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  1. How do you even do that?
  2. I don't think so. I think it might highlight their need to be more active throughout the season and nearing the trading deadline to ensure they have the best team possible for post season. Sort of like can't rest on their laurels type thinking. They still finished with 109 points and the most regulation time wins (50) in the league. However this means nothing if they can't make it past the first round.
  3. He better have his head on a swivel tonight.
  4. How about Matt Dunigan? My level of respect for him has increased ever since he went full disclosure of the impacts concussions have had on him and his family and his genuine love for CFL football evident in his broadcasts. Sort of the yes we need to make this game as safe as possible but never stop balling hard. I love watching games he does the colour.
  5. I think for a lot of people, it's not calling for his head on one particular gaffe or accusing him of something he isn't, it's calling for his head on his constant trending of massive gaffes. Once a mistake twice a trend sort of thing. In the work and personal world, a lot of us are judged that way.
  6. And to unpack that even more, there is a difference between using a poor choice of words to articulate something you do indeed understand versus using a poor choice of words to articulate something you don't understand.
  7. That makes him a no name? Not in my books.
  8. If you're a true professional athlete it's never okay regardless of who is available in the draft. That's my educated guess in how Blake Wheeler would respond to this statement and it's my guess that this mentality is one of the main reasons he wears the C.
  9. Agree with most of what you write here but Bryan Little a role player? When healthy he's more than a role player for this team imo.
  10. Yup agree.
  11. I hope Nichols makes all of this talk about other Qb's a moot point for this upcoming season. We're due. It's our year. After 20 umpteen years optimism still going strong. There's no alternative. How long into the season we start saying Go Jets Go? November?
  12. Trump says based on he what he has read on this matter, no wrong doing here AND Trump has stated he is a very instinctual person. Therefore, matter closed. Oh and April has been declared by Trump National Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
  13. There's worse third stringers we could bring in. Nothing wrong with bringing him in and seeing how he looks with his hat on backwards, pencil in hand with a clip board.
  14. When I saw this I thought he's still with the team? Makings of a great coach killer.
  15. Exactly but Trump defending and encouraging Flynn to seek immunity so he can tell the 'real' story. Sort of supports my feel of what Flynn wants to do. Get up there lie, distract and befuddle and not be formally held accountable for his words. Fits the current administration's mo. It seems at this point prosecution not falling for it.