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  1. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Because they finished with more regular season points.
  2. US Politics

    ...Actually, throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart. Donald Trump January 2018
  3. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    I can only talk for myself, but I wasn't suggesting Morrow is a better player than Enstrom in possibly keeping the lineup as is we had against the Wild. It's more of why try to fix something that isn't broken (2 shutouts in a row albeit a lot because of Helle but this is a team game) and he isn't as physical a player as Morrow and he may be a bit rusty that in the playoffs that we don't have the luxury of slowly getting his game speed up to playoff par. BUT you also try to field the best team possible with the available players, i.e., dressing Enstrom over Morrow, Perreault over Roslo. Awesome problem to have no matter which route you take.
  4. Round 2 - Game 1: Jets @ Predators

    Can't see them sitting Morrow unless Jets get behind in the series, injury or need a puck moving Dman.
  5. As the pursuer or pursuee?
  6. 2018 NHL Playoffs

    Shocking that was overturned and ruled a good goal. The call on the ice was no goal and should have been confirmed as such. Even Binno looked shocked when it was ruled a good goal. Good on the Av coach to remain calm and keep his team focused on the game (which they did successfully) and not yelling st the refs for the last nine minutes of the game. Now that's coaching.
  7. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    Tho Trouba isn't playing the best hockey right now. I'd keep Morrow with Buff.
  8. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    The way to solve this challenge is have our forwards take care of business early. Put the wild out of their misery early in the game taking the pressure off our D.
  9. Round 1: Game 5 vs. Wild

    During the game right after something thats happened to the Wild that they dislike: Boooooooooooooooddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaauuuuuuu Boooooooooooooooddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaauuuuuuu Boooooooooooooooddddddddddddrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaauuuuuuu
  10. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    Maybe and yes having him at the point has it's advantages on the PP. BUT having a big body (with toughness) like DB in front of Dubynk has it's advantages as well. The less Dubnyk can see the better. This is where I've been very impressed with Statsny, he does this very well and unfortunately got nailed by a point shot in this game.
  11. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    I actually thought it was cool. He did it respectfully imo.
  12. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    Wow. I imagine that he sits at the kids table when all the adult play by play guys get together for a social function.
  13. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    Trouba was one big hot mess last night. Something seems off with him. Helle save on Dumba was spectacular. The more I see Stastny play the more I like him. I wish Blake Wheeler would shoot more. I loved the adjustment in putting Buff up front on the power play. Hope they continue that.
  14. Round 1: Game 4 @ Wild

    Didn't he also say Buccaneer at one point?
  15. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

    Give the @mnwild credit. At least they don't play games with injuries. Kelly Moore I personally don't think it's playing games when teams don't divulge the specifics about injuries. I don't know how knowing the specifics of the injury is relevant (yes interesting, curious but not relevant) to anyone but the hockey team and the players families. All I need to know is lower body, upper body out for 6-8 weeks. But that's just my perspective.