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  1. One of my favourite interviews of all time
  2. Did not know that Trevor Harris is older than Matt Nichols
  3. I don't think people around the league realize how dominate the Bombers oline was in the last 13 weeks of the season. They gave up only 19 sacks that works out to 1.4 a game while Calgary over that same period gave up 14 or 1.1 Edmonton gave up 24 for 1.8 a game while BC gave up 26 for 2 a game. This was after giving up 16 sacks or 3.2 a game in the first five.
  4. Might want to check the stats sheet
  5. Dressler Adams Denmark Harris were not there but dont let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  6. We wont be playing our back ups
  7. thats right too many stromes
  8. Ryan Strome. McDavid and Strome reunited in Edmonton that was a deadly due in the OHL.
  9. Can't wait to see Durant to go down in first quarter and Rider fans pat them selves on the back. Then a quarter later Glenn go down.
  10. I think we get a few less turn overs this year but that's off set by a few more sacks.
  11. Thorpe most likely a paper move will be on injured list next week.
  12. looking back now I would swap Arceneaux in for Jackson.
  13. Moe Leggett I had in my top 10.