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  1. Edmonton @ Calgary

    And the winner for best line on Twitter.. for that FG decision: “Guess his name should be DumbMaas… 😉”
  2. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Yes, Rod, clearly that was the intent.. And your thinking is as reasonable as Maas’s decision to kick a FG. Perhaps his intent was to have Calgary in the Grey Cup? At least you fit in with rest of the team..
  3. Edmonton @ Calgary

    I’ve seen a lot of messed up decisions over the past year, but that decision to kick a FG on 3rd and 4 when you’re wIthin scoring range, and you’ve already proved you can get the 1st down is beyond bizarre. It doesn’t even make sense. Loss of downs would be deep in Calgary zone..then you stop them. Nope, one maased up, downright dumb call.
  4. Edmonton @ Calgary

    Why the Stamps wanted to use our defensive strategy on that play is a surprise to me.
  5. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    How nice, finally, to have the football gods lay out a great game plan to tease and give ‘dem ‘der greenies a taste of a tantalizing victory, then casually smile as they slapped the upstarts with reality, punctuated by a 3rd and 5 to win the game, only to fall under the x-Ray spell. Perhaps, when they return to Regina, and not Ottawa as they planned, they can all sit together and watch that game movie over and over again. No charge of course... Sweet.
  6. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Good, that will free up some money for the Bombers to spend elsewhere..😊
  7. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    I think you’re wrong on this one. I know I buckled my chin strap, adjusted my jock strap, and put lots of black shiner around my eyes when it looked like they were serious about Hurl at MLB. Maybe, it could work, I said. Maybe, they know what they’re doing and it will all work out. Nervousness turned to anxiousness, and the anxiety grew after all the “he’s doing what we ask” talk. It was a complete and utter failure and contributed to a disastrous defence. Miserable Line Backing is not a Bomber tradition, and cannot be allowed to see the light of day again. What would I do if I saw him penciled in again? I don’t want to think about it..
  8. 👁‍🗨I want to make mention of someone who has brought awareness and a great style to the Winnipeg Blue Bomber org. I’m speaking of Ed Tait. The guy has put out so many feature stories and tidbits of information that’s it’s hard to keep up with. And they’re interesting, as well as informative. Let’s not ever take this guy for granted. He’s an MVW. - Most Valuable Writer and he writes for us... “Working on CFL broadcasts like medicine for Matt Dunigan’s mind - “On this night, the stars are CFL legends Milt Stegall and Matt Dunigan, along with CFL panel host Rod Smith.” “Dunigan calls it rehab for his brain, which has been affected by years of suffering concussions while taking big hits on the field and playing a head-first style of game.” An interesting piece by Ted Wyman. http://winnipegsun.com/sports/football/cfl/working-on-cfl-broadcasts-like-medicine-for-matt-dunigans-mind 👁‍🗨And now Saskatchewan has extended Caleb Holley .....Chase stegall 👁‍🗨No matter who your team is, this is pretty cool Football crop circle 👁‍🗨Naaman Roosevelt has had a couple of concussions in the past few weeks. Life after football may have him working for Wheel of Fortune, slowly selling off his vowels to earn a living. Words “Those 2 teams don't compare talent-wise to what we have on this team." @ChadOwens2 on matchup vs. @REDBLACKS. 👁‍🗨Jim Bender is making a late push for most ignorant Bomber beat writer..and he’s succeeding. 👁‍🗨Wonder what’s going on in former Rider Coach, Cory Chamblin’s mind, as he finishes preparations for the East final against...his former team 👁‍🗨Horrible U Sport football game between Western 81and Acadia 3 👁‍🗨The Argos are the healthier team for the final... 👁‍🗨That kicker from the Calgary Dino’s (Niko DeFonte) can really put the foot to FGs. Last week, a 59 yarder for the win, and this week a 47 yarder with plenty of distance...but Calgary lost 35-23 👁‍🗨Good luck to all teams in the finals in each division...well, except for one.😎
  9. Game 19: vs Devils

    Tough games coming up. This was a nice one to start the roll.. From goaltending through to the 4th line...there is a good look about these guys.
  10. Talks with Mulumba

    So, how good was the Bombers D-Line? 4 Bombers out of top ten in average depth of tackles. Excellent!
  11. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    The emergence of Max Coates opens an intriguing avenue for the Bombers to go with 2 NI receivers. Drew Wolitarsky, if he is indeed ready, would provide a viable outlet for Nichols. And of course, we have Feoli-Gudino. We could be ready to go this way. And why not?
  12. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Hmm,....Kevin Glenn playing the Argonauts, the game before the Grey Cup. Can’t be any harm in that, can there?
  13. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Seems to me Carter thinks this is a good thing..😨
  14. Talks with Mulumba

    If I had any say in it, we would stay away from drafting any Muambas, Mulumbas, Mumbas , Mambos and and any name that has to many ‘u’s...in the surname. Just precautionary.