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  1. Im sorry i didn't realize your name was Tracker. Like Will Smith on Fresh Prince said... Back off.. Mind Yo Business. Thats all.. Just Mind Yo Business
  2. And if you take in to account they let Ottawa score a TD by playing extremely soft zone D.. Then its even less.
  3. Hes like 0 and 13 in his last 13 starts. Masoli is like what? .500 maybe or just below in his starts. Time to realize Collaros sucks.
  4. Bombers Release Thorpe

    I think their philosophy on this one was...thorpe asked for his release so they said ok. They didnt cut him.. He aSked to be let go so there you go being wrong once again about their philosophy. Their philosophy sounds like... If you dont want to be here.. Thats fine. And we move on. Done and Done really.
  5. I blocked Duron Carter ages ago on Twitter.. The guy is seriously the biggest crybaby in the league..someone respond back and tell him he had 1 catch for 4 yards today.
  6. 11-1-1 = 23 points. 16-1-1 = 33 points max 9-3 = 18 points. 15-3 = 30 points max. I dont see how we can make up those 3 points... I just dont.. Even if we win out.. Calgary would have to lose 2 probably 3 of their final 5. Dont see that happening. And i dont see us winning out either. Calgary has 1st. We look like we got 2nd. Sask probably comes here to play altho really... Theres some separation now between Calgary us and the rest now
  7. Pretty much clinch a playoff spot with with 1 more win. Dont see calgary losing 2 more games.. They might lose to us but that very well could be a game between 2 teams who have already locked up a home playoff game.
  8. Both teams played like crap actually... Calgary didnt look good at all and sask looked worse. Thats actually 3 bad games for the riders in a row starting with the banjo bowl... They got lucky against Hamilton.
  9. Roosevelt takes most the blame for that one.
  10. 2017 Preseason

    He'd be better as a 4th line center cuz hes an offensive blackhole.. Good defensively but not good in the O zone.. Before bringing up his goals from last year.. Go look at how many were powerplay goals cuz it was most.. 5 on 5 hes not good and on the 3rd line in todays NHL.. You need a scoring line.
  11. 2017 Preseason

    Yes. Id agree with this.
  12. 2017 Preseason

    Comrie. Kostalek. 1 of Poolman or Chiarot (if based on play Tucker stays) are AHL bound. Forwards... 5 need to go so.. Tanev Spacek Roslovic Petan and 1 of Lipon or Lemieux is my guess. Man if they had a 3 center who was ready (Roslovic) Lemieux/Lipon Lowry Armia would be a great 4th line.
  13. 2017 Preseason

    If Hutch clears... Phillips prob goes to Jacksonville for sure. Or the Moose keep 3 goalies and 1 is pressboxed.
  14. 2017 Preseason

    That means Tanev Hendricks Dano and Lipon are sticking around for now as all 4 would require waivers to be sent down.
  15. 2017 Preseason