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  1. he is still unsigned , is that correct
  2. i do not see him on our roster, has he signed
  3. question, darren cameron said that we will have 5 qbs at the minn camp, we have 3 signed , who are the two rookies
  4. he has been real good for the club, the front tailgate area was a great move, plus u get checked right at the gate plus it is opened at half time,
  5. i bet the schedule is out between feb 13-17, that week seems that has been the date the last few years
  6. has the cfl updated their top 10 list for this years draft as of yet, or is that after the combine
  7. mr nichols will be a wanted qb now, maybe the riders will take a run at him, will be very interesting next few weeks
  8. walters will not let our coach walk to tor or mtl, i bet all the details are done, just waiting for the right day to have a press conf
  9. all the buses will be on the new rapid transit parking , we will see a improvement next year as well, but for me, after the first year it has been good, u always have to wait to get out of any place,
  10. they had a picture of all the award players today, he was in the pic, so not sure what that is all about that he was missing
  11. did any one hear if it is season ending or what the injury is beside lower body
  12. i see the jets changed their time of the game for grey cup sunday, now at noon, instead of 5pm
  13. anyone know how badly hurt Sukh chungh is after this game
  14. does not look too bad for sat, maybe 6-7 , but the wind is going to be only 10-15 k so not a bad afternoon for football
  15. mayo is on the pr all ready