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  1. Castillo the MVP of this game so far
  2. Will it? Everything I've read suggests pro's from every league but NHL. I agree, I'd far rather junior age too. But I also would guess that Canada's top Jr age players > Canada's top non-NHL pros. I'm not sure that's the case for any other country. So, if every worthwhile hockey nation sends pros, can we and/or do we send juniors?
  3. Ouchy mama.... was I sleeping all week & missed this news?
  4. The real benefit was for the all-stars like myself who already had 4 strikes. We're done with one more anyway, so may as well go for broke. Sinopoli's been solid for me in TSN Fantasy this season, too.
  5. Very appropriate user name.
  6. Brad Sinopoli
  7. It's all good with me and Mr.Nichols. Happy he's our guy. No issues he's #1. Love the compete and love that he's a winner. Comments simply wondering if we can utilize our other QBs a tad more to help what has, at times, been a stagnant offence.
  8. There were several in game instances last season where a QB change, even for a series or 2, could have changed the outcome. Still trotted Nichols out as you say, until the bitter end. Fever seems like a great change of pace QB, but I'm not confident either that we'll see much of that.
  9. I had half a response typed up... But you know what, this has motivated me to dig out my old card binders and bring back some nostalgia! Will report back with some of my faves!
  10. Well that Sublime/Offspring show kicked my ass last night. Here's hoping for a 3rd wind for Jimmy Pop and 2nd win for the Blue & Gold!
  11. Liked because that's hilarious! Hahahaha.
  12. Can we agree that all those guys are fairly comparable though? Personally, I'd have Maata slightly below the others just because of the injury history. But to me they're all pretty close in terms of value, performance, age etc. It's like saying would you rather have Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Who cares who you'd rather.... they're both elite and win. A Trouba extension this summer is fun to think about. With Mason in the fold and Kulikov bolstering left side depth, would a long term deal for Trouba make this Chevy's best summer to date? Given that's not exactly a high bar.
  13. Chhhyeah! I'm a sucker for these shows. Truly a golden era for TV... Drama: Better Call Saul, House of Cards and Westworld were fantastic. Bob Odenkirk better take home some hardware. Comedy: big time pulling for Veep and Julia L-D for the wins; huge fan. Reality: gotta go with Martha & Snoop, no? Variety talk: can't really go wrong. Sam Bee may be our most underrated export. Oliver is fantastic. Colbert... I wish he was back at his old show "these days" with Trump and all.