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  1. Just as other teams look at our Heath, Randle, or Leggett and wonder the same thing. I get that Hurl is not an all star but the decision to play him allows us to afford and play other all stars.
  2. Adams gone for rest of regular season

    Luckily, our offence is built to be able to withstand injuries in our receiving corps better than pretty much any other team. A Lapo offence asks only that you be competent and assignment sound. We are not a run and gun offence like Sask and BC.
  3. When the weather turns ice cold we can put a NAT at FC imo.
  4. Westerman Out For Season

    Might be a safe bet.
  5. You guys and your logic. MOS NEVER changes the lineup EVER. Except when he does...and that doesn't count.
  6. Lions @ Bombers - Right The Ship Edition

    It's a flesh wound, it's not a bone or connective tissue injury. There really is no further risk. If he can handle the pain and it's not affecting his ability to throw you gotta play him.
  7. Drew Wolitarsky

    He has already shown more than Addison Richards.
  8. I would think that even if an ex-HC decided he would weigh in on the Bombers that he would come up with a much more thoughtful, accurate, and insightful post than that. I know it's Mike Kelly, we're talking about, but that post is just throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks. Even someone as awful as Kelly was, would give a much better and in depth synopsis than that.
  9. I highly doubt that any ex-HC, even a boneheaded one like Kelly, would make comments like the ones made by the OP. Even Kelly wouldn't tear down a guy like Wolitarsky, or make commentary about players he's never coached. This is not Mike Kelly people...no matter how stupidly he tries to imitate him.
  10. Andrew Harris 1000/1000 Watch

    Our last game is against Calgary, the Bombers will not sit anyone unless they are nicked up. They will want to deliver a message going into the playoffs.
  11. This was a recommendation made by Michael Bailey of the US Department of Homeland Security, prior to Grey Cup 2015 when he was in town to train Police forces for Grey Cup week. Surprised it took so long.
  12. Who should I get on my jersey?

    Andrew Harris is a pretty safe bet.
  13. D. Adams

    As is the case with many, many, of the recruits that the CFL gets to pick from the problem with Thorpe was his attitude. There are literally hundreds of TJ Thorpes that have come through our league. Great talent but short on brains.
  14. You never heard? Despite losing 2 out their last 3 games and the win coming against a TiCat team that only lost because their receiver dropped a game winning TD, the fine folks at Riderfans are declaring the Riders to be the 2nd best team in the CFL right now. We're 9-3 and convinced we have little chance of a Grey Cup. lmao...both our fan bases can be quite funny sometimes.
  15. 2016 re-draft

    Ekakitie is not a bust. He hasn't been here long enough to be one. Saying Ekakitie is a bust is like saying Muamba was a bust because he rarely played in year one.