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  1. Most abused challenge by far. If they are going to keep it, maybe adopt something like the NHL is pondering with offside challenges, i.e., failed challenge results in 2 minute minor. How about a failed PI challenge results in 15 yard penalty and loss of down. Oh and I still think they should institute you have thirty seconds once the play has been whistled dead to call a challenge. 30 seconds up, play can't be challenged.
  2. I thought it was a reach for TSN to award Durant with player of the game. TSN's Honorable mention Mincy should have got it. As much as I don't like Jones (and I really don't), what Durant did right at the end of the game motioning at the Rider sideline confirms why I've never liked Durant. I would have counted my lucky stars, congratulated who I needed to congratulate and got the h#ll off that field after Crappyinga missing a field goal he needs to make. Durant was a perfect fit in roughrider land, so glad they picked up Carter, at least they have to deal with that now.
  3. That is very enjoyable to watch. How long before the 'win with some class' comes out this season? It would also be nice too see a good flareup between him and Carter on the sideline first game into the season.
  4. I really like their emblem. Don't like the sleeves though. Solid color would work better imo.
  5. Completely agree with you and that's what we tell our players on the teams I coach. Absolutely it can't be pinned on one person especially in football. Greatest team sport ever. My role on the team as well is ensuring no player gets thrown under the bus by other players (and coaches!). I'm just breaking it down where tough decisions are being made when it comes to assessing our talent and where we need to be stronger outside the earshot of players. Happy Fathers day if it applies
  6. Fair enough, how about Luc Labbe? My point is, and this is how the whole conversation started, is I'd rather invest in a strong Linebacking core and be more flexible with my ratio/talent with another position group. You use Henoc to argue that we tried that and didn't work but you just can't pull one person from the group and say your linebacking core/group is strong.
  7. I'm discussing the linebacking core as a whole, not just one piece just like I'm looking at other positions as a group. Who else did we have at Linebackers back in 2013 other than Ian Wild? These allstars: James Green LB 47 Pierre-Luc Labbé MLB
  8. Linebackers are more than run stop.
  9. I'm obviously not saying it's unimportant but more than linebacker if you absolutely had to chose? Not on my defense. If you have 12 starters and two of them are average, not linebackers please. And I don't think I'm crazy and I'd rather have a better linebacking core than my half back core. I do agree with 17to85 that it depends on who is profiled more in your defensive scheme. I'd rather profile my linebacking core. That's just my preference. And the thing that no one can get around is Hurl's performance. Great effort, average performance.
  10. At a key position it sure can hinder. I'd rather be meh at half back, nose quard, safety than at linebacker.
  11. Glenn starts. I still think we should have paid him more to stay. Imagine where the Riders would be right now if that happened.
  12. That's exactly where he should stay. The linebacker position can't be trumped by flexibility in this case. Be flexible somewhere else.
  13. All I have are your words, it would be great to have this discussion in person. Maybe at a Bomber game when they're up by fifty and we have time.
  14. As soon as you wrote FAKE NEWS, you were. If you're talking critical thinking ability, then encourage people to critically think about the issue not FAKE NEWS. Two completely different streams.
  15. To me using this statement is irresponsible, not to mention the fact of using a sport example to overly generalize something where once someone says anonymous source, oh fake news. It's the old 'well if it's happening here, it must be happening there' tactic. Sort of like guilty by association, i.e., anyone using the term anonymous sources can't be trusted. Use a better argument to dispel something. And I'm not even arguing whether this story about Pence is true or not.