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  1. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    11 st tackles this season in 6 games. Bet ya MOS keeps him on the roster.
  2. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    I think its Foketi and Okpalaugo. Given guys in the secondary being banged up, you keep Roc on. Johnson makes more sense than Oka cause otherwise you're leaving yourself thin at DT.
  3. Upcoming Movies

    There is a Joker origin movie, its called Batman: The Killing Joke. Came out last year.
  4. Trent clearly watched this and changed his mind.
  5. How dumb do you have to be not to realize the terms of the contract?
  6. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    That's a big loss on paper but wasn't Sarao the reason they dumped Bear Woods?
  7. Derel Walker

    So you'd be looking at paying for half a season for Walker, what's realistic in that situation?

    I'll say Nichols for MOP, Harris for MOC, although Harris could be the nominee for both.
  9. Cam Marshall has been decent and they signed LaFrance for big coin and don't use him, so the Richardson signing makes perfect sense. I mean when you can add a back who averaged 3.3 yards per carry, you have to jump at the chance.
  10. Derel Walker

    I'd love to have him. Of course, I'd also like to date a supermodel ......
  11. Flying High into Montréal: Bombers vs. Als

    The juggling in the secondary scares me. I mean not so much Alexander for the Roc but the other two.
  12. To answer the above question, Maas is a jerk (see last years mic'ed up incident)
  13. Laurent is on the 6 game but he is a national.
  14. Ottawa/Hamilton

    Hey, Hamilton is rallying. Can they make up the last 11 points?
  15. Truthfully forgot about him until this deal. I had to look him up, two games in 2013, couple of tackles and a sack.