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  1. WHY???? You guys got me all curious, so I went there for a read. Now I have a huge headache.
  2. For those complaining that Bass was too small to play MLB because he's only about 220 lbs. He's the same size as Elimimian. I have a hard time believing that you would make the same argument about Elimimian if he played for the Bombers.
  3. I read that Sinkfield has an agreement with the Ti-Cats that he will sign with them, but he has until April to chase a NFL contract.
  4. Those who are left and looking to continue their CFL careers are now turning to the Argos...
  5. The CFL is aware of the issue and are currently investigating it. Just like all other CFL investigations, this will be swept under the rug and hopefully forgotten by everybody in a couple weeks.
  6. Glad to see the CFL knows who Chungh is...
  7. The Stamps are able to sell that they are a winning organization. Sometimes it doesn't always work.
  8. Lawless tweeted the other day that the Bombers want Denmark back. Hopefully they can come to an agreement.
  9. I don't expect us to sign a FA DT, Walters said that last year they decided to spend their money on DT in FA and let their scouting team fill the DE position. They've decided to flip that this year and have spent on the DE and are letting the scouting department fill the open DT spot. We've had to spend a lot in free agency the last couple of years because we didn't really have a good core. We now have that core and need to fill a few spots. It's now time for or scouting department to step up and fill those gaps, free agency is not sustainable and too expensive. If we are going to spend in FA, I believe it's going to be on Nat. ST depth.
  10. CFL's investigation - Phone Chris Jones. CFL - "Did you workout Manziel?" Jones - "No" CFL - "Alright, the report is false! Let's pretend this never happened!"