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  1. US Politics

    Google is my friend... http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Coal_consumption_statistics Going by this and numbers from a Wikipedia page coal usage and production is steadily trending downwards with a slight upward trend a few years ago but back to going down now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coal_in_Europe Going by these numbers and what a country like Germany normally imports it does appear that the Europeans are using some American coal to makeup their own production shortfalls (intentional or not) as I and TUP speculated. They're letting the Americans take the environmental hit (which they don't care about) and let Trump feel good about himself. Everyone wins!
  2. US Politics

    So does this mean that Europe/China is using more coal in general or are they using about the same amount and just buying more from the U.S instead of local sources? A way for them to mine less coal and get the environmental pat on the back. Maybe it works out cheaper too even with the shipping costs from the U.S.
  3. Random Death Notice 2018

    Loved his movies when I was a kid and skiing every chance I got. RIP
  4. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    I don't work in Winnipeg. I've worked in three industrial plants so far and my position requires me to work and have access to the entire plant in every case. I also drive a forklift, work on manlifts and operate larger dangerous equipment and tools on a daily basis. So my daily routine carries certain risks if I'm not careful. And yeah I've seen injuries happen too. A young man even died not too long ago at an adjoining shop to us when a tank fell on him. Stuff always happens but if your workplace is serious about safety and actually enforces it, and the employees buy into it and work safely the risk is greatly reduced. For Football players the risk happens every play of the game. They can't really mitigate it. And they do it wearing inadequate safety equipment which is often used as a weapon during play (tackling at speed helmet first, for instance). It's the nature of the game and I'd say all players are fully aware of the risks. But it doesn't make it any less damaging for their short term and long term health. If I get hurt, it means either I or someone/something at my work screwed up. If a football player gets hurt, it's part of the game and can't be avoided. It would annoy me more with these holdouts if teams didn't have the power to just cut a player and not pay the contract they agreed to. But since teams can do that why shouldn't a player complain about his contract? And what if the GM did verbally say he'd let the player go try the NFL and then reneged on that promise? If I was the player I'd be pretty pissed off too. Maybe give rookies the option of signing one year deals instead of these one plus options, or have an "NFL" out clause where the player can go try the NFL but the CFL team retains his rights when or if he comes back for one season.
  5. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Hey! No cameras allowed in my office!
  6. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    As someone that works in a factory/industrial setting I can tell you firsthand that my job is nowhere near as physically dangerous as a football player's job is. Plus I can do my job baring any drastic health issues until retirement age. The best a football player can hope for (outside Tom Brady or a kicker) seems to be late 30s. If a Team can cut a player whenever they like even with a contract then I have no problem with Wilder trying to get more $$$. He may not succeed but I wish him luck all the same.
  7. US Politics

    C'mon man. David Clarke? Really? If you're trying to make a point use someone slightly less despicable. Unless you're trolling, then carry on I guess?
  8. US Politics

    Yowza! Even the most basic of vetting would have found what a disgusting POS this guy is (not was, I don't buy that apology for one second) and excluded him from a government job, even a Trump government job. He even goes after his fellow soldiers. Pathetic.
  9. Game 43 : Great White @ Great White North

    5 11 210 lb. Not huge but not tiny either. One inch shorter and 10 lbs heavier than Josh Morrissey.
  10. Game 43 : Great White @ Great White North

    Bear played his junior with Seattle. Saw him up close during the WHL finals a couple years ago. Smooth skating, great puck mover, hellava shot and ran their PP. And pretty good in his own end too. He was even born and raised in eastern SK. His family would always take over a section of Westman Place whenever Seattle played in Brandon. I'd be very happy if he was our prospect.
  11. Random News Items

    One of the better restaurants in Brandon. And they're getting some free advertising from this story so good on them. I'm not a beer snob but I enjoy trying new beers, especially if they're locally brewed. Bud Light would be my last choice if I'm at a place with a decent selection of beers on tap.
  12. Random News Items

    Always thought that argument (trekkie vs trekker) was silly. As though making it "ie" instead of "er" is some great insult. Whatever. Trekkie rolls off the tongue so much nicer anyways.
  13. Random News Items

    I went a day after New Years Day. Everyone was probably flying out that day after a crowded NYE I imagine. So probably a dead day by Vegas standards true enough.
  14. Random News Items

    I saw it in Jan 08, shortly before it closed. I enjoyed it, thought it was neat. But it was sparsely attended so I wasn't too surprised when it got shut down. I wonder if the fact that it was based in the Hilton which was off the strip (but on the monorail line) affected the walkups. I'm a hardcore trekkie so I was going whether I had to walk, taxi or hop on one foot. The casual tourist who might wander in probably wouldn't have gone out of their way. Of course 2008 was sort of a nadir for interest in Star Trek. Even if it stuck around they may have updated it to the Abrams universe, which I don't think I'd enjoy too much.
  15. Scheifele out for 6 to 8 weeks

    Matthias to the 4th line. Perreault to the 2nd line. Would have liked to see Petan or Roslovic but either guy would have been thrown on the 4th line, wasting their talent. Dano would look good but I guess Matthias gets first dibs.