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  1. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    IMO I think Yost somewhat overstates and over complicates the use of the word weaker teams. Regardless of how teams made the playoffs (and yes I agree there is room for improvement in how that is determined), all teams made it because they did what they had to do. All 16 teams who make the playoffs are strong teams comparatively speaking across the league, however, obviously some playoff (and non-playoff) teams are stronger than others and some playoff teams are the strongest of the pile.
  2. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    I'm wondering with Durant in the fold will this influence O'Shea's approach in going to the QB bullpen a bit more often than previous seasons.
  3. Game 48 : Killer Whale @ Killer Flu

    Nice if we broke out of our mini goal production slump tonight. Perfect recipe in place.
  4. Game 47 : Cold Feet @ Hot Coals

    Yes after the Flames scored their first goal I thought Romaniuk was going to pass out. I have a nickname for my favorite Jet #33. Bored Buff. He just looks so uninterested right now. He is at his best when he plays with an edge. There has been no edge lately. Something is going on. Hope he pulls out of it.
  5. Game 47 : Cold Feet @ Hot Coals

    We are going to win our first ot game today.
  6. Glenn to Edm

    Nowadays, no such thing. Oops, sorry, wrong thread.
  7. US Politics

    Again, I'm talking as a human being not as a 'support a left, right or middle perspective'. There is racism and evil everywhere. We are all good and bad with our actions, some more than others. The goal is to do more good than bad. This would be a better discussion face to face over a beer (or in my case I like dry white wine). If you're ever in Sherwood Park, I'll buy you a drink (and you can buy me one) and we can chat about this and end our discussion on our never-ending love for our Bombers and Jets.
  8. US Politics

    I was coming from a human issue not a political one with what concerns me. Options as a human being: not support racists and support people with genuine faiths that try to spread goodness in an evil world. Yes that impacts my political options for sure.
  9. US Politics

    More concerning than this current administration is the voting populace in the States who support them to this day.
  10. Bomber Moves 2018

    Yup but if we had to, Bond, everything starts in the trenches. Protect QB at all costs. Whose our back-up QB?
  11. Game 46 : St. Boniface @ St. Paul

    Knowing we played last night and have taken three penalties, the Wild just drew up the perfect gameplan on how to defend the jets in this first period.
  12. Game 46 : St. Boniface @ St. Paul

    If he does start lets hope the motivation to do well in front of a large television audience and get some exposure with other teams looking for a goaltender (*i.e., $ contract next year) helps him actually do well for us today.
  13. US Politics

    If true, wow because that only plays to his dwindling base. Logically (and I know logic doesn't always work in certain scenarios), condemning remarks that have been largely condemned by a population would be a good strategy to garner the needed votes and would trump (ba doom phish) any sense this would cause among his most ardent voters i.e., oh oh he's causing strife in a party by calling out our leader.
  14. Game 46 : St. Boniface @ St. Paul

    Hutch with the start today?
  15. Rule Changes For 2018

    How about like they do in hockey where they call the offensive player for diving, call the player who fake kneels, delay of game? Subjective call especially when it's a potential injury but . . .?