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  1. Stronson is in full on backpedal at Riderfans right now. Posts questioning Jones are disappearing so fast right now that the page count is going backwards...lol.
  2. I think that at the next BOG meeting that Reynolds will be dressed down by the other governors and told to keep his boy in check.
  3. Yes, I suppose there is zero value in him coming to town, getting acclimated to the stadium, coaching staff, and new potential team mates. No value in our coaching staff seeing him in some shuttles etc to get a sense of his athletic ability,
  4. I agree. I fail to see how an expansion team with no neg list, no players under contract, and only the leftovers from other teams to choose from is at an advantage.
  5. Gov has blocked a crap load of bannings over the past couple years by Stronson. I know this to be fact.
  6. Never noticed the similarity really.
  7. I know of several people banned for questioning Stronsons accuracy. Then there posts are modified or deleted. Gov will sympathize but allows Stronson to remain a mod. That's straight up fact.
  8. I saw that thread...and yes he looked like an idiot for doing that. The topic was Ed Hervey being fired. Apparently RS, a self proclaimed hater of the evil empire, was a torch bearer for this secret. He knew about it but chose not to tell anyone. Yea right...
  9. Exaggerated...perhaps....untrue...nope not at all. I retract the statement about his accuracy being zero and will replace it with it being low, and the rest is completely true. Don't believe me ask Lyin'Guy. People are banned by Stronson all the time simply for calling out his accuracy. There are people all over various CFL forums that have reported this.
  10. There is a douchebag mod over there with the initials RS who claims to have insider knowledge about everything. Over the past year he has been wrong about virtually everything he claimed to know about. His accuracy is about as good as that clown that used to make up fake TC reports around our forums....yet they made him a moderator and allow him to ban anyone who questions the accuracy of his inside info. Then they wonder why the site has a bad rap. lmao Gov don't care as long as the cheques roll in.
  11. I think that is Brad Wall's wife. I am not clear on all the details but I think she officially lost the title of sister after she took her rubber boots off at the wedding.
  12. Interesting, wonder if he's a guy recommended by Corney in his intake interview last year.
  13. A couple of unsubstantiated posts by Eskimo fans suggest that the word in Edmonton is that the BOD of the Eskimos held and emergency meeting this morning concerning actions by Ed Hervey. Not sure what that means...just that it was a sudden development.
  14. I'm afraid we may not have a first round pick this year. Some guy at Riderfans apparently has some information from the CFLPA that suggests we are 800k over the salary cap last year. We will lose all our first round picks and have to pay a multi million dollar fine. LMAO...the **** these guys come up with.
  15. Dressler got 175k, perhaps that is what you are thinking of.