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  1. Wrestling

    It was a bad show outside of the opening... So like most Raws.
  2. Wrestling

    So was Dx... I mean... Thats not the cutting edge DX.. That's ppl who are dads now...
  3. Wrestling

    Bunch of whining bitching 30 year old virgins got what they deserved. They got dark matches also. Id be pissed tho but i would have gone to Barclays cuz im not a virgin basement dwelling mark.
  4. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    Its ok... Hes not that good. He had a good few months but.... Hes not that good. If hes hurt.. Oh well... Its not a big loss at all.
  5. Wrestling

    She doesnt even know his real name... She just sees WWE superstar..hes going nowhere.. Way 2 over and way 2 many merch sales. http://www.sescoops.com/enzo-amore-suspended-following-sexual-assault-allegation/
  6. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    Both are backups who wont play much. Glenn is also 3 years older than Durant.
  7. Wrestling

    There are tons of holes. She goes from not remembering cuz coke weed meth which i suppose they forced her to do to remembering. Im not saying shes lying but... Id imagine shes not telling the truth.
  8. Darian Durant signs with Bombers

    I dont think he will get that many reps. Hes the backup to Nichols.
  9. Wrestling

    Hes been suspended. My comment was based on reading her twitter. If you do... 2 days later she was charging 40 for a cam show.
  10. Wrestling

    Yes. Enzo being accused by a crackwhore.
  11. Game 49 : Blue Thunder @ Jaws

    Yup. Tanev was whincing in pain last night also tho
  12. Game 48 : Killer Whale @ Killer Flu

    Why Hutch didnt play?
  13. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    If hes starting tho.. You are weakening your team... 3 OL Harris Receiver Loffler DE. No need for Thomas to even pretend to start . yeah he can rotate.
  14. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    3 OL Loffler Receiver DE and ?? Doubt its a DLine cuz Poop and Nevis. Thomas and Ekakatie are good depth but they arent starters