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  1. Wrestling

    The thing is that WFX would have a mix of current and older guys. My memory is fuzzy but I'm pretty sure they had guys like the Daivari's , Chris Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs and some other TNA guys who at that time were current. I would only assume the reason they could not draw was because wrestling isn't popular anymore and also because most casual people who do go to shows are going out for a night of drinks and the wrestling is merely a side attraction for their night. At the church they didn't have booze or anything and the shows ran late so it wasn't exactly kid friendly either.
  2. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    It's a good thing that they have a mobile QB....
  3. The TV Thread

    I sure hope Netflix picks up Ash Vs Evil Dead which was cancelled last week =\
  4. Wrestling

    I do have one question... I was working at a place way back in the day and my manager was involved in local wrestling (possibly a wrestler) and flyered the hell out of our store and our customers for Eddie Guerrero show. Was this AWE or PCW? I can't remember? His name was Doug S**** and was a bigger guy probably would say his body and face looked mostly like Bam Bam Bigelow (minus the tattoos) was that your company?
  5. Wrestling

    I remember the Luger / Bagwell / Kidman show at IGAC. I went because I was a huge fan of Billy Kidman (no idea why just was) and this was the first time I went to a bigger local show and was pretty pumped to see a lot of guys who were still relatively close to being in top shape. I think that show may have been closer to 1000 in the crowd because two sides of the ring had at least 20 rows with people in them. Regardless I was soured after watching the local guys over and over again... I think I watched guys like Chevy and Sanchez four times before Kidman had his first match. WFX at the Church had a max 300 people attend if that even. It was bizarre considering they had a lot of interesting talent on the show.
  6. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? Austen Matthews Patrik Laine and Werenski are light years better then the rookies this season.
  7. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    Nashville cruising tonight...
  8. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    I didn't watch the Leafs game but it appears based on the stats that they were under siege and just made it out of the game with the win.
  9. Jets Prospects

    Petan is a nice throw in for a trade.
  10. Will we be better or worse?

    Is Rod off the wagon again?
  11. Not true at all, my mom last month fell and slipped outside on the ice and had a massive swollen eye and purple shiner they looked like she was in a fight. All she did was fall face first in the sidewalk. Just because the guy's face is swollen doesn't mean he was beaten to a pulp. Him being tackled from running could easy explain the shiner.
  12. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    Doing this with so many guys injured is impressive...
  13. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    Solid game by the team, I hope everyone gets healthy for the next round! Stastny and Morrow were great additions... hopefully they keep them for next season.
  14. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    Jets looked like they took a massive adrenaline dump in the 2nd period. Looked very lethargic out on the ice and were lucky that the Wild didn't score 2 - 3 goals. Need to close the show much stronger to make a statement.
  15. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    weak call....