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  1. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Durant was god awful last year. It wasn't entirely his fault but some of it definitely was. He needs to hit the reset button and have this year to find his game again. This is a win/win proposition for the Bombers and Durant. He gets to get his feet back under him without the pressure of being the franchise QB. I don't think, because of his age, that he will get much opportunity to be a starter again but he can certainly become a highly coveted backup for the next few years in this league. I'm sure that's not ideal but a highly paid CFL backup still beats the heck out of the unemployment line....and you never know...you might get to lead your team to one last GC victory. I like Durant's chances of doing well at his position this year a heck of a lot more than I like Collaros's chances of doing well at his.
  2. You are correct, also, I think it's pretty safe to assume that Bridge will now be making far more than the league minimum he made last year. That might constitute a jump of 100k one has to think. The RIders can cheat but they can only cheat so much, some good players are on their way out of Regina.
  3. Bridge is Casey Printers v2.0 imo. A very athletically gifted QB unable to play within a system but with excellent improvisational skills. Both guys have been beneficiaries of defences being unprepared to play scramble rules football. Once defensive secondaries adjust to Bridge's improvisations that will be that for his effectiveness. He is well below average when forced to play within the confines of a system. Adams is a good prospect who has shown he knows how to win games. In time, he will be a starter in this league imo. I, personally, think he will eventually pass Bridge on the DC.
  4. Collaros has a .166 win % the last 2 years, and before anyone says "well he played for a crap team", his counterpart Masoli was over .500 with the same supporting cast. Those are numbers comparable to Darian Durant's last 2 years but Riderfans are praising Jones for his foresight in not re-signing Durant last year. Hypocrites. I'm not going to say that Collaros is not better than Durant but this contract is not one to be praised. It's a huge gamble on a QB that has not performed well in years. The biggest laugh is they are suggesting that Collaros is better than Nichols.
  5. Happy Feet

    I wouldn't say that Nichols, or Calvillo ever had happy feet. They took a crap load of sacks but never panicked in the pocket.
  6. So Collaros gets 430k incentive free contract with 225k of that coming up front. Gotta hand it to Jones, he's a river boat gambler. If he's going down, he's going down in a blaze of glory. This is the type of move that you either end up as a god or a goat as a GM.
  7. When do we fire Richie Hall?

    I agree Booch. In a defensive backfield philosophy that predicates on giving the DBs some carte blanche to cheat a little at times to get turnovers, I can't think of a better coach than Younger to guide our DBs on when to and not to make these decisions. He was the master of this as a player and will get the defensive backfield in order. I love the hiring of Younger, he fits our defensive system perfectly.
  8. Happy Feet

    It's tough. I can't think of anyone either.
  9. Collaros used to be excellent at extending plays with his elusiveness. He seems to have lost that ability and as a pocket passer he holds the ball waaaaay too long. The Riders have a suspect OL. I don't see this ending well.
  10. I'd be pretty surprised if Hamilton doesn't already have a contract agreement ready with Manziel that was just waiting for Ambrosie's green light. I don't think they file that contract until they have clarified the existing QB conundrum because it takes leverage away from them, but I agree that Manziel is almost definitely going to be a TiCat....unless Reed makes some kind of extraordinarily stupid trade offer to reunite him with Sherman.
  11. Montreal will be the only team willing to trade for that contract.
  12. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    I think we will get Westerman back at a reduced rate.
  13. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Perhaps, Nevis took a shave.
  14. I thought Migs being mentally ill was already well established?
  15. I got banned for disputing the accuracy of Stronson's claim that Franklin was a pending FA last offseason.