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  1. I expect our D will give up a couple of big plays but otherwise play well and keep things close. If we go ahead early Lapo will be more conservative (if thats possible) At the end of the night... We get another W. Hopefully they correct those big gains we give up every game. Our D line should be able to harass their 3rd string QB all night.
  2. "A Loogie to Remember" -Fan appreciation night - Duron Carter
  3. New DB arriving?

    I think he may have been the motorcycle cop...
  4. New DB arriving?

    Walker Jr was injured in training camp. 6 week recovery time and was released. (June 12) "O’Shea indicated Sheppard will be out two weeks; Walker Jr. will be lost for six weeks and Coates won’t play against Edmonton on Thursday." --Ed Tait- bluebombers.com https://www.bluebombers.com/2017/06/12/training-camp-day-14-second-chance/
  5. New DB arriving?

    Surprised about Roc Carmichael .Was hoping he was going to figure it out. Back to the mule rental agency for him.
  6. Damn I'm gonna miss Austin's sour puss smirk on the sideline when the other team made a play. That was priceless and it happened a lot this season.
  7. According to Wikipedia: On February 16, 2017, Richardson was arrested on third-degree domestic violence charges in Hoover, Alabama.[62] Jones is particular about fit
  8. Lock of the Week 5

    Andrew Harris
  9. So wait...a 2017 car is nicer than a 2013 car? .Everyone likes shiny and new. I haven't been to either, but they sure look good on TV.
  10. Lock of the Week 3

  11. Lock of the Week 2

  12. Yes, It's listed on the CFL transactions page that Montreal released Bailey. He fits the profile, but his number was 81... Could #19 be the return of Aaron Kelly? ...- not serious
  13. Baumming says it Xander Tachinsksi from The Rifles.
  14. Lock of the Week

    Jerome Messam
  15. Yes, we seem to bring in a new db every year who replaces the previous year's great find. They must like what they see in one of the new guys.