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  1. According to the rule book a touchdown is: and possession is defined as: I don't believe there is an element of complete possession, either the player has possession or he doesn't. She can't be a little bit pregnant... The ball turns sideways before it crosses the plane of the goal line. To me, that would indicate that the ball is not firmly held.
  2. I like the idea of dressing extra DL with a good rotation to keep them fresh. If I remember correctly, we had success when we were able to do this last year, but then had to move away from it and got less push from our DL as a result.
  3. So much better than the Coach's Commercial on CJOB! Listening to the podcast, 45 min of CFL talk with no commercials! Aside from all the commercials, the Coach's Show is just horrible. It's the same callers calling in with their ideas of the CFL from the 60s. Plus everything the coach says has to be taken with a grain of salt, they never want to give away too much information, so there's really not much to talk about... I'm looking forward to this new show by Bauming!
  4. And Jim Popp continues to benefit from the mismanagement of... Jim Popp???
  5. Funny, I was reading last week that rider fans were upset that other teams would do this, clearly roster violations, and they should be fined. The tune changes when they may be doing this, so everyone is doing it, it's a non issue.
  6. Maybe they aren't holding rookie camp because they can't sign any of their rookies??? Seriously though, they have been holding camp in Saskatoon for five years, rookie camp is not something new. Something else fishy is going on, but the league likely won't say why. Of course, the team could make any excuse up and the priders will just gobble it up.
  7. I wonder if this negotiating tactic will have any impact on these players' second contracts?
  8. But how fast can Jimmy Ralph run to the sideline?
  9. Do you think the Bombers will bring the #1 pick to Winnipeg this weekend?
  10. Cameron Judge is ranked 834 overall in NFL prospects and 67th in OLBs. Weighing close to 220 lbs, he might be a little small for the NFL.
  11. I think this will be his last crack at the NFL. He spent all of last year not on a roster, only to sign a futures contract at the end of the regular season. Not only is he out of PR eligibility, but as a vet I think his minimum salary is more than a rookie. At some point the CFL will be a more attractive option. I think Bilukidi is selling/owner of a suit compay in Ottawa.
  12. Reason why RF went down......