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  1. the fact Dunigan said it could be the best of all time makes me never want to put his jersey on ever again. I have no idea how he could say that, considering some of the past corps out there. Stegall Simon bruce immediately comes to mind. But even past MTL/BC/CGY teams are better on paper, and then in actual games. Really shocked me he'd go that far.
  2. I'd really like Loffler to have a mid field meeting with Carter on the 1st.
  3. not misunderstood at all. He beat Reilly in TC for the starters spot. Had his foot flipped around on a play, and Reilly never looked back. It's not a shot at either players talent. I don't think anyone would say Edmonton was foolish to stay with Reilly, but it also doesn't change the fact that Nichols was the starter at that time. So contrary to your belief, Nichols has proven himself as a starter, not only coming out of a competitive TC but also stepping in and taking the reigns when asked to mid season including a win at the last ever labour day in the barn.
  4. I don't really think that's much of a pot shot. But it is a weird thing to say.
  5. Lapo said it in an interview. But also said, he thought that would be what happened.
  6. I don't understand. Jennings played well. But he wasn't the reason the Bombers lost the west final. They couldn't stop the run to save their life in the 2nd half. Johnson did whatever the **** he wanted to that line and the linebackers. Jennings just handed him the ball.
  7. They play SSK 3 times this year. They'll be getting 35+ turn overs
  8. Bladek certainly has all the potential to be a great player in the CFL. But he looked like hot garbage in the BC game. And he's the back up to often injured Labatte....I'd be really worried if the bombers where in the same position.
  9. Thorpe is still around. Not sure what they're doing exactly. But he was at practice today.
  10. That's funny cause at half time of the SSK vs BC preseason game. Schultz said the riders would miss the playoffs.
  11. It makes me wonder about EDM rec. depth. But that's about all.
  12. which was pretty clear last night. Saw him take on a couple double teams as well. He's a gap filler, with wild and the rest needing to clean up.
  13. While it's a fair point. Talking about the last minute mistakes the past two weeks doesn't make sense to me. Most if not all of the players won't be in game one. And our Defence will be running it's actually scheme all game. If this continues into weeks 3-4-5 etc than that's something. But right now, the guys who gave that up won't be remembered in 2 weeks. I didn't read the article but I hope he takes that into account.
  14. who?
  15. Alright, well...who's the better option? You obviously have the what is it?
  16. Qb's all came as advertised. Nichols looked solid, Davis looked a bit shy still, but became more comfortable as he got more time. Danny, sandlot all the way. The O in general was really moving the ball nicely. The pass from Nichols to Adams for the TD was a thing of beauty! Too bad about thorpe, the one catch and run he had really showed some flashes. Hurl, well as advertised. Did a solid job filling gaps. but never seemed to be around the ball. At this point I think he's the game 1 starter and I hope our OLB really pick it up. For all the talk all TC about how hurl wasn't enough. Where the F was WILD last night? I think a surprise cut may be Fogg. Didn't look to solid out there playing in the 2nd half. His first return was a nice one though so that helps. But with Lankford and Thorpe able to return, plus all the talent in the backfield I could see him being the odd man out.
  17. I'm thinking Stafford is going to make the roster due to his history with Nichols. Don't know if he finishes the year starting, but I think game 1 he's out there.
  18. He had more than 3 i'm sure. But it wasn't just that, it was when he dropped them, they didn't go down...they went up, which led to ints
  19. Don't they have to cut them first, and then put them on the PR?
  20. 100% disagree. All of what's posted was easily gathered by listening to broadcast/watching twitter. How is it nonsense? I think all of what is posted is what happened.
  21. There absolutley have been more. Maybe not all game winners. But first downs etc he's done it since he put on Blue and Gold.
  22. Oh ok...seems like he's been clutch a few times. Looking forward to what he can do if given a full season.
  23. Wasn't that against MTL?
  24. There's some reality behind that though. Young was a complete joke of a project. Bennett could be a quality player.