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  1. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Like a dead raccoon matures on the roadside.
  2. CFL Combine

    You'd think with a name like Justin Dunk, he would be working for Tim Horton's.
  3. Mini-camp info - April 24-26

    As was reported in this forum earlier, Gause has the tools and attitude but has a bum knee which may or may not cause him problems. I sure hope not, because he sounds exactly like who we need in the middle. Weird photo of him in the link, though.
  4. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Works for me. Looking forward to it with great anticipation.
  5. Will we be better or worse?

    Heath was talented, but I often wondered if he was free-lancing too may times.
  6. Bomber Moves 2018

    It could have been a reference to a Welsh onion as well.
  7. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    They deserve each other.
  8. Will we be better or worse?

    At first glance, one would think that. However, the horde of DB's that have been signed would seem to indicate that the Bomber braintrust sees reasons for concern.
  9. Bomber Moves 2018

    So....the Bombers have taken a Leak?
  10. Will we be better or worse?

    Peterson ought to be urine-tested weekly, but the Bomber defence is quite unsettled at the moment. If O'Shea has Hall on a very short leash, and the incoming talent is as good as it seems to be, we will be all right.
  11. Bomber Moves 2018

    Tyler Stewart sounds like a throw-in for training camp just to have enough arms to go around. Seems to be a typical NFL prospect QB but without any great strengths.
  12. They hate it because of the volatility and unpredictably- often they cannot tell who is doing what to whom and even who will launch themselves at the officers.
  13. My family is riddled with both RCMP and city police, and all hate going to domestic disturbance calls.
  14. We have been raised to respect police and believe that they are above approach, but psych profiles of bikers and cops are scarily similar. https://www.alternet.org/profiled-stalked-and-murdered-footage-shows-cops-gunning-down-unarmed-black-man-california-walmart
  15. Any cop will tell you that people who are gakked and violent are literally as rare as hen's teeth. Conversely, if cops are called to a "domestic disturbance" and the occupants are drinking, they can be certain that its gonna get ugly. Stoners just want to be left alone , eat Cheetos and stare at their hands in amzaement.