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  1. I'd like to see a big game from Messam and Sinopoli (since I have both in CFL Fantasy) and a Redblacks win.
  2. Loffler was all CFL and is only a second year player. Heath was an all star and we have him a full season, not about a third. New corner in Alexander. Healthy Randle to start the season. I;d say we've made changes and have room for improvement.
  3. Chris Jones is 5-14 in Saskatchewan. I could have done that for much less.
  4. Als lost both corners during the game I believe
  5. Wonder if Demski gets feed up with Jones and leaves in the off season, even if he has a good year just to get away from Jones.
  6. The important thing to take away from all of this is that the Riders are winless.
  7. 1. The ball was out. 2. Wish Demski was a Bomber. 3. Please win Als.
  8. So they have Dan Clark who's a turnstile, Coleman who's not great, banged up and aging Labatte and Dyakowski and raw Bladek as the 6th? I'd feel bad for any team with that group except the Riders.
  9. Thorbs? WTF? Man, what did we have to give up?
  10. I want no mercy for the Riders. a season of 0-18 with every loss by a minimum of 20 is what I hope for that club every year!
  11. Don't get people not liking this discussion.
  12. Here's to Darian Durant and the Als ripping the Riders a new one tomorrow.
  13. In what world is Sorenson ahead of Bond?
  14. Messam
  15. Richards had an injury in his 2012 CIS season that limited him to four games.