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  1. That statement makes no sense to me. If something mentally is going on that is affecting his kicking but can be corrected or tempered with work, then it does matter.
  2. Ouch. Sam Hurl I'm sure is a great guy, but as I've said before, he could have a really nice career as a special teams player. He is jeopardizing that right now.
  3. Yes he's not playing to his usual level of late but I think he has been an incredible investment for this team overall thus far for $185,000. He has given this team a jolt of confidence knowing they have him there. That type of stuff is hard to quantifiably measure.
  4. I wouldn't right him off just yet. For the last little while, I've noticed when he actually makes a field goal, he still looks like someone peed in his cornflakes. Something is going on with him mentally, hope it's just football and hope he snaps out of it. At this stage, I still wouldn't take anyone else.
  5. 3 stars + HH double brutal edition.

    I was impressed with Givens, especially against a very aggressive Toronto defense and his play on special teams. Washington decided to show a bit of grit right at the end to make a couple of clutch catches. Dressler's my man, what a player, just keeps the defense honest and opens up for other receivers. Loved how he went over to the Toronto coach to voice his displeasure after taking that brutal 'throw head into turf' hit, then bounced up the next play after taking a clean but violent hit near the sideline. Without him in the lineup today, Toronto wins that game easily.
  6. A huge liability. At times, it's like we are playing with eleven defensive players on the field.
  7. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    Excellent, thanks for showing up.
  8. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    Umm Defense, game start was at 2:00pm. Please get to the field as fast as you can.
  9. US Politics

    Every time someone (media, politician etc) responds to Trump's craziness, we're playing right into his hands. He likes chaos, he likes attention good or bad and revels in it. He truly thinks he is a master of ratings, a genius if you will. Imagine taking a totally different approach and not responding nor reporting on anything Trump (and his ardent supporters) does or says. Let the Fox news network take care of that. I think that would totally drive him over the bend. It's a very similar approach that very smart people have said about how to deal with racist groups.
  10. NHL Injury Watch 2017/18 season

    Is that his ceiling for his pro career or just looking at it as breaking into the league as a rookie?
  11. Game 7 : Walleye @ Pickerel

    Connor ahead of Ehlers on paper looks weird but I get it in terms of matching and chemistry. Hope it works.
  12. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    Plus I like our chances better on the road for the final. Beat whoever at home in the semi, then stop their galloping horse on the sidelines to book our GC ticket.
  13. Talks with Mulumba

    So anywho, anyway of resigning Thorpe? I'll show myself out of this thread. :-)
  14. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Reality is going to catch up to this team sooner than later.