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    No one in the history of the CFL has ever done 1000/1000 rush/rec. If Harris can do that he is the MOP. Since he is on pace for it right now that makes him my choice for MOP up to now with Nichols nipping at his heels.
  2. bc thumped by SASKATCHEWAN

    That was a team that did not show up. You could see it in the pregame that this team thought all they had to do was show up. Even Ulrich was commenting all week at how country club BCs practices looked last week. They needed to get kicked around and they did. Wish it could have been us playing them this week we would have beat them 100-0.
  3. not to what if....

    Riders are not remotely as good as they looked the other night, and the Leos are not nearly as bad. The win streak and easy time the Leos had from the week before had them coming in with a swelled head. Even Wally gave up pre-game trying to talk to them and had to beg Rolly Lumbala to help get the players focused. By all accounts, they came in thinking they could just go through the motions and win easily. They found out you can't do that in the CFL. I expect that the Riders will be brought down to earth next game, and that the Leos will be looking to put the hurt on someone after being thoroughly humiliated by an inferior team.
  4. CFL Power Rankings Week 9

    Kudos to the Riders for taking advantage, but this had trap game written all over it...and the Lions fell in hook, line and sinker. BC simply imploded and you can't do that against any team in this league and get away with it.
  5. He is the exact type of player that Jones seeks. Looks at Jones record of recruitment for ex-cons, misfits, bad characters...would not surprise me at all to see Hill in Regina. Jones has the hubris to think he can control his locker room no matter what kind of meat puppets he brings in.
  6. My definition of elite includes demonstrating the ability to put the team on your back and win, and also, to win in the playoffs. Once he has accomplished that I would include him among the elite. Not yet though.
  7. Rider depth gonna be tested

    You can try things out in practice and move people around when your OL is playing well,. but you don't do it with an already crappy OL. You practice them where they will be playing.
  8. This is a fallacy. He was not a good player. Teams were completing 90% of their passes against his coverage. A big reason that Hamilton's defence was so putrid. I'm upset they released him. I wanted him in their lineup this week.
  9. Mike Kelly was an unmitigated disaster. There is just no question about that. However, let's not forget the brilliance of Lyle Bauer to hire a position coach and hand him complete control of the franchise just because he really, really wanted the job. Mike Kelly was a completely unqualified hire that was doomed to fail because Bauer put him in a position that was so far over his head that there was zero chance for success.
  10. Odds and Sods - Bombers at BC Lions

    It most certainly did!! lol. This is a debate you are unlikely to win here LG. Your team got the benefit on some questionable calls as well. It was a really good game. It's too bad for us our team decided to give it away with a string of stupidity and mistakes. We'll getcha next time.
  11. I wouldn't. Your team did not look like it even belonged on the same field as Calgary and the score really, really flattered the Riders. I would be more upset about my team being thoroughly uncompetitive in a game, doesn't matter who the opposition is. People who argue that league parity does not exist now have a game they can point to as proof.
  12. Kluchk, Migs, mfranc, and RAJ147 would like to officially dispute that. They wish everyone to know that they can so be that wilfully dumb and sometime late in the season after the Riders win another game they will prove it.
  13. Manage the Cap (fantasy manager)

  14. Holy crap am I ever out of touch on OJ news. Well then I retract...he is totally going to be in Rider camp next year.
  15. Odds and Sods - Bombers at BC Lions

    I happen to know for a fact that the entire super secret "Plant a Pollyanna" fund is tied up in Aardvaark at TEP.