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  1. Andrew Harris
  2. So wait...a 2017 car is nicer than a 2013 car? .Everyone likes shiny and new. I haven't been to either, but they sure look good on TV.
  3. Denmark.
  4. Denmark
  5. Yes, It's listed on the CFL transactions page that Montreal released Bailey. He fits the profile, but his number was 81... Could #19 be the return of Aaron Kelly? ...- not serious
  6. Baumming says it Xander Tachinsksi from The Rifles.
  7. Jerome Messam
  8. Yes, we seem to bring in a new db every year who replaces the previous year's great find. They must like what they see in one of the new guys.
  9. I suspect Hammy will pick up Frederick unless he was injured on Saturday. They seem to like our db cuts.
  10. I used to have nighmares about "the boat" I thought I had suppressed it...until now.
  11. Dang, when did this happen? I just watched the banjo bowl on youtube a couple weeks back. I PVR'd the lighning game last year and watch occasionally (5-10 times over the winter). Opened up a can of whoop-ass on Hamilton in the first half. Hopefully the games re-emerge somewhere online.
  12. Shame about Waggoner. The supplemental draft has not been kind to us. Think we could trade him to Sask now?
  13. Oshea seems to bring a "Kuale" in every year from his past...wouldn't be surprised
  14. Tough year for Smith. Finally gets going in the last game of the year. Too bad for us, but we have some other good options. Best of luck to him.
  15. Would rather trade for Joe Mack and Mike Kelly Stay the course...