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  1. NFL maybe?
  2. I thought you were talking about the Greendale Human Beings
  3. Drew was decent 3 years ago. Honestly don't know where his skills are right now. But he has the bad luck injury bug and the bombers lived through enough of that recently. He'll be a good insurance policy in Ottawa, but I'm glad he's not here and sad he's not in SSK.
  4. See I don't know. I feel like he definitely said it. But if he truly wanted to, why didn't he just stay and play? I mean obviously there's more to it than just picking up and coming up here year after year. But I feel like that quote was more talk than anything else.
  5. That's just speculation. But we can go in circles forever. Either way, I don't really agree that CGY is a hot spot of guys turning their careers around.
  6. Very true, but the fact that it played out the way it did, suggests one or both of the parties wanted to move on.
  7. I think that had more to do with them wanting to get something for him, as they were out of the playoffs and he wasn't going to resign. SO he had a lot of value at that time. Was probably a good move by them actually.
  8. Not only that, but if there was magic, there's a 99% chance he'd be in the NFL the next year.
  9. Honestly, I'd say that's their only example. Bakari Grant didn't really do well, even losing out on starting for a good portion of the year.
  10. I don't know what you were watching. But he had a pretty rough year. I think going to CGY will be good for him, hopefully it helps him re-establish himself as a starter in the league.
  11. yeah I remember him signing there. I was disappointed he didn't end up back here. But I guess we were kind of full on the LB spot then. Glad he's here now though!!
  12. Nice signing with Smith! Glad he's back!!!
  13. I like him for his size and potential. I don't see him playing this year at all. Hoping a PR spot and maybe some time next year. He looked really raw last year in the preseason, but he also looked very strong!
  14. I love the thread about Lemon on RF. Apparently he's not as good as the guys who replaced him on the rider roster. Seeing as he only had 14 sacks last year...but what do I know.
  15. 12-6?? He knows Jones is trying to use the Pats as a model. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 18-0 prediction.
  16. owens is always good for a fumble or 3 in a game. Great signing Riders!
  17. I'd be blown away if he didn't. He was signed first to be a starting MLB for us. That didn't pan out at all. His role was heavily reduced last year, even though we didn't have a true MLB starting. He's not a starter in the league, everyone knows it, he knows it. So safe to assume he knew he wouldn't get starters money.
  18. He took less to get a chance to start. Not to leave Winnipeg. Also see Nevis and why he choose WPG. It wasn't just the money (though I'm sure that played a bigger role)
  19. I thought he made some points. Like keeping Wild over Bass. I tend to agree with him on that one. Good chance Wild goes down at some point this season. And then what? But why he choose to ignore the role Knox will likely play and how that played into letting Burnett and Bass walk is ridiculous. Also, Padric Scott is apparently not a part of the team. Only Thomas Tenant and Butcher.
  20. Honestly, I can't see how anyone who watched Lafrance last year would say "he's only had one good game". That's just not true. He had one monster game in the playoffs yes...but he played good football all year long. Just never got the touches. I honestly believe he's got what it takes to be a solid player. Will likely go to waste behind that Swiss cheese Oline in shitsville though.
  21. When Woods was hurt, I believe he did play some MLB. And played quite well actually.
  22. I mean there are only so many reps in TC. How many qb's do you want to see? 4 is generally a pretty average amount that most teams have going into TC.
  23. He legit deserved twice that amount just for kicking that game winner at the LDC!
  24. Yeah I don't get how a rider fan can try saying anything about other teams FA signings. Especially the bombers...who had help from all of them to not only beat the riders twice but also make the playoffs. They weren't all home run hitters but all played an important part in the win streak last year. And now the team feels like they can improve again on some of them. It's not like they were cut during the season or traded or retired.