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  1. Riders need to have a better record than us since we hold the tiebreaker. That said 4 of their remaining games are with the East. Part of me says root for the Stamps. But I also want the Bombers to be closer to the 1st. Winning the West means we host WF
  2. Bombers Release Thorpe

    It doesn't matter if it's Branning or Ekakitie ... #FreePoop
  3. Bombers Release Thorpe

    If not Thorpe... Maybe it's Wolitarsky Time. Activate Wolitarsky to backup and rotate with Lankford next week. Branning comes out of the 44 to 46 or PR to make a spot for him. This will enable Poop to DI and rotate in the DL. #FreePoop
  4. Bombers Release Thorpe

    $500/wk = more or less $2000/mo less tax, less food, less lodging, consider the exchange - so what's left?
  5. Bombers Release Thorpe

    He has family to feed.
  6. Bombers Release Thorpe

    If Im Walters/Oshea just sweep evrything under the rag , recall Thorpe and just deal with it in the off-season. We need another receiver who is already familiar with the system.
  7. Its his own discretion, what youre problem with that? For example, will you disclose to your co-employees or classmates that you have boil in your butt? 😆
  8. Arland Bruce 2.0 ? IIRC, It was also Lapo who switched Bruce from RB to SB.
  9. Bombers Release Thorpe

    Unless Thorpe asked for his release, this is a move from the Bombers: While the competitions are loading up for the playoff push, the Bombers is quite the opposite. What if we suffer injuries the next game, you ended up picking up a new player that need to learn Lapos system. Can we hide Thorpe, who showed very much promise and is a better talent than Washington, in the 6-game IR? Granted, the cut need to be made, why not make it earlier in the week rather than the last day of practice when majority of the game plan has been made?
  10. Westerman Out For Season

    Dont get me wrong. I really like Westerman, and really sad his out for the season. But since he's gone does this mean lesser penalties for the Bombers?
  11. Westerman Out For Season

    Which will require to them to sit 1 INTL since only Nevis and Green is available and both are INTL. So the choices to sit are: a. Flanders - imo, most likely to sit b. Walker - we have available NATL DBs (Conteh and Branning) - it's a question of if they can provide same play as Walker. c. Hardrick - hope they keep the OL intact d. Lankford - not gonna happen, imo. . e. one of Knox/Santos-Knox - no available NATL LB in the lineup - so not gonna happen. This assuming Knox goes back to 42 and Wilson goes out
  12. Westerman Out For Season

    another option but will not be popular if ever out: weterman, hardrick in: spooner, green neufeld starts
  13. Westerman Out For Season

    on the short term (this week) sit Flanders, debut Wolitarsky Activate Shayon Green
  14. Somebody should ask him why he hired Joe Mack as his asst GM in the first place.