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  1. I sure hope not. I'm enjoying the ride too much.
  2. Well it's good to know they haven't learned any lessons.
  3. Poblah's issues still baffle me. How can someone have a successful college career as a receiver and be projected as a pro (CFL anyway) all while not being able to catch a football? Even guys that play ball with him now have told me he has giant rocks for hands. No softness at all. Volny I can understand, getting hit by bigger guys can take you out. But Poblah is still a WTF? for me.
  4. meh, he wasn't going to be a major player for the bombers anyway
  5. I hope not, considering one the first threads started was titled "Are the bombers still a dumpster fire?"
  6. Never forget " We're going to bring in good people first that happen to be good football players." - Chris Jones.
  7. Hey, lay off Macho, he's been nothing but a class act and a solid contributor his entire time here. He's not anywhere near the same category as Kuale.
  8. If I remember correctly, didn't he actually ride his Defence for a good portion of those wins? Anyway, I hope the Riders sign him and cut Bridge so kluckhs (of whatever the **** that guys name is) head explodes.
  9. I figured Neuf was the better player. BUt thought Greaves had experience on the outside as well.
  10. Would Greaves be comparable to Nuef?
  11. Agreed. However I don't like Foley and think he's been an over hyped bum most of his career. That and he took a shot at Stegall a few years back so I'm cool with how Popp handled this!
  12. Mcduffie is currently a Cowboy. Not sure about Gurley
  13. lol good job on deflecting the conversation away from actual football talk....again. Man
  14. I like how that's the post he responds to. Not the ones talking about actual football. Go cry a river somewhere else
  15. Every team in the league is one hit away. That's how football works. Lefevour over bridge or vice versa is just a matter of opinion right now. Neither have done anything to win a starting job on teams that needed one. You know that Bridge was also let go right? And to be fair, Lefevour has only been cut by one team. Hamilton. He left the CFL for the NFL during FA and did the same to TO for the bombers last year. I'm not saying teams where beating down his door, but he hasn't been a Training camp/mid season cut. If we want to play who's better. Please look up Brandons first start compared to Lefevours. Or just Career stats in general. I'm not even a big Lefevour fan, but Bridge has done exactly nothing in this league. Lefevour actually has some decent film out there on a Pro team, even as an Argo last year he put up decent numbers. Brandons best game he threw for 220 yards against the 2015 Riders (Worst defence in the league). Levefour has won a playoff game. And thrown for more than 300 more than once. Levefour also beat out Bridge in MTL, Brandon was third on that depth chart behind Crompton and Levefour. And even after both of those guys got injured he STILL didn't get to start. Cato was brought in to replace him the very next week!