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  1. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    The Bombers also have Drew Wolitarski, and he’ll have the benefit of a full training camp to show what he can do.
  2. Game 46 : St. Boniface @ St. Paul

    Looks like we’re starting to feel the effects of Scheifele’s absence... Lowry on the IR exacerbates that
  3. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Would love to see Bauman in TC2018... his highlight reel posted on this forum was pretty intriguing. Demski as a FA acquisition would be huge, as would Wolitarsky's development into a starter/backup role - the kid seems to have all the tools.
  4. The Turning Point

    Going back before this game, my gut feeling was that Mo Leggett's achilles injury was going to sink this defence. It's retrospect but I really wonder if it wouldn't have been better to put Randle at SAM linebacker when Mo went down. He made the transition before, and brilliantly so before his knee injury. Yeah that breaks up the Randle/Heath tandem but as we witnessed, SAM linebacker absolutely requires equal measures athleticism, smarts and grit.
  5. The Turning Point

    I also felt it was a potential (later confirmed) turning point. Who let Watson shoot the gap like that? He gets picked up, possibly or even likely a different outcome. Other factors were there all game long that can't be ignored: *When* Hurl was in the right place at the right time on Gable still = whiffed tackle and huge gain/score. I'm a big Kevin Fogg fan but the guy is NOT cut out for SAM linebacker. 2 or three steps behind on a lot of plays. Had Gable in the backfield a couple of times amd couldn't hang on. Nichols let down by drops on critical downs - what a shame. Watched the game till the end and even though it was garbage time... grateful for a bit of window dressing to take the sting off the D folding. Pathetic I know but still. Mainly I just can't imagine what Nichols, Harris, Dressler et al were going through at the end.
  6. In Case You Missed It

    Just caught on to the last few min here on 1260am in Edmonton. The show hosts have totally written off the Bombers as "running on fumes" and are guzzling their own hype. Praying for our 2nd place team to "upset" their 3rd place team...
  7. Odds and Sods - Blue Bombers at Calgary Stampeders

    Well it's about good goddamn time... no offense to TrueBlue4ever (who sub'd in well!), but DoD goes on vacay and it's like the whole place was gonna burn to the ground. Welcome back and well done!
  8. Fire Richie Hall !!!! DISGRACE COACH

    I was so disappointed and frustrated watching how Hall schemed (or didn't) to stop the run. Watching Hurl repeatedly run straight into the Argo o-line (assignment sound I suppose 😒), only to leave a massive hole for Wilder Jr to run through was maddening. Whenever I saw him whiff on tackles... good gravy I almost had a stroke from trying not to swear in front of my poor parents. We've definitely got some ballers on this D... but they're handcuffed by dead weight and a dud scheme.
  9. Most disrespected 10-4 team last week most disrespected 11-4 team this week...
  10. 3 stars + HH bc sucks edition

    It's like Awe only knows how to tackle by leading with his helmet. Pretty nasty collision. Also didn't like how Harris was hit again when he clearly had no helmet... as he was pretty much down by contact at that point.
  11. Pyrrhic victory?

    That's about how a lot of us feel about the injuries... imho a loss isn't the lesser of two evils in this case. It's not like we won *because* our guys got injured. I'd also like to thank you for using devastated instead of decimated. They're both over used in sports but at least the one makes sense in context. Decimation is simply the division of something by ten and then removing one. Well ok if four or five players off the 44 got hurt in a game then yeah I suppose 😂
  12. Kittens vs Bombers GDT

    Denmark was targeted three times The first throw was off target, or he wasn't where he should have been. Second pass he dropped Third pass caught for nine yards... and that was it

    What you really mean is that we should all be glad everyone has grown beyond expectations in their respective jobs. Walters the "did Wade reeeeeeally look for anyone else" GM and Matt "if we're trotting him out in 2018" Nichols have all grown, learned and done their part to turn this team into a true contender. O'Shea as well - it's not like the Bombers are 10-3 *despite* the head coach. But if all you meant is that Walters and Nichols work well with O'Shea... then cheers! 😃

    Reilly couldn't handle poop coming right at him, so many of his passes were a bit off... that or he would turn away from poop and right into a hit from our DE's

    Outstanding post - thanks MrDee! I'd like to contend that there was plenty of Poop in the middle, allowing our DE's to do their thing...