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  1. I'll try, but a colleague of mine just randomly emailed our leadership team with this: Since 1991 the Grey Cup has been awarded 26 times, the following teams have won the Grey Cup: Calgary – 5 times Toronto – 5 times BC – 4 times Edmonton – 4 times Montreal – 3 times Saskatchewan – 2 times Hamilton – 1 time Baltimore – 1 time Ottawa – 1 time Wait for it….. Winnipeg – 0, yes ZERO times… Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……. Just saying…. If any of my fellow diehard Blue Bomber fans have a snappy comeback that I can use in reply I'd appreciate it. He's an Eskiblow fan as well. All I've replied thus far is he smells.
  2. Whether it's a slash, whether it's a boarding penalty, whether it's a elbowing penalty, hitting from behind, leaving your feet, kneeing etc etc I find a lot of inconsistency in what's deems a suspension and/or how long it is. The player was hurt by a purposeful illegal action. A lot of suspensions/fines and lengths seem to be influenced by injuries. If a player is not injured on an illegal action by the opponent, I find no injury on the play highly influences whether/how long he gets suspended and or fined. Shouldn't it work the other way as well, regardless of the level of viciousness, it's still illegal AND it resulted in injury therefore warrants a suspension and/or fine.
  3. And mix into that formula the easy access to alcohol and drugs, rising addictions and untreated mental health issues.
  4. I'm wondering if any other playoff contending team wanted Jerome Iginla's services? My guilty pleasure is enjoying this.
  5. Almost there . . . 'A recommendation tabled by the committee Wednesday requests coaches no longer be able to challenge a play following a television commercial. It approved, coaches would have to throw their flag within the first 30 seconds of the break rather than be allowed to wait the entire duration before doing so'. (source CFL Official Site)
  6. Fair enough but I just think the validity of one's criticisms aimed at coaching lessens if it's only important to one when the games 'matter'. Just my opinion. I personally think Paul Maurice as our head coach brings some important abilities to the table but I am getting more and more frustrated by his intelligent view of the game not translating to on ice productivity. It's losing it's luster for sure.
  7. I also find it ironic that if the Jets coaching and management staff are indeed in full tank mode, the people who dislike Paul Maurice/Chevy for their coaching/management abilities AND hope the team tanks to get a better draft pick logically should be outraged. They should be outraged if either of these people aren't preparing and fielding the best available team to win every game regardless of positioning in the standings. You can't pick and chose from the basket of services the coach and GM are responsible for.
  8. Here is where the role of a coach becomes paramount. If indeed this was the case of last nights game, yes the player is always responsible for their game, but ultimately this is on the coach. I have not read the post game comments. If your analysis was correct on how the Jets played last nights game, Paul Maurice should have called his team out regardless of the win. Calgary's coach used pathetic a while back that got some traction.
  9. (Insert name, group, organization etc here) are/were just as bad or even worse.
  10. I'm envisioning Steve Bannon, with his 4 fingers pressing against his other 4 fingers, mumbling, 'All is going according to plan'.
  11. Aren't there yet.
  12. No because it wasn't a lie. It was simply a statement about surveillance concerns and his commitment to ensuring his and other people's privacy rights aren't violated. He is doing his job as the Commander in Chief protecting the common persons basic rights. Wow, I can think and write that way.
  13. I think? Buff has made it known he doesn't like playing forward but how about converting him back to forward or at least platooning him there now and then? I know some would say he already does it with his rover approach but take more advantage of his size up front the Jets could use depending on who they are playing that day?
  14. With coaching maybe a lot of people get their wishes. Maybe Paul Maurice doesn't want to be back either.
  15. Nonpartisan analysts. This label intrigues me. Just came across it in reading the latest in US health reforms and comments attributed to people who are labelled this way. Can it be done? I think some of us try to do it (aspire?) hoping our batting average in accomplishing it is above average but knowing it won't be 1,000.