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  1. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    It would seem logical that the Riders have to make cuts given that Collaros is about an $130,000 increase on Glenn, Carter seemingly got at least a $50,000 increase, Bridges's increase, Jefferson's deal when it becomes official etc. However the province of the 13th man has always had issues with math and coupling that with Jones's tendency to cheat and well........
  2. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    And if we do this, the site may be empty for days because we'll all be out celebrating for weeks. Looking forward to it.
  3. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    I think we see Davis gone unless he has a really cheap deal and a young QB as #3 with a second on the PR.
  4. Glenn to Edm

    Didn't Glenn trash Desjardins after his trade from Ottawa and claim his account was hacked? If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck .......
  5. Glenn to Edm

  6. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    I like it as we needed an experienced backup QB. Now if Durant comes in during the LDC and throws a TD pass to Dressler in the 4th to add to our already comfortable lead, that would just be a cherry on top of the sundae.
  7. Glenn to Edm

    1. Other than 2007, in which season did Glenn deserve to be considered as an MOP candidate? 2. Allen had a winning record as a starting QB, Glenn does not, how does this not move Allen ahead of Glenn? 3. Being a dual threat doesn't count? Allen could hurt teams with his arm and his legs, Glenn could not. Allen's ability to run added another element for Defenses to scheme and account for. Running ability enhances things such as play action. 4. Allen was an undisputed starter as Speed Flex said, Glenn generally was not. 5. Glenn has 3 season in his career where he lead his team to a winning record, Allen had 8.
  8. Glenn to Edm

    So we ignore Allen's MOP, we ignore the fact that he was a dual threat QB who brought a dimension that Glenn did not to the game and we ignore the fact that Allen had a winning record and Glenn does not so that we can accept 17to85's contention that Allen was average in the regular season and that they are similar guys in the regular season?
  9. Glenn to Edm

    Damon Allen was traded twice from Hamilton to Edmonton in 1993 and from BC to Toronto in 2003. Glenn was traded from the Riders to Toronto to Winnipeg in 2004, from Hamilton to Calgary in 2012, from Ottawa to BC in 2014, from Saskatchewan to Montreal in 2015 and from Montreal to Winnipeg in 2016. That's five times Glenn was traded. Glenn was also released twice (2009 and 2018). The lack of playoff success, the number of times that he was traded or released, the lack of individual awards and the fact that he was never considered a top QB when compared to his contemporaries all adds up to Glenn not being a Hall of Fame QB.
  10. Glenn to Edm

    Regular season Allen was better when his dual threat ability is considered. Ignore facts all you want but just because you have an avvy of Sheldon Cooper doesn't mean you're always right and you're certainly not in this case.
  11. Glenn to Edm

    Allen has an MOP award, Glenn does not. Allen was a much better threat with his legs (a 1000 yard rushing season as a QB, 4 season over 830 yards rushing, 8 season over 700 yards rushing). Regular season Allen was better a better QB than Glenn when you factor in what a dual threat he was and what he brought overall to the offense. Then you add in the 4 Grey Cup wins and the fact that he was MOP in 3 of them and its no contest.
  12. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Thomas is unsigned as well. He's also not a full time starter and we're not sure how big a role Ekakatie can play yet.
  13. Glenn to Edm

    Glenn is not a Hall of Fame QB. He is a good QB who played for a long time which allowed him to compile big stats. The Testaverde comparison is a good one. Glenn has never been the all CFL QB and was the East All star QB once. Then compare him to the 3 guys whose careers overlap the most: Ricky Ray, Henry Burris and Anthony Calvillo. All three put up better #s, all three won the cup, all three were considered better QBs than Glenn. Then if you look at the later part of his career (2013-2017), BLM, Mike Reilly, Collaros, Harris and Nichols have been viewed as better. In the early part of his career, Khari, McMannus and Allen stick out as QBs who'd be considered better. Glenn has had a nice QB and he's a better QB than any of us but he is not a Hall of Fame QB.
  14. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    What do we do ratio wise if we don't resign Westerman?
  15. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    I'd love to know what Bridge got upfront and how much he makes. Ditto Adams.