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  1. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    The Bombers came right out and said they were willing to make Henoc the second highest paid Cdn player on the roster. To post on social media like Kyle Walters slapped him across the face is pure BS and pretty classless. Good riddance to this guy...
  2. Round 1: Game 2-Wild

    Nothing ugly about that win - it was way more dominating than the game 1 win! Jets were patient in applying pressure and tirelessly delivering pain at every turn. They were smarter on offense and didn’t look like they over-thought chances like they did early in game 1. Can’t wait to see how our boys handle the Minnesota home crowd on Sunday!
  3. Round 1: Game 2-Wild

    Tremendous follow up performance by the Jets! Hellebuyck gonna need to keep smelling salts next to his water bottle, because most of the game happened at the other end of the rink...
  4. Western Wild Card Race 2018

    Agreed - seemed like the Jets were off there usual game in those two road losses to the Avs but salvaged some points. If they were to meet in the playoffs I’d expect the results to be very different and well in our favour.
  5. Game 75 : Tennessee Valley Authority @ Manitoba Hydro

    Blues were on a five game win streak as of this morning... they’ve been back in the hunt for a couple of weeks
  6. Game 70 : Centennial Concert Hall @ Centennial Park

    Given the injuries, the tail end of a back to back, and the nightmare first period... the score could have been so much worse. It’s not much consolation given that the Jets were looking to make up ground on the Preds, but at least we can say we didn’t lose 7-4 to Ottawa!
  7. Game 68 : Johnston Terminal @ Reading Terminal Market

    A trap game if ever there was one... still, Laine with his 40th is nice! #silverlinings
  8. Game 67 : Grand Beach @ Jersey Shore

    PTO contract so they could dress a backup. Hutch showed up for the 2nd period anyway.
  9. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    They’ve been desperate for a weeks and weeks for anything remotely interesting to talk about. Sure the Oilers need players but they have almost nothing of value that they’d even consider trading. The painful truth the media here never mentions is that every front office that’s come through here has kept the same brutal scouting staff for decades. I’m not remotely an Oilers fan but it’s hard not to see the real problem here.
  10. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Here on TSN 1260 in Edmonton they just mentioned Roslovic for Maroon would be a fair return 😂😂😂
  11. Game 63 : Rinne @ Hellebuyck

    In no way whatsoever was my post intended to say or imply anything at all about Nashville’s hockey team.
  12. Game 63 : Rinne @ Hellebuyck

    Tied for first in our division... built (not bought) into a contender... for Jets fans this truly is The Undiscovered Country...
  13. Game 61 : James Armstrong Richardson @ Louis Armstrong

    All I have is the TSN app scorebox on my phone... when I saw it was 7 shots to 0 for the Blues almost halfway through the first it was definitely concerning. Undue worry apparently!
  14. Bomber Moves 2018

    Between the price of the contract, rejecting the Riders and the undoubted motivation after a down year, I totally love this signing. Sounds like he’s really grown as a person and is intent on delivering a heck of a season for Bombers fans.
  15. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    55 or bust!