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  1. Absolutely love this pick. He shredded the U18. Great size. Stud!
  2. That's correct, Hardrick was at left guard and Neufeld was at right tackle. Neufeld came out and Hardrick shifted over and Bond came in. And what's this? Ah yes the interview you referenced:
  3. Well **** maybe he needs to do a better job of that
  4. The Jabari Arthur Factor!
  5. You're not alone on this one
  6. Good eye... yup.
  7. Awesome play!!
  8. The problem is that Lundqvist is under contract for four more years while Raanta will be a UFA after this season and would command a starter's salary or close to it.
  10. Yes I don't really recall much, I just know she beat Selinger and that is almost assuredly a good thing considering his reign of error as Premier.
  11. Good on her for breaking the glass ceiling, even more credit to her for saving us from a potential Mayor Greg Selinger
  12. Moose-bound IMO
  13. I can respect the fact that the whole world hates him and he doesn't appear to give a ****. Total creep though.
  14. He'd be a good third-pairing guy for us and certainly an upgrade on who we have behind Morrissey and Enstrom.