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  1. Nichols doesn't strike me as a guy who is gonna Nealon Greene the league.
  2. I made Migs an avy bet once that he reneged on. However, I will cut him some slack because avy bets are hard for him to honor due to his banning history and perpetual need to deny that he is Migs.
  3. An ex-Rider getting even a modicum of respect after he leaves to a divisional rival means he must have played all right.
  4. I dunno maybe chasing a dog with a bucket of chicken tied to it's tail.
  5. Apparently they had to ask Brendan Labatte for one of his jerseys for the signing today.
  6. According to Riderfans he can run a 4.3/40. Those guys crack me up.
  7. Derek Taylor is an idiot....or he is just looking for some clicks by making an outrageous statement. Either way it compromises the integrity of the prediction.
  8. And over at Riderfans the Jonestown boys are now heralding Vince Young as a cross between Warren Moon and Doug Flutie. LMAO Rotor is defending this like it was his mother who signed Young. Just bizarre.
  9. I don't but hope I'm wrong. I think the level of NFL interest in him is exaggerated.
  10. I like the idea of going BPA but am nervous about the depth we have in the trenches. I think DT may be a better pick, but there are still way too many variables in play right now.
  11. I can go fetch gbill for ya so that he can end the debate by taking a number one of us wrote at Riderfans and then announcing it in a way that suggests it came from a solid secret source he has. Lol
  12. Typical half truth in your agenda against Mack. Please tell me who had him on their draft list since he went undrained.
  13. Couldn't give a **** what led the Bombers to not draft Durant. It is irrelevant now that we have the benefit of hindsight. Durant would look good in Blue and Gold....better than Richards, at this point and time. Perhaps, hindsight will be more favorable to Richards in a couple years from now.
  14. Let's circle back to the daily circus immediately to the West of us. Just a quick post to bring everyone up to date on the latest from the gong show that is the big rectangle. Vince Young has apparently tweeted that he will be the QB for the Saskatchewan RoughRiders Madani has reported that the Riders have asked Labatte and Clark to take pay cuts this season for cap relief purposes. LMAO....Rectal Sauce and Rotor Rooter are in full blown spin/damage control mode over there right now. Apparently the media has a secret agenda against the Riders. It just doesn't get any more entertaining than that.
  15. Mr. Wells, you are correct that Durant is not a head case. That is a gross exaggeration of what happened to Durant at the draft. HOWEVER, it was discussed by media and confirmed by CFL insiders that CFL GMs found Durant to be odd and were put off by his interviews at the combine. That doesn't make him a head case, but he apparently does not make a very favorable first impression and that worried a lot of CFL GMs. Is a first impression always a correct one? Of course not and the Stamps are probably feeling pretty good about picking Durant.