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  1. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    I'm a Bomber fan, I am used to disappointment and anger.
  2. The D stunk today. Piss poor roster management DIing both Wild and Knox who both did very little. Having Nevis would have helped. Hurl is terrible, I could pick a random poster, insert him and get the same production.
  3. 3 stars + HH double brutal edition.

    1. Dressler 2. Okapulago 3. Nichols HH to Givens.
  4. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    Nevis sits. Boo to that as Knox is fairly useless.
  5. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    Matty could have had a twenty year deal in 1993, would not have made a difference as he tore his acl.
  6. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    Disagree ACL was 93, we made the East Final in 94 and should have won that one and the Grey Cup. It was firing Cal.
  7. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    I'm torn because I'm happy to see the Stamps lose but hate seeing the Riders win anything.
  8. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    What did we do to deserve that?
  9. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    I get the rotations and the teams aspects but to me, one of the DT provides more than Knox rotating in a little (which might be none) and playing teams.
  10. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    Why do you need Wild/JSK and Knox to play one spot?
  11. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    It should be Knox with Wild back but who knows what this crew will do.
  12. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    No Lankford. Finally the coaches started reading this board.
  13. Jonestown @ Cowtown

    I hear Duron Carter is mad that Duron Carter isn't targeting him enough.
  14. Montreal is a clown show, why bring back the chief clown? What's Reed going to blame his performance on percodan?
  15. Talks with Mulumba

    Oh and since we're talking linebackers, how about Adam Boomer?