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  1. This is a really good group.
  2. Newman hurts their st depth but it would be worse if it was Labatte or Muamba.
  3. Nice of the Argos to throw the salary structure out of whack.
  4. Even the Pro Bowl spots he had are deceptive, injury replacement both times. In 2009, he was like one of 7 or 8 AFC QBs named to a Pro Bowl.
  5. So Vince Young has not taken a regular season snap since 2011, a preseason snap since 2013 and will be 34 at the start of the season. What could go wrong?
  6. Read the comments from the Rider fans about it not breaking a rule. Don't they teach reading comprehension in the Gap?
  7. Worse than Shomari Williams or Chris Baumann?
  8. Are the Bombers better off taking Vandervoort at #1 given that we need a standout NI receiver (which he potentially is), given that we pick again at 6 and that leaves us a pretty good OL or DL prospect?
  9. Nice add in Miles. Keep improve the NI content, Walters.
  10. Wondering if we have a shot at Steele and or Miles? Wondering if Miles is better than some of the other NI lbers we currently have too.
  11. Miller is a great add for ST. I mean we landed the guy who lead the league in ST tackles last year. Who gives a **** if he doesn't play offense or defense?
  12. While Popp has a great resume, one can argue he rode AC and a weak Eastern Division to a lot of his success. Trestman looked brilliant in Montreal, not in Chicago or Baltimore. Let's not assume they're going to win a cup. Lots of issues with that team.
  13. Dude's too old and all it takes is another CFL team drafting Harry Potter and he's useless.
  14. I think I'd take those two in the first round and be pumped. I suspect we take an OL with one of our firsts though.
  15. I agree, from reading the article sounds like a decent pick. I suspect they'd like an OL, DL and WR with their top three but what do I know? I'm a fan basing it off articles, percieved needs and video highlights.