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  1. as if the Alexander/Carmichael vs Moore/Arceneaux is not enough, now we have Porter vs Burnham on the other side. Dang! Our DL need extra work in pressuring Lulay.
  2. I'm expecting 3 changes this week. Thorpe, Kankolongo & Fogg for Washington, Briggs & one of Carmichael/Walker. I expect Walker to go PR. And will probably see one player cut.
  3. Bombers by 2 on Medlock's FG 😊
  4. @Jpan85 So, If Atomic pick a RedBlack player and that guy scores TD in each game, will that make Atomic the instant champion? Since he has no strike yet.
  5. Mossis Madu 👍 EDIT: Madu will be inactive. Im going with William Powell.
  6. I've re-watched the last game. 2nd Bombers' D outing in the 2nd half, Knox is @ MLB and Hurl @ WIL. Yeah, I think it started from there. He stuffed Wilder twice in his first 2 snap at MLB.
  7. I have Ray & Green too.
  8. I think it happens every year that one team plays twice in a week (since Ottawa was added). I believe Argos have that sched if not last year the previous year. EDIT: 2016 Week 11 - Argos played twice. vs BC & vs HAM 2015 Week 16 - Argos vs OTT & vs MTL I think that will continue to happen until a 10th team emerge.
  9. Our DLine is loaded with Poop
  10. Well now its #HeathedRandleIsland
  11. Does Jackson's return happened after Briggs was injured?
  12. Walters better bring an Int LB or two in the PR. We are getting thin there, if one of Knox or Santos-Knox got injured tonite, we will start 2 Nat on the LB next week and that will not look good.
  13. every game is a must win unless youre fond of losing
  14. I dont think they are brothers. Andy's college profile doesnt say he has a brother named Christophe.
  15. Time to bring Mulumba