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  1. This will be the thing we have to listen to for the next 5 years. How jets shouldn't have traded down. Blah
  2. That may well be but you minimize the goalie coach far more than every team in the league does and the players, many of whom have talked about their coaches and how much they've helped them improve.
  3. Caps better win next year. Their window will close pretty fast. And hard.
  4. As much as Arizona is a mess, lots of work done today by their GM
  5. I was a sufferer and referred for the testing but ended up not going. I knew exactly what my problem was. a 20 lb swing in weight meant the difference between breathing and not breathing. Lost weight and now sleep like a baby, no snoring or anything. Although I have also suffered sleep paralysis/night terrors on and off since I was a child.
  6. Thats a good point. Or one person comes in per hour but by dawn there are 20 patients waiting to be seen. Id love to know what the doctor does back there to see patients so infrequently. Because my experience has been you get maybe 5 minutes with a doctor. So I assume has to write up some info in your file. But even if every patient got one hour with the doc (visit and paper work), that doesn't jive with the reality of waiting several hours to every single ER/Urgent Care in this city.
  7. Islanders talking to several teams (not the Jets) amount Hamonic but want 2 first round picks. Are the Islanders in cap trouble? Why get rid of a good player & character guy that supposedly they love?
  8. its interesting they claim very low patient numbers over night because that has not been my experience when going there. I guess I've always had bad timing.
  9. Yes, fantastic review!
  10. I dont recall Thompson being a very effective Mayor but I might not be recalling well. The 90's sucked in this city. And I was graduating high school so I was less involved in politics. I just knew it sucked and everyone I knew wanted to move to Alberta. I think she took some heat for the Jets leaving (as did Filmon) and neither of them deserved it. She did bring the Pan Am Games here which was pretty cool especially since there was nothing else going on here.