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  1. Bomber Moves 2018

    Prewitt sounds like a great recruit. If Duane Slay taught me one thing though, it is that what he had done to this point means nothing until he actually shows it on the field. Every year we have a couple "can't miss" prospects that are among the first cuts in camp.
  2. Yea...other teams have problems too. That should only serve as a silver lining though. I could care less what problems other teams have. The Bombers only focus, and I'm sure it is, is the problems the Bombers have right now. While I agree that March may be a little early for hand wringing it is also after FA, and the majority of other teams releases have been done. The window for improving our ratio and ratio flex is very narrow now. There are still a couple good options, but man losing Westerman hurt. It's repairable, and certainly not a death blow to our club if we do not have 2 NAT defensive starters.....but it sure would help us because we need to upgrade if we want to be a Grey Cup contender.
  3. Bomber Moves 2018

    That's only true if you are an IMP. NATs get no such tax break unless they are living in the US as a dual citizen. The purpose of the signing bonus for a NAT is for job security. Once paid the signing bonus it makes a last minute change in direction by the club far less likely. With no signing bonus a team can sign you to a big contract, and then decide in TC to go in a different direction and you're left searching for employment with everyone's cap space used up. I know that sounds unlikely but if it weren't for signing bonuses it would likely happen with far more regularity when someone comes out of the blue in camp and you have no dollars tied up in a high priced vet yet,
  4. Bomber Moves 2018

    Hurl's first contract with us was 120k + 1k per game played for a max 138k. When he re-signed last year it was reported he accepted a slight raise after checking out FA. Therefore, he was likely making in the 140-150k range last year. At any rate, it is highly unlikely he took a 60k shave last year.
  5. If only they were as smart as Cartman.
  6. Makes total sense. I did not know that but it explains a lot. If Reynolds, as he mentioned on a radio interview a couple months ago, sticks to his plan of more online interaction with the fan base and the team launches it's own forum the defections from Riderfans will be en masse to get away from their moderators. CRF better clean up his act before then or he will have the Riders equivalent of OurBombers on his hands. He already downgraded that site big time after he was too cheap to back up his site and it completely vanished only to be brought back in a substandard way.
  7. Yea...the best one this week is that some maroon suggested that Sam Hurl is barely a drop off to Muamba. That in itself is normal on any forum, one fan making an outlandish statement. However, about 3/4 of the people who responded to that agreed with him.
  8. When the moderators and their lackeys can't shout you down when you question Rider moves they go to plan B...banning.
  9. I saw your post telling CalgaryRiderFan to quit being so cranky and something about his mom's basement. It was a pretty benign post that's made there about a thousand times a day. However, CRF is the owner of the site over there and is pretty thin skinned when anyone "disrespects" him. His mods are ultra protective of him too, because CRF allows them to run roughshod over his forum. CRF doesn't even realize how badly he's being used. It's too bad because Riderfans, if run correctly, had the traffic to drive discussion and had his mods and CRF not been so narrow minded they could have picked up a ton of traffic from around the league's fan base. The moderation just went completely off the deep end a couple years ago when the Riders winning fell off the rails. Now the place is a **** show.
  10. To my knowledge, Morley is not a reporter. Just a guy who tweets.
  11. Perma-banned. Was a cesspool of stupidity the last year anyway.
  12. I'm confused....Rider Stronson told anyone who would listen last year that his connections in the Riders organization were more reliable than Dunk's reporting and that Henoc was only making 150k last year and that the 70k bonuses were included in and not on top of the 150k reported salary. He then went on about a 10 forum page rant on anyone who questioned him about this, and then starting banning people for being trolls for questioning the reliability of his information and about how Chris Jones was able to sign him for well under market value because Muamba wanted to play for him. Yesterday, we learned that Dunk was correct, and one of the first people out of the gate was Stronson saying that 220k was way too high for Henoc and that Jones is brilliant to release him. Hilarious stuff over there at Riderfans......lmao
  13. Free Agency Week - News Central

    Makes sense for the Als. I never thought that Westerman was a merc but I guess I was wrong.
  14. Free Agency Week - News Central

    The "fear" Mr. Evans is because players tend to fall into the local habit of not brushing their teeth once they get to Regina. It's like a wave that hits you when you are across the line from them. In fairness, you do have to hit about 30 or 40 stores before you can find one selling toothbrushes and that's if you know to look under the cobwebs.
  15. Free Agency Week - News Central

    That only applies to other teams, when Jones does it...it's genius.