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  1. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

    i see some twitter speculation that this could be a good way to give an unhappy Hutch a fresh start.
  2. US Politics

    What’s piece of garbage
  3. US Politics

  4. Orange Is The New Black or The TV Thread or The Netflix Thread

    It’s not out of the realm of possibility he could do both. Especially if Magnum was only a cameo or guest appearance.
  5. Wrestling

    Owens left for family reasons. Wasn’t sick. Sound like just Roman, bray, Bo and Jojo are sick. Makes sense. Bray and jojo are dating and Roman travels with them often. I assume Bo does too as he’s brays brother. Bray and bo have been sick for a couple weeks already so word is raw is being completely re written cause they expect roman out for a few weeks. With AJ being flown in for TLC and Owens home, Hunter is flying to South America to fill in on then SD tour
  6. US Politics

  7. US Politics

    They’re all liars however trumps new plan to distract people is to release the JFK documents. Lol. So that should be something
  8. US Politics

    Amazing. General Kelly lied about the congresswoman’s remarks. There is video to prove it. Sanders admits she saw the video but claims Kelly stands by his statement. Media says but he was wrong. Sanders chastises the media for daring to question a general. Wow. They aren’t even pretending they they dislike democracy. It’s right out in the open. Do not question military leaders even when they lie. Kelly sold out for Trump. Very sad.
  9. Orange Is The New Black or The TV Thread or The Netflix Thread

    Magnum was really good. I’m intrigued. I prefer “sequels” to reboots. Tom Selleck works for CBS so I’d love to see him return as Magnum. At least to set it up.
  10. Game 7 : Walleye @ Pickerel

    That’s not interference. Wow. After a review? Holy. If that’s interference there is a lot of goals that won’t count this year.
  11. Restaurant thread

    Confirmed. They have breakfast every day and brunch sundays 1-9. I’m told it’s good. For non breakfast I recommend their pizza. Really good.
  12. Restaurant thread

    Thats a great question. I should know (worked there for years). They DO have a restaurant and I was sure it was a sit down meal. Im going to check!
  13. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

    His cieling was always projected as a really good 4th liner...and maybe a 3rd liner if he over-achieved. The hope is he's not just an interchangeable 4th liner but a really effective one.
  14. Random News Items

    ^^^ The two cops were assigned to investigate the hit & run and seemingly acted inappropriately. Assumption would be, to aid their fellow officer.
  15. Wrestling

    Lots of sudden "personal reasons" absences in WWE lately including Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, JoJo, Roman, Kevin owens. Rumor has it viral meningitis is sweeping the roster. So WWE has changed TLC this weekend to Fin vs AJ and, GET THIS, Kurt Angle replacing Roman Reigns. WTF. EDIT: Other sources are saying its an outbreak of the mumps. Which is an underlying virus that can lead to meningitis. Its suspicious because its hard to get meningitis. My suspicion is mumps is going around at one of them advanced to meningitis. Or something. Regardless, we get Kurt Angle's return to yay for mumps.