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  1. Shakes fist at sky
  2. Or posting in it, for that matter.
  3. 103 tackles in 2013... with that offense, our D was on the field way too often. It's an accomplishment, but naturally that stat line is going to get inflated for any competent MLB.
  4. What a twist!
  5. It doesn't look like a show I'd want to watch. I was intrigued when I heard about it, but I have no interest in a super hero story wrapped in a teen drama. I'm sure I'll give it a chance eventually, though.
  6. Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, coming in 2018:
  7. I couldn't remember all the details... had to look it up... Hernandez was already serving life in prison with no chance for parole for the 2013 murder of a semi-pro football player. During the investigation process, Hernandez was linked to a double-homicide that took place in 2012. He was acquitted of one of these 2012 murders on Friday, for all the good it did him.
  8. Not enough muscular men in tights swinging hammers for you lads?
  9. Awwwwwww..... that makes me real sad. For anyone who hasn't seen them yet, here are Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories from Chappelle's Show:
  10. That means there is hope for you. Too much Michael Bay is bad for your heart.
  11. One day I'm watching random science videos on YouTube (as one does) when all of a sudden a suggested video popped up with Atomic's face on it. "WTF", I exclaimed. Intrigued, I sat and watched a one hour documentary called 'The Fantastic Mr Feynman' and learned a lot about a very interesting and intelligent man (Feynman, not Atomic ). It's definitely worth watching.
  12. I mean going by avatars alone... I know who my lifeline would be on Millionaire. You know, if I had a time machine.
  13. Stealing this. Since 2008? How have I not heard of LMGTFY til now?
  14. Section 118 is the family section, pretty sure it has been since day 1. It is non-alcoholic, it is adjacent to the tunnel the Bombers run out of (kids love that ****), and it is as far away from the North end rowdies and the rum hut as physically possible. Meanwhile, drink prices are already ridiculous, security is visible everywhere, and police roam the concourse. The 'text for help' ad also gets played a half-dozen times a game. Short of banning booze, which would be a disaster, I think the Bombers were already doing more than enough to accommodate families and protect their precious spawn from pesky drunks. Roll in the family tail gate play area, air brush tattoos, children's store, and now family pricing... and I'm left wondering what a family has to complain about?