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  1. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Medlock wasnt born and raised in Hamilton either. Sinopoli was in Ottawa.
  2. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    Lol. It actually wasnt. You are the one definitely reaching here. He signed a 1 year contract after becoming a free agent... There was competition at camp and despite the conspiracy theory you believe and whether ppl agree or not.. He won by default... They gave temple knox etc chances... They failed. The devil you know vs the ones you dont seems to apply here. But is Hurl the reason our D gave up a ton of yards every game? Or is he just 1 guy?
  3. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Kurt Browning... Triple Sow Cow time
  4. Game 19: vs Devils

    Hes the Icing King.
  5. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Nope. Calgary or Edmonton anyday... Ill take any Western team winning minus Sask over an Eastern team. Why should i cheer for the Argos? So they can celebrate in front of 100s of people?
  6. GM Kyle Walters | Wrapping Up 2017

    Middle Linebacker was between Temple K Knox and Hurl... Temple was let go.. Knox was awful... Hurl got it by default and kept it by default.
  7. Game 19: vs Devils

    I think he likes guys who are actually good at hockey. Poolman is and wasnt called up to sit.
  8. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    I cant cheer for Toronto ever...
  9. Manitoba Moose

    Kids legit.
  10. Manitoba Moose

    Hes in the A for a reason... Hes not good. Fun fact... Hes St Louis property as Vegas and St L both are affiliated with the Wolves. Hes also making just over league minimum.. Hes had injury issues and in 200 career NHL games has 20 goals and 64 points... Hes not that good.
  11. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    You really dont understand the rivalry do you?
  12. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    Hes from Ottawa. Hes not making it to free agency
  13. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    On that one sack in the 3rd... Almost 4th.. He escaped then turned around right in to an argo player.. In hockey they call it hockey iq.. U either got it or you dont... On that play by Bridge i realized he has zero football IQ.
  14. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    Different circumstances. We were better but had the tougher road to the final.. My guess is if we crossed over we would be Ottawa bound.
  15. Saskatchewan @ Toronto

    BMO is a great stadium when ppl show up.