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  1. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    I thought you were a Tanqueray fan?

    I don't think the BB received any hands to face penalties this game. Nice.
  3. 3 stars plus HH broken esks streak edition

    For authenticity sake, you will need to prime the pump for a few hours prior to your musings. Since one of Cactus' favorite watering holes,"The Paddock" is no longer standing, you will have to improvise by going to Olive Garden (now sits on the spot). I recommend sitting in their parking lot with a thermos of Sidecars while you develop your deal.
  4. 3 stars plus HH broken esks streak edition

    HH to Captain Blue for dumping the plane on it's side, but returning it to it's wheels before too many people noticed.

    Spending a victorious summer evening with 30,000 of my closest friends.....Priceless
  6. Addison Richards Retires

    I could have sworn I heard that speech at the end of "Dunkirk".
  7. Jamaal Westerman Mic'd Up

    water = tears
  8. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    I was critical of his long ball accuracy, and agree with you. But having watched Jennings yesterday, I am now very willing to live with this.
  9. Matt Nichols, Elite quarterback?

    One of the few things he has missing from the other two is the inability to hit the 50/50 pass.
  10. Bruce Johnson Released

    Bombers making room for Will Hill?
  11. Rider depth gonna be tested

  12. There Once Was a Woman...

    johnzo's a bit of a pill pigskin poetry gives him a thrill first I felt like a dink now we're all spreading ink somebody pass me my quill
  13. Sick Bay

    Little Nicky?
  14. Addison Richards Retires

    I refuse to believe this fake news. AR will be back!!!