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  1. Wasn't talking about their last gig...I was talking about ability. Nichols is clearly a capable starter entering the upside of his career....Glenn is a former starter whose play has degenerated over the past several seasons to the point he could only find employment as a backup until Jones hubris left him with no other options. I imagine you will be too obtuse to see the difference between the two and that just proves the theory about Riderfans being delusional.
  2. You're playing a backup at QB. Nuff said.
  3. Clark was an absolute pylon last year. Not a CFL calibre centre. Dyakowski looked absolutely awful in preseason and even towards the end of last year. Coleman is a pylon as well. If Labatte, and I agree he has been declining, slips even a notch from last year then the Riders will have the worst OL in the league coupled with the least mobile QB. That's a recipe for disaster. Glenn's quick release may limit the sacks but will ratchet up the INTs. I just don't see any way that the Riders will be a playoff contender this year.
  4. They don't have a running back. No offense to Marshall but he's a short yardage guy. They simply don't care about running the ball, and coupled with Coleman at RT, Dyakowski at RG, and Clark at C, being the pylons they are it's going to mean a lot of sacks and interceptions by/for Glenn.
  5. Nobody sees it except the handful of Jones acolytes on Riderfans. There is no depth and very little talent on that team with the exception of their receivers. The rest of their team is hot garbage.
  6. Taylor is an excellent statistician but he has shown time and time again that he does not have a hot clue about predicting winners.
  7. Actually they did have Harris rotating in at receiver at times during camp. Although the direct swap out wasn't made between him and Flanders, I do believe that when we are able to get Flanders in the lineup that we may see this happen. I don't think we have the luxury of Flanders in game one, but I believe we will find a way to get him onto the 44 this year for some games.
  8. I don't think anyone was disputing that. The original thoughts that I was responding too was a poster insinuating that the Bombers coaches would know less about Apodaca than McManus even after seeing him in the April camp, rookie camp, and the first half of training camp. It is my argument that in that time span they would have learned as much, or more, about Apodaca than what McManus would have during scouting.
  9. He scouted him for years. Could've been watching 5 minutes of tape a year for all we know. Doesn't mean anything other than he was on McManus's radar for a while....probably like a hundred other QBs. At any rate, my point remains, there is no way that McManus would've known more about Apodaca or any other Bomber QB he recruited than the coaching staff would learn after a couple weeks of practice.
  10. No one put a gun to his head and forced him.
  11. Elliott was a bit mystifying because he didn't really play his way off the roster. He was a very productive QB at the time we let him go. Purely a decision based on his personality and willingness to buy into the system...not skill. Had Joey Elliott stayed within the playbook more often I still think he could have been a franchise QB.
  12. Or Brink, or Elliott, or Dwayne Slay for that matter. Bomber killers...all of them.
  13. LOL...definitely a gross exaggeration then.....I hope,
  14. Who said McManus is our QB prospect guru? He likely looks at dozens of QBs a year, recommends a handful to Lapo and the offensive staff who are also heavily involved in the decisions in who gets signed.
  15. He was insinuating that McManus knew more about him in what was likely a brief scouting and film session than the Bomber coaches who cut him after watching him for a couple weeks. Perhaps, carnal knowledge is a bit of an exaggeration but my point remains the same.