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  1. Interesting tid bit he said Waggoner graded out as the best special teams player last year.
  2. Here is Walters pre camp press conference.
  3. Great post on riderfans Mike. Also that websit looks like crap you think with such a big fan base they could have better designed site.
  4. Nick Temple wins the MLB job. Outside chance Duncan wins a receiver job.
  5. His name is Wheeler Walker Jr. the lyrics are NSFW. He is country novelty act but his music is really good. Some really good old school country.
  6. Been getting really pumped for a about a week now. I got a feeling this is going to be a really fun team to watch this year.
  7. Be interesting to see if they can run some routes off that corner.
  8. Listening to Walters talk this offseason they knew it was going to take a couple years for him to develop and were excited to see him thus training camp.
  9. Thats what I meant
  10. What I got out of that thread was how nice it is now not have multiple quotes in one response.