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  1. See I don't believe Comrie is having development issues, other than playing on a horrid team. Goalies SHOULD experience ups-and-downs for a few years in the AHL before coming up, unless they are Carey Price.
  2. @SpeedFlex27
  3. Go out to the parking lot and slash his tires
  4. So basically, had to go back six years to find a highly-ranked CIS DL who has had any noticeable impact... and the best we can come up with is Junior Turner. I think that supports my point more than disproves it.
  5. CIS defensive linemen tend not to be very good high picks in general. I can't recall ever seeing a CIS defensive lineman get drafted in the first couple rounds and have any kind of impact.
  6. Exactly. I'd be shocked if more than 4 make it to a real NFL training camp this year. And 4 players is nothing to make a big deal about.
  7. Yeah but all those guys were in camp. Addison Richards and Taylor Loffler for example were in Giants mini-camp then bombers training camp.
  8. Hopefully the car wasn't damaged.
  9. ???
  10. May as well get a look at the pups now
  11. If that's the case then the Leafs fans were right all along saying Matthews deserves the Calder because he's playing with weaker linemates
  12. I'd have no problem with hiring a new goalie coach and I agree that it's silly to give up on quality prospects without at least seeing if a new coach can help. But if you think Flaherty hasn't tried to coach Hellebuyck's shitty glove-hand out of him I think you're mistaken... I just can't fathom a pro goalie coach being that blind.
  13. There's a big difference between signing a deal and just going to camp. The top 20-ish guys were in an NFL mini-camp last year but only 4 actually signed NFL deals if I recall correctly. I'm not worried about a guy going to mini-camp, even if maybe 1-5% of them do end up getting deals. I'm willing to take that small risk.
  14. Silly premise, guns have little to do with mental health
  15. Maybe we should look at why North Americans have more "mental health issues" than any other society on earth