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  1. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Demski in Lapos offence would be great. Also would love Spencer from Ottawa he would be a highly skilled Lankford.
  2. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Micheal Ola but thats mostly due to being a Trestman guy and signing with the bears. I think he is out of work at the moment though.
  3. Blow out

    Need to make the playoffs to win a championship
  4. The Consolidated Bitchfest Thread

    Just keep making the playoffs it will pay off one year.
  5. The one thing with Steinhaur is that him and O'Shea are very close.
  6. The place is going to insane when Matt Nichols comes out of the tunnel
  7. MOS on Nichols

    They played the media like a fiddle all week. Matty Ice ready to roll.
  8. I took a look on Monday at how many they sold and then last night and it’s really filling up. 30,000 should be do able.
  9. 2017 Team Awards

    Westermans played high school football in Canada
  10. In Case You Missed It

    I'll take the word of Chris Walby he really likes Neufeld
  11. MOS on Nichols

    I don't think there was a question about it. Wonder if Fridays practice will be closed.
  12. Anyone hired there will have to take AC as their OC
  13. Hopefully they beat the crap out of each other for 4 quarters
  14. Injuries / ratio

    It would be so nice in the future if they could play 3 Canadians on the line. Hopefully Gray makes his way up here eventually.
  15. 3 stars + HH DL stamps out a win

    1. TO 2. Fogg 3. Harris HH Medlock seems to got his mojo back 10-10 the last two games.
  16. The defence got us a home playoff game I repeat the defence got us a home playoff game
  17. How can the Blue NOT host the semi?

    It's impossible now.
  18. How can the Blue NOT host the semi?

    Listening to all the talk around town. I don’t even know why the Bombers are bothering making the trip. Give the stamps the W call it a week rest up for the playoffs.
  19. Davis looked a lot better when they rolled him out of the pocket. Only did it a couple times though.
  20. If the Bombers stayed in the east they would be lock for the east final every year. If you want to blame them for anything it's that should of never went to the west.
  21. Should this regime be on the hot seat?

    You guys are real funny hot seat haha.
  22. I would be ready to go