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  1. Bruce Johnson Released

    Don't forget about Alexander too. I assume when he's healthy Roc comes off, unless Roc has a steller game. I think they are pretty high on Walker too.
  2. Not that this really means anything right now, but just interesting to see.
  3. Bombers @ Redblacks

    Personally... I hate pants.
  4. Winnipeg @ Ottawa: Are they due?

    I'm pretty sure Carmichael played corner the rest of the game after he was called for PI in the end zone last week.
  5. Winnipeg @ Ottawa: Are they due?

    I don't think Johnson will be back in the lineup this week. I think he's still got one more game on the 6 game IR. He's allowed to start practicing now though.
  6. Favourite pizza place

    Top three for me... Royal Pizza, Santa Lucia, and Niakwa.
  7. Game day thread: Montreal here

    Victory formation!!!!
  8. Game day thread: Montreal here

    I really hope Denmark shows up on the stat sheet a little more tonight. I wasn't a huge Denmark fan before last year because of his tendency to disappear for stretches. Last year he was fantastic, but I feel like he's disappeared again to start this season.
  9. I found this interesting, even though it's coming from Jones... Wasn't it in the Calgary game where the receiver ran into Randle, on the other side of the field from where the ball was thrown, and Dickenson challenged it and won? I believe the same thing happened in Calgary last year too.
  10. Depth Charts Week 1 Bombers vs Riders

    I didn't really like the idea of dressing the 7th OL, but then I thought he'd be just as productive as Richards, if he was on the roster...
  11. Stripped TD

    According to the rule book a touchdown is: and possession is defined as: I don't believe there is an element of complete possession, either the player has possession or he doesn't. She can't be a little bit pregnant... The ball turns sideways before it crosses the plane of the goal line. To me, that would indicate that the ball is not firmly held.
  12. I like the idea of dressing extra DL with a good rotation to keep them fresh. If I remember correctly, we had success when we were able to do this last year, but then had to move away from it and got less push from our DL as a result.
  13. CFL: 60

    So much better than the Coach's Commercial on CJOB! Listening to the podcast, 45 min of CFL talk with no commercials! Aside from all the commercials, the Coach's Show is just horrible. It's the same callers calling in with their ideas of the CFL from the 60s. Plus everything the coach says has to be taken with a grain of salt, they never want to give away too much information, so there's really not much to talk about... I'm looking forward to this new show by Bauming!
  14. Around the League - Training Camp Discussion

    And Jim Popp continues to benefit from the mismanagement of... Jim Popp???