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  1. Random News Items

    True face of heroism. Has trumped acknowledged this unarmed black man who stopped a white shooter with an assault rifle yet?
  2. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    I thought Nashville had an issue where their arena was booked Friday night. Maybe I misheard. Everyone assumed Thursday and Sat. So Im wondering is it still Saturday even if they play Friday? Cant have game 2 be afternoon and less than 24 hours after game 1, can they? Either way, I guess its the same for both teams but still.
  3. Upcoming Movies

    I dont see how you do it with Spiderman. Even if he makes a cameo, why not make Venom a Spiderman character and then spin him off. Especially with the Avengers going into space, you could easily have the alien symbiont. Seems like Sony wanting to take advantage of Marvel stepping in and saving one of their characters. Let Marvel produce ALL Sony's marvel character films and be happy they're good.
  4. US Politics

    There may be no such as thing as karma but there is such thing as being an ******* while also being up to your eyeballs in shadiness
  5. Upcoming Movies

    I was thinking it looked awful but Tom hardy might save it.
  6. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

  7. US Politics

    Wow and they said W was dumb
  8. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Good news. Two thumbs up to Morrow for how hard he's played. But people suggesting he's better than Toby, nope. Morrissey-Trouba Toby-Buff Chiarot-Myers Thats as good a D as we've had most of the year, especially with how Chiarot has played.
  9. Upcoming Movies

    I liked it a lot. I thought the youth and humor was more touching and Tom Holland is the best Spider Man. My only complaint was the upgraded suit. Just a creative difference but what I like about Spider Man is that he's a normal kid with abnormal powers trying to figure out his place in the world but also brilliant enough to make some of the things he needs. Having a high tech suit took some of that away for me.
  10. The TV Thread

    @JCon The interacting with the androids isnt just a creative way to avoid boring coding scenes either. Everything we see has a purpose and often, we're not seeing what we think we are. EDIT: Im SO excited for you to get to the end lol
  11. The TV Thread

    I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out whats going on. I actually read a refresher online before binging season 1 again, just to remind myself. And it helped and then watching it the second time so quickly, it really is like mind-blowing. Even some things that still are a little ambiguous, the "it could be this..." was cool. Once Jcon finishes, we can ditch the spoilers (its two years old lol) and really delve into season 1!
  12. The TV Thread

  13. The TV Thread

    When I watched it originally, I sort of struggled to make myself watch it. And when it was done, I felt exhausted but knew it was good. Only the second time around have I truly realized how great it is. Its really confusing as far as whats happening (for me anyway) so when it was revealed, while it was great it didnt change the fact I watched most of it with a "WTF is happening" mentality. Watching it again i noticed more and loved more. The first half (or even 2/3) absolutely sets up the remaining third of episodes. Probably episode 7 or 8, things are paid off. Please come back and tell me what you think after you finish it.
  14. The TV Thread

    Anyone watching Westworld Season 2? I havent seen the premiere yet. We just finished binging Season 1. I highly recommend watching Season 1 again, and ofcourse its way better when you binge it. That show is BRILLIANT. Like...crazy! There is one twist, where when it happens, its not that it's sudden, it starts to happen and you're like "wait...did he...no...what!" Its incredible. And very much a smart show with its concepts about the bicameral mind and the nature of consciousness.
  15. Wrestling

    Wrestling as an attraction is definitely the draw. Like even at bars, for the most part, its not a "party" crowd. Not always though. When I broke in, it was because I worked at the LID (called the palladium at the time) and TRCW began running shows. It was a new thing to have local wrestling at a cool bar, especially in the south end. So for a few months it *was* the cool thing to do on Thursday nights. As soon as that cool crowd got bored with it, it was done. And then we started and basically scooped TRCW (took most of their talent, their ring and their venue) and we had a core group that was sort of that cool University party crowd but it was very up and down. When my partner quit, it was partially because we were doing lousy business (not directly, but it caused strife in our partnership). And we really built things back up on the basis of presenting wrestling to wrestling fans, not trying to present a "cooler" version to people who arent wrestling fans. What I mean by cooler version, for example, when Mike started AWE and tried to get Coyotes, CWF was running there with guys like Kerry Brown, Brian Jewel, Rob Stardom, TJ Bratt. None of those guys look like people you want to spend time with on a Saturday night at a cool bar. And since CWF wasn't very good quality-wise either, you werent appealing to anyone. Mike had his guys down there all the time talking to employees saying "no one wants to go the bar and see guys who arent in shape, dont have tans, dont have expensive gear, dont have cool hair etc". So when they finally got Coyotes, the idea was good looking guys with good physiques, nice hair, deep tans etc. Because it's "cool". But the wrestling fans wont just take cool without quality. And the fans that want cool who dont care about quality wont stick around long because there is always something cooler. There are shows at family venues that draw. I prefer doing adult shows but not just because of booze sales. And while they did have some good workers (all the credit in the world to WFX for bringing in Ultimo Dragon who was a friggen legend), Chris Daniels might be the biggest draw of those guys (Kidman too). Daivari's not a name. Jacobs wasnt a name. Noble was good but not a name. Joey Merc, same thing. In fact I was going to book Joey Merc based off of WFX because I knew he'd do well for us but our measure of success was way different. I didnt need Merc to draw 1000 people to break even. And once you have Steiner, Gunn, Kishi, Luger, your budget is so out of whack. The fans that would be turned on by Daniels and Jacobs arent going to be fans of your product anyway because they get a 12 minute Kidman match against someone that maybe can't really hang with him and it's an after-thought because the real stars are the WCW guys that no one cared about anyway. Whats crazy is, the way the business is now, with the production values of WFX (which were tremendous) but a different thought process as far as talent, there is enough guys to draw big. I could draw 1000 people tomorrow with Omega and the Bucks. Maybe just Omega to be honest. The other issue with WFX was, they only used guys that they could market TV around. So anyone with a TV deal already had restrictions, including TNA guys I believe (or some of them). And in a similar vein, some guys cant use their established name and music. Locally, you'd be advertising Billy Gunn, but at the show he's The G-Man with generic music. They actually got sent a cease & desist for using names and even the word "Superstars".