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  1. 2017 NHL Off Season

    If they gave up on draft & develop it wouldnt be to trade the veterans away. I agree. And they wont give up. If anything, they'd trade some youth for help right now. I get the impression Chipman is getting impatient. Maybe not impatient, but if they struggle this season he is going to be asking why.
  2. Upcoming Movies

    Williams was SOOOOO good on Boardwalk Empire.
  3. US Politics

    Whats the over/under on General Kelly leaving...
  4. US Politics

    CNN has a good story up about all the lies and half truths from the rally. Earlier I said the 25th was not intended to remove a President under these circumstances. But if he is mentally ill, and some have questioned whether he has early onset dementia or whether his issues such as borderline personality or narcissistic etc are prevalent (or accurate) enough to invoke. Ronald Reagan was actually close to having this happen. He went downhill mentally after being shot and some close to him were very concerned. They held a meeting where, unbeknownst to Regan, he was being carefully studied with the intent that if he was not of sound mind, they'd recommend invoking the 25th. Reagan passed with flying colours. But the argument was, he was very good at conversational stuff because even as someone who might struggle, as an actor, especially a charismatic one, he was able to easily disarm people. But some would argue he should have been removed. Im reminded of an episode of West Wing. The President's daughter was kidnapped and he was considering stepping aside. Leo (his CoS) advises him not to and the Pres says "what if I do the wrong thing?" and Leo replies "I wont let you". For dramatic purposes it works because we know Leo wont let him and we know the Pres will listen. We're actually at a point in reality where we can only hope the advisers and generals wont listen if Trump orders the wrong thing...
  5. Orange Is The New Black or The TV Thread or The Netflix Thread

    Okay, I watched the first episode of the Laci Peterson docu-series. Its really good but be prepared, its very much a "balanced" look at the case, meaning it presents an argument that Scott didnt do it. I actually found nothing compelling about the pro-Scott arguments that were made in the first episode although they promise to show many witnesses who claimed to see laci the day she disappeared AFTER Scott had already left for the day (meaning he couldn't have done it). I love true crime and I was so emotionally invested in this case. Much like the revival of interest in the Jonbenet case, this is really fascinating to discuss. For the record, I think Scott did it. And I think his father's statements in the TV show were efforts to dismiss his guilty behavior. For example, Scott was asked on day one if he'd take a polygraph and he replied "Sure....they're accurate right?" I found that response really interesting. Scott later refuse and his father claims he told Scott "whatever you do, dont take a polygraph". I think his father was taking the heat for the son. The other scenario is that there was so much press that Scott went fishing that day that whomever really kidnapped Laci knew to dump her body there to frame Scott. And that he didnt really go fishing (he didnt know what fish he was fishing for etc) but just to get the boat in the water (it was new). But his original alibi was to go golfing but he was seen at the marina and had to change his story.
  6. Upcoming Movies

    Michael K Williams dropped out of the Han Solo film, which is unfortunate since he's a really good actor. He claims he filmed his scenes with the old directors but they needed him for re-shoots as his performance didnt match the new tone under new director Ron Howard. And he was unavailable.
  7. Wrestling

    Well, 6'8". lol He's okay on the mic. He reads his lines. I thought he read them too stiff but I think thats how they want him reading them. I saw someone suggest he returns under the kane mask which is so hilarious of an idea, WWE might consider it. I kid, I kid. Put him back with Carmella when he returns.
  8. 2017 NHL Off Season

    The trend seems to be moving away from paying those big deals for a guy ending past his mid 30s. If its a 3 year deal, then over pay. But if he wants 5-6 years, I dont see it being $6. Then again, Radulov did, so who knows. I do think the Jets can afford it. They have a pretty good salary structure moving forward. Assuming the cap rises a bit every year, they should be able to afford Little.
  9. Wrestling

    Already talk of Jones vs Brock at WrestleMania (fan speculation). It would be something WWE might consider, but they'd need UFC's cooperation.
  10. 2017 NHL Off Season

    I honestly cant see Little getting $6 million. That would be almost the same as Scheif and more than Little. I'd look more to Perreault who earns $4.1 and is a similar age. Little is better than Perreault and plays higher up, generally. So we can say Little deserves more. The issue is, if Little wants a contract that takes him to 36 years old, Im not sure I see that. Jets have $33 million projected space after this season with Ehlers, Little, Trouba being the big ticket items. So its doable. They have to account for Laine the following year too. But then they have Mason, Myers & Wheeler coming off. So I dont know that the Jets can fit everyone under the cap but they have set themselves up pretty well to be in a position to make the decisions they want to make rather then having those decisions forced upon them.
  11. Wrestling

    Cass' injury looks like an ACL tear and could be out NINE months. Yikes.
  12. US Politics

    Yup. You already have far too many Republicans that refuse to speak out against Trump. I read an interesting take on the 25th and how using it to remove Trump would violate the spirit of the thing. And that if the Republicans ever get to the point of removal, they should impeach rather then 25. The mid terms will be a big deal. if enough people re-elect Republicans to control of Congress, get used to Trump.
  13. Wrestling

    I guess we can look forward to a styles/corbin program.
  14. Wrestling

    Enzo moved to 205. Did I suggest that recently? I hope I did cause I was thinking it lol hes good for ratings and will bring some personality to the cruisers. He has nuclear heat in the back though. Shelton makes his long awaited return to SD. I assume he and Gable are a short term thing. Roode debuts. I believe he's 39. Never give up the dream. He's pretty short for vince but he's a solid worker and that music is gold. Edit: whoops he's actually 40. Also he's Canadian. And listed as 6'0". I don't know about that. Lol
  15. 2017 NHL Off Season

    His contract expires next summer. He turns 31 beginning of next year (2018). Yeah maybe 5 years but that would have to be a contract that includes a belief he's likely a 3rd line guy in the latter years.