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  1. I don't believe Boateng is on the Bomber's radar, I read today that they didn't interview him.
  2. Here's Dunk's mock draft. Interesting that he has the Bombers selecting Faith Ekakitie first overall. I don't think I've heard his name mentioned once. I guess I'll have to read up on this guy. http://3downnation.com/2017/03/24/justin-dunks-cfl-mock-draft-1-0/
  3. And when no randoms show up... Some pretty cool dudes will come sit with you!!!
  4. Dunk's CFL Draft Prospect rankings. http://3downnation.com/2017/03/20/2017-cfl-draft-prospect-rankings/
  5. The four CFL teams at the SFU pro day were BC, Calgary, SK, and Montreal. I'm actually kind of upset that the Bombers didn't have anyone there. http://athletics.sfu.ca/news/2017/3/13/football-nfl-cfl-teams-look-over-herdmans-litre-at-sfu-pro-day.aspx
  6. I don't think VY even knows there is a different currency up here...
  7. I guess Vince Young liked the feel of Canadian balls...
  8. Why is 3downnation.com always picking on the poor riders...
  9. Apparently the Riders sent Young some Canadian balls to get used to...
  10. The thing about saying we should have selected Durant or Waud ahead of Richards, is that I don't think we know the whole story. There's more to the CFL Draft than just the CFL Scouting Bureau's draft list. Maybe Waud told teams when interviewed that he only wants to play in Southern Ontario? Maybe Durant said something, came off the wrong way, or farted in his interview? Maybe a former coach told CFL clubs something they didn't like. Durant did slide pretty far from where he was expected to go, so maybe there was a reason. I honestly don't know a thing about Richards, other than he's been injured... I think everyone would agree though, that they would love Richards to step up this year.
  11. WHY???? You guys got me all curious, so I went there for a read. Now I have a huge headache.
  12. For those complaining that Bass was too small to play MLB because he's only about 220 lbs. He's the same size as Elimimian. I have a hard time believing that you would make the same argument about Elimimian if he played for the Bombers.
  13. I read that Sinkfield has an agreement with the Ti-Cats that he will sign with them, but he has until April to chase a NFL contract.
  14. Those who are left and looking to continue their CFL careers are now turning to the Argos...
  15. The CFL is aware of the issue and are currently investigating it. Just like all other CFL investigations, this will be swept under the rug and hopefully forgotten by everybody in a couple weeks.