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  1. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    I dont disagree. i think they felt he was better in that role than Armia or Dano. Or Dano anyway. But he has to be unseated. I'd like to see Roslo there regularly and push Tanev down. But Tanev is a pretty good player.
  2. Wrestling

    I appreciate that Spuds. Perhaps Im being sensitive to the accuser. Some people jump to attacking the accuser too quickly. By no means have I made a decision as to who's telling the truth. I have no idea. Her lifestyle would impact her credibility on the witness stand. But ofcourse, it has no bearing on whether she'd be a rape victim. In fact some lifestyles might create a greater risk of assault than others. I was merely objecting to the immediate attack on her. In both cases, we (myself and other posters here) dont know either Enzo or the accuser. And yet the accuser was attacked...nothing said about Enzo and his questionable choice in friends. To be clear, I HOPE Enzo is innocent. When I made the original post, the reason I didnt link any thing or add details was because on its surface it read like a random "crazy" accusation. Only as the day went on did more come out that made it clear there was some substance to the story (as far as seriousness, not necessarily veracity). It speaks to us as individuals, in my opinion, when our instinct is not to take care of accusers and be sensitive to them. because if someone lies, we can call them names later. If they are truly a victim of a horrible act, we cant "take back" ripping them. I think thats the point of the idea that accusers should be heard. Im a big Enzo fan. I dont want him to be fired or jailed or whatever. So I hope he is exonerated because the alternative is aweful for everyone, especially the victim. I apologize if that didnt come across earlier.
  3. Wrestling

    Great question! I have no idea. lol But now Im curious. Ill find out. Im not much of an archive watcher myself although I will watch some of the older shows when they air on the live feed (maybe just a convenience thing). When it initially launched I know the Canadian archives were smaller than the US but Im not sure if there was a specific order to it or just "smaller" in general. For example, Im not sure if Rogers had *some* Nitro or if all Nitro was omitted. I think it was just a bandwidth thing because there shouldnt be content license issues with the old footage.
  4. Wrestling

    Looks like my second hypothesis might be correct:
  5. Wrestling

    This sure escalated quickly from "hahah crackwhore" to the current Cruiserweight champion being fired. It could mean WWE is aware of this being more serious than an unsubstantiated allegation and want to get in front of the story now. Or, more likely, WWE is pissed they were blindsided (assuming the cops would question Enzo some weeks ago and he never alerted WWE). Or just the latest in a series of annoyances and they decided to wash their hands, but thats unusual in these cases where WWE usually only suspends until charges are filed.
  6. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    @SPuDSYou have to give some people credit for being committed to their narrative, even when its wrong!
  7. US Politics

    Buried under the shutdown news last week were reports of Trump engaging in an active affair in the White House.
  8. Wrestling

    Do you get the full archives online? I know it was "limited" for awhile. Is it the full archives now?
  9. Random News Items

  10. US Politics

    The way I understand it (and im no expert by a long shot), its not that passing the bill requires 60%, but that the Senate can filibuster anything they want and to break a filibuster, you need a super majority. There are time constraints on debate in the Senate. So Dems dont like a bill, they filibuster. GOP wants to break it, they need a super majority. Or I could be way off.
  11. Random News Items

    Interesting development for that part of the strip
  12. US Politics

  13. Random News Items

    I've only seen two of those Best Picture noms.
  14. CBS To Revive Star Trek on Television

    I thought this was interesting. The screenwriter of the episode was answering questions and responded to one about the Emperor's name. This is from Trekmovie.com
  15. Wrestling

    In Canada, its a terrestrial channel. So if you have cable (or satellite), you'd contact your provider and that channel becomes unlocked. I Also, someone else can give you better info. But initially, you didnt have much access to archives. I *think* you can go online and get the archives though. But its not like the Network in the US. WWE licensed the rights to Rogers. Channels are listed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWE_Network_(Canada) The good thing about being a terrestrial channel is, the quality is crystal clear HD. From time to time, the signal has issues in the US (not often though). Also, in many cases, when you try to cancel, WWE offers you another month (or three) to stay. So you might be able to leverage the free 30 days into getting WM for free as well! While I dont go online to watch archives, the live feed channel has some great content.