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  1. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Trestman is a big fan of Matthews.
  2. Talks with Mulumba

    Trade his rights to Montreal for their 2018 1st overall pick. He's a Mack pick let them have him.. I believe Walters can make it work.
  3. Bombers transactions. ROSTER 10-Nov-17 WPG ADD INT Ryan LANKFORD (WR) Illinois WPG DEL NAT Frank RENAUD (LB) Windsor NON-ACTIVE 10-Nov-17 WPG ADD NAT Frank RENAUD (LB) Windsor WPG REM SGD INT Ryan LANKFORD (WR) Illinois I hope it's not related to Flanders injury this morning.
  4. 2017 Team Awards

    What's the last year win/loss records got to do with all of these? It's irrelevant.
  5. 2017 Team Awards

    Are fans included in this All Star votations? or just the media and the players?
  6. If he chose to leave , I would like MOS to try to land Milanovich or Condell.
  7. I dont know if LaPolice would like to be in the same organization again with Joe Mack.
  8. Ex-Bombers Receiver and ROY Chris Matthews cut by Ravens OL Orlando Franklin cut by Washington
  9. If you're reffering to Westerman... first he is a DE, second it is a legit injury since he already took a surgery for that.
  10. Hoping Flanders is back next week. Although, I also want to see what Bauman can do. As much as I want to see Harris get the 1k/1k, I think he need to sit the last game and make sure he is ready for West Semi
  11. I pin these later struggles and loses to Walters. I like what he did during the off-season ... but standing pat while the competitions are bringing in depths later in the season, is poor management. We have been spoiled by the great players we have like Nichols, Harris, Westerman, Leggett - Walters did not bring in players earlier and let them accustom to the system in case injuries happen. Last time I check all teams have the same cap.
  12. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    With 3 Intl LB on the lineup, hope it means limited reps for Hurl. I'll be good with that.
  13. It all depends on the outcome of Wpg & Cgy games this week and next week. We play Tor, BC (eliminated) and Cgy. Cgy plays Edm (who are in the race for the 3rd in the West w/ Ssk) If Bombers take care of business today and next week, and Edm (playing @ home) beats Cgy .. then Wpg vs Cgy on last week of the regular season will be for the Div title and host West Final at home.
  14. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    I believe he went to Mtl last yr and stayed mostly in PR. Popp picked him up as free agent to Tor
  15. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    MOS prepping for Martese Jackson