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  1. Official Moe Out for Season

    Fogg gets a pick this weekend
  2. Apparently Carter has to meet with Jones everyday to keep him inline. Pretty childish.
  3. Adams gone for rest of regular season

    Remember the last time Bombers were thin at receiver they won seven in a row.
  4. Random Death Notice 2017

    He was legend his whole life but dies a hero Thanks Gord
  5. Fogg had one too the very first series
  6. I don’t get why the guy who tried to break it up gets suspended
  7. The circus has not left town.
  8. Random Death Notice 2017

    The biggest death of 2017 Mr Jim Lahey John Dunsmore has passed away.
  9. Official Moe Out for Season

    Has good ball skills too.
  10. His last straw was Weeden getting signed by Titans
  11. Kicker is if there is found to be collusion the CBA would be nullified and they would have to renegotiate a new deal due to a clause in it.