
  8. No reservations about checking out their stolen personal pictures?
  9. This list is really surprising to me. How aren't Chris Schultz, Mike O'Shea, Terry Greer, & Mervyn Fernandez already in the HOF? Short(ish) CFL careers for Greer & Fernandez I suppose, but they're some of the first names I remember as stars in the CFL when I started watching football as a kid.
  10. I'm firmly in the camp that thinks we need to bring someone in to create a 1a-1b situation. There are several pending fas who could fill that role; Johnson, Condon, Darling, even Mason. None of those guys, imo, are likely to go anywhere as the undisputed #1. Maybe Darling, but the supply of goalies is likely to be greater than the demand, and although he's looked good as as a backup, he's not a proven guy yet. Edit: I had Elliott on that list, but his recent hot streak probably keeps him a Flame.
  11. This is mostly true. I don't mind Ripper though. Several posters here are dicks to him and he handles it fairly well.
  12. It's probably time to move on from this.
  13. Just listened to a radio interview with Derek Taylor. He thinks the Riders will be 1st or 2nd in the West this season. That's a bold prediction.
  14. So we agree neither guy adds much offense. Unfortunately for Petan, if he's not adding offense he's a liability. If nothing else, at least Thorburn is big and a decent skater so he can throw his weight around. I'll qualify this argument about the two of them by saying I think we should be able to do better than either one of them.