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  1. Bombers in best Uniform contest

    somehow I doubt Chipman and Thomson were thinking Argos when designing our sweaters.
  2. Usually takes some prodding of Darren Cameron on twitter. Sorry, I've been distracted from the game at work :/
  3. 2017 Preseason

    I just wonder if you get enough offence from C - L - A. I'd rather flip Perreault to the 3rd line & hope that he gives Lowry some tap ins. Connor up to the 2nd line with Little and Ehlers on his off wing.
  4. Good point on the weather. Rainy & windy tonight.... welcome to Fall Football. #ForthEw
  5. For fans of Seinfeld, Jerry's new Netflix special is more of the same old, same old.... in a good way. Special is 1 hr long; mostly a standup set where he returns to the club in NYC he started out at in the 70s. New material is relevant and on point, gives you the standard chuckles here & there. I'm pretty nostalgic & picked up on his older classics too... "you can tell how bad someone's relationship is when they touch their face....higher up they go, worse it is..." Still waiting on Comedians in Cars getting to Netflix.... all I can find is "sometime late 2017".... :/
  6. Agreed! Will be tough to top that movie soundtrack though!
  7. CFL Releasing a Mobile Game

    Canuck Play 2017 is what you're referring to; out on XBox and Steam. You're right in that it's far from polished. I still think if the League & PA as well as say EA stepped up, the game would be better. Reading about the guys who made the game, I've got respect for 'em. Made a game just for the sheer love of the CFL; not expecting a big money maker.
  8. 2017 Preseason

    a ) glad the offseason renos are nice, as they should be for the $$ they've invested. b ) it better be more open up there!!; extra few hundred people will be milling about up there since we can't go outside.
  9. Goldeyes 2017 postseason

    Pittsburg (California) Diamonds with a solid 69 people per night! Also where Jose Canseco last suited up....this past summer. #themoreyouknow
  10. Goldeyes 2017 postseason

    Doubtful, unfortunately. I mean we've been at 3500 or so in games 3 and 4. Not bad, but that's like 50% full. I'd never call fellow Wpg fans fairweather..... but it's the same for Blue every season too. Here's hoping a stellar season will keep those crowds at 28,000+ instead of the typical 25,000 fall crowds.
  11. 2017 Preseason

    Good / Not so good - Preseason Game #1 (Good) - Helle was solid. As already mentioned... he was just seeing the play way better and moving cross crease quicker. Poolman looked solid. Skates well, mostly smart decisions with the puck, didn't notice any glaring errors. I don't have his ice time in front of me, but Lemieux was flying out there. Hitting everything that moved, obligatory scrap too. Little was our best forward last night; no surprises there. He may just have a monster season if he gets a steady dose of Ehlers on his wing. Oh, and the 10 lbs Laine put on certainly ain't hurting his shot.....is it better now?! Straight lethal. (Not so good) - Officials were in preseason form. Jets discipline in typical regular season form. Our PP converts 12 secs into powerplay #1 of preseason.... pretty quiet with the other 219840 man advantages they had. I'm not in the hate-everything-about-Logan-Stanley group, but pretty clear he's not ready. Major seasoning needed. Thought Benny Chairot needs to clean up a lot if he wants regular mins this year. Kyle Connor wasn't all that noticeable... again, not a ton of even-strength ice out there for a lot of guys - KC needs more ice before Oct.4.
  12. There's a name that need not be mentioned in any CFL threads ever again ...unless Jones needs a new QB, that is.