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  1. Bombers Add 3 To PR

    Replace the name Jack Kennedy with Charles Roberts:
  2. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

  3. Around the League - Regular Season Discussion (Redux)

    He's not the brightest button on the blouse.
  4. Pyrrhic victory?

    The hit on Adams looked much worse from the stands than when I got home to watch via PVR. It was more that Darvin was going full clip into the defender and was stopped very suddenly with a shoulder to shoulder. The defender was not running at him with a full head of steam.....But of course, a fluke injury can happen anytime (see Mo). Also when he was leaving the field, he was not supporting his left arm. No way anyone with a fracture/dislocation is going to trot off without favouring or supporting the limb with the other arm, or at least holding it close to his body (depending on the type of injury).
  5. Kittens vs Bombers GDT

    Today would be a good time to get some unexpectedly good play from Normand.
  6. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    According to Tait, Flanders has been 6 gamed. https://www.bluebombers.com/2017/10/13/game-preview-bc-vs-wpg/
  7. Around the League - Regular Season Discussion (Redux)

    Pretty big ulcer...about 5' 10"?
  8. Cats at Bombers GDT

    It may be warm out today, but don't fool yourself; this is October football. Our two headed rushing attack is about to kick it up for the playoff push.
  9. Who should I get on my jersey?

    Himmler's Ring, Himmler's Ring, – Ain't that ring a wonderful thing! Don't that scull and crossbones shine! Some day that ring's gonna be all mine. -Jimmy Webb
  10. CFL mid-season review, re-assessment

    I will take your thoughtful plan for twin plaques;....cut a bum-size hole in one....paint them bile green....attach them together with bailing wire ....and use them as a turlet seat for my Uncle Jebediah's outhouse.
  11. Some Food For Thought

    Malveaux was always a real Sharpie.
  12. D. Adams

    I think this is what Dee was trying to convey with the initial post.
  13. MOP award

    Nice research Arnie
  14. CFL Power Rankings Week 16

    Is this a shot? Some of my best work has been accomplished in this shape.
  15. 3 stars + HH deadmonton edition

    It's impossible to keep track of all the rotations that take place during a game. In a fantasy world, I would be able to see the percentage of non special team snaps each player takes, and which position they play when they do. Briggs and Neuf immediately come to mind.