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  1. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Kuale?!?! What... this guy wasn't available?
  2. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    While we can't force them to retire here, I'd expect both are in the Jets long-term plans. Why wouldn't they be?
  3. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    They might need room for 15,000-20,000 by next round already. Esp if the weather keeps up. 9000 for game 2 of the opening round when the high was 0.
  4. From a post of mine last August.... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000124526/article/chris-rainey-arrested-in-florida-on-battery-charge http://thelead.blogs.cnn.com/2014/09/18/cardinals-cut-player-with-violent-history-after-cnn-inquiries/
  5. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    An upturned broom with a bucket for a head would be better than him. Gord Miller would be welcome, too. NBC has some good crews this year actually.
  6. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    The problem is simply the B network in Canada has national rights, and for some reason they employ (mostly) C level talent. You could put together quite the broadcast crew just with guys sitting on their couch this spring.
  7. Bombers Fan Forum (Rescheduled)

    Geeeez move back to Winnipeg already.
  8. Round 1 : Game 1 - Wild

    Game 1 thoughts.... - Heck of a road game by Minny....still not enough. I think we've got an even better game 2 in us. - Dubnyk was on his game, no shocker. Rightfully got the jeers from the crowd. Because it's the postseason & that's what fans should do. - Street party was a blast, huge props to all who put it on. We'll need another block or 2 open moving forward though. - St.Laurent is a playoff ref?!? Were no MJHL refs available? Awful, awful crew. Those linesman should be unemployed. - Not sure how the noise translated on TV.... truthfully, I think the 15K & change have a lot more to offer. Waiting forever for Rogers' broadcast to start kinda subdued everyone. We fans need to get back to 2011 & 2012 noise / engagement levels. If you showed up & wore white, good on you. I'm sure TNSE appreciates the support. Now... support the players. Far too many people sitting on their hands for my liking. - Our 4th line is going to be a force all playoffs. - Laine is just a phenom. Dude gets better the bigger the stage. His postgame quote make it here yet? Boys play in the fall. Men play in the spring.
  9. The TV Thread

  10. Manitoba Moose

    2nd rookie in 60 years to win award. Impressive.
  11. Humboldt Broncos

    We've got that exact sign up at our office. Mom put out one of my old sticks outside the front door yesterday. Hope it's still there.
  12. Round 1 : Game 1 - Wild

    Charlie Coyle would be the guy I'd be watching my back for. Maybe Foligno or Winnik... but I can't see them keeping up with Thorburn, let alone our current FW group.
  13. Round 1 : Game 1 - Wild

    Just looked it up.... Soucy (3) and Seeler (22) have a whopping 25 games of NHL experience.
  14. Round 1 : Game 1 - Wild

    The report on the enemy....
  15. Round 1 : Game 1 - Wild

    Yep....what a depth chart alright!! If we HAVE to be picky... and I've liked Morrow thus far.... but D is a tad thin. But that's being really picky. I suspect if we go far, we'll see Tobias Funke Enstrom in over Morrow. Poolman seems competent enough to be our 7/8 guy. Impressive lineup.