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  1. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    I'd like to see Carter get burned .... need for that guy to get his ego in check.
  2. Random News Items

    Reset is closed and all the games are/were up for auction... lots of classic arcade games. .... I definitely remember the days of being able to go to u4ia and being able to buy drinks and shots for myself and whoever else and cab back home all with only spending $50.... you definitely were correct about when they changed the pricing and the pre drinking.
  3. Random News Items

    Absolute insanity, this kind of crap really needs to stop.
  4. Random News Items

    I live under a rock... is this a shocking decision?
  5. Adams gone for rest of regular season

    Givens would be the guy who *should* replace Denmark/Dressler in the future... smaller guy with great speed. This team needs a taller deep threat... we currently do not have anyone on the roster who can do this.
  6. I thought BC offered him a lot more money and the opportunity to start, while Winnipeg was offering back up money.
  7. Now if Judge were to only play with the Riders.... I'd like to see who would have a bigger freakout between him and Carter....
  8. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Sean Kelso is a moron
  9. Naylor on TSN confirmed that their was a situation, he made no mention of coaches starting the fight though. Jones apparently will address the media tomorrow. I highly doubt that the coaching staff would start a fight between two players. My guess is Carter was being Carter and pissed someone off...
  10. Well prior to kneel gate, being a 49ers fan the club was souring on him because he was extremely lazy off the field and was not one to follow directions from the coaches. The guy *had* athletic ability but was a total head case. I heard he dropped a lot of weight after going vegan so I'm unsure of his current physical situation. Also it's bizarre that it's rarely mentioned of his possible off field issue where his ex gf accused him and his friends of drugging her and possibly raping her while she was blacked out. The guy is to much risk for his reward...
  11. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Perreault sure gets hurt a lot...
  12. I think it's obvious on why no team has signed the guy, but on the same note doesn't the teams have the right to sign who they want? Could they not use the defense of him destroying the locker room chemistry and/or upsetting the local fan base as a reason?
  13. Stamps @ Awful Masolis / Redblacks @ Ridirts

    Reminds me of Swaggerville... to much emotions which at times can be good, and at other times be self destructive. I have barely if ever seen a Bomber take an unnecessary penalty from losing their cool.
  14. Kittens vs Bombers GDT

    Why can't these same doctors figure out the issues with Westerman and Buff with the Jets?
  15. Why is everyone so f'ning pissy? We haven't had a team this good in 15 years! Shut the f up already and stop whining!