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  1. Dollars to donuts that a trade within the division would not have been completed for a 5th rounder.
  2. Is Tori Gurley still unsigned? It's hard to believe that no one could find a spot on their roster for him, unless the attitude issues were real.
  3. Riders were ready to cry "they're tampering with our neg. list guy" until they found out that it wasn't Darren Woodson who Calgary signed.
  4. So says the guy with the Hesseman avi.
  5. ....and Gerrard Sheppard.
  6. Legit happy he's playing in the west. It's no fun having heroes unless there are villains for them to fight..
  7. Riders sign Kevin Glenn
  8. Colour me...intrigued
  9. Sheppard is a superb blocker as well.
  10. Peace to all
  11. Park and ride suits me fine. Mind you I'm only coming from Southdale.
  12. I'm guessing next year there will need to be a watershed moment for Addison Richards in order to keep him around. If Garrett Waggoner is able to step up his game, Hurl may become dispensable. I'm also interested in James Tuck's progress.
  13. Campbell being nominated makes me "dry-heave nostalgic" for all the times his old man was rewarded for breaking the rules.
  14. Did I say a few games? I meant patience to last the centurIEEEEEEES
  15. I have enough patience to wait a game or three, before I can make a decision on whether I want Nichols resigned.