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  1. Ray's always had the quick release. Even with it, he missed 9 games in 2016, 15 games in 2015, 1 in 2014, 8 in 2013 and 4 in 2012. That's 37 games in 5 years or basically half the season each year.
  2. Reinbold is just the guy to replace Chris Jones.
  3. Ray has missed 24 of 36 games over the past two seasons.
  4. Do they have a time machine so that will let them play 2012 Ray?
  5. There are some good Riderfans, however there are also too many bandwagon jumpers who turned green in 2007. 2.5 years of bad football? Cry me a river. I've had to live through Reinbold, Daley, Kelly and Mack.
  6. Quick, Dan Lefevour for the Argos 2018 1st.
  7. They're clones man. They'd play for cheap. I mean sure it would cost a ton to do it but um you have to spend $ to make $.
  8. I for one will not be happy until the Bombers field an OL of LT-Chris Wallby Clone-LG-Dave Black Clone-C-Jon Bonk Clone-RG-Nick Bastaja Clone-RT-Miles Gorell Clone. An all NI Line that costs $300,000 ($60,000 by 5, they're clones after all. They can be programmed to play for cheap).
  9. Hey now, Drew Tate just learnt from BLM. Recall BLM's comments after the 2016 GC.
  10. Trouba gets two and nothing for Malkin? **** Bettman.
  11. I think if Jovon starts out doing guest coaching spots, he has a second career. I believe he's played hb/cb/s and Sam in his career and releatively well. Good base to start with.
  12. I think they wait until #15 to nab a WR, somebody like Behar.
  13. I hear one of the stalling points is Vince wants free meals and Jonesie is saying no. That and Jones wants to convert him to the OL.
  14. Does the loss of Bass make us worse? He's more of a WIL than a Mac and we have Wild to play Wil. Bass also missed a lot of tackles. Ignoring rankings and basing it on recent play, going from Shologan/Cummings to Nevis/Okap is an upgrade. Stafford gives us another big receiver (something we've lacked). He may or may not make the game day roster but if Walters stands pat, I'll bet a ton of poster ***** he did nothing. Glenn's a bigger name than Lefevour but at this point is he a better player? Lefevour gives the club a more mobile, athletic option. We've got 3 picks in the top 15 and hey, free agency isn't over.
  15. Chris Jones answering the fans.