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  1. Not to mention the fact whether he makes it out of TC alive.
  2. Yup, just ideally I was suggesting. :-)
  3. Ideally, someone outside of Toronto and Winnipeg who has seen, live, each player play in all their games date makes that call . . ..
  4. And Matthews, fairly of course.
  5. Not me no matter what season. Chincy approach. If any GM fields their AHL team for 'development', they should be shown the door.
  6. I really dislike this game and I'm sure most Jets players would as well. You play every game to win regardless of standings. I hope some unrealistic miracle happens, Jets go on a run, make the playoffs and this square crap gets punted off. Have a beautiful day.
  7. I don't find that refreshing at all. However, we're now told that Trump is a genius by a recent fox contributor (name eludes me) so all is good.
  8. Yes just ask Edmonton.
  9. Yes and even after a month or so I'm still fascinated by this and other continuing things CJ does.
  10. Yea we each have our favorites don't we.
  11. That's my point, maybe we should have imo. It wasn't Atomic that raised the condescending issue with you responding to my post, it was me trying to decipher your approach.
  12. Fair enough which fascinates me that the Roughies had the opportunity to invest in DD for a bit longer but chose the KG route. It's almost like he is taking the 'F you' approach to other teams but forgetting he is building an actual team that has to have some sort of logic/plan to it. Yes Chris Jones fans will tell me he's a genius and I wouldn't understand.
  13. I wasn't suggesting Glenn be forced to accept less I was suggesting it might have been a good option to offer him something he would be okay with. Because we're not talking in-person, sometimes I'm not sure if you're trying to be sarcastic and funny or you're being an a** in responding to a post. To be metaphorically transparent with you.
  14. Okay I understand the price tag reason but LeFevour instead of Glenn?
  15. So to get this straight. Roughies plan is to dismantle the core that was was previously built and rebuild it through FA and players that were released?