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  1. "Good" but "Stand Pat Sally" vs "Improving"

    The Gang Recruits PacMan Jones
  2. "Good" but "Stand Pat Sally" vs "Improving"

    Don't forget midseason coaching changes! They literally always help.
  3. Maas... what a nutbar. He's gonna give himself a Doug Berry sized ulcer.
  4. Jonathan Hefney fundraising

    Some cool names on the list. JoLo, Lyle Bauer, Geroy...
  5. Bombers at Shmoes GDT

    Our D is what has me a little worried. We give up over 5 yards per carry... and while Travon Van is nothing spectacular, once you throw in Reilly's elusiveness you have a recipe for long exhausting drives and big gains. I'm hoping we simply outpace their scoring and never let up til we're taking a victory knee.
  6. Als @ Argos: Matthew Schiltz Time In MTL Now?

    Wilder... last week was no fluke, that guy can run.
  7. Read this as "Why the hell should I care?"
  8. Goldeyes 2017 postseason

    Way to go Fish. I was there to see the first one, I wish I could have been there to see this one. Sounds like the crowd had a blast.
  9. Goldeyes 2017 postseason

  10. Goldeyes 2017 postseason

    Unreal. This is getting beyond ugly for Wichita.
  11. Goldeyes 2017 postseason

    Ohhhh hello I didn't see you there
  12. Goldeyes 2017 postseason

    Shuffle this off to General if you must, but as a semi-casual fan of The Fish, I had to give them some recognition... they are well on their way to a fourth Championship in 24 years tonight... after scoring 9 runs in the bottom of the 2nd to lead 9-0. Heading into bottom of the 3rd after a double play now... http://streema.com/radios/play/11079 Go Fish!
  13. Westerman Out For Season

    I clicked the link because I expected there to be more drivel (there wasn't). I want my click back.
  14. Westerman Out For Season

    Paul Wiecek essentially calls Mike O'Shea two-faced and suggests that former co-worker Ed Tait is a phony reporter that writes sham articles in the span of a few sentences. What a dink.
  15. WFC to unveil Cal Murphy statue at IGF

    I'll be there! I'll snap some pics