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    Fugg yeah muthafuggas - first bomber game in seven years!!! I'm across from bomber store in Alaska shirt - I'll buy the beer...
  2. Your CFL Haiku of the Game

    That's not a haiku at all.
  3. Loffler is playing basically LB/Safety hybrid because Hurl is so slow in coverage that Hall put him on the DL half the time... Reminds me of Teague Sherman playing SAM with Burke and just being sent on the blitz every single play... except Sherman actually got to the quarterback 6 games in and our WIL and MLB have zero sacks... colour me unimpressed, its not like Hall hasn't tried to send them Hurl is slow to react and Knox is slow to read
  4. 10 rushes for 83 yards... I'll take it. Not their fault that Lapo called a pass heavy game
  5. 3 stars + HH OTT edition

    I'm not. Hurl is another Pierre Luc Labbe... average Canadian who gives up a handful of big plays each game. Knox is not looking great either...
  6. Man, I like watching this team... so many years that you just knew the bombers didn't have the heart to come back when they were down... Liked Medlock redeeming Coates... Nichols and Harris are just gutsy players, lots of heart DL is killer. TWO RBS IN THE BACKFIELD... FINALLY. How many fkn years have we been waiting!!!! Since Thunder and lightning...?? A decade??? Bombers very lucky that Powell pulled up lame... or should I say Bomber LBs are... Hurl and Knox are train wrecks - yes, I know they were in on some tackles but two highlight hits don't overshadow all the missed gaps - Bass and Wild are sorely missed, Bass would have knocked the crap out of Powell. Walker looking good, Carmichael decent on corner... Leggett's return makes a huge difference Really no reason to play Hurl if Corney, Thomas and Westerman are all getting regular reps... Corney is a beast out there. Loffler is a monster - I'll forgive that Ellingson TD - it was close.
  7. Winnipeg @ Ottawa GDT

    McDuffie is a bit worrying... our kick coverage has not been great lately.
  8. Winnipeg @ Ottawa GDT

    I have honestly no idea how this game will go... that's probably my favourite thing about this year's bombers.
  9. There Once Was a Woman...

    It was a tough loss in T.O. An ice pack rested on Frito Trestman looked grim No problem said Jim Let's just call up our buddy Calvillo

    Wouldn't totally blame the OL... Ray has been taking an extra steamboat all season... Maybe they'll trade for Collaros now.

    Toronto looking pretty weak... Wonder who the illegal contact was on?
  12. Bombers @ Redblacks

    Lapo schemes for X... a LOT... Denmark is currently listed there - we'll see if he gets moved in game...
  13. Bombers @ Redblacks

    And how many of those catches were against a prevent D... 12+?
  14. 2017 NHL Off Season

    Well they're probably stuck with $7.5 as a starting point since that's what Reilly is getting... So on another team - no I wouldn't offer that - on the Sabres... I'd probably give him $8 for 8 - they're pretty sparse after Eichel