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  1. Hope they are ready to tackle. Durant doesnt scare me...they put up almost 200 yards on the groumd against the blue last time. Gotta stop the run outside.
  2. Derel Walker

    Id drop dressler in a heart beat if it ment walker was coming here...denmark too.

    That's why despite all the winning, I don't think this team is playing it's best football yet (which I like). You have to put 7 on the board more consistently. The game should have been over by halftime. And it's mistakes like that, that turn 7's into 3's. Good news is, they haven't hit LD yet and there is plenty of time to get the wrinkles out and start playing the best they can!

    This is true, but I'm willing to bet that DB has a bit more speed/athletic ability to make a play on the ball than Nichols. Don't see Adams putting it on a line for Nichols....but yeah...all moot now.

    first, I was honestly shocked they tried that play at that time. For sure thought it was going to be 2 hand offs to Harris. Considering the injuries on that D line I think it should have been harris all day. But anyway, the play failed on many fronts not just pressure up the middle. Even if Adams had all day, Nichols wasn't open. the HB stuck and picked up Nichols, probably because of good film work as they ran this play in basically the same situation late last year. 2nd it was a bad play call as the O needs confidence they can score in the red zone without the trickery. Sure there's nothing 100% on any play. I get that. But I'd be willing to bet, that Harris getting the ball in that situation has a higher %%% of scoring than any trick play they could have run. 3rd. the bombers Oline had basically done anything they wanted against that Dline during that drive. Give the hoggs a chance to bull rush their way into the endzone. Not a big deal, but still a bad call.
  6. Roc Carmichael

    if you can play HB (as Fogg does) you can play CB.

    Any truth to that Tweet about stafford? First I had heard about it. Thought it was just a matter of lankford and thorpe making him (and his $$$) expendable.
  8. Lock of the Week 9

    andrew harris
  9. Bruce Johnson Released

    Walters spoke about it during pregame on Saturday. Basically said, young guys playing well enough that it made him expendable, and the SMS forced them into a decision. He didn't put it in those exact words and did talk about how Johnson was a great locker room guy/pro etc etc. Honestly sounded like he had a hard time making that call.
  10. Play Calling & Offensive Schemes

    Still don't want to be playing your best football yet. O and D showed decent progress on saturday. Just keep getting better!
  11. Don't know what you guys are watching. Nevis gets doubled every play. That's why Poop and Thomas have been able to have the success they have.
  12. Rider depth gonna be tested

    To be fair, there were plenty of people criticizing Bryant his first few years here as well for the same thing. One player doesn't make or break an Oline. Any fan in SSK who thought Dennis would turn it around was due for disappointment.
  13. EDMONTON over ottawa

    This x 100! Been saying since the off season that Ottawa won't be the same team cause Harris can't win. I'm sure losing the talent all over has certainly hurt them. But when you have a QB that can win, the talent around them gets better ie Reilly. I'm starting to think MTL might win the East this year.
  14. Testing Our Mettle: Eskies Coming Here

    ummm, ok? Not sure how you got that out of "Control Reilly". My statement remains the same, and correct. If you can control him (better?) the game is yours. And to be fair, paper boys are often slippery AF.
  15. "We're going to bring in good people first, that happen to be good football players..." Chris Jones
  16. Testing Our Mettle: Eskies Coming Here

    This hamilton game is interesting. I would have been a lot more worried had they not made the coaching/player changes they have. The coaching changes I think will cause some issues this week, though they are getting a few players back from injury as well. Either way I think the bombers are going to win. But I think it will be a lot closer than we'd like. As for Edmonton, yeah those injuries are going to become an issue now. The O will still work with Reilly and Perkins. But Something has to give on the Defensive side of the ball. Control Reilly and the game is yours to take.
  17. Bruce Johnson Released

    I personally don't like this move. I was and always have been a fan of his. Never bought the weakest link stuff. And weak against the run? He was the best back field tackler in the secondary except for Loffler and maybe Randle. WR screens never worked on his side either. I will say, he would make plays, but never seemed to get the turn overs that other DBs have been able too. Either way, good luck to him and I hope Nichols lights him up if he starts against the Bombers!
  18. Bruce Johnson Released

    Maybe he wasnt happy about not playing this week/in the future (assumption) and asked for release? Either way isnt that great for optics.
  19. Addison Richards Retires

    Exactly the play i thought of when i read the post you quoted. Hell of throw!!
  20. Rider depth gonna be tested

    Uhhh...they know they already lost to the bombers once right?
  21. Tell that to Chip Kelly. Some people are just better suited to college ball then the pros. Mike is likely one of them. As for his lack of QB....he was the one who decided to cut the still playing Kevin Glenn. So he put himself in that **** for qb's position. Its 100% on him. Im not even getting involved in the good coach/bad coach stuff...i just dokt think you can equate a college championship to good pro level coaching...especially when its not even div 1. As well as him having no luck under player personel department (qb) when it was legit his entire fault he was there in the first place.
  22. You telling me you cant see the difference between coaching pro ball and college?
  23. Lock of the Week 8

    Darvin Adams