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  1. Did we not offer Burris 400,000 or 410,000? We didn't cheap out imo.
  2. We didn't say no to him, we just did not offer him the 465,000 per year that Ottawa did.
  3. The long lost, illegitimate brother of Derek and David Carr.
  4. If you were going to have Winnipeg take a receiver at 4, should be Sinopoli.
  5. Three starters in three years and several contributors, Walters is doing well.
  6. Do we have a date for Hell freezing over?
  7. If CJOB loses the rights after this year, would 1290 hire Bob just to do the Bomber games? Or if TSN 1290 has the rights, who do they get to call the games?
  8. Oh I know, nobody is going to give up benefits, I just suspect it will be suggested. Ie give up X or you could lose Y # of positions.
  9. Agreed but I think you see wage freezes to start and perhaps you try to take away benefits in future agreements?
  10. I suspect that if Gray goes undrafted and doesn't get a FA deal, he's the pick. Bold prediction, I know.
  11. What's the saying, Canadians wants 1970's social programs but 1950's taxation levels, while making 2010's level incomes?
  12. No, that is the answer to the question, who should replace Chris Jones as Head Coach and GM in Saskatchewan.
  13. Pinball would be good. I'd be in favour of anybody that promises to ban Rod Black from commentating on any game.
  14. Does Odell have any friends in any locker room that he's played in? Seems abrasive.
  15. Decent point about Hervey's drafting, not too many names stand out yet. Compare that to Gossen/Chung/Loffler, ie three starters for Walters plus Corney, Couture as rotational guys.