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  1. Derel Walker

    I just find sometimes his worth on our team is more than some think . The fact of how multidimensional he is. He probably could play DB if asked. At times, he just can't be stopped. When I went to the Edmonton game last year, they could not cover him. Unfortunately he only lasted the first half due to injury. Yes his health, big question mark, but can't question his consistent productivity when on the field. I feel Dressler in a way is like Messam who a lot were writing off before his time had expired.
  2. Derel Walker

    Please no. I'd sign Dressler to an extension, 2 years. Yes risky but worth the risk imo. However, this might be all a moot point as one could predict Dressler calling it a career sooner than later due to his incurred injuries over time and wanting to begin his next chapter in life wherever that may be, football analyst/coach?

    Most people will look at the offense. Don't forget the defensive side of the ball. How about Jake Thomas? Maybe unsung hero award. Everything starts in the trenches.

    Imo see JuranBoldenRules post above for a good explanation. To paraphrase, Lapo trying to outsmart the defensive coordinator on almost every play. Don't get me wrong, LaPo knows what he's doing, he's a smart football guy, but we all have our quirks and it seems his is he gets so engrossed matching wits with the opponents DC that he sometimes misses the simplicity of what to call.

    For those who don't live in Edmonton (and for those that do, a friendly reminder), it's a glorious day today. The birds are chirping, the sun is out and the smell of Eskibow loss is in the air. The excuses are rolling out already, e.g., 'fun game against our practice roster'. Welcome to the weekend Shmoe fans. We've earned being a sore winner :-)
  6. Addison Richards Retires

    Having a 13 year old son who is heading into his sixth year playing football and aspires to play in the NFL (I know, lofty goal of his), this really concerns me. I'm hoping I'm (and others) are giving him the tools not to be tempted.
  7. Foggy? You're being kind.

    Yes, but for seven games straight they keep on finding ways to win , relying heavily on their depth playing with a ton of confidence. Therefore this may tell us we won't dominate. This is a game where you would think it's going to come down to the wire (read Medlock). p.s., I'll take a blow out by the Blue as well. Walking into the office this Friday is going to go a couple of ways depending on the result. So make it happen Blue so I can deploy my sore winner approach with my Eskiblow colleagues to welcome in their weekend.
  9. US Politics

    My sentiments exactly.
  10. Testing Our Mettle: Eskies Coming Here

    By all accounts great teammates as well which sometimes gets underrated.
  11. Is MOS changing?

    # one reason why the world wide web fails.
  12. Mr. Westerman, lesson here, if you feel the need to take a roughing penalty, only take it if the ball is on our three. A yard and half penalty! You would think they would tag something on to the ensuing kick-off when a roughing the QB penalty occurs so close to the goal line . Just seems the penalty in this case doesn't fit the crime. (not that I'm complaining)
  13. Bruce Johnson Released

    Captain obvious, It's a ruthless sport with little to no security if you aren't the alpha male leading the pack. Good luck to him, he'll latch on with another team.
  14. US Politics

    With the way the Judicial process goes at times, he'll be at the pearly gates of heaven trying to get a deal done before any of that potentially happening.
  15. 3 stars + HH OTT edition

    Really, didn't know of that rule. Any rule junkies out there that can confirm?