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  1. Testify!
  2. I won't minimize Desjardin's success just because he didn't have to deal with our franchise's ineptitude. Sure, they had the expansion draft, but our bloated salaries and a possible perception that we were not a destination of choice, was on us. The fact that we started the race while wading in sand vs. them on dry pavement, was as much, our making as it was them having a head start. I'm OK with being envious of their success, but now, we're moving forward..... and I hope that the way our team was run in the past will become a distant memory, and can be a cautionary tale for future leadership to remember.
  3. I could go for a peak at that! Did you happen to save that old chestnut: the "Oosmap" (sic) dialogue?
  4. ...wearing Hartford Yard Goats jumpers
  5. I'll see your Heath and raise you a Rubley
  6. The right choice has been under our noses all along - Rod Pederson Unabashed fan - check Remorseless brown-noser - ++ check Corporate shill - +++ check
  7. Retirement? See: Scully, Vin
  8. Only those who can floss with rope, need apply.
  9. This lessens the chance that some of the infractions (see: Rider's phantom practice squad & player house) will be addressed in a meaningful way. An interim commish will be hesitant to start his/her gig by causing waves...unless the other clubs raise a stink and demand they be slapped.
  10. Gimli Goose instead of Grey Goose
  11. Washington Caps?????
  12. 1) Cubs 2) Cavs. 3) Sergio Garcia 4) Bombers?
  13. Lovely work, sir.
  14. I didn't recognize him because he's not killing the bongo drums in the pic.