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  1. How about the fact that you bury all their evil deeds in a "somehow"?
  2. "Signs" in particular was overrated and overhyped. Then again I was talking to a girl recently who claimed Signs was her favourite movie. Not favourite Shyamalan movie..... favourite movie period. Different strokes for different folks I suppose!
  3. Really, it's idiotic to acquire a good player's exclusive negotiating rights for months ahead of free agency? It was a gamble where the risk is low (you miss out on Teague Sherman) and the potential reward is high (you sign a starting Canadian receiver).
  4. I almost just fell out of my chair. I knew you were far-left but I didn't think you were North Korea sympathizer far-left. Wow.
  5. My answer is that I believe that will happen either way. North Korea is going down a road that will lead to this conclusion. The only question in my mind is whether we strike first and limit the casualties on our side, or allow North Korea to do as much damage as possible before we respond.
  6. I used to think that the USA shouldn't be the policeman of the world. The reality of the situation is that if the USA isn't the police, then who is? Because someone will be. That void will be filled. And so the question becomes not "Should there be a world policeman?", it becomes "Who do you want to be the world policeman? USA, China, or Russia?" I choose USA. Simple as that.
  7. Jarome Iginla has won five gold medals in 42 games with Team Canada, scoring 19 goals and 15 assists for 34 points total. At the 1996 World Junior Hockey Championship, which Canada won, Iginla led the tournament in scoring with 12 points and was named the tournament’s best forward. He was also part of the Canadian teams that won the 1997 World Hockey Championship in Helsinki and the 2004 World Cup. In 2002, Iginla became the first Black male athlete to win a gold medal in an Olympic Winter Games, when Team Canada won the men’s hockey tournament. At the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Iginla led the tournament with five goals as Canada won its first Olympic gold medal in men’s hockey on home soil.
  8. Yeah I was referring to Unbreakable. I didn't realize Split was related. I'm not a big M. Night fan either, to be honest. He's made some real stinkers but a couple gems.
  9. That's kinda surprising. It was one of M. Night's lesser known movies but maybe my favourite one. "They called me MR. GLASS!!" Edit: Wow, just searched this and realized it's also a sequel to Split, which I never saw, and now the Split twist is totally spoiled for me. LOL.
  10. OK, you prefer to attack my position on another issue rather than address what I just said. That's fine... par for the course really. But I don't see how my lack of willingness to accept refugees explains your laissez-faire attitude towards human rights violations. But we can set aside the human rights issues for now. Honestly my primary concern is with our own safety. I'm worried that some people seem content to wait for North Korea to attack. We'll deal with it *after* they drop a bomb on Los Angeles or Seoul or Kyoto. Until then... not a problem! Most of the North Korean rhetoric is just ****-waving. Until it's not. Does Kim Jong-Un strike you as a rational, predictable, measured individual?
  11. It's also easy to ignore all of NK's human rights violations from Manitoba too. Even easier to shrug our shoulders and say "Well there was nothing that we could do" when North Korea attacks South Korea, Japan or North America. Funny how the same people who are worried about Trump's unpredictability seem so damn sure they can predict what North Korea will do.
  12. True but that's hindsight. In 2013 Neufeld was coming off a severe broken leg and Sherman had played only one year with 2 defensive tackles and 8 special teams tackles.
  13. I waffled back and forth over which one was more likely protected but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. Both were fringe special teams players. Ottawa had plenty of those and no good receivers. Hard to say it was idiotic to take a chance on a solid Canadian free agent receiver rather than select a guy like Sherman or Volny.
  14. Do nothing and hope for the best. True leadership!
  15. So what do you suggest we do about North Korea and all their evil crap? Nothing?