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  1. Demski will look terrific in Blue and Gold.
  2. Loffler was pretty low. I hope he's pissed off.
  3. Jackson Jeffcoat makes it....Excellent.
  4. Pleasantly surprised
  5. I was waiting to see who would bite on that one.
  6. Let's see if Tracker and Mr. Dee can restrain themselves from stating the obvious on this one.
  7. List looks good, ....until my boy A. Richards throws down his crutches and begins an award filled 10 year career for the BB.
  8. Not a ruse but an excuse. An excuse by the team; so that when they cut his sorry ass, they (and he) can claim his release is injury related and not due to poor play.
  9. Yes, the "dumb brute" rap hung heavily on him. Thanks for the insight on Jauch's mentorship, I wasn't aware of that side of things. Do you remember him as a HC/QB coach while working with Wilkinson and Lemmerman in Edmonton?
  10. The Baylor Bowling Ball was probably one of the worst nicknames of all time, but he was great...reminded me of Chad Kackert (sp.)
  11. Get em Mark...Get em.
  12. Onterrio Smith Remember when (as a Viking) he tried to make it through customs and was caught with The Original Whizzinator? Highlarious article:
  13. I wonder if anyone has news about the other teams in the league?
  14. On 1290, Lee Jones (CTV Regina) was telling Rick Ralph about Rider practice today. He mentioned that a Sports Illustrated reporter was asking who #5 was. The reporter said that KG "was the best player on the field; offense or defense." ?!?
  15. They mortgaged their immediate future...That coupled with ineptitude made it four years (and counting).