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  1. Rules question

    Even when he made that late one he looked like he was going to cry. Im assuming his mental toughness is high, but it sure didnt look like it yesterday.
  2. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    I refuse to say they lost on a missed field goal....they lost cause the D couldn't have stopped a high school team from moving the ball. I hope they're all embarrassed at that performance. One of the worst ive ever seen. An 11-5 team needs to be better.
  3. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    Him being a **** isnt what keeps him out of the NFL. Its him being dumber than a door knob. Honestly, that guy is a stereotypical football player. All athlete and no brains. Its difficult just listening to him. Couldnt imagine trying to teach him.
  4. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    Cant see it being porter. That would leave them very thin in the backfield....though i guess Jones can play cb....
  5. Talks with Mulumba

    It was one week. Dressler went down the game after he quit. Would be a shame if that's how his career ended.
  6. Not sure the need is there. Does he play SAM or WIL?
  7. hhmmm...wonder if they have any interest in Burnett?
  8. Adams gone for rest of regular season

    Damn this hurts. Where TF is that CODY poster....giving me hope and all that ****!! "sources" my ass!!!!
  9. Stamps @ Awful Masolis / Redblacks @ Ridirts

    Yes obviously it's everyones job. I was just stating the obvious. When this team looks for a big play. They look to Leggett, the same way CGY looks to Singleton.
  10. Stamps @ Awful Masolis / Redblacks @ Ridirts

    I see what you mean. And you're likely right in terms of changing things to fit the player, especially if they are the star type like ELI or Singleton etc. But The bombers have had other players in that role and the results are similar. Not saying Hurl can't be upgraded, his pass coverage alone gives me shivers. But he isn't the play maker on this D. The MLB has't been the play maker for 3 years now.
  11. Stamps @ Awful Masolis / Redblacks @ Ridirts

    He's not supposed to be (apparently anyway) that is Leggetts Job. And he's the best at it. He's now out due to injury. Santos Knox has looked legit in his starts and Hurl is the gap filler. WPG isn't the only team with a weak link on D/the LB core. There isn't a team in the league that couldn't upgrade there. People need to stop looking at the MLB as the Play maker in this system. He just isn't. Hasn't been for 3 years now. Multiple players have had similar results. Not saying Hurl couldn't be upgraded, just saying whoever goes in there won't be the next Singleton.
  12. Kittens vs Bombers GDT

    Im fine with Wild watching the rest of the games. I think he's a bit overrated.
  13. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    If quitting on a route that would have at least ended in 3 points won't do it....I'm not entirely sure.
  14. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    Not technically true, as Thorpe was ahead of him, but injury gave Washington the opportunity. Granted one could argue that was his chance to take the reigns and not let Thorpe get them back. But with the way Oshea works, I doubt he would have let someone lose their spot due to injury. But the fact he's still on the team, is evidence enough that he's shown something...I'm not trying to say the guy is a star in the making. Just that, he hasn't really shown anything either way but the coaches obviously feel he's got some talent.
  15. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    didn't impress you. The coaches obviously see something. And it's not like he's had much opportunity.