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  1. Too many Messam's... I'll take Ernest Jackson
  2. With all these additional streaming options there are bound to be more mirrored streams readily available. r/cflstreams on reddit is pretty reliable once the broadcasts start.
  3. Football is back in town... oooooh yeah
  4. International quarterback Austin Apodaca International receiver Darrin Peterson International receiver TJ Lowder International receiver Quinshad Davis International receiver Larry Raper International offensive lineman Kodi Kieler International defensive lineman Lawrence Virgil International defensive lineman Caleb Bostic International linebacker George Stone International defensive back Terrence Frederick International defensive back Tahaan Goodman
  5. I'm sure this is true but I feel like I've heard that for the past couple years and then BOOM one morning it's good to go. Fingers crossed.
  6. I'm checking fantaseh every morning waiting for an update. Last year I believe it was the 2ND week of June that the site updated to 2016 rosters. Probably just a mountain of data entry being done.
  7. I'd say it's more like they advertised the after-party when the social started to get tired and lame.
  8. At first I thought it was a clever act, a tongue-in-cheek indictment of our QB situation... but it just went on and on and on...
  9. What happens to RoadGriller now? Who's going to step up and incessantly pump our 3rd string QB's tires?
  10. If you've ever loved The Price Is Right even just a little, this should make you smile.
  11. Whenever I think of the boat and need to calm myself down I like to watch the 2011 Eastern Division Final. I find it really helps me unwind and suppress the anger. Certainly one of the most memorable games I've attended. Garrett was a killer running back. I can't remember how he tore his achilles... I wish he could have gone on to play a lot longer.
  12. We should simply call him "The Predator"
  13. I also recall Mike Kelly's apparent trainwreck of a team finishing 1 win short of hosting a playoff game. It was a bad season, no doubt about it... but despite everything we were in the hunt til the end. I can hardly fault SPuDS for remaining optimistic throughout that nightmare. I was pretty boastful about our odds back then, too. Sask fans be warned, you can be blind to what's right in front of your face... I've been there myself.
  14. I'm at least as weird as you think I am lol.