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  1. We were better than Edmonton last year. However, the last third of our season was concerning.
  2. The Bombers suck, have always sucked, are cheap and every decision they make is wrong. On the other hand Walters and OShea are geniuses and we are more than likely to win the cup this year. There, I've covered every conceivable base in order to win the day. Let the love flow.....lmao
  3. No kidding. I want an investigation done by the league. I believe Jones may be behind it.
  4. When was the last time Calgary went through our trash heap for NAT players? Me likey.
  5. I don't even mind the alligator arms that much....but the timing of those interceptions couldn't have been worse. Just awful in the clutch last year. Worst case scenario type of awful.
  6. It's obviously tongue and cheek based on reality. He's joking...but it's not as far out to lunch as you make it seem. Jones is a weirdo when it comes to moving guys out of position.
  7. Bring him to what...a party? Sure he'd be the guy for that. Football? No thank you.
  8. Grew a bad pair of alligator arms and stone hands last year.
  9. I like Laing but he is a big ticket item. I would look at someone maybe a little less flashy to team up with Thomas.
  10. You'll notice the main detractors are the Jonestown crew....and it's definitely deflection. I just love how every time Jones appears to do something right he just turns around and makes another head scratching move. Chad Owens??
  11. 12-6...bah..that was the rebuild prediction. This year he likely goes 14-4 or 15-3. Probably calls them unstoppable.
  12. Two words for your revisionist Rider history....Justin Capicciotti.
  13. LOL...the list of FA's that Chris Jones signs then doesn't utilize correctly and then tosses away is getting to be pretty long and illustrious. They were going NAT at DE last year if I recall correctly. How'd that work out. No one has a worse track record in FA than Jones. Best thing that could happen to the RIders is if he stopped signing FA's.
  14. It is my understanding that Sukh Chungh loves it here so much that he took a deep discount to extend here. #Riderfanlogic
  15. This might be the best signing we make this week.