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  1. **Playoff Game Promo Pricing **

    For those that have time to post endlessly about being disappointed it won't be a sell-out.... Have you made sure your buddies have tickets? How about the fam and coworkers? Give out the ST discount code to everyone? Not trying to be a jerk....but "us" talking about it non-stop in this echo chamber won't sell anything. We're all already going..... or are out of province. So, if we really want more ppl buying make sure you're encouraging your peeps to go!! Surprised that so many don't get the simple concept that being home, comfy and warm matters more to lots of folks than being there in person. << that's not for me, so I'm not condoning it. Just surprised so many are surprised. New to Wpg, I guess? Sports fans have been like this here all 30 yrs I've been on the planet.
  2. So I don't know what took me so long to start Fargo.... but happily I started eventually! S1 is outstanding. Looking at the casts for s2 and 3, really excited to watch them.
  3. **Playoff Game Promo Pricing **

    only if you pester Darren Cameron. I did it last time... not risking a block this time.
  4. SSK @ OTT is at Noon on Sunday, ESKS @ Bombers at 3:30.
  5. Perfect solution: force Quebec City to take a NHL & CFL team... when the Hurricans or Coyotes inevitably relocate.
  6. **Playoff Game Promo Pricing **

    Very subjective, obviously..... but for me, I'd go upper deck. Especially if you're near mid-field, say 207-209 on East side or 228-231 on the West. The sightlines can't be beat up there, you're better covered from rain/snow & high winds & the crowd is just more engaged. I grew up in the lower bowl at the old stadium, 4 rows from Bombers bench..... section E represent! Most of my favourite things about being that close are still doable with an upperdeck ticket! If I'm jonesin' for some plays up close, I just duck out of my seat a few mins before each quarter ends. Beat the food lines, then watch the end of a half in the lower bowl standing area. Best of both worlds.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

  8. Game 14 : @ Stars

  9. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    My pleasure! I strive to be respectful in talking politics. Usually just ends up with me deleting posts before hitting "submit"! I think we've resolved this anyway.... Slava should stick to sports. His job as a Russian national, working the foreign correspondent beat in Washington means he has no place talking politics. Let's leave that talk to CFL forums and press clippings with Kremlin letterhead.
  10. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    I don't see anything suggesting TUP has an issue with Ovi off the ice. Slava Malamud does, though. And I'm quite certain he's a better gauge of life in Russia than you or Prof Atomic.
  11. Game 12 : Stars

    The play where he runs Scheifele into the boards & into the ref who'd jumped up to avoid the puck....classless. Reminded me of Chara's cheapshot on Pacioretty a few years back. Bishop's a grade a POS, too. Hope Lemieux doesn't forget that blocker to the kisser. Bishop will get his.... just hope he sees it and isn't preoccupied crying to a ref.
  12. I wonder if they touch on Ralph Nagin at all. NOLA’s mayor at the time of Katrina.... currently in prison until 2023.
  13. Upcoming Movies

    Tarantino’s 9th film details.... no surprise, this will be his first that isn’t in collaboration with the Weinstein Company. http://www.indiewire.com/2017/11/quentin-tarantino-ninth-movie-script-finished-studio-harvey-weinstein-1201893450/
  14. Game 12 : Stars

    He lies. I actually had to pay him to take them! Nah....kijiji buyer came through Jimmy's good!
  15. Game 12 : Stars

    I still think the hysteria after 2 games was justified. The team looked putrid, particularly in the areas we were told were focal points / keys to improve. Most recognized 2 games is just that, 2 games. No disimilar to now.... 11 games is 11 games. Let’s hope we keep trending up... November’s been a bad month in past years. Unrelated... what is Edm going to do with all those Stanley Cup parade plans they had for spring 2018? Looks like they may end up closer to picking first again.