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  1. Wrestling

    Meningitis is no joke! That can be a very serious condition.
  2. Space is the Place

    https://gizmodo.com/scientists-just-found-the-perfect-spot-to-build-an-unde-1819658831 Interesting news in regard to future hospitable sites on the Moon.
  3. Pure Stupidity, get your Pure Stupidity here! 100% unfiltered Pure Stupidity for your consumption!
  4. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    I didn't think Washington was so great, but he does have some good speed so let's see if he's gotten his stuff together since the last time we saw him play.
  5. Canadian Politics

    Well you know the old saying, Liberals are entitled to their entitlements
  6. Westerman Out For Season

  7. Game 4 : Goldeyes @ Salmon

    We were so fortunate to get Ferraro on colour last night. I hope that continues. Sportsnet/CBC gives us the Jet-hating Garry Galley.
  8. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    So then they are saying that Matthews is on the same level as McDavid, which is equally absurd.
  9. CBS To Revive Star Trek on Television

    I'll just say it. I still love Commander Ryker.
  10. I'd be shocked if Lokombo finds his way up here this season. I'd expect him to wait for another opportunity in the NFL.
  11. That's enough!!! Logic has no place within these walls!!!!
  12. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    That's insane. How can anyone believe he deserves more than McDavid?? Only in Toronto.
  13. Game 4 : Goldeyes @ Salmon

    Hell-e-buyck! Hell-e-buyck! Hell-e-buyck!
  14. Game 4 : Goldeyes @ Salmon

    Maurice never said someone was getting benched for poor play. It just didn't happen.